Aries seducing a Sagittarius

by Remi
(Shediac, NB, Canada)

Being Aries as they come, I've recently "fell" for this cute Sagittarius girl. Through a recent e-mail, my impulsive nature got the best of me and I began showering her with compliments about her qualities... I just got the opposite reaction I expected... I'm afraid I feared the sh$t out of her, as she backed off somewhat. Now, I've got to chill off and try to win back my way to her heart (& all) with more friendly oriented activities. I really really dig her but I'm having difficulties to take it slow.... Although I realize that if I succeed in this endeavour, I'll feel like I won the First Prize (lol)...

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Same case dude...
by: Anonymous

Lols Same is the case wid Me... n she is always shattering Me LOLS :)...She is Sag n I m an aquarian...Can sum 1 help me to deal wid d same sitaution..

Just do what i say
by: sag16

I am a sag. I'm young but most sag females are the same. You can't come off so strong. Keep it to a smile and if she is mean to you just say,"you say/do it because you think I'm cute." She will probably roll her eyes but she will be nicer. Be honest all the time. Don't flirt with a lot of girls and don't do it in front of her. Most sag's don't like "mushy" behavior, so don't do that. If something bothers you tell her she can't read your mind and she'll feel like she can't trust you if you don't.

going about it wrong....
by: SassySag26

I am a 26 yr old sag woman and i can tell you that compliments arent going to do anything but make her suspicious about your motives and make her think you are lame and have no intellect.... we are interested in mental stimulation... if you want to get her attention, say something that pertains to her interests but make it witty and interesting or she will turn u away again.... thats the best way to "hook" a saggi woman, as we are not "mushy" and romantic at first, although later on if the relationship blossoms and progresses we may become romantic and mushy....

Be funny, thoughtful, and genuine
by: Anonymous

I'm a sag woman who dated an Aries and a Sag knows when your genuine and when your using lines. If you're agressive or intense she will run the other way. Be sincere and thoughtful. If you can be fun and make her laugh that's key.

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