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I've been dating a Cancer man for nearly 6 yrs now. its a verydemanding relationship. he definitely doesn't understand that love comes in allforms. sometimes he doubts how much I love him just because I don't obsess overhim. he's very needy and its definitely a challenge for me to always have toattend to those needs, especially since I tend to lend my attention to so manyother things in my life. but I don't really mind. I know that nothing comeseasy. I have a lot of patience and am fairly adaptable. even though he drivesme crazy sometimes, I know that he has a good heart and that's really all thatmatters to me. considering all the scummy guys out there, I feel lucky to havefound someone that knows how to respect women. so I feel like its worth theeffort. I only hope that he can learn to accept me for who I am and overcomehis insecurities so we can finally move on to the next step in ourrelationship.

I Am A Aquarius Woman Who Have Dated 2 Cancer Men And In TheBeginning It Was A Dream Come True, But It Ended Up As A Nightmare. I Was SoSure About Both Of The Cancer Men I Was Involved With Though And I Thought TheSearch For Mr. Right Was Over After I Met The Last Cancer Male. Cancer Men AreQuite The Charmers, But I'm Also Coming To Terms That The Two Cancer Men IDated Had Similar Characteristic, Both Cheater's, Both Liars, Both EmotionalManipulators, & Both Extremely Weird. I Would Never Tell A Anyone To Discard ARelationship Or View It Negatively Because Of What Astrology/Books Says, Or ToGo By What Other's Say Or What I Say, Just Follow Your Heart, And Just BecauseThe Aquarius/Cancer Relationship Didn't Work Out For Me, Doesn't Mean ItWon't For You.

Aquarius Sun/Aries Moon/Pisces Venus & Pisces Mars Woman

Astrology Is Much More Complicated Than Sun Sign Compatibility, If You TrulyBelieve It Can Determine Your Relationships Outcomes, Than You'll Have ToCompare Birth Charts/Synastry.

Good Luck

Cancer men? Needy, moody, clingy... spiteful... not in line with theAquarian spirit.

I am dating Cancer man right now at first it was so romantic and verychallenging to me because of how he was in the beginning, he was playing hardto get with me that's how I liked him. But in the middle of the relationship astime goes by when I started to see and feel that he was falling in love with mehe was starting to get into my nerves because he was getting paranoid, veryneedy, so emotional that will make me feel bad every time we have arguments orwhen I go out with my friends and very possessive.

I am an Aquarius woman and I have been dating a Cancer man for 8months. Man oh man!! I love him... It's so easy to fall in love with a Cancerman because he seems to have all the qualities a woman needs... but at the sametime he is everything the Aquarius woman cannot stand! the neediness andparanoia... not to mention the jealousy and insecurities. my goodness... it isa draining relationship and each day we never know if we're going to make it.the littlest things will make an Cancer man upset and hurt and the Aquariuswoman will sit there and try to figure out what they did wrong... and we'lltruly be puzzled. if this does not work out, then I am going to stick withLibras and Pisces.

oh gosh! I've fallen head over heels for a Cancer boy, but now I'm soscared that it might not work out...

He's never needy or possessive, at least not yet. He's funny, cute, confident,and always gentle and sensitive with me. I adore him, but how do I know if hereally likes me back?

I'm a moon in Aquarius gal, btw

I am a Cancer man and girl I am seeing is Aquarian girl with a 4 yearold daughter I have fallen in love with both we are both worriers what I wantto know is everything is going along great or so I thought and then problemswith her job and she disappears no calls nothing I want to give her space butproblem is I miss wee girl I don't mind giving space all I want is look i amneeding time to myself I will call you when i am better but nowt which makes mefeel she is not interested . and she doesn't realize I miss wee girl I haveasked her if she feels pressure then let me no and tell me what it is butnowt am I wasting my time

I am an Aquarius woman and I dated a Cancer man for 3.5 years. Afterreading the other posts, I totally agree. He was very charming and I thought hehad all the qualities I wanted in a partner. I loved this man more thananything and actually wanted to marry him. First year was amazing. But, all theparanoia and insecurities came to the surface shortly after. Making me feelguilty for going out, not trusting me, emotionally manipulating and veryspiteful if angered. Even after we broke up... tons of games and questionsabout my post break up actions etc. I would be very cautious and can't say Ihave any desire to date another Cancer. Aquarians are very faithful butdefinitely need some freedom to be an individual in a relationship.

