Attracted to Pisces men


I met (well i was more chased) by a Pisces man when i was 17 and he was 32. It was the strangest thing because I was so drawn to him I instantly had a feeling he would break my heart but I just couldn't keep away.( A psychic said we were connected from a past life) and I really do believe that.

Anyway it was quite a journey for me, we went out on a few dates but mine too would do the disappearing act, he knew I was a virgin and I wasnt sure if he wanted me just for that, he was a bad boy and seemed to be in a rather dodgy gang of friends, so trying to trust him and take a risk and hope that I would heal the little lost boy inside of him was getting too much for me (the scared virgoan that i was) so I think I ended up hurting his feelings when i pretended not to remember saying i really cared for him one night and that i was just drunk. I think he thought I was playing games with him but I wasnt i was scared because I was falling for him deeply,we had so many misunderstandings,and the last night I was supposed to wait for him outside the pub and he said he was going to pick me up,well he never did, I phoned him and he put the phone down,I was so upset because he had left me to walk home at midnight on my own,but he may have turned up when I was inside I will never know,anyway the next day he phoned me 16 times and on the sunday 4 times but I was too stubborn to answer.I didnt want an argument I wanted the uppper hand, I was scared he would shout at me and never speak to me again so I didnt give him the chance but for the next year whenever he saw me he would rev his car angrily at me ( I always thought he would come back and try and talk to me about that night or just shout over to me like he always had done before but I accepted I had given him the impression I was playing games and before the pub incident I should have said yes I was telling the truth I did care about him and that I knew if i lost my virginity to him i would have loved him forever but i didnt admit it i was stupid.( that is something you should never do to a sensitive pisces) so just when i had accepted i had done wrong and started to move on with my life, well there he was back again watching me dance and have the time of my life,it was nearly two years since we had fell out and he came and stood by me with his friend at the end of the night, we looked into each others eyes quickly and his friend said did she look at you? smiling, the pisces said yeah and then tried to make me jealous by dancing with the beautiful date he was with but his date seemed to guess what he was doing so she pushed him away and the friend shouted leave her and said go to me, my pisces man stopped and thought about it but said he had to take his date home understandably. so I thought well he actually remembers me still after all this time :) but then the next week at the club it seemed he wanted to get revenge as a typical pisces would,it looked like he had been watching me again with my friends and then he appeared from out the blue and started dancing with a different date he had, i instantly felt jealous so I ran off and as i looked back he looked gob smacked and laughed to himself. I then thought thats it no more hes gone.over the next three years i never went back into that club but I did see him around town and he still revved his car at me and followed me around pretending he wasnt watching me but when he realised I had caught him out he walked off in a huff that was on my birthday. Eventually I moved on and got into a relationship with a sagitarius ( god that was hard work) and I always compared him to my pisces I was never happy and funnily enough the pisces and my sagi knew each other through friends of friends so I couldnt forget the pisces even if i wanted to it was as if everytime i tried i wasnt allowed to. ( possibly because I had left the situation open by never speaking to him again and created bad karma.
But lastly I finally saw him a few months ago after a big gap, I thought he had left the country but someone said he had actually been in prison ( pisces to get attracted to the dangerous side of life as im sure everyone knows) and when he saw me he pretended not to notice then i turned back and he was watching me and I saw one of his other friends say did she look at you (im assuming from that he still never forgot me but he didnt talk to me that night and a month after I was walking to a club on my own and he stopped at the traffic lights across from me, I pretended not to see him at first because I took it that he did not care anymore and as I continued to walk he looked at me kind of sulkily and then hit his steering wheel with his hand looking sad. He didnt rev his car he just drove off slowly.I thought he would have met me at the club possibly but he didnt. ( dont think he will come back do you?) but I added him on facebook this month and

I guess I will get my answer, so far he has left it pending (not accepted yet and not deleted it, my friend says atleast he didnt deny it straight away. I guess the moral of the story is when you first get with a pisces play it cool but dont push it, and a pisces man is someone who will always leave a trail of broken hearts , if you are the same as him and you can cope with the misunderstandings and disappearing acts then you can have a beautiful relationship, no one is more gentle and exciting than a pisces.

I will always be attracted to pisces men because they have something really special about them. They can warm up even the coldest heart and make you want to believe in soulmates and dreams. My piscean date once said he likes to think of himself as the scarlet pimpernel and I think thats what all pisces men think to be honest.

Sorry for the long story. good luck to all of you who are involved with a pisces, I hope you all have the nicest experiences of a pisces that you can get unlike myself. sending love and light to all.

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