Call for Aquarius Men

Where are the Aquarius men? I would eagerly anticipate (and appreciate) your insight and experiences regarding dating (a Scorpio woman in particular) but also anything you would like to share about individual traits, Aqua man in love, Aqua and building friendships, Aqua and fun, pet peeves, favorite books and movies, favorite causes and organizations, most memorable dates, personal values, etc.

I'd be happy to share my perspectives from the mature Scorpio side...


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Aquarius Men
by: Anonymous

Hi Hope. I'm an Aquarius man. I'm really not sure what you want to know which isn't already covered on this site. I've read more here than I knew about myself lol. I can tell you that for me anyway most of it is spot on.

If you have a specific question I'll be happy to answer. I'll keep an eye on this thread. I love Scorpio women, though they do tend to be fairly intimidating and overwhelming at the start of a relationship. You feel like you wont meet their expectations, which does make you want to pull away.

Raisin' the Bar
by: Anonymous

" You feel like you wont meet their expectations, which does make you want to pull away".

Thank you for that. Even that comment is helpful. I was feeling his resistence and reading something else into to it. He portrays incredible confidence and assuredness around me, so I would never have guessed he was seeing the "proverbial bar", and wondering how long he could meet it.

Fwiw, here's a secret truth. I already know he exceeds my expectations. You all are so incredible in so many ways and I just get so giddy. Hard not to gush all over you, but definitely not trying to be intimidating. This Aquarius man has a way of earning my trust and so when I feel safe I get excited! That's my failed attempt at transparency. I guess that is what everyone refers to as intense - too much gushing, too soon?

More tidbits please...


by: Taylor

Hi Hope! I've never actually met a Scorpio girl yet (...Hm...Or maybe I have and just didn't know...Or I forgot. I'm very forgetful...) So I'm not sure what questions to ask.

Oh but here's a little insight (I feel so wise typing that...) on Aqua boys in love, or at least myself in love. I recently met a Libra girl that I'm pretty sure I'm falling for, so it's probably good to type this up now. First, there's that sense of wonder, but this is normal for just about everyone I meet. Little things, like 'what will they talk about' 'why are they wearing that' 'do they think about this or about that'? But when I get interesting answers to these questions from a girl...It just gets fun. I'll start thinking about her and talking about her all the time, which is why it's usually good for the girl to be connected to something I'm already doing. One, it gives me a way to find her and keep studying/interacting with her and two, it gives me more to talk and think about. And then I start to try to invade her life. Not so much because of the whole 'I need to be with you all the time!' but more like...I want to see what her life is like and it's easier to do that if I'm a big part of it. (What's horrible is when I go into 'must disappear mode' at this stage. I feel so horrible because I've thrown myself into her life, only to run for it...) I try to make her feel loved, doing kind of weird things to prove it. It's really, really, really rare for me to say it out loud or buy her jewelry or flowers or something like that. No, I'll just pay extra attention to her, engage in a conversation that I usually save for just my own head, tell her the things that pass through my mind that I wouldn't say if it was just anyone. If she responds to this accordingly, I'll increase this and praise her. Really, sometimes I feel more like a scientist then a boyfriend. 'What will she do if I say this?' 'What will happen when I do that?' 'Oh look! She made it through the maze that is my conversations!'

I'm probably boring you, but it is important to remember that if you ever feel like a experiment under the gaze of an Aqua boy, you should feel flattered. It means he likes you enough to test you.

Let's see! Three free questions...

What's a Scorpio girl like in love, from a first hand, mature point of view? What does it take to stop the biting remarks when you want to be alone? Also, I'm betting it must be fun to hang out with a Scorpio girl, since there is so much curiosity in both the signs. There's a whole big world to examine, so do you take advantage of that with your own Aqua friend?

And love is totally grand. When you're not busy plotting your escape.

