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Do you need to be psychic to be an astrologer?

Absolutely not. There's no psychic element to astrology. You don't need to see spirits, go into a trance, or dance naked with goats in order to read a natal chart. What you do in your free time is of course up to you ;)

How do I start learning astrology?

The most intuitive way is often to obtain a copy of your own birth chart, and perhaps one of a friend or lover, throw away any notes which came with it, and investigate (via a good textbook) what each symbol and placement means. If venus is in the 7th house it will have a specific meaning.

Doing this for your own chart keeps things interesting, whereas reading 15 pages on the meaning of venus in the first, second, third etc house can be both overwhelming and slightly dry (though from a technical standpoint the patterns within the patterns will become more apparent via the later approach)

How long does it take to learn astrology?

This really depends on the individual. If you don't mind using software for calculations, and referring to books for interpretations, or making the occasional mistake then you can do a fair job after only a few months of study. Obviously you're very reliant on the work (and accuracy) of others in this respect, and many of the cheaper tools (especially software) can be highly inaccurate.

At the other extreme, professional astrologers often have decades of experience. The main difference between novice and amateur is the identification of the patterns within the patterns, which can be used to extrapolate from to ensure accuracy (as compared to a pure reliance on memory).

Why aren't astrologers all rich?

Sadly, we've yet to find a planet which determines winning lottery numbers. If we do, then you'll soon know because every astrology column will shut down..

The main reason is because there's no certification yet for astrologers, so anyone can read a book for a few months and label themselves as an astrologer, competing immediately with someone who has devoted most of their life to study. It's the same reason that a doctor can earn more than a hairstylist.

Also, as with any field, technical skill and the ability to earn money from it are independent. Often the very best practitioners do so out of passion and love for the subject. Conversely some approach the field from a 'marketing first' standpoint, often more concerned with their brand name or logo than any end product.

Why do astrologers sometimes disagree?

While much of astrology is a science, the end result is entirely human. Subjects such as personality and interaction are by nature subjective, and hence imprecise. If someone is 'intelligent' one astrologer might refer to it as 'analytical' within a context, while another might refer to it as 'non-emotional' within a context.

Add together a page of such writing style and the overall impression can sometimes be substantially different. This is a particular danger with authers who prefer a more verbose and 'flowery' delivery.

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