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I am an Aries, and my husband is a Cancer. We have been together for16 years. While, we have had many times where we did not get along, we stillhave more love for each other than many would understand. The trait that Cancerhas many mood swings, is absolutely correct. His mood swings are quite oftenand at times hard to really understand, he is also a very needy person. I havelearned over the years to understand his different moods, but as his lifestylechanges, so would his mood swings. Over all, even though our signs are notcompatible, we are proof that it can work!

I am a 21 year old Aries and my husband is a 21 year old Cancer. Ilove him like beyond ,I wouldn't replace him with anybody, but there times whenI feel like I hate his guts lol He can be so sweet and romantic and just knowsall the right things to say. But sometimes when I make pure honest mistakes hegets so angry and irritated. He'll try to explain in a way I could understandwhat it is wrong that im doing, But I feel every time like im being put in acorner like a child and it pisses me off like no tomorrow. It gets to the pointsometimes like I feel I made a mistake in marrying him, but he'll comeback fiveminutes later realizing he was being straight out mean and cruel and willapologize in the most careful, sweetest, and caring way and only when I feel inmy heart he really means it , which is every time, I'll accept it. After we're donearguing, I realize I really do love this man and I don't wanna be with anybodyelse, no matter what we're going through. Yes we are very different thinking wise, but we're acceptive to making changes to helpeach other in our relationship. And yes he is controlling ,mean, and cruel attimes , but he makes up for it with his true care and love. Its hard with aCancer man at times but at the end of it all he's truly all you wanna be with.My Iceman

Im a Cancer male and the girl I like is an Aries! honestly I might be stubborn! but she is thought love showing always worried about how people view her as a person! ion know but she play a lot of games! and I through with her!

I'm an Aries girl with a Cancer guy. We've been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for almost six years. We're still in high school so we haven't done anything sexual yet, but we can't see each other being with anyone else. We think we're soulmates for one another. Sure he can have some small mood swings, but I've learned how to calm him down and make him happier and, while I want to do a lot of extreme sports when I'm older, I take into account that he worries about me and is a lot more emotional than other guys that I hang out with. He is extremely protective and, while I feel like I don't need it all the time, I still appreciate it. He is very kind and gentle and sensitive and understands me better than anyone else can.

I m an Aries woman and I have been going out with a Cancer guy for about four months and yes sometimes he could be moody and secretive even easily offended at times but overall he's a real sweetheart. we just had sex for the first time recently it was amazing I really enjoyed sharing myself with him just thinking bout it turns me on. p.s head over hills

I am an Cancer male with Aries girl. I like Aries honesty. we are boyfriend and girlfriend for last seven year. she is very cool and soft speaking and very joyful

haha! Crazy! I'm Dating a Cancer male. We've been going for about 3 years now. Isn't crazy how we've all been with me for over a year? anyways...It's true, Although my Cancer partner doesn't have the mood swings as much, he is very sensitive. Needy which I couldn't deal with in the beginning. but he's the best lover/understanding guy I've met & been with in my life. Hum. He Can be secretive, I don't know why, but that's true as well. but he usually makes up for it, as do I when we argue I'm usually the pissed off person who can hurt him with my words, but we make up soon enough. He's very calming, and I keep him on his toes. So Even though we aren't compatible, somehow, we work it out. & I enjoy the lover's challenge of actually working through something & enjoying the end result. :)

Well, I started dating a Cancer man almost a little over a month ago and already he has shown me his mood swings. I have to admit, it is something I am not at all used to because before him I was with an Aries man. Aries and Aries, I know lol. It was crazy how aggressive we both were and how we understood each other and yet we would always try to be the right one or the controlling one or whatnot. It just couldn't work out. But I met this guy and even though I have gotten pissed at him for being so moody and sensitive, I like him and I see him as sweet and caring and loving and sensitive. I guess he is growing on me. We just had sex yesterday night for the first time and it was amazing!!! I cannot believe it. He feels like we can be great together and he really really likes me and wants to be with me. I will keep giving him a try of course.