I am married to a Cancer man and knew ahead time that he was going tobe needy. It is really perception, it is not neediness but nurturing is allthey want. I am in the professional stage of my life completing BachelorDegree and going on to continue my Masters. However, I know that family comefirst. As long as I nurture him down and tire him out, I have no worries. Mywork at home is done and now I can go out and finish my work. If you are goodat what you do, he won't have the strength or room to worry because you havemade your point. I continually let him know as soon as I get home by touchinghim, holding him and putting him in corners that I love him and when I amthrough, I go to my desk and complete my essays.

I have been with my Cancer man for 22yrs and I am MOST definitely anAquarius, and at first I had to overcome his moodiness, insecurities, etc but hiskindness an homeliness was just so beautiful to behold that I could never lethim go.. He got better and better at letting me have alone time as I did withhim when he had his moody times.. I chose not to take it personal. the worldjust gets too much sometimes because he is so sensitive.. and now we are soulmates :) I love him more and more and he is open and secure and allows me somuch space...even if it is scary for him..

It takes time girls to make him feel secure but with love and kindness andsensitivity it CAN work :)

I have been dating a Cancer man for 3 years now. What I haveexperienced in these 3 years with him was first sincerity and love. Then camethe neediness. This was followed by cheating and lying. Followed by himplaying the victim. Now that his partners in crime ditched him, he is back tome. Emotionally unstable and unpredictable. I am putting up with him becauseI feel I understand him enough and given the time and space, he will understandhimself and we will have a beautiful fulfilling life together as a family. Patience is a virtue and I have it with this particular Cancer.

I'm dating a Cancer male and I am a very independent Aquarian woman.At first I was very concerned that my freedom would go out the window with him. he was very intense in the initial courting. But I have found that since hehas teenage children it may in fact work out for the best. He adores them andis a fantastic father. I am learning to adjust to his time spent with thefamily with out me. But is makes me really happy that he spends time with hischildren. Even though I miss him, when I do see him, he makes me feel like I amthe only other person in the room :)

I've been dating a Cancer man for almost 2 yrs and it's been verychallenging and explosive (good and bad) in a lot of ways...on the negativeside we argue over the littlest things because of my "logic" and his"intuition" reasoning and we just sometimes cannot see "eye to eye". He is aloving man when we are not at odds with each other and I adore a lot of hisqualities. He drives me nuts when he is in his "mood". If I make the firstmove to try to better the situation then he is all loving and back to the man Ilove so I have figured out that he just wants me to nature him and make thingsbetter but my stubbornness gets the best of me sometimes because I stand onprinciple (as petty as it might seem) but I don't like it when I'm not in thewrong or have not committed the wrong and he tries to manipulate the situationas if I made it what it is. If we can just work it out and see what ourtrigger points are to not tick each other off then we would have a beautifull relationship.

As for the other explosive (the good side), we have amazing alone time and arevery that is not the only thing keeping us together. We haveother great qualities that make us compatible like our interests.

Bottom line, we want to make it work so we try to put our differences aside andfocus on each other as well as the family. We both love each other butsometimes I get the sense that he thinks that his love for me is more than Ilove him... I don't think that is fair to say because there is nocomparison...we all show it different. This type of relationship is challengingbut if I didn't have a man who challenged me like my Cancer man does I know Iwould be bored and move on.

I have been dating a Cancer man for over 4 years. We have broken upnumerous times but something draws us back together. His loyalty andsensitivity can be an attributes in that we can share intimate details of ourpasts but there lies the problem. His insecurity and possessiveness have shownthru via vindictive ways. When a Cancer man feels hurt, he wants you to hurtjust as him. Being an Aquarian, I then respond by saying I don't need that andrun because of my love of some freedom and unattached nature. Re: money,please, the Cancer man is a MISER plain and simple. Both of us want to be theleader in the relationship, and for me, that is just not an option. I amdoubtful this is my soulmate because everything is a debate in our world. Toomuch work with way too little positive reinforcement for this Aquarian girl!

I am engaged to a Cancer man, for like 2 month.. I feel like am in lovewith a little needy cute baby & a hot sexy man .. sometimes am the babesometimes he's the babe .. any way I feel like we're gonna last 4 ever ..inshallah .. I really love him , he's adorable sensitive man.. funny .. andflexible .. hopes we got married soon , our wedding is on November ..Aquariusmonth

I am dating an Cancer man an I must say I do Agree with all theeabove comments these Cancer men are a lot alike, however its early in ourrelationship so im glad you gals gave me the heads up and honestly im up forthe challenge, I love his sensitivity and babyish ways so cute.

