Aries woman who dated a capricorn man

by czarina

I once dated a Capricorn man. At first, we were getting along really well. And when it comes to sex, he was really different from I have expected. If he was a very hardworking person in the office or work, he is very intense and adventurous in bed. Unfortunately, we only lasted for 1 and a half year, because I got tired of doing the same things over and over. But until this day, we are still friends and it is better to be that way.

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cap in love with an aries
by: Anonymous

you guys worked out far better than my last love. she cut me out of her life and fell out of love with me to. we made it 2 years and left me 4 months before we planned to get married. last time i heard form her was my birthday and all it did was hurt my feelings. :(

Cappi Men
by: Anonymous

I just found out that a Capricorn man I loved at 16(I am Aries)when he was 24 is still in love with me 10 years later!He is leaving his wife for me and her and I have made a frienship.He wants us together right now,and I-the Aries- told him we have to wait.Whats up with that?

Caps are hard headed with feelings
by: Anonymous

we do prefer logic but we are also stubern as fuck. if we in love and you deny us that we will cling to it. you giving him hope that he could get what he wanted was enough of for him to take the shot.

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