I am a 21 year old Aries female with my 24 year old Cancer boyfriend. We have been together 3 years and we eventually plan to get married. To be honest, our relationship has had some VERY terrible times. My Cancer man is very moody and has the tendency to get down and depressed. I'm more easy going and optimistic and sometimes his moodiness really hurts my spirit and gets on my nerves. Aries live in the future and Cancers dwell on the past, which can be a problem. We've had a lot of troubles in the past but we're crazy about each other and have learned to work through our personality differences to be together. I've learned to tone down my aggressiveness and I try not to speak too quickly or harshly because it tends to hurt his feelings or leads to a huge blow-out fight. We are both extremely stubborn, hot headed, and argumentative. To be with me, my Cancer has had to learn to just shut up sometimes and not argue with my opinion. We've both had to learn how to control l our temper and not say things out of anger. We've been through a lot, but this past year I think we have finally learned how to be together and our life is happy and stable now. Everything we've been through has made us stronger and we love each other to death. Its a rough road to make this relationship work and it's a constant struggle, but our love is deep and passionate. Plus the sex is amazing :)

I have a Cancer b.f he's good but I have not seen hez mood changing frequently.........

hez very much carin , loving, understandin but yes canncer guys always treats their g.f as a small baby........

recently for the first time we became intimate but I sin even feel ke it waz 4 the 1st time.....

he waz mind blowing on bed we din have sex but ya foreplay...........

we gettin married soon hope he vl be good at sex also

Well I'm an Aries women who dated, and lived with a Cancer male for five years, nothing but fights the whole relationship...I spend 5 years trying to figure out how to get away from that CRAZY fool!!!

I am an Aries down to the last letter in the description of an Aries, as my boyfriend is the same when it comes to his sun sign cancer. We are completely overjoyed to be in our relationship, we share everything with each other, love to spend time with each other, and he just may be the only man I never get bored of. Despite what the statistics say about an Aries/cancer relationship, if the chemistry is right you can't resist the temptation. I love my Cancer more than all the stars, and wanted to share that with everyone!

I'm an Aries girl. my first love was a Cancer we lasted three yrs,but eventually he couldn't keep up with me. I'll always miss him though.

Aries girl, with a Cancer and I can honestly say hr does NOT have mood swings, he likes to baby me which is fine because I like the attention, he is very caring, but it might have something to do with the fact that we had been nest friends for 3 years before we go together. We are about to have our first child together, was NOT planned but what can I say I love him, my Cancer is everything I've ever wanted, only one bad part. He IS a homebody and it drives me crazy, I like to get out and do stuff while he likes to sit in the house all day, but pother then that he is GREAT he pretty much gives me what I want, and he's like a crab without a shell, he tells me everything, he trust me, and I let him have the knight and shining armor position because it kind of turns me on lol the sex is still great...I don't understand why Cancer and Aries are supposed to be such a bad mayhap...

Me and my Cancer man have been together for over a year now and let me tell you we have definitely had some rough times and we still do to this day. In the beginning the attraction we had for each other was so strong I couldn't believe how fast I fell in love with him. He was always so sweet and romantic for the first few months but after that he led me to his moody dark side and wow was I in for a big hit when he started trying to over power me in arguments or just about anything. He would make me feel bad about everything especially if I said something that hurt him. With my sharp tongue it always gets me into trouble with him and even though he is really sweet and romantic sometimes after a fight I usually feel like I need to move on to someone else but then I realize that I really do love him. His moodiness usually turns into anger and I can't stand it when he puts all of it on me. we have arguments all the time like every week but after an argument he usually makes me feel better. I love him and will never let him go.

sometimes I wonder if this relationship would last, I love him but his mood swings hurt me sometimes. if I am upset I would let him know loud as possible but he would just sulk, why is it so hard for him to tell me what is on his mind. he treats me as if I am a child, I know I am childish sometimes but that is me, why must we forget the inner child in us. he knows I am jealous, if he spends too much time with someone I think he fancies I would see red and he thinks that is me being insecure, if it is then refrain from it. I love chatting to people and that is a problem especially men but I don't intentionally flirt with them, should he see me doing that then he wouldn't tell me, he would just withdraw into himself and not talk to me. I would then apologize for something that I don't feel I did wrong. he is amazing, when he makes love to me, he handles me as if I were so fragile and breakable. I love him but I don't know if he knows how much I do even though I tell him.