I've been dating a Aquarius woman for a year now and its theopposite. That meaning, she always in need of something... Its like almosthaving a daughter than a girlfriend. She says I'm critical of her which is notthe case. I just know she has a lot of growing up to do still.

I have been married to my Cancer husband for 2.5 years now. He is mysoulmate and the love of my life without question. However, that's not to saythat there aren't any struggles that we go through. He is very moody, needy,jealous, manipulative, and is grumpy most of the time unless everything isperfect. He has a hard time seeing the good in things if they aren't up to hishigh expectations. And his expectations of certain things are unattainable. Hedoes not expect me to be Miss Molly Homemaker or anything, and he is alwayswilling to do more than his share of chores around the house, includingcooking. He is willing to do anything I ask of him (within reason) and alwaysstrives to make me happy in whatever way he can. He buys me flowers every timehe gets paid, and often writes me love letters and cards several times a month.He gives me nightly massages and I know he will love me forever without fail.He doesn't see my physical imperfections like a bit of fat on my belly, or c-section scar, etc. He doesn't even notice those flaws. But, heWILL notice the flaws of our emotions, and he will point them out whenever heis feeling threatened for some reason. If he's feeling crappy, then it's hismission to make me feel as crappy as he does. He doesn't understand how I couldpossibly be happy or smile on a day when we get a large medical bill orsomething. But I know I will take care of it and I don't sit around and let itaffect my entire life. I won't let it get me down. Whereas my husband willobsess over it for however long it takes to get the problem resolved. He willnot break a smile until everything is in order financially and emotionally. Ifyou are an Aquarius woman with a Cancer man, do NOT divulge ANY of the privatedetails of your past relationships. They will be used against you whenever yourCancer man feels like it. If you have had sex before, he will let you know hedisapproves, even though I have a son, and my husband has 2 kids with hisprevious wife, and was engaged to another woman 6 months after the divorce. Hemet my friend 2 months after that breakup and was sleeping with her. I met himand he shortly started pursuing me. I resisted for quite some time, but them myfriend moved and we didn't speak anymore, so I decided to date him. Well, whenhe asked me what went wrong with my past relationship, I made the mistake oftelling him that we never got time together, so it felt like the relationshipjust ended up being a physical relationship because we both worked so much anddidn't get quality time together. Well, now whenever my hubby is upset, he willmake it clear that I only care about sex, because that's what my otherrelationships were all about. Cancer men twist words to make them the totalopposite of what we say. So, don't buy into it. I just say "whatever" and moveon with the conversation. If you show them that they can't hurt you, they giveup. I tell him that when he's mature enough to talk to me, then we can carry onan adult conversation when he's ready to. There's no need to be mean for noreason. But they always seem to have a reason to be cranky. So, I just reassurehim a lot, and show him tons of affection so he doesn't feel insecure. I lethim know I miss him when he's gone, and that I will spend an eternity with him.It seems to work. So, please know if you marry a Cancer man, that it takes workand LOTS of compromise. But if you are willing to do that, then you will havethe most loving, fulfilling relationship of your life. I feel blessed and luckyto have my silly, moody, romantic, handsome, adorable, and sensitive hubby. :)I wish you all the best of luck!

I'm an Aquarius female- and my advice! don't do it! The Cancer malehad been attracted to me and had began to ask me out all year through a friend(which was stupid- the only convo he instigated with me was about slipknot) SoI gave him a chance and got to know him on Facebook and soon we were dating. Ithought he was a carefree individual with a weird sense of humored like myself,but he always pulled out the ex is making me feel like shit card.

Honestly I liked to only talk to him when he was high... So yeah. I would jokelightheartedly about the littlest things and heed criticize me and tell me tostop. Then I told him that's how I talk with my friends and he said that were'not friends were more' which I thought was stupid because relationshipsrequires friendship. Also he sought praise and wanted to have an oversized egoand he would constantly try to feed mine only so I would reciprocate.

He always needed to be reassured that I had feeling for him and on the secondweek of dating popped out with the "L' word.

So After being tired of his criticism I broke up with him, not really wantinganything at all to do with him. Advice- Don't do it unless your ready for arollercoaster.

I am a Cancer man I think Aquarians are sweet people. Just understanding and sacrifice will do it. But I must confess the Aquarius woman scares me. I am currently so so so so attracted to one right now and I think she is a big home work. I cant just figure her out yet. Wish me luck

I've been dating a Cancer man for just short of 2 years. The first around 8 months of the relationship were perfect; he's gorgeous, funny, sweet and caring.


