Being ignored by a leo guy help!

I've been with this Leo man for 3 and a half years and we we're best friends before. I love him so much and we had a huge falling out he's ignored all my texts ALL of them and he said im crazy and its been a month. Last time he ignored me it was 3 and a half months what do i do? I love him with all my heart.

I'm a Pisces.

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Ms O. Jackson
by: Anonymous

Do not text him for awhile let him do him and you do you, if he dosen't come back to you on his on, this is meant to be , you have done your part.

by: Anonymous

Oook.I don't really know if "Meant for each other" and all that jazz is true.But I'll tell you what I believe is true.

You are a sweetheart.You're an angel amongst angels.

hey..its me again and LEOS ..out there the girl that said what do i do again
by: Anonymous

i know but like this leo guy.. like promised me he would never ignore me again like he never had closure he just decided it was over and he told all his friends hes done with me. he gets pressure form them tht if hes with me they will loose respect for him and i truly love him form the bottom of my heart i dont want to give up i REALLY DONT hes my other half like i love him so much and i feel like if i stop texting him he wil think i moved on to someone else and i dont want him to think that eaither im so hurt like i just wanna be able to talk to him again or have him contact me and i really need a leo to tell me wut to do cus he blames me for everything when its his fault and i would never ignore him EVER or leave him behind because i believe in loyalty so much and i could never replace him so wut do i need to do to get his attention

and thnks guys..!=(

by: Anonymous

no..he has been tryna talk to this other chick , he told ppl he wants nothing to do with me and its over for good he wants something new n that he never loved me he told his friends not to talk to me hes tryna cut me out for good and it hurts cus he just decided it was over with out me having any say

Pretty commonplace
by: Anonymous

My leo man did that to me. It's just the way they work through things. If you can maintain a part of his life, eventually he may come back to you. This, at least in my eyes, is a testing phase for Leo men. They need to see if you are the queen of the jungle, cause if you aren't going to let him know what's up, he don't want you. They CRAVE the attention that you are giving him right now. Texting him, calling him, going through mutual friends. He may be telling people you are crazy, but he's eating it up and it's inflating his ego.

Why on earth would you.....?
by: Anonymous

Why on earth would you waste your time by giving a man (LEO or any other sign for that matter)your time. Why wouldn't you want to be with a man who adores you? Would go to the end of the earth for you? And above all Make you feel loved and secure? STOP the texts and start focusing on yourself and the life you really want with a partner. I coul'nt imagine any woman wanting to be with a man who clearly has no respect for her or the relationship they have. Start looking a little deeper into yourself and start asking yourself why you feel you don't deserve the love of a decent man. Really!
It pains me to see women do this to themselves.

by: Anonymous

Hi i think i have first hand experience on what u r talking about i am a pisces been dating a leo bou 3 yearz we have been so close and i have done so much for him bt 1 day he broke up with me 4 no valid reason . . . . U c they al are the same throw harzh wordz and xpect u to take it wel it took 10 monthz 4 me 2 get ova hm cz as they say u hate them bt u cnt live wudot them... Bt they al r womaniserz . . . Trus me 4get him plz i am now datin a cancer guy whch i love v much . . . Dnt gve leo 2 muc attent plz ul jus kil urzelf slowly

by: Anonymous

Trust must get a grip. This does not just go for leo men, this goes for any man. No man wants a woman that acts as though she can't live without him. You are smoothering the man. Let him breathe. Show him that life goes on with or without him,if even if you feel it doesn't. HE DONT GOTTA KNOW IT! Girl, you can love him till it hurts from a distance. I have a trick,and it works best on men stuck on themseleves like the one your desribing. He used to girl falling all over him. So to be the one he chooses you MUST be different! Here's how

