Broken hearted and confused with a Taurus guy

by Nikki
(United kingdom)

I'm infatuated with a Taurus guy 24 years old I'm a 25 year old cappie we used to go to school together, hated each other in school lol ! We hooked up it was great communication was great! Hinting that things were gonna happen between us Then after our date he invited me over his house we cuddled and that then I dropped the line
" do you actually like me "

the next day when I woke up I had this txt
Look babe hate to do this but I dont think things are gonna work out between us i'm really happy being single at the moment and I dont want to mess you around I'm really sorry x

but then he would txt me whilst out drunk I'd never respond until I'd gone Out then I'd txt him myself just to see how he was ! Then he began txt me saying where are you ? I wanna come say hello before I go home ! So my phone had died impeccable timing I ran out of the club only to see him running down the street looking for me ! : D we started talking with him firstly saying I can't give you what you want but I do care for you we get on really well I've been single for two years I may be scared!

I ended up going to his house again only to cuddle and fool about the next day after I left I had this txt !

"I feel really shitty for doing this again but you want something from me that right now I can't give you I've got serious trust issues with women that aren't gonna go away anytime soon and like I said before I don't want anything serious with anybody I shouldn't have come to meet you last night and let what happened happen your to nice a girl to mess around so I think it's best if we delete each others numbers cuz I know whenever I'm drunk the temptations gonna be there to txt you to come over and

you deserve better than that"

arrr what can I do cappies and bulls are meant to be highly compatible do you think he would really get rid of my number ? U think he will come back ?

Please give me some advice for a broken hearted cappie!!

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HE loves you
by: Anonymous

He likes you its just he is really nervous about you maybe he feels inferior to you somehow but a taurus would not just hook up with someone unless they had feelings for them - I would know i am one

Sorry this is long.. but please Do read it.. it might help! :)
by: Dan

Hi there Nikki :) I am a 24 year old male Taurean.. so I thought I could possibly help you out with this one :) at least try to anyway :)

The speculations are true.. us Taurean males CAN be extremely confusing, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.. but everything we do or say has a good reason behind it.

First of all.. he is and always will be honest with you.. He wont worry too much about how he tells you.. as long as he has said exactly what is on his mind.

First step.. don't try to figure him out :) its a waste of time hahaha!!! What you see is what you get! We try to live life with no hassles.. no dramas and just what ever you bump into on the way you deal with at the time. We are so up front that females just think "there has got to be some other meaning underneath what he just said" and spend their whole time trying to figure out some other meaning behind it when they could be spending that valuable time ENJOYING their time with their Taurean man :)

I'm sure you're an AMAZING woman and you're probably SO amazing in fact that he sees that he could be with you FOREVER!.. and you know that Taurus' aren't very good friends with "change".. hehehe. And getting involved with someone so deeply all of a sudden after 2 years of being single would definitely be a VERY big change.. you see?? It is exactly how he has told you he is feeling. Just read the texts over and over until you read word for word and nothing else. He would have spent a lot of time perfecting his text so that it translated exactly what he was thinking at the time, simply coz he feels that you should know :)

We are very deep thinkers.. and seeing as we don't do much talking (apparently).. that leaves a lot of time for thinking :) and Oh how scary THAT can be at times.. for us and you..

But there HAS to be a reason WHY he is thinking a lot in the first place :) So maybe he is getting mixed messages from you??? Which isn't a bad thing coz we all work in different ways.. its just being a Taurean, we like to lay our cards out on the table :) and unfortunately, we always expect the same back in return.. and we also might kind of just assume you know this too hehe... (continued)

Sorry this is long.. but please Do read it.. it might help! :)
by: Dan


So if you like the guy.. make sure he knows %100! Prove it to him, tell him, show him, tell him WHY you like him.. he needs to know that you like him for the right reasons.

You have to remember that he analyzes a lot.. every word you say, your body language, the tone in your voice haha. Its almost like dating a detective or something I guess.. (but only at the start while his trying to suss you out).. It's like a bunch of tests or something that we take people through.. coz we need to know we are secure so we can trust.

He would definitely delete your number.. but only if he had the impression there was no use for having it anymore.

We aren't the best at making first moves or chasing someone around like an obsessed person and definitely not competing with other men for you.. that whole concept doesn't appeal to us AT all.
Instead we will give you a few chances at first.. like lets sayyy.. offering you to join him somewhere.. maybe his HOUSE for some alone time or something along those lines??? actually the hints are practically written in massive letters in front of your face!.. but then the ball is in your court. We've made it obvious that we like you. You want us?.. we aren't going anywhere.. we're bulls.. we stand our ground and wont budge and we'll just keep on slowly munchin on that grass!! haaha We don't chase.. and we don't want you to chase us.. rather.. enjoy the whole experience blossom the way its meant to with no mind games and all of that crap, who wants that shite :)

The only reason why he would be saying what he is saying in those messages to you is because the message isn't clear.. hence why he asked "do you actually like me?" He isn't convinced that you like him! :) His trying to get information out of you.. He doesn't WANT to have to delete your number.. but he will use that in a way of finding out how much you might care if he was in the picture or not.. Ya get me??