He's very controlling and possessive; he doesn't like that I have other (male) friends (that ARE JUST friends). But I'm not about to give up friends because my boyfriend is insecure (which causes arguments).

He doesn't like me to see my friends (even female friends) because he feels he should say when we meet up (which I don't think he understands that he doesn't control my life schedule).

I can't speak to him; about anything intellectual - he's kind of a moron, totally uninterested in anything that's not sport; or about an issue I have with either where the relationship is (or is heading) or about anything he has done to offend/upset me - he has memorized a list of all my flaws/faults/mistakes and recites them when I want to discuss this.

I'll also be moving cities next year to go to Uni (I'll be 19) and he thinks that me not staying where I am means that I don't love him (It's not gonna stop me going). He doesn't appreciate that I am strong and independent.

Recently, I have found that I keep "looking the other way"; there is a Leo man that has captured my attention; he's so much more exciting (I also wanna tap that - my boyfriend is the only person I have ever slept with - it's not that great; when I "take the lead", he "can't handle it").

Where I'm never gonna cheat on my boyfriend, I find myself thinking about this Leo man all the time, I don't know what to do because I love my boyfriend and I know he means well and if I dump him it will break him but I feel like I'm not allowed to by myself.

Wow... Ladies.. I have been with my Cancer man for 5 years... OMG this has been the most interesting 5 years of my life. We have a son. We have the best sexual relationship. Things were grand in the beginning... and then he became all vice-grip on me... He just wants me to love him which I do... When he feels like I've hurt him he goes out and tries to hurt me equally.. BUT I can't see myself with anyone else. He is my heart and I am his. We love each other and no matter what the planets say we're in this together.

So, I have dated 6 going on 7 Cancer men, in a row!!!!!!!!! I am Aquarius, and I can't seem to shake them!!!!!! They come in packs, They see me as something to tame, until I unleash the animal, and I mean, I can get very nasty! Why do all 7 men seem so charming, want to show you off, wonderful father figure, protective, sexually charged, full of confidence, etc, turn in to needy insecure, self centered, manipulating, controlling bastards that will hold on to every detail about what you say and some how forget what they said or did 2 days ago???? No matter how bad they are, they tried to make me think that it was my fault!!!!!So I decided to take it upon myself, and without even asking birth dates, they all fit the role to a T, or came 90%. Then after the 4th one, it was back to back dating the Cancer community, wanted to change my liberal ways, start arguments, etc. Oh boy, so now # 6 and 7 (yeah this is fir research only ladies!!! lol!), and already 6 has hi t the nail on the head! 7 is still to charming.......hmmm, for how long?? Dunno, but I tell you, and anyone, you need vitamin B12 and vodka sometimes with some aspirin, its gonna be a hell of a ride!!!!!!

Well I haven't got the pleasure of dating a Cancer man although I've been sleeping with one for 8 months! He's afraid of commitment and of getting hurt. He's very insecure though he's very much a ladies man. We both came out of marriages gone bad and have comforted each other through it all. But he will not even have a conversation about a relationship except to say that he can't put his heart on the line again. I'm really into this guy but think I may be wasting my time. We both have kids and are together daily. I watch his kids while he works. I feel that I've done everything I can to prove to him that I'm here to stay but its not good enough. What do I do?

Well, I'm an Aquarius woman who has been seeing a Cancer guy for about 3 to 4 months. One minute things seem great and the next minute he's distant... Meaning he doesn't call, doesn't ask to do anything.. etc. He's extremely moody but when he's not, he's amazing to be around. He told me he just wanted a friend but this friendship has progressed into something more and he knows it but he's terrified of a commitment. I'm not asking for one... I just enjoy his company and he can't seen to understand that. Both of us have a hard time opening up and talking about emotions so we avoid it all together. It makes it very difficult when you want to say something but you're afraid you're going to scare them off.... Ugh. Also, I figure if he wasn't interested, he wouldn't have had me meet his family. It's like a game of cat and mouse... But I keep holding out some kind of hope that he'll come around and realize what a great person he has in his life. I truly adore him.

umm im dating a Cancer right now and im an Aquarius and I love it to death though they have their needs they are the best men to have its all in what you make it

We'll Im an Aquarius woman and Im now dating my Cancer man after 5 yrs of long distance friendship. Im officially his now. I love him so much..It is something strange about him and I wasn't sure about what to speak to him about. Thank you guys for all the comments that were posted.....Now I understand clearly about what's going on with my man and ready to finish what I started. It all makes sense now. Peace!

