Cancer and Aries does work!

by Becca

My cancer guy is very gentle and loving. I am an Aries and it breaks my heart to see all these articles that say that our relationship is supposed to be hard. Our relationship is like breathing. It's a secondary nature. Not everything is perfect, but I understand how sensitive he is and I apologize. He hurts my feelings sometimes too and he also apologizes. He gets very tricky with me. He gets overemotional sometimes so since I know what makes him tick I avoid the things he doesn't like. He is q very picky eater, he is a perfectionist when it comes to certain things, usually when he is upset he avoids me. We have an understanding but I guess I'm not a normal Aries because I like to talk about my feelings.

He is gentle to me when I am wrong but someone can do the same thing and he flips out. He likes to be at home and before me he never left the house! All we really do is cuddle and occasionally go out. In high school we always had people saying things asking if we had sex yet. It was really stupid because we were not into that as teenagers. But that doesn't mean he wasn't attracted to me. Oh yes he was. We aren't the most attractive people but we are attracted to each other. He is very protective of me and almost got his arm broken when some idiot put his arm around me. And he tried to break my mans arm! So, being the hothead that i am I slapped that idiot across the face. I am very sure it hurt.

That guy always tried to touch me inappropriately but thank god my man was there because all the boys that I was taller than is elementary were taller than me in high school, and I was a bigger girl. I was tall and sturdy. All the boys were bigger than me too. And I used to get scared but after that I wasn't anymore. Cancer changed the Aries inside me. Don't be fooled because they a polar opposites.

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Cancerian and aries
by: Anonymous

Yes Becca.
Not all Arians d same. I tink we both under Romantic Arian Type ; LOL! but a warrior at heart when comes to defending our families, loves, wants, rights ,husband and etc.
I LOVE my cancerian guy. He calms d hot-head in me.
Its how we juggle our life into a beautiful balance
Cirque Du Soleil
We both Love scented stuffs. Ive my odds side and so does he.
I Love u Steven. U calms me and TQ

Aries love cancerian guy
by: Anonymous

I love u Steven.
u calms the Hot fuse in me.
Im an aries and u cancerian
Ur eczema skins doesnt bothers me at all.
U loved my oddness and i love urs too.
Being A tools guy, turns me on.
I love u Steven. And TQ for taking care of me

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