Inside The Scorpion Lair
by: Anonymous

Hi Taylor,
Your comments are far from boring. I appreciate your thoroughness and enthusiastic help. By the way, sometimes my Aquarian man will begin asking questions rapid fire and I just love it! I can barely think and answer before he fires another one off. You guys have no idea how exciting that is.

I do feel a little trapped against the wall, but not that I'm complaining. I just mean that your comments about being more of a scientist at times ring true in my situation also.

I'm excited for you and your Libra and hope that works well for you. Not sure you really want information on Scorpio women, but a deal is a deal! Wish I had more Libra in my chart for this to be helpful to you but here goes:

Many of the Scorpio women I know don't really date. I'm not saying they don't interact with and go to dinner, movies, parties, etc. However, we seldom actually date to meet and screen prospective partners. It's hard to explain logically, but Scorpio women can usually sense when they are in the presence of their next mate. This has been true for me anyway. Even if nothing overt happens in that moment, both times I have gone home and told a friend or relative that I just met my next boyfriend at the dry cleaners?

Scorpio women tend to be reserved, refined, and conservative on the outside. When we begin falling in love we get a lot more animated, giddy, talkative, playful, etc. Our eyes give us away. We stare constantly in an effort to observe and record your every move. Then later we return to our lair and play back every delicious interaction, verbal exchange, the way you tilt your head, how you move from one foot to the other, the length of your eye lashes, how you pronounce our name, etc over and over.

As for introversion and stressing to get alone time, just playfully call us on it to get our attention. We?ll be fine once we realize you understand that about us.

Can't speak for other Scorpios but I am definitely a workaholic. Every minute of my day is structured, although I actually hate that. I like that Aquarius reminds me to take time to explore and play sometimes. I love learning new things (languages, how to garden, politics, almost anything) and a really like to travel.

by: Anonymous

They would make good friends w/ benefits, but anything more than that is far too possessive and they display far too much jealousy. They are pretty cool, because a lot of times Scorpio's are a little different than your average person, but their personalities are far too dramatic for me. I like a challenge, a woman with confidence, unconventional and extremely intellectual. The kind of woman that keeps me on my toes and actually gets me to to chase them. And trust me, I don't care how hot you are, it's VERY difficult to get me to chase. I can see right through superficiality. Those bullshit games that people play are like child's play to me. You'll win an Aquarian's heart by being REAL and HONEST. Nothing is more of a turn-off than fakers. We are non-conformists.

Gemini is by far and wide the most compatible with me. I like Sagittarius, but they have overwhelming personalities.

And Cancer................................ shoot me now.

Aquarius Men
by: Aquarius Man

My best with a Scorpio girl is 15 months. She would try to rule everything. I did find this out about me and 2 other Aquarius men if you give us room or our space each day we are less likely to run off for a bit. So if there is a lack of communication he will not have a grounding source to base a proper response on. But he needs to know that door swings both ways. Try to get him talking if you haven’t already. As for me, Mr. Aquarius, being open and honest about expiations can be a big plus. You may find expiations that you did not know about. It would be helpful if he could stop and take a good look at our self. That is a good thing, for all of us to understand our own sign.
Some times we may see where we could be part of the problem. Every relationship will require give and take. I know I want my space at times. But do I stop and see that I’m not neglecting her needs, give her the touch, love, or free time that she requires.
Did you ever tell him your interest? He may be on a quest to understand you and wanting to be right about it, he will not rush into an action that may prove him wrong.
Example: I found out she loved all types of flowers; I had an assortment of flowers sent to her office. It was a bad move. Yes she loved the flowers but I never knew she was so allergic to them. Here was my downfall. It told her that I did not take much interest in her. If he did he would have known. Communication is so Key. Without full discloser about your thoughts and feeling, he will be somewhat uncomfortable when it comes to making a move. Why? Well if it is the wrong move in his mind it will hurt him or the 2 of you driving a wedge between you. We thank not so much with our heart but more with an analytical mind. We play things out in our head, looking for the right outcome.

