Being patient when dating a Scorpio man

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Im a Aquarius woman and i know that it says that we are not a good match but so far i seem to think that we are. He makes me so happy and the interest has been there for sooo long. We met two yrs ago and he was in a relationship, i not. we were friends, i mean we didn't talk to much. but when we did it was nice. we connected and Ive always longed for him. hoping and waiting one day he would contact me and say he was single. He moved away for about a yr. then one day he contacted me at work and asked me out. he stood me up and i found out that he went back with his ex. i was so hurt i thought i should move on and i did. but he was the one i really wanted. i left my ex and found him again. he is single and i am too. we have been a lot more sexually and mostly everything i have read has been pretty right on. i shelter myself too and just don't know how much to give and how much too not give. i understand the things he does. i just want to know how long i should wait. I need some advice, i want to wait for him be patient cuz deep down i love the chase too. i want what i want and its hard for me not to get what i want. he seems to be interested in his particular ways i suppose. i hope it works out. ima show him im strong and be myself but at the same time show him i care so that he knows and will hopefully open up to me. at the same time i cant give too much either cuz that would be all bad too.

Any advice for this lovestruck girl who is falling hard for this Scorpio.

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It won't work sweetie
by: Aquarius who has been with scorpio men

Well if they say we are not compatible its probably true.We aquarians are stubborn and rebellious and we often do what we are told not to do.Isnt it? Implies here aswell.When we see a challenge we are more determined to accept it.Tell us it won't work and we get more stubborn to prove others wrong.Here it's us we are risking.Risk of emotional damage that will leave an everlasting pain.I've been married to a scorpio man and the marriage ended bitterly sending me into hospital suffering with nervous break downs.I healed and started dating again after 1 and half years this time again a scorpio man.It lasted 1 year because he didn't want to commit.Dated 2 scorpios again after that ( desperate to prove the astrologers wrong)that lasted 4 months and 1 month.It just doesn't work.ACCEPT IT STUBBORN AQUARIUS!

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