aries women and men in uniforms

by narcisa

i am an aries woman. and yes. i am weak when it comes to men in uniform. LOL

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by: Anonymous

I think all women are secretly attracted to guys in uniform, I think its universal lol!

Yes, It's True!
by: waterlily

As an Aries female, I almost completely agree with this. For me there are a couple of exceptions; Delivery truck uniforms, security guard or navy bell-bottomed uniforms. But almost everything else...police, firemen, Marines, sheriffs, highway patrolmen, soldiers, paramedics...oh yeah. We do look at the man inside the uniform, but if our attraction is marginal (unusual...attraction usually is immediate or non-existent for us Aries) the right uniform can make or break it. Tip to the guys in uniform...when wearing it, talk to anyone you feel attracted to, the least you will probably get is a smile and if she's an available Aries...she's more than susceptible!

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