Re: Mr. Aquarius
by: Hope

May 11, 2010

Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences. Each time I read a post a get a fresh perspective, and have something to go back and ponder for a while.

Nice to know that even though he is sometimes unresponsive to my communication about what I am thinking and how I am feeling at the moment, it's nice to know that he probably appreciates the information.

by: Aquarius man

well once more I got stabbed in the heart. my Libra lady out of the blue stooped the relationship. It looked like all was going well she was nuts about me and I was nuts about her too, we had so much fun and over night it ended. should I even wait to see if she will come back? she will not even tell me why.
and to do that to an Aquarius drives us up the wall
trying to understand.

Aqua Men and Scorp Women
by: Brant

Hey, this websites pretty accurate with it's psychological profiling of Aquarian men's behaviors. I am an Aqua man myself. I was once extremely attracted to a Scorpio woman. She was powerful in her image and commanded most men. Her initial attraction to me was that I wasn't giving her attention. Though it was awesome during the courtship, she started to compare herself to me ( a big No NO) and started to give advice, as if she was more knowledgeable about life. In all honesty, she ended up taking something I said out of context, and retorted with a comment " You don't know shit about life." With the the gloves were off. How dare anyone say that to another human being, but HOW DARE she say that to an Aquarius ( we like to believe we are quite intelligent ). I haven't spoken to her in 6 months.

So the lesson here ladies...

1. Don't step on your Aquarius' toes.
2. Don't compare him to anybody else.
3. Don't preach and give him advice unless he asks for it, because more than likely they've already looked into it or are smart enough to know they can simply devote time to learning a new trade or craft.
4. Don't Argue with an Aquarius man. We see this as a waste of time, especially if the argument is trivial.

PS. Ladies, if you have the attention of an Aqua male, please do let him know you appreciate it. We will not ask you for praise, but we do like you to realize that our time is very valuable to us. We could easily be doing our own thing ignoring the whole world. So when we give our time to you, enjoy it, appreciate it, love it. Because it is the best gift an Aquarius can give a woman.

Thanks Brant
by: Summer

Hey Brant,

I just read your comment and had to laugh. I unwittingly "stepped on (my) Aquarius' toes" and he very quickly, and in a most clever manner, threw it back at me. I laughed, because I didn't know I was being insensitive and that it hurt him a little. I have foot in mouth disease (Aries). At least it made me see that he wasn't a robot.

Aquarius Man Here
by: E

Hi Hope,

This has been some really interesting reading so far. I share a lot of the traits that these other guys here have posted, but for the sake of doing it, I'll give my two cents too.

I'm a 32 year old male Aquarius who has a ton of friends, and makes them easily wherever I go. However, I only have a few that really know me well. I'm pretty sociable and sometimes can be an attention whore, but certainly not the loudest person in the room. I have a genuine care about people and sometimes strangers but find myself disgusted with society much of the time. I can also be very stubborn and like to do things my own way even if I know its wrong. With that said, I cannot stand authority and hate to be told what to do. Some of these are obviously to my detriment.

With dating, I don't date much. I've only had really two serious relationships in my life and the last one lasted two and a half years and took me almost two years to get over. I'm a relatively attractive guy so getting the girls has never really been an issue, it's just that I'm very choosy. Admittedly, I've slept with more girls than I can remember but that's it. A lot of unmemorable one night stands.

When it comes to me being interested in a girl, it takes so much. But when I do, I'm all over it.
As for Scorpio women, I think I'm currently, and secretly in love with one. I haven't been interested or all that attracted to hardly anyone in almost two years, but when I met this girl she completely took hold of me and has driven me nuts for months. I can't even pinpoint exactly what she does to me, but its both terrifying and awesome at the same time. She and I are friends, but haven't hooked up yet. It's weird because we both know something is there, but nothing has happened. I don't know if she's toying with me, or just seeing how patient I am, but rest assured, she knows my intentions are not for purely friendship. Since I've known her, she has had flings with guys that are total d-bags and I just don't get it. She and I are so often hot and cold with each other. Don't get me wrong, I like her a ton, but I don't kiss ass and follow her around like a puppy- I'm too old for that nonsense.

