Aries seduction so right!

by Melinda
(United States)

I am amazed at this. This is my personality. When I want something i want it, and nothing's gonna stop that desire. Especially if that object of my desire showed great interest in the me that i am. And when it comes to strength, a man had better be able to deal with me, besides it makes for a better time for the both of us. The harder he plays hard to get, the better chance of landing me. but he has to do this forever. Don't give up. Continue to dazzle me, and my heart will belong to him always!

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aries seduction so right
by: Barb Libra Monkey

So, you say don';t give up?! Well, I guess I am doing the right thing to try and get my Aries Dragon after all? He is obviously afraid of me, possibly because I am well-educated and a bit he borrows other's cars to do drive-by's to check up on me, or because he is too scared to come into my home, or gets a taxi right up to where I am in a dead end street, but sits for a few minutes and attempts to get out then chickens out and drives off! How VERY frustrating for the me that is waiting in celibacy for him inside!!!
Last weekend he did this, but also backed right past my windows then took off to ensure I saw him! The next day I heard there was a band at the place he works and he was flirting with all the women and ended up with a blonde. I txt him to say not to do that again unless he was actually going to come and knock on my door...didn't say not to come around again though...NO reply whatsoever, but have noticed his prize posessionn is being neglected for the first time in 2 years...his Dodge Avenger. We are 85% compatible in biorhythms, compatible in both Greek and Chinese astrology, and in Red Indian...what is he waiting for???

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