I am an Aries woman and my Cancer man and I just broke up..... we've had a terrible few weeks and I feel as though my fiery temper and his more sensitive demeanor ended things, I also didn't like to feel like I was being blamed for everything that went wrong.... I do still really love him and miss him.

im an Aries woman been with a Cancer man for 6 years, we lately had a fight coz I usually catch him looking at other women that makes so pissed, so I nagged at him and out of impulsiveness I broke up with him but in my heart I really don't want him to go and I was just waiting for him to say sorry and not do it again, but now he just wants us to be friends and that hurts me so bad. he says it will bring out the best result and it is for the two of us... I don't know if I am still going to have him back, or is he really going to put everything hurts me so bad

im an Aries woman been with a Cancer man for 6 years, we lately had a fight coz I usually catch him looking at other women that makes so pissed, so I nagged at him and out of impulsiveness I broke up with him but in my heart I really don't want him to go and I was just waiting for him to say sorry and not do it again, but now he just wants us to be friends and that hurts me so bad. he says it will bring out the best result and it is for the two of us... I don't know if I am still going to have him back, or is he really going to put everything hurts me so bad

Omg im an Aries woman currently dealing with a Cancer man.I've been talkn to him for 10 months now and at first I couldn't get a handle on him. He keeps me on my toes I never get bored with him and I love it. He shies WY from his feelings and has trust issues because he's been hurt. My impulsive ways do push him away but I know how to get him back. We are so alikeand different at the same time it's crazy. I feel he is and can be very loving if he just trust hisself and his has truly been up and Dow s but he's taught me how to open up and not be so insensitive.I love his protectiveness and his love for family. I'm so in love with this man and I can't wait to have his family!

I am a Aries Woman to a T. The love of my life is very much a Cancer man. He recently ended things with me after 5 years, and I feel as if I cannot function. I love my moody crab so much, and just want to be in his life again. Cancer boys, us Aries ladies might be brash, and confident but we're also sensitive too.

im 21.. he's 25.. I have a Taurus moon and he has a Leo moon.. ive only been in a relationship with my Cancer man for 2 months.. and at first he was sweet and came off very clingy.. I loved it!! lol but then he saw a pic of me and my ex kissing on my facebook (this happened after me and the ex were split up.. im not a cheater lol)and has sorta drawn back from me a little.. especially when it first happened.. but things have gotten better.. but he just seems to still be very distant.. I don't see him very often.. which I don't mind bein an Aries and all.. but I also don't hear from him often either.. and when I do its just a text that asks what im doin and when I tell him.. no text back.. I have to mostly always start the conversations and im usually the one who finishes them too.. I don't like that much because im not at all used to it.. but I can get over that one.. no biggie.. lol I really like him.. and I KNOW he really likes me back.. he's never really been in many serious r elationships bc.. if I had to guess.. he's so moody lol.. but all his friends tell me that they have never seen him act the way he acts, with me, with any other girls b4.. we have not had sex yet.. but when we are alone 2gether there is soooooooo much sexual attraction there.. its almost hard to resist!!.. but it scares me a little because I don't want that to be all there is with us.. kinda seems that way tho because dood never talks much.. when we are in a group of people he's more social but when were alone its like he's shy or somethin.. to scared to talk.. intimidated maybe.. lol inless we are bein intimate.. then he's not shy or intimidated at all.. lol I really love how much of a family guy he is.. it sorta gives me chills in my stomach because he has mentioned a time or two that we would make beautiful babies and ive never wanted children b4.. but after only 2 months.. I want to bear his children.. hahaha not yet obviously.. but I could just see it happening if we got serious.. lol I really like him and I could see us going pretty far.. the only thing I feel holding anything up would be the fact that he is a shade tree!! not in the sense that he don't tell me what's up and junk.. but more of.. he's like the guy at the party that sits in the corner with no words just watchin everyone.. when he drinks he comes outa his shell.. but he doesn't do that often.. which I could care less either way.. I just want him to open up sober tho lol I think we are guna do brilliant things together!! compatible or not.. if you want somethin to work bad enouh it will.. and so far I like everything about him except for the moodiness.. but with time I think it will get better.. I doubt it will ever go away because thats just him.. but im willing to deal with some moodiness as long as he's willing to deal with a lot of blonde moments and my impatience.. I know how to handle cancers to an extent.. women anyways.. my moms one.. and she is my best friend.. so thats good news atleast.. but the only thing.. when we argue.. we reallllly argue.. we r both head strong individuals.. like my Cancer man.. so its bound to happen.. just hope and pray when it does its been long enough in the relationship for him to still want me when I say the hurtful things my mouth makes me say!! :((

