Aries women and compromise

by Judy
(Galveston,KY USA)

One thing as a Aries woman I do not compromise when it comes to my man desiring another woman if he wants her go get her I will not at any cost fight for him because as far as Im concerned hes got his eye on another woman and when it comes to love true love its me Im his number one his only one... PERIOD...

As far as letting him go..I have no problem with that if thats what he wants...if he wants the other woman...

For me it be another lesson learned....all in LOVE.

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Wise decision
by: Aj

Ha I totally agree with u! wise decision!

by: Anonymous

I agree with the person that also commented. When it comes to situations like this . Moving on is easy for us aries..

by: Anonymous

I so totally agree with this , the answer here as far as i am concerned is that there is no point wanting someone that does not want you! Its the pride of an aries woman at stake!

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