Be patient with your Virgo

Virgo men LOVE compliments and positive suggestions more than anything. We also love rewards befitting our services, though it is likely impossible 'cause we worked so much more.

But just patient with your Virgo, though he/she might not show it. Virgos remember and take it to heart. Don't push a Virgo though. We will RUN.

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Virgo running
by: Anonymous

What's the point of being a relationship if you're so phobic that a little push will make you run? That's a waste of time for the prospective mate. A relationship is an investment, it takes just as much time for that person to invest in you. What makes it okay for you to run but not to be pushed when the other person wants more out of it. Obviously, they want more out of the relationship. The virgo is so slow to make any sort of moves, that they need a push.

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