I'm a Cancer male 21, dating a Aries 19 and its been the strangest thing for me so far, we don't talk much there's a slight connection and its almost unreal how different this relationship is from the my previous ones. Granted its only been 2 months, but the quality of our relationship doesn't seem to be at all worth while, she adores me and its flattering nonetheless if theirs no connection or for that matter any communication to stay grounded on, how ling do I stick it out? She's a great girl wouldn't cheat or anything of that nature, I really have no clue what's doing on and frankly don't know how to go about addressing it cause I'm not complelty certain on what it is that's lacking, and her responses to similar things have been very short, I mean real short......helpp

Im an Aries woman in deep love with a Cancer and it was love at first sight eventhough it was the same for him,just that he wount say anything regards it. But let me tell you about the chemistry,boy like never before. He's a thrill ride to me.. hope to grow with him to greater heights . They are so sensitive and gentle. Im just loving it. Love him so much. I love his attention. I love to make love with him...... but I refuse to get on the obsessed side. So he looks for me. Also becomes very clingy at times. But overall he surprises me all the time.

Hello !

I'm in love with an Aries woman (I'm a cancerian man), but I don't know how to react with her.

Of course it's only been 2 months we know each other, but I have attraction for her.

She's really wonderful, I just don't get why sometimes she doesn't feel like speaking with me, and prefer doing something else rather than speaking/hanging out with me.

I seriously want to improve this because I think something is being built here :)...

And I blame online "sign matching" that says it's almost an impossible story between Aries and Cancer.

Ok, we're not the same, but I personally prefer sharing my life with someone different, than with someone that looks like me... That would be boring !

I really like that girl (not speaking about love yet !) she's handsome, cute, educated, et cetera... Well everything a Cancerian man is looking for.

Thank you ! ^_^

I am a Cancer guy married to an Aries girl and we love each other very much even after nearly nine years marriage. We do fight a lot at times and end up not talking with each other for one or two days. However at the end of two days we make up and it is as if we had never had any fight. We have two children a boy and a girl and even now have sex atlweast thrice or four times a week. We love to have sex which has always been a terrific experience right since we had sex for the first time after our marriage.

Im a 20 year old Aries female,dating a 21 year old Cancer male. We have been dating for almost 2 years and I love him with all that I am. Being an aries,people say that compatibility with a Cancer isnt the best,and its best if it remains as a friendship,WHICH isnt true.We have had so many ups and downs but I stick by him regardless. He is very stubborn, and his mood swings are ridiculous which makes me hate his guts sometimes but I wouldnt trade him for anyone in this world.As far as sexuality,when astrology says the sex life is slow,ours is very..BUSY. with the Cancer man making an Aries woman feel her innocence,almost like a so very true. Its almost like Beauty and the Beast Lol! But our compatibility is so STRONG! and I hope that it can only get stronger! Im an Aries woman all the way. He's a Cancer,no doubt about it. We Love eachother.

the first Cancer man I was with for 5months..he was just to damn moody and a control freak, and kinda insecure. I was in love with him, but he had to many issues. recently I met a nother Cancer man was like magic.. we instantly connected like we have known each other forever..we are just friends, and I promised myself I was going to take it slow with him..he definetly likes me alot..everyone loves Aries lol.. he is charming, but I can tell he has been hurt before, and doesn't trust to easily, unlike us Aries who wear our heart on our de[ends on that person and what they really dthe connection.. the first Cancer man I had, wanted to play to many head games, and guys us Aries girls don't like to waste our energy on bullshit games! im going to take it slow with my new Cancer guy, because I really like him,,and I know he knows that I do! he is so sweet..but very manly..and it takes a real man to handle a real woman like a Aries girl!

Just met my first Aries Woman, I am a Cancer man. Beautiful, fiery, and completely spontaneous are the words I have to describe her. I have to say that the physical attraction for BOTH of us was almost immediate.

After spending a little more time with the Aries woman, I can honestly see some of the negative traits that we both will learn to have to deal with, but with the magnetism we show, I can see it will be a very interesting friendship, and may possibly lead to more.