Anyway, I'm rambling now. I don't know if it's that I'm so different that most guys she's been with or what, but I do hope that she and I could finally pull the trigger. Well, I hope this given you some good insight to this Aquarius man and his dealings with a Scorpio woman.

Hope n Aquarius man
by: Ladyscorp

To Hope: girl u hit me right on the head, I'm to the same way.

To Aqaurius man: I have a question if u call us "mygirl" should I take that as he really into me? We as scorpwomen also as Aquarius don't give our time to just anyone u basically have to be worthy n interesting enough for us to notice u, just like u we don't like Fakers, n I must say Aquarius men are frank n honest, my Aquarius taught me how not to take everything so personal. U guys r truly memorizing. I also appreciates his indifference, I as a Scorpio dislike being the norm we njoy people who think outside the box.

by: Ladyscorp

U have to tell the scorpwoman how u feel, typically we don't like to play games, so b straight with her. But be ready cuz if she likes u the same way, it mayb 2 much 2 handle cuz we luv hard. N sometimes that scare u Aquarius men away. It's sound like she has been patient for u to make a move give her chance like u we r loyal n faithful n believe n true love n soulmates. So don't tell her unless
u r rdy to be fully committed.

Wow Whee!
by: Hope

July 15

I don't know how I missed all this! It's a plethora of great information and insight. Thank you to all who took the time to contribute.

Not sure if any of you are still around, but I want to read each post again and gleen as much as possible from everyone.

Have to head off to bed now - early morning and busy day tomorrow. But will definitely get back to this by Saturday night.

To: Brandt
by: Hope

July 18, 2010

Hi Brandt,

I only know one Aqua male and he is intelligent, in that he reads a lot, listens to radio talk shows, stays current on global events, and is a great problem solver. Interesting enough, we share a similar code of ethics and values, but have lively debates, because we process information very differently. We can read the same article, yet focus on very different aspects of it.

Thank you for your willingness to share your vulnerabilities and experiences as it helps provide me with a bigger picture regarding the Aquarian character.

Just curious, in what ways did she appear to compare herself to you?

To: LadyScorp
by: Hope

July 17,

Sorry, I didn't realize I had new posts here. I hope you are still around. How are you and you AquaMan doing?

To: E
by: Hope

July 17

Hi E,

I’m sorry I missed this helpful post. I stopped checking this area for about a month.

If you are still around, unless there are some serious issues going on, I don’t think your Scorpio is toying with you. That’s not typically how we operate. We are either cordial, but distant when not interested in an admirer, or when fascinated and intrigued, will simply knock you in the head and drag you back to our lair (figuratively, of course!).

There is rarely any middle ground. We tend to recognize our next partner within the first couple of meetings and behave accordingly. Our intended usually describe us as overwhelming, overboard, intense, etc, until their emotions catch up, or they escape and run for the hills.
I hope you two are still interested in one another. My experience is that in the initial phases both Aqua and Scorpio have on their game face and neither one can read the other.

However, intuitively we both know the deep attraction is present. We start sending mixed signals, and psyching ourselves out with second guesses and delays.

I still think this can be an incredible pairing once trust and commitment are established. What are your thoughts now that more time has passed?

by: Ladyscorp

We r "best friends" he confines me about things that his own family doesn't know, every so often my protective mode kicks n I just wants to know where he is all the time to keep him safe, but I know he is n his distant mode off thinking about things that is going n around him. I've learn to read the aqua signs n be his friend.

As an aquarius man...
by: Freddy

Just want to start by saying, I always believed all this horoscope stuff was complete crap until one of the girls I was talking to made me read it, and it pretty much nailed my personality.

