Aries woman - what I look for in a man

by Summer

I'm an Aries woman. For the most part I think this article gets it right. We (I) are impulsive, aggressive and impatient but we're also funny and exciting. We don't want pushovers nor do we want to be dominated. We are blunt to the point of being tactless, though often we're not trying to hurt you. We are good listeners, tend to get angry easily but our anger dissipates quickly and we forget about it. However, we'll hold that anger until we've said our piece. Once said, we forget all about it. Contrary to the article though, I believe Arians are jealous. We want to believe that we are the best thing to happen to you- I know how that sounds. If there's any indication that we aren't, we might move on

What do we like in a man?

Confidence! And intelligence. We like to have both a mental and physical connection to our partners. If we can push you around, we won't respect you. And respect is vital to a relationship. That does not mean we like a-holes. I like nice guys but unfortunately many of them are so painfully shy.

What we don't like?

Mind games. Nobody likes to be jerked around. If we like you, we tend to want to know right away whether our feelings are returned. We're not complicated. If you don't like us-next! There's no point in wasting time with each other any longer. If you wait too long to "see what develops", we'll assume you're not interested and move on. If you are interested, we'll be loyal and good to you. And when we're done with you, we're done.

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If you're ready for a real WOMAN, try an Aries
by: Sherry

I agree with all the comments about us Aries women. We are so easy to figure out, and you will never be confused to how we feel about you. I personally know within hours if I want to see you again, and we will never lead you on making you think we have a chance. That movie "He's just not that into you", we could have wrote the script, I know I could, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when he's not the one. I remarried after my 1st husband died, and a couple of yrs into this marriage I knew it wasn't going to work. When my husband made me feel like he didn't want to be married, I gave him what he wanted, so I left. Aries women are impatient, and we hate bull***T. If you think you can satisfy us emotionally, intelluctually, spiritually, and sexually, bring it on. We like to laugh, and enjoy life, and hate being bored period. We are very dominant, and need a strong man, not abusive, strong, and full of passion, please bring your freaky side, cause we have 1. I promise you any man I have been with, wanted to marry me, or make me his, but he wasn't what I wanted to settle for. We have high standards, so bring your A game, you're in for a great ride, so buckle up, she'll be faithful if you keep her interested.

by: Anonymous

Being an aries myself i can do agree with one phrase: leaders. Yes, we're leaders and not followers but this doesn't mean we don't appreciate good and wonderful ideas; in fact we respect intelligence and always appreciate a mind boggling, stimulating conversation. If you're ready to take on a real true strong and honest woman look for an aries. However even though we maybe strong and independent we are hopeless romantics, and in my case oversensitive. i pour over romance novels and still hope for a fairy tale ending. If you don't trust an aries woman and ever question her conscience or ethical side she will never forgive you. As an aries people around me usually tell me I'm very childish, impulsive but most of all emotional under the layers and layers of confidence. So if you're going to date an aries remember never to judge or betray her, do not expect her to be dominated, do not question her morality or faithfulness and always always always be romantic and we'll love you forever!!!!!

Preach Summer Preach
by: Ms Aries in GA

Girl im loving you,teach ,if they don't like us the as we like them,hell don't waste our time,move on if you don't want the same, we need a real man, because when we do love we love hard ,so let someone who wants the samething have their turn wimps................

by: Anonymous

U R so Right! I love this quality so much, being an aries myself. I love how we dont play games, its either I like you or I dont! I hate ppl who play games or plan out some elaborate scheme to get somebody... it really shouldnt be THAT much work! I wish more signs were like this.

I currently like this guy Im guessing from my research hes Leo...
Anyways... we'd known each other for a month or so but never showed much emotion for each other. Like in the beginning I didnt even have contact lenses so i couldnt even really see if he was interested... then I finally got some lol and I could see him and I found myself unafraid to look at him... lol he is a sight to see! But I was afraid to ask him out bc I wasnt completely sure if he felt the same... next thing I find that classes are over... and I wasnt going to see him anymore.. lo and behold I got his # from a coworker... called him 2 weeks or 3 weeks later from the last time I ever saw him.. when I called him, he seemed so happy like I could hear it through the phone. and when i told him i hope he doesnt mind me gettign his # from someone else... i could totally hear him smiling and saying no not at all. And I was like I wanted to call u earlier but u r hard to reach ( he's busy busy! with school and work) does this sound like a leo.. i dunno i guess all signs can be busy!but he has my # and he said he would call to tell me when hes available. so im prettty sure hes interested and he said thanks a couple of times during our short phone conversations, maybe even thank you so much.... for calling him? but yea ima give him a week.. and if he dont call then its gonna be time to move on. cause this aries waits for no one!! which would be too bad for him bc i dont really want a serious relationship (im 18) just someone to hang out with and fuck with ( he is soo cute, it makes my heart melt!) and god he just looks like a good fuck, lol i have a lot of energy and he looks capable of doing a good job.... lol im horny! Also is it bad if we dont talk a lot on the phone, personally i dont like phone conservations bc i wanna see their face... And im more of a doer like i wanna do something with you.. so we can share an experience with each other.. something like that. any comments, advice are welcome!=]

by: Aries325

I am an Aries & everything said in these comments are oh so true. I'm young but I've always known what I wanted & I believe that's what ppl love about me. My boyfriend is an older guy but he's attracted because I don't play with his mind & I tell him do not plan with mine. I need a strong, loving, caring, supportive, REAL man!! If he cannot stand up to me than we cannot be together I don't want a weenie or a mama's boy. I WANT A REAL MAN, who doesn't mind giving me everything that I give him.

