Bad experience with Scorpio male

by Margaret
(Brooklyn, NY)

My experience with my ex-partner was devastating. I was a recent widow with no true support mechanism in place. This Scorpion preyed on my vulnerability to get the goods, and I mean emotional, financial and physical. I had this gnawing feeling about him, but he was relentless in his pursuit towards me, but I allowed him into my world, and continued to observe and investigate his clandestine ways, which by the way, a well-known trait of the Scorpion male and one that runs deep in dark, eery places. If you do them wrong at any point in time, whether it is just a defense tactic from something they might have done to hurt you...beware because they are big on REVENGE!!! I broke up the relationship, but today realized that he had someone else and made it seem that I was the quitter in the relationship. There was much I left behind in order to escape his violent temper and oppressive ways. There might be alot of good, but they end-up doing really bad things.

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Margaret !
by: Anonymous

You are smart by making the right decision. Don't fuel him by your energy. I'm glad that you can quit or change. Violent, temper, controlling are very cruel. don't let those control or hurting you. I'm glad and it is okay about emotional mechanism and financial. You can figure it out. You don't want to suffer in a bad relationship any more. I hope will be better soon. Take time to heal or regenerate. I don't know any faithful Scorpio beside Libra not even a lady. Libra has no secretive when you ask, he answer. I don't know how hard it is for a Scorpio to answer just the question. That is suck.

Not his star sign to blame but him.
by: Anonymous

Imho how this man treated you has nothing to do with his star sign but is all about the lowdown mongrel he was to you. Rotten men come in all star signs, they are not just Scorpios......

Not his star sign to blame but him.
by: Anonymous

It was not the fault of the star sign how this rotter treated you but the 'person' he is instead. Please don't judge all Scorpio men by the actions of one rotten apple.

somebody's just bitter..
by: a Scorpio male

Margaret.. If your Scorpio truly did what you say, he should be shot. That is unacceptable on all levels of reason and humanity. However, your story does have a rather odd smell to it.. Why is it I get the feeling somebody's just bitter, and embellishing a story for attention??

Until now, there was only one comment here that is believable, worthy of respect. That comment was brought up twice.. “don't judge all Scorpio men by the actions of one rotten apple.”

Painting all Scorpios with a single brush is just childish and ridiculous. What, are you 12?? That attitude immediately leads me to suspect bitterness was the main motive of the original post. Also, that statement alone removes most, if not all integrity of your story.

And to the genius commenting.. “I don't know any faithful Scorpio beside Libra not even a lady.” you are just pathetic. You are 12 also I take it??

I am a Scorpio male, and I am very loyal!! I am also a very gentle, generous, and a peace loving man. I take great offense to the narrow mindedness here in this thread. And yes, it's true if I get screwed by some sneaky game playing individual/s I will mark it on my calender, and I will return the favour. As a person, not only a Scorpio, I live by one pleasant rule.. Do onto others.. you know the rest.. or live and let die. Play nice and you don't get burned.

"Someone is just bitter" Scorpio Male
by: Anonymous say, but coming from which direction? Perhaps you might be the one who is bitter by the commentary of a person that has been stung by an abysmal individual, who so happens to be a Scorpion. I, too, agree that a rogue comes in all shapes, colors and zodiac signs. LOL...however, this does not mean that you should lash-out in such an offensive manner.
Mr. Scorpio, it sounds as if this person hit a sensitive area, and perhaps you are playing in the pre-teen sand box yourself. Think before you leap...

Re: "Someone is just bitter" Scorpio Male by: Anonymous
by: Anonymous

Hey is that a cat turd in my sandbox?? Now see what happens when the truth is spoken.. I respect and appreciate your reply “Anonymous”. In retrospect maybe I did kicked the can too hard. That said, it's plain to see there is much more to the original story than meets the eye. Now, am I randomly lashing out, or am I replying to a misguided self-pity-party, giving light to the obvious?? “hit a sensitive area??” I don't know.. I guess when an bogus unfavourable label has been attached to any group in general, I become very suspicious.. Attach that BS label to my group..I do tend to get sensitive, personally offended you might say. Please excuse me for being human.

While you're perched upon your self appointed moral high ground sharing your awesome powers of observation, I'd enjoy your thoughts on Mr Goodie Two-Shoes Libra above. I'm guessing the author is a he, and a Libra from what was wrote. I'm referring to the personality behind the pen only, not unjustly criticizing, or generalizing any astrological sign. My take.. He's kissing up to Ms Margaret, stating the very obvious. Yet, he's totally insincere, shoveling manure as a smoke screen for his own personal gain. Personal gain?? “Libra has no secretive when you ask, he answers..” Good grief I want'a be sick. Although she may live 1000's of miles away, only a note from a broken heart, he's hitting on her. He's using her pain for his “personal gain”. Reason (# 2) I'd called his note pathetic.

Now you were rather bitter and mean spirited in your reply. I don't take offense to it however, you are entitled to your opinion of me. Also, I'd posted my thoughts on a public forum opening the door for opposition and criticism to my comments. Again, “do unto others”..

I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Margaret, I feel your pain. I nearly died after dealing with a Scorpio male. He violated me financially, sexually, emotionally, and physically. It was horrible but great because what was meant for evil turned good. I got saved. The Scorpio lost. Gods vengeance is greater than any mans

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