Cancer husband paying attention to another woman

I'm a Gemini woman and my husband is Cancer man. I've noticed that he's paying and investing a lot of attention into another woman and I'm not sure how to handle this or even get him back on track with our relationship. I truly do love my husband and would do anything within my power to gain his
affections back. Please help!

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cancer man
by: Anonymous

he is mad at you about something but does not want to say it, it is his nature to hide his feelings and emotions most of the time. talk to him and tell him how you feel, if he truly loves you the other woman will be gone in an instant. If not he will leave one way or the other because the other woman is giving him something that he thinks your not giving him.

Family first
by: Terrific

I'm a Gemini woman in love with a Cancer man. Feed him with love, food and talk about how wonderful his mom is. It works for me.

Cancer husband paying attention to another woman
by: Anonymous

I am also a gemini woman and have dated a Cancer guy in past...
They are born to cheat.He himself revealed that he had numerous affairs in the past.And later I also found some more to add to his list...Horrible!
Cancerian guy are very sweet and humble and caring during the initial phase when a girl can hardly take her eyes off and easily falls into a prey. But all should remember "All that glitters is not gold"
Cancer guy can cheat on their wives too easily.They have something in mind; something else in heart and something else out of their mouth...BEWARE!!

Gemini Woman
by: Anonymous

I am a gemini woman, that fell in love with a married cancer man. Like others have said they are the most sweetiest, gentle, caring, sexy men. They seem really genuine, and they care for others feelings but they will cheat. Obviously I know because the man I am in love with is married and although he is not happy he will never leave. He loves his children more than life, and he is attached to the idea of being happy married and having that perfect life. People say a lot of negative things about gemini women, but it's not right to lump us all into one group. I take responsibility for my part in this affair, but before it was ever sexual it was emotional. We had an emotional affair for years before we ever had sex, and I am not two-faced with no soul or feelings. I would never want to hurt anyone and I am not just out for myself, but he made it so hard for me not to fall deeply in love with. He has treated me with more love and sensitivity than anyone ever has.

virgo loving cancer
by: Anonymous

i am also in love with a married cancer guy a virgo started we were all friends i used to visit them and she would come to my house..well anyway he started saying things to me although i told him i only wanted to be cool..and that i didnt look at him in that way.the more i talked to him i noticed that he was very sensitive and caring..and the things he would say to me would make me feel very special.this is the type of guy i would choose for a husband.. but even though he declares his love for me..he texts and calls me all day long whenever he can and no matter how many times i tell him that this is wrong ..he says he will never stop trying to be with me.and that he loves me and always will.its been three years .we have never had sex..only a few kisses and hugs.i dont think we will ever have sex.because i know he still loves his wife..i think that there is something that hes not getting from her and hes searching for someone to love him the way he wants to be loved..but when he steals my heart..hes gonna leave me hurting if she ever decides she wants to give him what he needs..even though i wnt to know his love ..because i know hes very sensual and so am i..this could be very i think ill leave that alone..because i know he has a wife

by: PiscesLadyInloveWithCancerMan

what i would like to know is with which zodiac sign these cheating cancerian man are married..i mean, pisces are like perfectly compatible so if they happen to be married to pisces i dont understand why they have to cheat?? hope this makes sense..

cancer husband disloyal
by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman, and my husband is a cancerian,
And offcourse good looking, smart , sexy n caring, but disloyal.

we have a kid as well, we had a very nice conjugal life, though he is inan extra marital affair with another girl..
donno how to get him back, and even do i want him back or not,but the whole thing hurts a lot..

LOVE him !
by: Anonymous

Ladies !
Dont be available to him ALL THE TIME, get possessive of him a little. Play hard to get sumtymz... A Virgo, a Taurean and a Scorpion, we will never want to hurt...
If they r d perfect mix of madness, we will never cheat... Gemini is too intellectual, Pisces is too available... Touch, feel, hug, kiss, romance the Crab.... Dont let d TOUCH fade away, throw in a little jealousy (its gr8 to knw sum1'z afraid to loose u), get possessive of him & keep him on his toes all around u.. & if he had a bad childhood wid his mother, Lord save u ! Then honestly, leave him alone. U'l get a better cultured Cancer...
God bless

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