His telling you that he has major trust issues with women at the moment.. well.. maybe be the woman that he can find trust in again. His not talking shit.. he just knows exactly how he works.. and he thinks your amazing.. and simply doesn't want you to be the innocent victim of his trust issues.. he might just feel its safer to work on that problem on his own.. but his also offering you the position to be the one who says "well you can trust me" :)

All the best gorgeous.. if its meant to be it will be :)

P.S. Cook him a home made meal ;) That oughta work :)) Yummm

by: Anonymous

Hi there thank you for replying can I just say that I asked him if he actually likes me not the other way around : (

Well it turned ugly and he has spread horrible rumours about me and saying nasty stuff about me just like in school !!

It should really be the other way around I guess !!

Thank you for your reply x

Everything happens for a reason :)
by: Dan

Oh woops sorry.. my mistake.

Thats an aweful thing to do to someone!.. shame on him! Thats no way to treat a lady!

Just bar him from your life completely.. and don't even waste your time fueling the fire, just let it die out :) People like that just need to be left alone to suffer on their own with their insecurities.. He will be the one looking back with regret not you :)

The only reason he didn't last was coz he wasn't good enough to have in your life anyway ;)

There's somebody special out there for ya who knows what they want and can actually open their heart to you completely..without you having to go on the net to search for answers ;)

:) Take care you gorgeous person!

Having the same issue with a Taurus man
by: Cindy

The guy I have been seeing for the past 4 months has pulled the same crap! Said from the start that he didn't want a gf because he wants to move to a different state.....but I don't see him going anywhere? He treated me well and we get along so well. I'm a Cancer so naturally things are amazing...I really like him and I want things to work with us but recently he started going MIA on the weekends? I asked him about it and told him it hurt my feelings when I would spend 3 nights at his house during the week but then he'd go missing on the weekends? He said he was only sleeping with me and that he liked having his time "with the boys" on the weekends. I told him I didn't want to take his freedom and I wasn't asking for a title I just wanted him to want to go out with me every so often on a Friday or Saturday. Things have been weird ever since and I feel stupid calling him so I am waiting to see if he comes to me. I have met his parents and he has referred to himself before as my boyfriend. He has told his friends about me, but yet he still claims to not want a girlfriend. I really don't know what to do at this point. Or how else to show him that I am the one he can trust. I have cooked and baked for him, cleaned his apartment without him asking and yet he still hesitates for some reason. I feel like he is scared and I don't know how or what to do to make him commit.


@Cindy/The Cancer
by: Aphrodite Bull

Newsflash! You're not in the same boat as the Capricorn female. Your Taurus man is not afraid to commit to you. He HAS ALREADY committed to you.
He told you he wasn't initially looking for a girlfriend because he thought he was leaving the state. Since he decided to obviously stay in the state, he chose to pursue a relationship with you. He introduced you to his parents, friends, and EVERYONE in his inner circle. They know you as his girlfriend.
This may sound cliche, but avoid being the clingy, insecure Cancer that your zodiac is most famous for (no pun intended), but keep this up and he will relate your insecurity to drama-related issues. He will see you as 'too much emotional work'. Three days a week for a budding relationship is natural. In the beginning, he's going to want some free time with his friends. He shouldn't be penalized for it. With time and some emotional progress, three days will lead to four...and then five days a week. Be patient with your Taurus. He's already feeling you. Relax and enjoy the moment. Quit overthinking!

Hello Dan. Love reading your comments....

@Aphrodite Bull
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your advice! Since I last posted this, we have been spending lots of time together and I have let a lot of things go in order to not come off as clingy or insecure, because I'm not an insecure woman for the most part ...just when it comes to relationships until I know I have the man! I wouldn't say we are in a full-fledged, serious relationship yet but I know he is committed to me and for now I will take that and see if things progress. It's hard because I want to spend New Years with him but I don't want to ask and get shot down if he'd rather be with his friends. So I'm just going to let him come to me. For the most part any time I see him it's because he has reached out to me, which I feel is a good sign since he is a Bull.

I will keep you updated! Thanks again :)

Okay I need more advice lol...
by: Anonymous

So things were going GREAT! And then he pulled that going MIA shit again! I'm so at a loss for words like I didn't talk to him on Xmas Eve and then on Xmas he texts me "Merry Christmas"...what is that shit? I dunno if I should be happy or pissed? Like two words that's all you could get out? We haven't really talked since and I don't get where this comes from. Things last week were great and then all of a sudden he goes back to being MIA...I just don't understand what his problem is or why he can't just be good to me, I'm not even asking for a title I just don't appreciate when I call you ignoring me when clearly we both know you ignored it. I don't act clingy or call/text all the time. I called once two days after I saw him last week and he ignored it. And then never called back. It just seems so out of character from how he was last week...


Hope i can help
by: Hamburger

He is into you! Relax!!!!!

He will come.

taurus man
by: Me_too!

guys, me and my taurus bf had our first fight.. everything was going so good, when we first met it was an intense connection... he flew to my country to meet my family and friends coz he lives over seas and it was wonderful.. but yea, the moment he left, it all started to fall apart. he then said that he wasnt ready after everything.. after the fight, i apologized but he said that he was tired already! and it was just our first fight so u know i was pissed! i really apologized, and said that he means a lot to me but i would give him some space and to hit me up when hes ready... he didnt even take my calls or messages.. last message i got from him was that he just wanted the good memories and that he can't get back to the old us and im like fo real? anyway, its been 3 weeks, he hasnt gotten back at me and i really duno if i shud jus let him be.

Dan, can you shed some light here? thanks

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