Can I trust my Scorpio woman?

I'm a Pisces male in a relationship with a Scorpio woman. Things were nuclear to begin with and are still going very strong. How can I ensure that she will stay interested and attracted to me as we are living together and getting over the initial passion of being together?

Is she really OK with my strong emotional side?

Sometimes I feel I need to self monitor in order to not "scare" her away.
Can I really be as expressive as my sign typically is without reason to feel like I will overwhelm her?

She is drop dead gorgeous and somewhat of a flirt with "everyone". Should I trust her?

This is a point where sometimes I swim away in fear of being hurt. I'm getting that urge to flee again.


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Read their side...
by: David

We have a dedicated section for the sharing of experiences and questions in relationships for each sign combination.

If I could direct you over here Pisces man Scorpio woman you'll find hundreds of experiences and discussion of such issues.

The short version is that Scorpio women usually love everything about Pisces men! Read their side and you'll see why!

Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio woman and very flirtatious especially if i sense that the man I'm flirting with is responsive but a little nervous! I think this is for 2 reasons, scorpios are very passionate, like to be in control and just love being desired. The flip side is that because the 'victim' is slightly unsure it makes it 'safe', it gets you want you want but without being unfaithful, and that's the important part for you. Scorpio women are extremely loyal and intense and put all into a relationship, and they expect the same from their partner. If they don't get it thats when the flirting might take on a more serious form and you will be discarded because we don't play away! Scorpio women are probably really the hardest to handle because we can't even define what it is that attracts us, if it's there wow!!if it's not you won't get a second look, but you did so keywords for you in how you respond are spontaneous, excitement, attention and sex! Enjoy.

by: Anonymous

Well I can say that I see where this is all coming from from the male pisces that wrote a concern about trust in a scorpio woman.
I am in the same spot! I am dating a scorpio male and i can say this much to you, they will not let you down, beacuse they are loyal. They can control their wants and needs, but they will never feel right of doing something behind your back with another woman, i know this.
And the best way to go about this, is not think about it at all, dont suspect, dont assume and especially dont ask questions about "have you been seeing someone?" that wont only make way for them, but that will def. make them think ur into all this unfaithfullness, and then youll battle, so dont think,just trust her and she'll trust you. But if something happens along the way, it wasnt meant to be and you didnt waste time, you simply had that trust that is always going to be in u for the next woman to come.

Can you trust your Scorpio woman?
by: Anonymous

Us Scorpio women do tend to like to flirt with 'everyone', that is true. But that is all it ever is (in fact, I tend to think it is a means of defense of sorts to distract people rather than letting them see underneath the surface). Many people out there may get the chance to see our flirtatious side, but only very precious few ever get to see what is beyond that as what is on the inside is under heavy and constant guard. Once we do let you in, you have our unconditional love and devotion. So, yes, you can trust her if she really is in love with you (this will most likely be apparent in just how 'extreme' her emotional responses and passion can get in response to you). We practically live on emotion... the good and the bad. It is like air to us. So, never worry about your expressive nature being to much for her. It won't overwhelm her. In fact, the more expressive you are (particularly where emotions are concerned), the more she will crave it. If you want her to stay interested, just make her feel... anything and everything (just watch that sting and never give her a reason to mistrust you... EVER).

Weakness is a cardinal sin to a scorpio.
by: Anonymous

If she loves you she loves you. If you don't think you deserve her love then eventually she will question why you think so, and wonder if you have done something... like mess around with other women to have concluded that you don't deserve her, then it is just a whole other battle that you are going to face, rather don't stir already murky waters with your insecurities. Trust that she loves you; Scorpios never make a mistake about who they love. And cheating is too much hard work when they already have a sweet little fish to eat at home ;) Unless of course she saw you look at another girl and now she is paying you back by showing you that 2 can play that game, and she'll win that game for sure:D The thing about Pisceans that would make them perfect is that I wish they would make up their minds! Decide already for goodness sake do you love her or are you scared of her? lol decide! Grow an opinion you and stick to it already! Nobody will ever love you the way she can and you know it ;) so you might as well not run, you'll regret it if she decided not to take you back this time. While u are on the run another guy might show her why she should not run after you.

Dont be insecure!! = )
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman, and we do flirt alot..I knw for me sometimes I cant help it..Its someting about me that draws man in..If she has made that big step to move in with you!! Then you have already won..please dont be insecure!!dont hold back from her this will only make her get suspicous. Just be open with her and tell her how u feel and she will love you more for it!! And if the flirting is becoming too much put your foot down it might just make her show you more attention!!

scorpio wife
by: briannascorpio

I have been married to my Pisces husband for 3 years. I am a Scorpio girl who has a bit of a dark side, trust issues, abandonment issues, etc. And through all of my suspicion, he tried his best to understand me( witch is almost impossible) but because he has been loyal to me as far as i know, i am loyal to him, even if guys come after me, im for him only. But if he ever betrayed me...I would get him back 10 times worse, and that's a promise.

pisces woman :)
by: Anonymous

Im a bisexual pisces woman ;) and im pretty sure scorpios our what you WANT .I feel pisces are just scared to give 100% ,and even though we pretend we havent given it we already have . Scorpios tend to over look everything so if your trying to protect yourself by running SHE or HE will FUCK YOU OVER and will NOT see u the same .THEY will love u for that gentle sweet nature ,but make sure they know they are most important in your life! Pisces love All people and Scorpios get jealous very easily .BUT because pisces are friendly people we DONT get jealous. BUT We DO take things personal. If your scorpio is being TOOO flirty talk to her about it .she will understand why thats bothering u . but shes/he is going to expect the same out of you. All iv'e been with are scorpios ironicly. TRUST them they are really careing .AND THE SEX IS OUTA THIS WORLD!!! <3

Scorpion Gal
by: CIA

Make up Your mind and be a stable go getter Guy! If My Pisces Male cheats, My Scorpion ways will sting more than a poisonous bite from any little or big critter! I have power sexually but will not cheat unless I am cheated on! If a Guy screws around sexually, emotionally, and cannot find HIMSELF BEING HONEST, HE NEEDS to be Alone and Single and get Help. Hi I am.... and I am a sex addict that loves to cheat on My Girlfriend. Well Hi, I am.... and I am a sex addict too, but with My Partner only!!!!! She wants You to know that there are plenty of Guys that will give Her attention if You did not? If You swam to another angel fish, then She is trying to cope by proving She is not just rejected!!!!! Make up Your attention span of a trout mind and Go For Her! She loves You but wants You to understand that fixing the probs and understanding Her is more important than blame and control! Leave the past behind and start blowing black and white bubbles and not grey ones!!!!! Cut the flirt shit out! This Scorpion Gal is better than a 2 aecond blast! Scorpions rule the genitals and will not hesitate to show Their Partner how well in bed They truly are! From head to toe They know how to please with ease. Just communicate. Do not swim away! Talk it out! Be honest! Stop blaming! You fish do plenty Yourselves! Avoid that! Be Yourself and accept Her the way She is so Your love can grow! She needs to accept You for the way You are too and do not use gifts to make up and hide the problems that need to be fixed! You will be an ATM unhappy and She will be a spoiled Chick bitter that You did not listen to Her and communicate!!!!!

by: Anonymous

hello everyone. am kelvin and am also a Scorpio. scorpios are actually faithful to their partner. but try not to hurt them. cuz u can't battle them. however my case here is kinda complicated. am in love with a Scorpio girl but she seems not to accept my proposal.

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