1. Dissapear...stop ALL contact, call, text, email EVERYTHING. For at least a couple of months.

2. Do You, and make SURE he know's your doing you. you WANT him to think you moved on, and that EVERY man would give his LEFT ARM to be with you...this goes double for sagg and leo man. They love to know they've won, even with their women. And you must be the prize.
3.SHOWTIME!!! Show up at one of his hang-outs,BUT(this is very important) You MUST be the MOST desirable, and baddest chick in the room. From your hair, all the way down to the polish on your toes. Be FLAWLESS. Sexy, but not trashy, ya feel me? Also be casual. Wave then IGNORE THE SHIT out of him for the rest of the night. Let him come to you. When he does approach you, because he will(sagg's on the other hand like be cool, and suave while watching all the men swoon over the woman, then make their move, leo's will pounce, if they think you've moved on, GOT IT!) If you've done this right, he will want every man to know he at least know's you, and you two have a little something(EVEN IF YOU DONT) its, his jealousy streak showing, WHICH IS GOOD FOR YOU!!

4. LEAVE BEFORE HIM!Grab your girls and act like you have another fun event to be at. It will show that life is fun with you, and that no ONE MAN stops your show.

5. THE FINALLE, sit back and wait for your phone call. Otherwise, do the above until he cant take it no more. He'll give in..

by: Anonymous

i have been in the same situation... i fell for a leo man, we seperated cuz of his obsession with always needing new & diffrent arm candy... at first i still tried to text him and work things out but he went into shut off mode... i still love him but i do not let him know that... i have not seen him in over 4 months, i cut off all contact from him, changed my phone number & started changing the places i hang out... never running into him while out & holding back when i felt that urge to text or call him really helped me personally... he knew nothing of what i was doing with my life as of the time he last left, not knowing must have drivin him crazy because last week i get a phone call from a guy friend saying that my leo got his number from one of his friends just to text him to ask him for my new number... he got ahold of someone who he doesnt talk to, to get ahold of someone who he knew i was friends with. to get ahold of me... he went through all that trouble and texted me & you know what, i never responded... he texts me like clock work twice a week... just to be ignored... leo men love when you show them attention... but it drives them crazy when you show them none....

listen to the leo man
by: lisa

good previous advice. When leo men are in love they will tell you. i am a cancer and my leo who i have not called in a week called this morning and sang to me. we played on the phone for about 10 min. and he had to go. Give him the space he needs to miss you and listen when he speaks..he means leo told me early on he hated when he ended a date with a women she immediately started calling the next day..i listened and guess what..i am that one women who does not do that! i take care of myself and everytime we are together i make sure it is fun. fun. fun. music, good food, whatever he likes..and of course i like it too. i dress sexy but not over the top and smell good..once he even leaned in and wiffed me...sneaks little sly touches..we been dating for 2 yrs but i know he loves me.

Help me, dunno what to do...
by: Anonymous

Me and my friend have had a huge falling out. On Friday he ignored me and he wouldn't even look at me. I haven't done anything and it's been going on for 5 days now. I've recently found out that he thinks I have done something when I haven't so I messages him saying how I haven't done anything and asking him what I've done but he still hasnt replied so I think he's ignoring me. What should I do? It's really killing me and it's made me cry.

by: Anonymous

The same exact thing happened to me but he didn't kiss anyone else, I told him I wasn't at home when I was. I feel ur pain. I really miss Desmond. I keep hoping he is going to remember what a catch I am and call, but its been 3 days. I'm getting the feeling that he might not call me... plus he knows that my BD is coming home soon. Only thing is that I don't want my BD after being with Desmond. More pain than I signed up for.

Leo Male
by: Anonymous

Leo men need their space....don't worry he'll come back to you..

by: Pisces girl

I dated a Leo man for 2 months, he was after me for a year trying to go out with me. He did everything possible to give him a chance then we started dating and after a month we broke up because I told him about my previous relationship ( he insisted to know) no cheating included though, but he found it hard to get over me talking about my exes.

