Aries women rock!

i completely agree on this article, as a matter of fact i'm an Aries women. So all the men who are interested in Aries this is heads up for them. but we are not so bad as it has mention it in the article somewhat it has said. But once you truly in relationship with Aries women we'll never let you down as along you support us and in return we'll gave twice support and pleasure :)

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love being an Aries woman
by: Yas, London

I love being an Aries woman and found this article amazing. I am independent hate bullshit, love travel and most of all I can think and act like a man at the drop of a hat but am totally feminine.I love men as friends as well as lovers as aries woman though I ind I have problems with other women not liking me and I tend to have mostly men as friends rather than women hate bitchy women its funny my mum is a aries and found the same thing I dont know i other aries women found that same thing. If anyone will try and trip me up in life it will be a woman which leads me not to trust many women who want to befirend me. I also have a thing for this cappy man OMG hes the only man Ive met that can blow my mind sexually, intellectually we've known each other for 17 years we now live in different towns but we cant keep away from each other he's special to me very.

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