Im an Aquarius woman dating a Cancer for 4 yrs and boy oh boy is he a handful !!! Very very needy and controlling and jealous and accusing and will just plain make stuff up sometimes to be jealous about its absolutely nuts! on the other hand he is sweet and caring and sensitive supportive funny witty charming just too much good to let him go have to put up with a lot but you just have to judge for yourself if its worth it. It is worth it for me!

I'm a very strong willed and independent Aquarius woman. I am dating a Cancer man and it's amazing ! he knows how to treat a woman and he knows just the right places to wrap his arms around me to make me feel like the most important thing in the world. It's funny because i'm someone that however am very independent I love being showed how much I am loved and he does just that. he's a romantic and it just makes everything so much better. he's very patient with me and very understanding. I do admit that he likes to see me a lot but I enjoy it as well so I don't see any harm so far. he is very loving and he knows how to speak his mind as to what he wants and he's not moody at all. he's usually very happy and all smiles. every relationship has their ups and downs it just all depends on how much you're willing to do to make it work with the one you love.

I just met a Cancer man and I'm Aquarius he doesn't want any relationship and were attracted to each other we decided to let it be and and will see how it goes..I wonder why he doesn't wanna meet my friends though we agree that we need to be private and discreet. I try to show him some pictures of my friends cos they working in the same area to protect ourselves and he said that I'm weird and kinda confused to me cos I'll try to open everything to me at least he had idea,he sad his uncomfortable to me when were in bed but he knows that I haven't got much experience to share and afraid to let out myself cos I felt that I'm needy and he said to me that we need to enjoy sex and don't bother to asked him but now he doesn't want me to see him again after the incident.. He is weird I felt that I am used and needy in the end and I don't know how to please him cos he said to me to let go and don't hold back just move on cos were clearly different ... That is unfair for me cos he doesn't wanna listen I though he knows where I came from that is so wrong...

ive dated a Cancer man for 8-9 years and he is the father of my 2children....yes everything started off real good nice lovely and smooth...head over heals for him...he had me caught in his claws 4 a minute and o by is it hard to get out of them claws...because once they got a grip and they got you where they want you its a wrap there is no letting go. they are very very sweet and charming until they switch up on u. yes they are very controlling and some goood ass liars...they take you through to much especially if they really love u. they are not saying they r very bad people bcause they have an excellent personality...but I made a vow to never get caught in their claws again...dealing with a Cancer so long made me done with love

I am in a relationship with Cancer man for just about 2months.. it's rather quick relationship.. that we met, be friend, attracted to each other, we r confident, and it's just happen that we r in relationship now.. even it's just 2 months, I can see that this will be difficult.. to make it worse, now, we r in long distance relationship..

we did fight over little things, but we make up instantly.. I never can promise him something in future.. it's my logical.. he did feel insecure and frustrated.. but he always surprise of how much I willing to do for him.. and he feel secure and loved by that.. and I love of how much he give me assurance of how deep his feeling is.. he is warm.. the fact that "he'll be there for me after my hectic day out".. that keep me love him more and more..

even our sign don't match well.. it's not something you can really control.. you just fall in love.. like that.. I dun know how future will be, but i'm willing to take the challenge.. hope it is worth it..

I dated a Cancer for 14 years. He was charming, lovable and than he became controlling, a lier, and manipulators. Yes, never let him them know your weakness because they will play on them. Like the other posting, they use everything you reveal to them against you. They are always the one,according to them, that are unloved so they say. They are very needy and need constant reassuring that you love them. Always flirting with the next girl that goes by, turning on the charm and conquest. They can destroy an Aquarius self esteem very easily. My advice, run the other way before the crab grabs hold because it is very hard to leave them.

He swore he loved me I would always be the only one and at the same time he lied, cheated and always came back saying he missed me. It was 14 years of a long emotional roller coaster.

I have to say, when it was good it was good, but when it was bad it was excruciatingly painful. I made him my life and world because they isolate you from your friends and your own life. Then you live your life through them and with them.

I have never seen a famous Cancer man/Aquarius woman couple; is there any? please let me know.

thank you

I'm an Aquarius woman dating a Cancer man and so far its been manageable. Actually I adore him sooo much. We have been dating for a good couple months and he is always trying to please me which makes me happy since usually I am the one putting in the effort to do different and exciting things.

I mean I can see why people think Cancer men gets possessive because he would get angry at anyone who would try to hit on me, and was even ready to fight twice. But after I said that I adore him and I distract him with love he tends to cool down. I try to tell him honestly about how I feel and such and he hasn't ever used it against me though.