what a aries women wants

Aries women can be demanding towards guys, were needy people and we need a real man that is strong and good looking and who understands us and listens and agrees with us, but aries woman also likes challenges towards guys, if they stick up to us we'll respect that. If an aries is in charge the whole time during an relationship we intend to get bored and move on, we like when a man takes charge once in a while. Aries women cannot stand shy guys, we like men who are popular talkative but yet aggressive. Aries women look for confidence, good looks, adventurous, active, funny guys , we usually won't Like, weak, nerdy, smartass, boring men. As for sexual things we need a man who will pleasure us in anyway we want them to. And if none of these things match to a guy than we won't waste are time.

help a virgo in love wit aries
by: Anonymous

I'm a virgo which is a female and my friend which is also a female is in aries....I like her love her you name it.but sheis straight but we went through so much that indicates are love for achother but I'm more sensitive towards a lot of things...but when we go through arguments she like that I look for her....and I'm realizing things changing because she looks for me now....aries areone tough cookies and sometimes wonder why I dwell over things while she already thinkin about how she going to get over this situation....when we have arguments we never talk about them...I don't know wha it is.....I know she cares for me because we would do anything for eachother but she flirts a lot with me eye contact in like a sexual way always a given we do that consantly....but still I don't know if she waitin for me to make the move or her....I don't know if she interested guys let me know

by: Anonymous

this is seriously so spot on its creepy! it describes me EXACTLY

love being an aries
by: Keisha

everything you said about an aries is all true about me. Iam very blunt and not the one to play with. Yes i love to have fun, i believe life is too short to always be serious. When it comes to relationships im a very loving, and loyal person, who expects the same in return. When i feel as though im not getting the same in return its a problem so either you can get it right or im out dueces!!!!lol. When i love i love hard, sometimes a lil bit too hard so i try to tone it down a bit. I try to do all i can to keep the man iam with very happy and satisfied so he dont have any reason to go looking for it else where. Hard working and im love to reach goal i have set for myself, if something gets in the way or knock me down, i pick myself up and try again until i get what i want in life. Lol what i dont understand is why i attract Virgo men so much geesh, they are truly a handful, but i love mines like crazy. Devoted mother to my three beautiful children and would sarafice everything i have to make sure my kids have everything need to get by in life, even if i have to walk with holes in my shoes, just to make sure they are taking care of.

Libra woman crushing for an Aries woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Libra woman and I get along with your Aries sign. I can't speak for all the Libras but what I can say here is that im very loyal N faithful to all my relationships. I am very proud to say that I am not the cheater type &I don't like playing Games
cause that's not who I am. I have never been with Your Aries sign
but right now I have the HOTS for
my coworker she is very pleasing to my eyes
I even went up to her face to face that I wanted
to get to know her I was not trying to get fresh with her or anything I was just being polite and friendly and I guess she took it the wrong way
I really like this Aries chic at my job
I'm really not that bad looking and I smell good and I dress very nice when I go to work I just wish that she just
give me a chance to get 2know her because I know for a fact that I will make her very happy
but since she been avoiding me
I don't bother anymore to talk to her
she sees me talking to other chics and she also notice that I don't talk to her even though I'm dying inside and I don't give her the eye contact like I used to I have giving her many mix signals that I'm interested in her but Oh well is her lost not mine.:(

not me!
by: Anonymous

I am an Aries girl, and what was said here was exactly the opposite of me! I am a very deep thinker and tend to overanalyse everything to a degree where I am thinking too much, I would say I am pretty complicated and intelligent. I am not simple! I also really love shy guys, I think it's adorable when a guy blushes and is shy. I would never want to rush into a relationship very quickly and would like to wait and see how it develops, not just have a fling and then move on. I like polite, shy quiet, gentle guys who will be an equal to me, I don't like a macho man. I am very cautious and think before I do anything and go over everything in my mind, no matter what my horoscope says. In fact I don't like any of the boys in my college because they are all loud, rude and obnoxious, and that is a huge turn off for me. I like quite passive guys, but there just are no decent ones around they are all aggresive macho men. I guess I was born under the wrong sign, and I'm 16!

Aries hell yeah!
by: Katrina

I am an Aries
I know our mood swings!
If one like me is in true love we don't hide any of our feelings...we just become like a one open book
Everything can be read and valued!
We share each detail with our partner,very loyal and trustworthy!
If we matter what...we stick to it
But if that person dumps or cheats us...then God knows how he gonna spend rest of his life!
Its just like...being an Aries is wholesome fun which bring a zing of adventure into your life...and you will want for more!
Just fall in love with an Aries woman..and you will understand my comment much better! :)

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