Here's my idea on dating and such...I'm a creative dude, and a lot of time I get entwined in my work. When I talk to a girl, I love learning everything about her right away, cause it interests me. I love the new experience. But at the same time, I get bored really fast. Most of them fall in love with me, and the few times I've been in love, they demand too much out of me. Honestly, even when they want me to hang out twice a week, if I'm not feeling them THAT much, they're asking too much.

I don't get the whole "Aquarians love sex", I enjoy sex, but I don't have a strong libido. I get turned on more by intellectual firepower, a girl who is smart, or a girl who can "play the game" well, rather than a pair of breasts or an ass. I rarely see that in women though.

The only women that keep my interest are the ones that are more distant than me, to the point where they have control. Because then it's an intellectual challenge. If that makes any sense.

Re: Freddy
by: Hope

Hi Freddy,

Thanks for taking the time to comment and shed some light regarding your dating style and preferences, and what intrigues you about women.

I hear you and it sounds as though you enjoy the pursuit. However, I am curious. If she is equally interested, regardless of how well she gives chase, at some point nature does what is supposed to do, and you both will be less fascinated with the chase, and more desirous of spending meaningful time wrapped in one another’s arms.

What is it like for you when you reach that point in the friendship? Do you take the lead and guide to more consistent contact, or are you hoping she will take the lead in initiating conversations along those lines?

Aquas should be monks then
by: Summer

All's I'm saying- would save lots of women heartache.

Try an Aries female, they can be nearly as aloof

hm @taylor
by: Anonymous

I was just reading what you said about going into "disappearing mode" at the stage in which you involved yourself in her life. How long does that mode last? Or do you disappear for good? I mean I feel like I scared my aqua interest away because I was showing a lot of interest in him but he has gone into that "disappearing mode" when he had seemed so interested.
Any more information on this mysterious "disappearing mode"? LOL :)

possesion is selfish
by: uron

aquarians just want to teach u for not being a possesive person.possesion means selfish and selfishness kills.try to spread your love wider to every creatures in this world and ur aqua will be fallen to you 4 that.thats the message from the monk-soul of mine

disappearing act
by: puzzled

i met an A 4 months ago, he asked for my phone number and called and we've been going out no sex but long stimulating conversations, we used to meet up once a week, he called or I called and that was fine, I am a sagittarius not that fond of commitment either, but then he stopped calling, i called once all seemed OK, i called again a week later he suggested we met but never called so I called another week later and asked whether he did not want me to call again and he said no why would you say that, but then he never called and when I saw them by chance I was a bit angry and said so and told them they lied to me and me and they said NO! and we agreed to meet and he called me but still was a bit 'I do not know what time and when I could meet you and what do you think' and I said I do not know either, when you know let me know and then he said goodbye with a bit of an attitude and he never called back, 4 days ago, does that mean he will never call me again?

I already miss him
by: Scorpion Angel

Hey, I've know my Aqua guy since Sept last year. The first time we met was amazing. First time ever I felt that connection with someone.. he made me feel good about myself. We just couldnt keep our eyes off eachother. After that meet, he didnt call or txt me. Confused me a lil but I read up on Aqua guys being distant etc so I gave him his space. He would message me randomly. He moved far which made it even more difficult but i still kept patient and staying as even friends was really good too. from Sept 11 till now I've only met him 3 times. He did randomly message me that he wants me and misses me but its like he keeps that distance from me. I thought at least he'd want to see me after a few weeks or a month but we hardly see each other. He came back in town recently and did say he wants to see. It just didnt happen. I was getting annoyed because he messages me when he feels like it but when i do, he doesnt respond back. I've been a good mate to him but in return he hasnt been there for me. I removed him off my facebook and thought he will get the message how hes hurting me by keeping me constently distant. When we were together is was amazing and I know he feels the same too. I'm so lively and happy around him. I really miss him and i really want to be with him. Will he come back to me? I'm mentally and phyically attacted to him.

Scorpio nagging machine
by: Aquarius

I dated a scorpio gurl for a few month, she was clingy and let me tell you something. I could aswell have bought a nagging machine.

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