Attracting an Aries

by Dee
(Tampa, Florida)

This article is so true! I have been dating an Aries man for about 4 months. I was not interested in the beginning and he pursued me relentlessly. When I let my guard down a little and started showing him interest he became uninterested. So, I reeled him him back slowly and now have him on a short leash. The more disinterested I seem the more interested he becomes. This is the only behavior he reacts to although I am dying to tell him I'm crazy for him, I have to restrain myself and show him otherwise to keep him interested.

I have been the one making plans for dates and outings once we got comfortable in the relationship. I recently began to let him make the plans and this seems to be exciting to him. I don't consider this being submissive, but intelligent in using the Aries characteristics to my advantage and letting him be the pursuer. I am letting him lead the relationship while I work behind the scenes to get my objective.

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Re: Attracting an Aries
by: A Passionate Aries

Great Job Dee! :)

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