He is also very intelligent, he understands the random things of information or news I would mention and actually gives reasonable feedback. Plus the intimacy is AMaZing. There truly is sparks in the bed. So far so good probably since he is stuck in a military base during the week days, which means I have the freedom I need and only need to give my full attention during weekends.

I have been dating a Cancer guy for 4 years now, don't really believe in astrology but funnily enough would have to admit that I have had a similar experience with the many blogs posted on this site! - He was quite the nice charmer at the beginning- slowly morphing into a controlling, moody, cheat and liar.

I have recently gotten engaged to a Cancer Man and after reading all of the feedback up top 96% of it is in fact TRUE..Cancer men are needy, controlling, possesive and is always in needs of constant reassurance and over protective of their territory. I realized all of the at the begining but the thing about it is they are intuitive to your needs, they show and make you feel secure, display exceeding expectations of a lifetime mate and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I am an Aquarian woman and can be pretty laid back so its not that hard to adapt and compromise but I do lay the law down if need be. I learned quick I have to be forward and sharp with a cancer. But one thing I always do is NEVER make room for question or wonder in anything that I do, because I love him so much and I know how it could possibly be if my actions are not carefully watched. Cancer are good men you just have to stay one your A game or shall I say 3 steps ahead ALWAYS and you wil l be fine.

I have heard of 2 other famous Cancer/Aquarius couples: Nancy and Ronald Regan and Robert Wagner and Natilly Wood. From what I have read these relationships were the best in every way.

I am a 49 yr old Aquarius women and I have been dating a 31 yr old Cancer man for a yr now. It started out as just a friend thing, he was looking for someone to share time with, and I wasn't looking for a relationship either just someone to go see a movie with one in a while. well after a month or so it was apparent thay we had a strong attraction to each other,so it started very slowly but escalated to a very passionate relationship.We live about an hour away from each other, so we only get to see each other a few times a month, but chatted almost every day so Most of what I have read above seems to be inline with what I have experienced on some level. I have fallen in love with this extremely romantic lover, maybe because I have never experienced that kind of attention and passion before, although I was married for 22 yrs I don't ever remember having the feelings that this man can stir up inside of me.From what I have read it seems most Cancer men have this ability to make you feel like the only woman in the world, but also when ever our encounters would get so intense that it felt like we were making love, he would always disapear for a few weeks after, most time with little or no comunication which would hurt me deeply.It's now been 14 months with this man and I am getting use to how he works but it still hurts. I have finally confessed my feelings for him about a month ago and thought that would be it, that he would run for his life because we promised each other we would not and could not get attached because of the age difference. He has not told me he has feelings for me, but I can sence he does and even though he knows how I feel he told me he dosent want to end it yet.I am scared about how this is all gonna turn out. On one hand I feel I should just end it and move on but on the other it's very hard to end something that feels so good. but I know he has an agenda...he wants a family someday and I cant give him that. should I just end this now before I fall any deeper in love? This is a very dificult sitution but knowing what he wants and that he just dosent have time to look for miss right, right now should make me move on...shouldnt it? any advice would be appreciated..thanks

I've been dating a Cancer for almost 2 years now. I slightly agree with everything that goes on but at the same time i'm just not too sure. We have this amazing connection, can just lay with each other and talk about everything. don't get me wrong he is quite emotional but at the same time, he has opened up my heart to so much. We share so much values and interests that we always have fun together. We have had a tough time, he battled depression and then I battled depression but we are both willing to make this work. I love him so much, as he does me and I am always telling him and always wanting affection from him. Im always the one wanting to hold his hand or giving him a quick kiss or whatever. I love the fact that I have someone I can talk to but at the same time loves to go out with his mates, have a few beers and comes home. He isnt possessive of me, encourages me to go out with my girlfriends and have some fun. He is always telling me to never change and that he loves that I am different and thats what attracted me to him and I love the fact that is he also my best friend aswell as my lover. He never makes me feel like shit when he is down and when I am down, he will do anything to pull me out of it. As I will with him. We have come to understand each other and if we can both feel a fight coming on, we just smile at each other and laugh and kiss it off. Its funny though, because I cant wait to share a home with him and start a life together yet he is the one who wants to travel and see the world. Its like im the cancerian homebody and he is the Aquarian traveller. Im always to one wanting to go out to dinner and stay in under the doona. It has taken work, but because we both love each other, we have gained honesty and trust. He has opened my heart and I have told him so much that no-one knows and I feel so comfortable and can tell him anything. I feel like I could marry him.

OMG! I can't believe how true some of these comments are!

