Cancer man always falling for Aquarius

by Jay
(Hollywood, California )

Being a cancer male and reading much about my sign over the years I feel like this stuff is more and more true everyday. I did not realize how emotional I was until after losing 2 very special relationships. I am the extreme cancer male, I love to stay inside and be with my love, I enjoy cooking and taking care of her, I long for having a family (came from a pack of 7), I tend to worry about things more so than others and this sometimes labels me as being negative. My mother used to say I was a always saying I thought I was sick or not feeling well when most likely I was just fine. I find myself attracted to Aquarius females all too often setting my heart on the line with someone who just doesn't see the world the way I do. I just want to love and be loved, my emotions have been all over the map these past 5 months trying to reconnect with a lost love. I just want her to know I can keep working at my crabby ways and that she makes me feel like no one else ever has. Come back and
Build a home with me.

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To Cancer Man
by: Anonymous

From my personal experiences dating a Cancer male, they tend to be extremely sensitive, moody, and move 'sideways' towards communicating. They require lots of reassurance. They fear rejection.

Cancers can also be warm, loving, great in bed, affectionate, loyal, and love to spoil their partners.

But if you want to have a successful relationship with an Aqua woman, you will have to understand her need for independence. She can not be confined. You will have to communicate directly. Aquas are quite blunt, brutally honest to be exact. So you will have to learn how to control your emotions/sensitivity. These women require a lot of mental stimulation. So try to operate on a mental plane while you dip into her emotional well.

Good Luck!

I don't wanna hurt myself over and over again when I know his not worth it
by: Anonymous

I was truly happy read your message here I always wanted to keep my cancerian man and I always do the work to keep intouch with him. It's been ages my patient to him is never once change but I was totally felt ignore and unwanted and he never once giving me any call or sms at first for a long year he never was doing that. I was humiliated and my family without no reason but then again ill show him the other side of me and at least he knew that what ever he said to me and to people's matters to me is not true I got nothing's to prove but he truly hurt me. We never get a long cos he never once allowing me to asked him . I was told that his life is his lifeine is mine I was call the I'm his friends but I sleep with him it's not my personality but I thought he had some feelings I been uncotrolable cos I felt like a shit he never once giving me his expiation atop though I know the truth but for me the truth is be told that's how I felt respect. I'm so tired cos I don't really know we're to put myself but now I truly meant to be away. I'm not happy and everything to me is affected I was told that were different people our we live our life differently for me it's so shallow. I am in pain most of the time I'm only human to get mad I just hope to not to come back to him cos I can't really count on my finger how many times he betrayed me and stab my back chatted with different people on a dating site while I am exclusively hanging out with him. I'm done and I forgive him

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