Aries woman dating a scorpio man

by czarina

My boyfriend is a Scorpio, and I'm an aries. Every night we often fight or debate about certain things. But we still apologise to whatever fault we have done. The funny thing is one time he told me "you know what, every time we argue, I'm falling in love with you more. I really like your attitude that you don't want to loose in fights." I was confused at that time because I don't know if he is being sarcastic or not. But finally when we had our date he can still say "baby I love you so much" even though we argue all the time. And by the way, he is beyond intense when we are in bed. :D

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Sound very true...Aries/Scorpio
by: Anonymous

In your Article sounds very good to be true since you dated a Mr. Scorpio man as a lover and going along very well. Hopefully, that you and your Scorpio stay like that forever. I have read David Astrologer's chart of compatibility. I'm a Virgo Lady-very picky and very dominant-looking for a perfect ideal, and modest gentleman who can be in the front line not just for sex. Finally, I found t him two days ago who is also A Scorpio; he is so attracted to me as a magnetism; unfortunately, we are too distant. I refused to going out for a date with him because it is too soon; i don't want to get a wrong person. He is older than me two years; look great. I feel very nervous with this guy; I have nothing to loose with him yet. good.
wish you, Aries and your Scorpio find a happiness forever lasting. lol.. no more fighting.

Aries woman/Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

In many ways I've found the Aries/Scorpio combo works well. In my experience it seems Scorpio men don't like weak willed women. He always sais to me "you're the only one who calls me out". And he likes that. He had a real push over ex wife who bottled up her feelings and then shut down emotionally from him. He likes the Aries honesty in me and the fact that I know what I want. Just make sure when you're fighting not to have a good argument. He will win just about every argument whether he's right or wrong and though he'll never admit it he will absolutely respect you for having your own mind.

A Virgin Scorpio rising Virgo lady
by: Anonymous

I have met a challenger just a week ago who is an Arise guy; he is too bold, shameless, and fearless-by asking me for a dinner. Ah, excuse me!! I already have a boyfriend, a Perfect sky-tall who is Virgo-very determine and stubborn for me. I Love the fact, this Virgo guy is very honest to me; he has a very strong wills, understanding, and patients who I'm looking for to connect as the everlasting relationship. This Virgo guy is very intelligent that i ever met. He works hard to success. Now, i accepted his engagement and will be soon tired a knot. As a Scorpio rising Virgo, i'm very proud for him as a Perfect Virgo who has a great an intellectual mind- he is a man who is cares. I love him very much.
From a Virgin Scorpio rising Virgo
Good luck to all!!!

Hi, Virgin lady Scorpio rising Virgo!
by: Anonymous

It is your fortunate to met a man who care. I'm glad that your real man who is a Virgo guy found you; a man who has soo much of self esteem, humble, and motivation. You must be very proud. Lady is the queen in traditional. You have to deserve the best-the engagement from a determine man-Virgo. Go for it girl! I wish that I want to be like you. Since I'm an Arise guy, no matter what I try hard, my relationship always fail after a short time period.
I broke up from my ex-Scorpio woman who I hope for to be my queen. She told me that she doesn't like a rock&roll person which describe Arise personality.
I want her back. Please help! How and what should I do? Someone, help me, Arise. :(

Used to b strong
by: Anonymous

I am an areis woman ... dated my scorpio almost 9 months ... he was the most intense man i have met and we connected the first moment we met ...we had our share of disagreements mostly due to his habit of ignoring me ... but he alwasy said he loved it when i got upset made him feel loved...??? he told me many many times he was in love with me. he said he wanted me to love him for rest of his life then 2 days later dumped me and i have not talked to him since ... i paniked and acted crazy i used to know how to handle him but when he did that i lost it ... i cant stand the thought of never seeing him ... im just lost ...i love and hate him right now ... he made so many promises and one was hed never leave me and asked me not to leave him .... WTF happened? he will not respond to me at all

Aries lady
by: Anonymous

I'm very sorry to hear that you were dumped by your Scorpio. Both of you are not compatible at all even communication. I don't think Scorpio loves you. He is a liar; every thing he said to you is opposite.
Scorpio is very deep, emotional, and don't like to fight which is very different from Aries. My suggestion is you need to look for Virgo or Libra or other sign that match Aries very well. Don't suffer with someone who do not love you from the heart. I'm not a Scorpio but a Virgo who has a friend with six feet in height, Aries. I knew Aries is loyal to me. I almost cut him out of my life but just in a few month he came back to me with his promise not to lose me-us. He just said, "nothing can stop him." Both of us not going out yet, just dating. I hope you will be fine with your Scorpio if not you have to decide it to leave him. Good luck!!!

I'm aries n he is SCORPIO
by: Anonymous

Wow! the few days we've been dating have been extremely hot. He is open, caring, loving n definately strong-willed. He keeps to himself which I didnt understand til now but when he is around, he makes his presence and his love known. He respects me but does not tolerate emotional imbalance. I am free with him, i can emotionally depend on him and know that he is my man. He is passionate and explores my body like a palm of his hand. He makes me feel like a woman-loved, appreciated and chersihed in every way.He is my scorpio man indeed!

He is back
by: Anonymous

well my scorpio came back to me ... and we are connecting just fine.. although i am not sure what is up with him sometimes ... he says he couldnt stop thinking about me and so will see where it goes... hes so hot!

That is nice!!!
by: Anonymous

Your Scorpio came back...Your Love and Romance sounds exciting. The heat will mild the ice and will be boiling...since you are a fire sign and he is a water, i think that is going well. :)

aries woman scorpio man
by: Anonymous

i'm in a tough situation here, advice welcome! met a scorpio man online and we went on a date last week, we got on like a house on fire! i really like him but he's playing those games that scorpios do: cancelling a date to go out with the lads to test my reaction (i passed with flying colours!) then the next day he sent 2 txts then froze me out all day! after 7 hrs of silence and 2 glasses of wine i asked why he was ignoring me. after he STILL didnt reply i said 'fair enough i can take a hint, 4/5 times bitten and all that lol!' and the next morning he said he cant see us working out, but he still called me his pet name. i now realize it was another test and i failed :/ i'm so confused cos i really like him! how do i win him back? is he being serious???

by: Ariesgal

Just out of interest what was your reaction to him cancelling on you to go out with the lads?? Maybe you thought you passed, but didn't

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