I just hope I don't get the 'cheating' phase in my relationship......the flirting and charm is enough to cope with!

As was the 'conveniently forgetting I'm in a relationship' online chatting up that went on when I was in bed earlier this year!

Oh they're very good at laying down the law, these Cancer males, ever so slightly two faced...(don't lie (to kids) or you'll get punished.....yet it's OK to lie (ahem) about something to this poor trusting Aquarian soul, who, forgives even when she swears she never will again.

They are loving, but hey! Don't think you can get your own way with anything!

Their music, their tv........their food......oh and why are you wearing that dress? BTW mine said I shouldn't wear a long top and (leggings) to his darts evenings, as one flirty yukky old man in particular leches and I might be egging him on.... Hmmmmmmm I don't think so, thanks very much!

The possessiveness talking...... oh and sex is when and how he likes it.....else he's got a bad back/tired/etc etc....hmmmm very frustrating for us sexy Aquarius gals!

hmmmm what else? Oh the kids have got used to his overbearing strictness... (Just like my stepmum, she was a Cancer and I ran away from home at 17 to get away from that) and here I am feeling like a little girl again....hmmm I tell him in no uncertain terms when he's getting 'a bit too much' and 'I can think for myself you know' etc etc..... I take so much and when he gets too much he finds out LOL

I think he secretly likes me being my usual strong self once in a while, and it's nice to have someone else help with the mumsy things like cooking, and he loves to organise the kids.....I think it could be perfect as a stay at home 'step-mum' and me the wage earner just for some space LOL

all the best and it could work....never say never!

Aquarius with an emotional sign like Cancer and Pisces is a catastrophe waiting to happen. lol. Also, Aquas, stay away from Taurus. These men are too stubborn, arrogant for our likes. Taurus is not smart enough for us. Our best mach are: Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagitarrius. Take my word for it. You won't regret it!

I'm a 35 year old aqua in love with a 29 yo Cancer man. When we got to know each other we had sex the first night and then several times during a 2 month period. Then he left to another city and we stopped seeing each other, but communicated daily and sometimes all day long through texting, IM. He made it clear he doesn't need a relationship at that moment for the reason that he's not settled yet. After about 6 months I found out he had a girlfriend in a dif. country where he just had left. I was immensely hurt cause he lied to me about having a girlfriend, but we continued talking at the same pace. He was back home, and I said I wouldn't see him, but he insisted and I gave in. We've seen each other several times again with no sex, even had a quick vacation together. He's now back to seeing her for couple months, but before he made it clear he had feelings for me but he's unsure what he really feels. From a strong independent woman he made so emotionally unstable th at my mind cries "run" all the time. Been in an emotional depression for more than 2 weeks now and still can't decide what's best, bear with the situation and stay friends or stop all the communication altogether. He wouldn't let me go though, I'm tried to disappear several times, but him contacting me makes me rethink my decision. This whole situation with him made me so indecisive which was never a trait of mine. Thought venting out would make me feel better. Sorry for no specific advice on a Cancer man behavior

im an aqurious women and i've been dating a Cancer man for almost two years and dispite what i've read he is not needy nor is he jelouse infact I can go do anything I want. we get along just fine. so I would say it doesn't matter what your sign is anything can work if you take out the drama and arguing over nothing.

I seem to attract cancers like magnets. lol My boyfriend of four years is a Cancer and so was the first guy I exposed my feeling to. I am born on the first day of Aquarius and I have a Capricorn stellium(5caps) in two of my houses. I think my cap stellium plays a big role in my ability to get along with cancers because cap and Cancer are opposites. I love my cancer, but he does rub me the wrong way sometimes. He can be very MOODY(OMG) and clingy, but he gives me my space and knows not to try to force my emotions out of me. With four years of hard work we have finally learned how to compromise well, we hardly argue now. =] Being complete opposites was always fun for us and still us.

Im an Aquarius girl and a Cancer guy is interested in me at the moment. He is very charming, funny, nice, and caring. but sometimes he just gets angry out of nowhere. He seems like a great guy but he has cheated on his ex-girlfriends, he just seems kinda deceptive. But he's been very open and honest with me so far. Im very free and open and I can already sense some jealosy when I talk about other hott guys and stuff. This is only the beginning and im not sure how this will end up...

