Cancer man and foreplay

by Jayjay

I'm a pisces woman dating a cancer man. We've been together for four years. Everything is great. He treats me wonderfully and the sex is usually good.
But the guy I'm with doesn't like to give foreplay. He likes to receive it, but never give. He's content with just going at it w/o a warm up, y'know?? lol

Are all cancer men like this or just the one I'm with?

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Not in my experience
by: Anonymous

Hi there. I have to say that I have dated a few Cancer gentlemen (I am a Scorpio). Every one of them have been great lovers and seem to really love A LOT of foreplay... both giving and receiving. With each of them I had to expect that we would go at it for quite some time. Easily some of the absolute best lovers I have had. Have you talked to him about it? Just be careful not to hurt his feelings if you do.

Wrong cancer for you
by: by taurus woman

I have never had this problem with Cancer men. I have been with two. Let me tell you one thing...OMG! They will have you seeing heaven. They love foreplay. Tauruses draw them in seductively, and Cancers write the script on foreplay. They like to 'play' out their fantasies.

With Cancers, it's not about just making an emotional connection, it's about turning their fantasies into realities. They are careful, tact, lovers. They prefer to take their time. There will be no sexual release from him...until you have came over, and over, and over again.

cancer men fourplay
by: Anonymous

Yes, cancer men are like that because we are simple and plain, but as a woman you gave to stay patient, and demand what you what and tell them that you want it now or else! We are stuck in our shell and you will have to bring us out!

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