Aries the God of War

by Tavros

You are right on the money regarding their obssessive pursuit of
capturing you no matter how you attempt or break it gently that
you are not interested it just makes them more determined.
And following their well orchistrated plan of them seducing you
no matter how long it takes? once they catch you if you don't
continue running or hidding from their aggressive trap the game is
no longer challenging.
What turns me off is the fact that everything is on their terms
once they consider you their territory, and something iam in the
process of changing. Any advice on how to bring this twisted ram
to your way of thinking???

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aries god of war
by: barb libra monkey

What I don't get is why would an Aries man come up to my place and chicken out every time, then leaves town without saying a word?? Also, if we have to keep letting him chase us, where do we ever get to settle down together? I have wasted 3 long, arduous years on one and only had telekenetic contact other than txt or a few conversations,, excahange of songs (he speaks in music generally), but never have I ever been so heavily drugged with someone in my life. Now I find out he is gone and am totally floored! I have no answers anymore, and feel like a complete failure.
Very timid beneath the bravado exterior are these sheep...BAABAABAA

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