Bisexual aquarius with another zodiac sign

by MissKerri
(chicago, ill)

I met this aquarius girl and I thought we clicked in the beginning of our friendship. We texted and called and we hit it off mentally. I told her that I had feelings for her and she told me she felt the same way about me, but the textes and conversation appear very different now. I don't want to appear childish and say she is acting funny, but that's how it feels. Im thinking maybe I opened up to soon, but I thought I was going with the flow of things, taken also from the way she would text me. I have not questioned her about anything because I dont want to seem pushy or needy. My zodiac sign is that one of emotion, so I hope I didn't freak her out!

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i'm bisexual too :)
by: Aqua girl

Hi, I am also a bisexual aquarius.I have had the pleasure to be with most beautiful girls and handsome men.Sexually I get attracted to both and can give pleasure to both equally but at the end of the day I like to go home with a man.Although I've had strong sexual feelings for women I find myself emotionally inclined towards men.All my serious and emotional relationships were with men.I think she's taking her time.You are right that aqua's fear clingy people so don't try too hard.Call her for a science fiction movie or something that will excite her.Win her by your warmth and intellgence.Don't ever be bitchy and mean because we hate it.I think she's just reading you so play along.By the way what sign are you? I am very curious :)

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