Ok so I need help im a Aquarian girl and this guy I work with is a Cancer every since I started he has had his eye on me and i've had my eye on him, we never said much to each except hi, finally after abour 5months he mad a move we hung out together and the first night we hung out it was great I shared a few of my personal stories he never said much from there we drank a lil and it lead to sex, after that I would text him or send him emails and he never responds but when he see's me at work he just talks about how great sex was, but I like him more than just the sex I have tired to ask him was this just a sex thing or what but he has yet to answer my question so now Im loss I don't understand he acted so intreseted

I got involved with a Cancer guy younger than me and at first I hesitated as I am into older guys. But he caught me with his charm. He is sweet caring loving and knows how to treat a lady. He is very jealous and controlling, being an Aquarius it is annoying I ignore him and don't let it bother me and that makes him back off, and yes he is moody.. Advice to Aquarius don't loose urself and who you are and it will work!! You'll be the one in control and in the lead :)

I am a Cancer man and I married an Aquarius women 13 years ago, last year the wheels fell off the relationship and I was dumped. Sure I was needy, moody and sensitive but I gave it my all. I guess my definition of love and marriage was much different, the more effort I put into the marriage the more it hurt my Aquarius woman. Now we are good friends raising three wonderful kids, a perfect relationship for her and I am going to get myself a Scorpio. Good luck

After reading these comments, looking at both sides of the issue....This is not a Cancer issue, you have just described the nature of a man!!!!

As a Cancer man head over heals in love with an Aquarius w woman, I'm working really hard on not being too needy. And Still, the hardest part is not knowing whether or not she likes me even just a little. So alpha girls give your beta Cancer men just a little nudge, a hug, touch our shoulder in or flat out kiss us first, make some move to let us know us we made it past your defenses & its okay to pursue you.

I Am attracted to a Cancer man ... when we first met I instantly was drawn to him because I love to laugh. we exchanged numbers but he didn't call me so on the third day I finally called him and he said he would call me when he got off work but never called. I have never been so confused about any man in my life and I think thats what attracted me to him because I cant figure him out. I called him twice and he didn't answer I was so frustrated because I never call men they always call me and show all the interest. I put my pride aside and sent him a text message sayin that im not use to men not returning my calls etc he called me back and its been the most passionate relationship I have ever been in. I told him up front that im not the clingy type and do need space at times and he respects that. its been 5 years marriage and 2 kids later and I luv him more than anything. he gets a little jeoulous at times but I jus tell him he's the best and he forgets what he was tal kin about.

Okay so here is my situation. I met a Cancer male 7 months ago at a club. We exchanged each other?s numbers and contacted each other the next day. I went clubbing with my girlfriends and he came at the end. He took me to his room and we had sex that night. I thought this would be a start to a new relationship. We saw each other once more an lost contact. I bumped into him a month later at the same club. He seemed happy to see me. I gave him my number again and we saw each other twice. We stopped talking for about 2 months and he eventually contacts me again. That night I was clubbing and he drives to where I am at and takes me to his room. This time I confront him about the situation? ? Hey, I just wanted to let you know that if I am nothing more than someone to have sex with, then I cannot continue with you anymore. I really do not know where you stand and what your intentions are.? He replies. ? I did not know how you felt and did not want to look like a weirdo if I wanted something more. That?s why I never asked, but I like you too.? You?d think that things would progress but they don?t. I decide to call him on a Tuesday to just conversate. He was near my area and actually dropped by my apartment for 20 minutes. I thought that was cute. I invited him to club dwith me that Saturday, like always, he says, ? I don?t know cuz I might work that day and I don?t know if I?ll be busy. I?ll let you know.? He never lets me know, but he did come . I went to him room that night and we do it again. I tell him that I didn?t see us progressing. All he says is, ?I want your feelings to grow. Lets give it time and see what happens.? He said he?d text me, but he never did. So I tried contacting him, but he never responds. I was so pist, I erased his number. I go and do my thing and bump into him again at a different club! My heart jumped when I saw him, I pulled him and we started dancing. He told me that he?d be back, he was gonna go with his homeboys for a bit. Ten minutes later, I find him dancing with another broad! My heart was broken. We both see each other at the exit at the end of that night. He comes up to me and asks me if I wanted to go home with him. Of course I did! And you know what else? we ended up having sex. What is up with this situation? its driving me nuts! When he is with me, he is very affectionate, but he is also flaky and forgets about me for a bit and eventually contacts me again. If he didn?t like me, he?d stop talking to me and not be affectionate, but if he liked me, he would do anything to prevent me from getting to know someone else. I am confused. I do not know what he feels and thinks of me. I don?t know if I should stop talking to him or give it more time. Either way, he has my heels, so I know I will end up seeing him. Who knows when! What to do?!!!

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