Im an Aries woman who LOVES a Cancer male. He's very moody and goes into this shell when he's upset or hurt....I think he's upset with me now because when I try to contact him he doesn't respond at all. We were tryin something out relationship wise after being friends (with benefits ) for some years now....I was being honest with him about something that happened while we friends because I didn't want it surface during our relationship and now he's mad and wont talk to me..not even answer his text...and my patience is wear then bit I still Love him and hope he will open up......if not ..just a little

Aries month relationship with a cancer. I LOVE ME SOME HIM, although, moody yes; he wears his emotions on his sleeves. More than likely I am the cause of most of his mood swings. It is weird, after a nearly 11 relationship with a Gemini, it was the Gem that put us on each others paths. We had seen each other all of three times when he started accusing me of having something going on with the Cancerian and I didn't even know his name, turned out to be his own guilt. So I went ahead and let the Cancer dampen my flame to a mere smoke and reignite my inner child that had been MIA for some time. Our connection is real and challeging all at the same time. I have learned his mood, what makes him tick, and yet I still have a way due to my nature to turn on the light from time to time...I LOVE ME SOME HIM...passionate, caring, a bit too mushy at times, but just what the doctor prescribed to help me get in touch with the side of an Aries we tend to live around...

I am an Aries woman with a Cancer husband my former husband was a Scorpio and that relatoinship was a perfect nightmare,but our father in heaven tells us to meekly wait and murmur not he also tells us to seek ye first the kingdom of god and all other things will be added unto us . I truly believe that if we want a real happy, peaceful,loving ,longlasting relationship we ourselves have to work very hard at it .my personal view of an Aries woman,very powerful,strong loving,ambitious, patient if need be, proud,some very generous,good parents,very good homemakers,very intelectual,and Cancer husband from my personal observation is always loving even when he is upset and that my daer isn't very often ,he is the kind of person that makes you feel welcome,he has heart for any and everybody,inthat,he is willing to help anyone it doesn't mattercolour creed or racehe is layedback ,peaceful,he is my friend ,my father,my brother,my confidant, my heart,he is no wal kover by any means but I asure you,he is indeed the type of husband that not onlyan Aries woman would be happy to have butany woman of any zodiac sign,it took me 41yearsto see what happiness and true comfort feels like but it was well worth the wait.however I wiil like to clearly state that our relationships wether temporary or permanentis not solely based on the combination of our zodiac signs but also the environment in which we were brought up ,the teachings we were given,and if we correctly absorbed those teachings.i take this opportunity to wish anyone who might stumble upon this short story of myselfand my husband, great love and happiness.

I'm an Aries and madly in love with a Cancer...the chemistry is insane between us and till recently we would flirt like there was no tomorrow. But yesterday, he guessed that I like him...and he's gotten all quiet and shy. I don't know what to do :(

I been with my Cancer man for over 6yrs. They are liars! He Lie on the phone to his dad a lot and it scares me that he is such a natural at it. And he lies to me too. An Asian male friend of mine set up a profile pretending to be a busty blonde flirting with him on the Internet and cancerian man fell for it, begging for a date and arranged meeting and gave out his number. told her/ him we had split up!!! They are also cheats! They are secretive cos they have secrets. CHECK THEIR mobiles!!! They will have Longs list of girls contact numbers. There will be sex texts and filthy pictures of girls either they been seeing or flirting with online or on mobile.

They are VERY VIOLENT! Mine gets into fights and will not stop till the victim is almost dead! He has attacked me many times, the first time I could not believe. Not my beautiful loving cancerian?! I was black and blue and he had his hand held down on my throat on the bed. I could not breathe. I pretend I was dead and flopped my body yet he still in a rage screaming and pushing further. That night I almost died. Was a freak moment that he eventually let go of me! Yet he still does not acknowledge he was wrong! All because I found he was cheating on his phone invitings girls home to have sex! I find hair in he house and bed sheet smeared with make up. They will say anything to save themselves so he says its his sisters make up on the sheets but I know his sister never been to the house!

The latest he has threatened to harm my 75yr old mother who had worshipped him! Threatens to harm my family and won't even repeat what he would do to my best friend!!! I been with him six years or seven and all the bad things started when we moved In a year and half ago. This was because I was able to look in his phone and find he was with having sex text with women and a girl text him begging HIM for sex!

Those are the bad points so you must be thinking why the he'll I am still with him! I was so in love with him, we had such romantic times and he is adorable when things going his way. It was such a battle this relationship to get to where we are I'd living together and engaged. I stil love hi So it is so hard fore to leave him and he doesn't even show he cares whether I do or not. He is dangerous. He makes all kind of threats and you can't be sure if he will carry them out! He even attacked me whilst we had guests. By pushing me pushing me out of the room shutting the door behind him so his friends carries on watching tv whilst he threw me across the hallway crashing into the wall busting my knuckle on my ring

Sorry to be brutal but this is something you may experience after the honeymoon period. Yes I am still with him but I want to leave and I hope I can find the strength to do so. Tonight he mocked me. He laughed and said at least I have a dad and you dont. Meaning my dad died when I was little!!! I am nuts to be with him but I loved him more than any one I been with. When he is nice he is like an angel.

