Be friends with your Aquarius woman first

Aquarius woman, 22 - To find that right one for me, I'll take all the time I need... no rush, because I believe it's better to stay single all your life instead of getting into a shallow, shaky relationship. And so in order to find (unconsciously/ naturally) if he is the right one we need to be friends. The things that would attract me would be his trustworthiness, his standing up for a friend/ his beliefs/ values against the odds in public, and most importantly his ability to 'think'- what turns me off most is a shallow attitude towards life, to completely negate the concept of spirituality, to think of the physicality alone... of materialistic gains - in other words a spiritually dead person.

Another thing, i know my weak point is the inability to be open - being introverted and thus being social only when necessary, so a person with amazing socializing skills seems very appealing to me somehow...

Lastly, I do see that this whole finding the right one may take some experiments, trial and error but THANK GOD! I have the ability to move on... to think it just wasn't meant to be and so it is the best thing for the 'both' of us. But than it's always worth a try... to grow with experience... but I'll only give you a 80% of me if I am a 100% sure its going to work out between us because I believe its up to me whether I give the other person a chance to hurt me or not. Either way, we'll always be good friends. :)

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by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarius woman, and you can be as buff and gorgeous as you like, but if we aren't talking, then no clothes are coming off.

Interesting books, interesting ideas, films, trips abroad, keeps my attention. A fun night
is to get all my friends round, ply them with wine, and then talk about something like politics or religion and see what happens. I am attracted to the man that can captivate at that conversation, hold his own, and yet not try to
dominate or shout me down.

Eye contact is a big thing - for the Pisces out
there. your eyes are usually expressive, so use them! Also, Pisces tends to have a lot going on upstairs, and Aquarians like that. Once you start kissing us, the sensuality you use will win the day. But conversation first! Only a good conversation gets the rest of the romance going.

Agree as well
by: Anonymous

The biggest turn offs for me (Aqua girl, 22) are:

(1) Nothing to say to each other.
(2) Shallow guys who dominate and tell me things like "we flow" or "you're hot" or tell me what to do all the time.
(3) Lack of sensuality and fun and flirtation during sex. It's not all about bonking you know!

On a related note, I love my Sag. I love my Sag. I love my Sag. <3

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