Cancer Man and Scorpio Girl Doomed Relationship

by Beebe
(Manhattan, NY USA)

I am Scorpio-Aquarius-Scorpio woman and, years ago, I fell in love with my Cancer boss. We hit it off, in a way, from the very beginning. He seemed very comfortable with me and I with him...maybe too comfortable. I was the one who kept a respectful distance. I wasn't aloof, just careful. You see, he was in a serious relationship already. After awhile, he showed great interest in who I was. He began coaxing me to tell him about myself. As a Scorpio, I am not too open about myself...a tough nut to crack. I would open up little by little, day by day. One of those days, I happened to mention my goal of wanting to start my own business, but I didn't have the money to do that at the time. A couple of days later, he offered me $25,000 as an investment in my new business. Now, I wasn't about to take that kind of money from, what was essentially, a stranger. I might not have been very open about my personal life, but he was down right secretive, leaving me knowing precious little about him. Turning down this offer was my first mistake. At another time, being concerned for my safety, he offered to buy me a car to keep me from waiting at the bus stop alone at night. I knew that was a wonderful thing to do for me, but I sweetly declined. That was the second of my many subsequent mistakes. When he found out that I didn't heat all the rooms in my apartment, he offered to pay my gas bill, he offered lobster dinners, he offered a spa visits, I speak french and have a french sounding last name, so he offered to take me to his favorite french restaurant to show me off. I turned it all down. I ask you to keep in mind, as I had to, that he was in a years-long relationship and I didn't want any messy love triangle drama. He probably didn't have romantic feelings for me anyway, but I was touched (and a little afraid) by the way he seemed to care about me and want to make me happy. That's what eventually hooked me. But, in time I began to realize that he was becoming mean. I think when I turned down all his offers, I hurt his feelings and he wanted to hurt me back. He started paying me late, complaining about my work performance, disagreeing with overtime pay, he asked my opinion about some least favorite job responsibilities, and when I gave my opinion, he instructed me do those jobs. I can take the mean-ness if it's just a mood, but I turned on him because he kept holding back my pay for as long as it pleased him to do so. That was more than just mean, it was a little illegal if I had chosen to report him. Even though I desperately needed that money to live, I melted because I still had feelings for him. I stayed while his handmade suits were shipped from Italy, he bought shoes from Neiman/Marcus (I don't know if they were for him or her), he drove a Jaguar and a Volvo, he lived in a luxury highrise apartment. My life wasn't nearly half as special as that. He never did get over his foul mood, by the way. I still tried to be civil, but I ended up having to quit the job. After quite a few years apart, we bumped into each other recently. We were both cordial. I pretended not to remember that he still owed me overtime pay. He was probably doing the same, knowing Cancer. I'm not saying that ALL Cancerians are like him. Some of it was probably my fault too. In trying to keep a respectful distance from his existing relationship, I might have over done it and made him feel rejected. Maybe I was wise to get out instead of pursuing and accepting him...what do you think? Was I stupid? I'm still drawn to male Cancers, but I seldom meet single ones. In fact, I still daydream about him and what might have been if it hadn't been for a "her" in the picture. Well, thanks for letting me tell my story.

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