After 10 days I asked to talk to him and I explained to him everything and I even apologized for not appreciating his effort much and that I do like him alot. We agreed on giving a second try to our relationship but he was hot and cold and was trying to avoid me all the time!
I insisted on seeing him and when we were together he was the most loving person but then when I leave he goes back on acting busy! I gave him his space and understood that he needs some time to get over things but then he started becoming very mean, talking to me in an insensitive way and avoiding me completely so I faced him about it and I told him how much he's hurting me and not appreciating all the efforts m putting in the relationship. He wasnt clear, he told me that he does appreciate but he doesn't want to show me and that he wont change his treatment now! He needs time he insisted. It was a phone conversation since he was avoiding me. So then I told him that I can't take it anymore and that It won't work out this way , he changed the subject and asked if we could talk later coz he's out busy with a friend!
I was so hurt I hanged up then texted him a very nice MSG telling him how much I like him and wanted things to work out but I can't continue this way and I wish him good luck!
It has been a month and he never contacted me nor answered the MSG! M so shocked and hurt and can't get over what he did and the fact that he never answered! I have no interest in contacting him and at the same time I feel the urge to show him that I don't care at all and that his behaviors are very immature!

my leo man
by: Anonymous

I broke up with my Leo man four weeks ago and for a whole month we have been texting each other about the break up. I accused him of cheating on me whilst on holiday with his friends. Although, he has denied this, (in texts) he has never come round to my house to talk about the split and to prove his innocence. I am heart broken and he says he is too. After 3 weeks of our split, I got the gut feeling that he had moved on which hurt more. I want to be back with him more than anything but he is refusing to talk about the split and what went wrong. He has asked me indirectly for sex but I feel that this would be too painful for me. We were very close whilst together and loving to each other. He often told me how he had plans of marriage with me. Can I get this man back even if he has moved on. Does he still love and think of me or has his feelings gone for good as the split been too long? Leo men help?

Leo men
by: Titilope

I'm pisces and this leo man chased me for a whole year before I finally gave was all so sweet at first but then I noticed he stopped callin like ke used to and anytime I complain,he would always tell me how busy he's been with this n that!Then I started hearin news about how he's been dating so many girls but whenever I try to talk to him about it he doesn't give me the chance to!He would always throw harsh words and expect me to sink 'em in which I do most of the time,jst to keep the relationship.But then,I got angry one of these days and talked back at him and the next thing he did was to delete me off his BB! I called him immediately but he ignored.Its been almost 2weeks now and I've decided not to call him or contact him in any way!!

Leo Man
by: Rican Pecan

I was dealing with a Leo man for seven years and we had good times and some really bad times such as arguing for the littlest things... We love each other enormously but we just can't be together we don't seem to come to a happy medium I'm a Sagittarius so we kind of have the same attitude but what I can say is if a Leo man loves you he will tell you and depending on the Leo man he will go that extra mile to show you your adored... now as for all the women who stress the Leo not contacting you LET THEM BE!! give it a few months break so that the Leo man can get over whatever he was mad about if you are truly special to them they will come back even if its just to be your friend... best of luck guys!!!

by: Anonymous

i am a leo woman and i was dating a leo man for two years and everytime i would break up with him he would do everything in his power to make me look like the bad person even if i had a good reason to break up with him and until this day he wants nothing to do with me but i don't let it bother me. i wish him the best despite how mean he was to me. Then there was a leo man i went to high school with and he came over to my house one night and we tried to have sex but we didn't and he was sweet before he left and then i texted him the next day and then i called him cutie and told him i liked him and then he didn't reply at all so i was like screw it. my point is no matter how long you are with a leo man he will always find a reason to make himself look like he's not the bad guy. my best bet is if you are a leo woman you are better off with a sagittarius man or gemini man. but you are pieces so i suggest you look up which signs you are compatible with and then work your way from there. just forget the leo man if he wants to be that way.

by: Anonymous

Leo men are very obsessive and controlling. im a leo woman and i broke up with my leo boyfriend of two years because he would always argue with me for the littlest things and would end up making me cry so i don't miss our relationship. if hes causing you that much pain hes not worth it and you should move they will always blame you when you break up with them because they are very manipulative and they are good liars too. They are also capable of cheating on you if you are not careful. dont let their sweet personality fool you. its just a front they put on cuz they want to do anything they can to make themselves look good. they are also good at worming their way into getting what they want so if you dont want to have sex with them they automatically lose interest and move on to their next prey. we are leos king/queen of the forest and we believe we can have whoever we want and we don't care who we hurt. you are better off looking up the zodiac signs you are really compatible with. thats what i did. it turns out i am compatible with either gemini or sagittarius.

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