Aries woman acts secretive and weird

it goes like this: her and i have been dating now for about 11 1/2 months, she acts so secretive and weird at times. I was once cheated on recently about 1 years ago really that really is not recently but you get my drift that was my last relationship until i met this wonderful so I thought Aries woman, i feel that i am falling for her but we cant seem to compromise with each other I don't understand, I really do like her a lot she is cool and I plan to really have family with her on own mind help what should I do?

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You need to talk to her
by: Aries

Aries' ppl tend to like when ppl are direct and upfront, as they tend to be themselves. Usually anyway. Whatever it is you're thinking you need to let her know otherwise she will start acting weird because she thinks you are acting weird (if she doesn't ask about it). Please but both of you out of your misery and just tell her everything that you're thinking about.

holding your tongue is unnatural to an aries
by: Anonymous

I'm an aries woman and I fit that description to a "t." When I truly care about someone, I know my abrasive and impulsive nature has the potential to push someone away, or hurt them. I'm not sensitive, but I understand that others can be. So, when I'm trying to be sensitive, I end up just shutting up and trying not to say anything because once I do, I can't hold back and I am very likely to say something that is hurtful towards the other person. WHen I get like this, it's usually because the other person I care about is operating in a way I strongly disagree with, but is going through some tough times. I'm trying to cut you a break and give you time to figure out your situation. If you push me too hard to express myself, you may not like what you hear, even though it comes from a place of love. I'm not the kind of person that has a problem and doesn't address it immediately. I don't like to do a lot of research and think about problems for a long time, or I get confused. I just do a quick assessment of what my options are and what the best outcome is and I act. I'd rather deal with consequences later than be paralyzed by indecision and over analyzing a situation. I guess some other signs don't operate like that though.

So true...
by: V

"Anonymous" speaks the truth about us Aries...As an Aries woman who is so use to saying what is on my mind, I have learned that the best way sometimes to prevent hurting others with my brashness is to just not say anything. Especially, when I know they can be sensitive. Sometimes, it may seem like I don't care by doing this. This helps also, because I'm so use to reacting emotionally and not thinking. So I try to listen to other's concerns and then may take a day to respond.

Also, the details, I try not to get to into it. Sometimes, this results in taking the "long route" in regard to getting something done, but I'd rather take a chance and make a decision, then sit there and wait.

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