I am an Aries woman and I, well I wouldn't say, dated a Cancer man. We had met on the internet, texted for week, and before I knew it, we were on our first date, already locking lips (and tongue) and were finding each other's pleasures. Although I knew I wanted to be with him, I was iffy about it. We had already met and did a little fooling around on that date but we weren't together yet. He said he wanted to wait. Being a little lovesick for the sake of the future relationship, I agreed and waited for two days. Wasn't long until I began to get very suspicious as to why he rarely texted me and when he did, it was cut. Hah, turns out, he already had a girlfriend. Oh hell yes, mad jealous and outraged I was. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but I just kept it at ease and stopped talking to the bastard. May I ever go back out with a Cancer? Personally again, no. Its just a train-wreck to mad desire and hormones.

I am a 21 year old Aries woman and im with a 26 year old Cancer man. we have only been togther for about 4 goin on 5 months now, and when we met we were automatically drawn to eachother...he's normally a guy that I wouldnt go for right away...but after getting more involved with him i've excepted everything about him,flaws and all. he does have his mood swings we call it his "alone time" but other then that everything is good our communication is awesome the sex is amazing I feel we are always on the same page and we have a lot of things in common for our signs to be diffrent. I feel like he levels me out and theres nothing wrong with bein a home body sometimes...and since it does take him longer to open up then it does for me...when he does open up here and there it means the world to me and it makes me so happy I love him and I wouldnt trade in my Cancer man for any sign

I am a 21 year old Aries woman and im with a 26 year old Cancer man. we have only been togther for about 4 goin on 5 months now, and when we met we were automatically drawn to eachother...he's normally a guy that I wouldnt go for right away...but after getting more involved with him i've excepted everything about him,flaws and all. he does have his mood swings we call it his "alone time" but other then that everything is good our communication is awesome the sex is amazing I feel we are always on the same page and we have a lot of things in common for our signs to be diffrent. I feel like he levels me out and theres nothing wrong with bein a home body sometimes...and since it does take him longer to open up then it does for me...when he does open up here and there it means the world to me and it makes me so happy I love him and I wouldnt trade in my Cancer man for any sign

OMG!!! I have been trying to figure out how and why I fell for such an emotional and unstable guy.Im a Aries girl deeply inlove and love my Cancer man.I contantly look on line to read reveiws about Aries and Cancer men because my man keeps me so confused we have known each other for 7 months.In the beginning and somewhat now he is clingy and needy he wanted me to be under him every minute so every day after work we would see one another and on the weekend we would hang out and spend our entire weekends together only apart long enough for me to change clothes and meet back up. We would talk on the phone several times aday and at nite for hours when we are apart til we saw each other again and me being a Aries girl loving this attention and him making me feel so loved and needed I loved every minute truth is I am completely inlove with him. He is the first man I have ever fell so hard and deep for epecially him being a cancer. According to astrology this is a diffic ult match but he is so kind, caring, passionate,and affectionate I couldn't help but fall for him and I am so crazy over him it's to the point I don't ever want him not to be in my life it. My confusion is he's so damn moody that it hurts me I never know how his emotions are going to be day to day or morning , noon, and night one minute he loves me more than life and he cant live without me. He is the master of making you feel good he's very romantic makes you feel like your the luckiest woman in the world, then in the next minute he's so confused and needs his space thats the part I don't understand he's up and down with his emotions and this hurts me deeply it drives me crazy. I usually throw in the towel when someone hurt me but I can't seem to let him go I will go days without calling him but Im crying the whole time missing and wanting to touch ,see and be with him I cant function and Im not a cryer and I have always been a strong willed girl but Im pretty weak when it comes to him I will try to move on after not hearing from him for days then he suddenly loves me again, missed me like crazy , tell me how he cried when he was away from me.Im so confused I mean I love him and Ineed to leave him alone but I have such a hard time letting him go.

Back in July, I met a Cancer 2 years younger than me. He was interested and wanted my number but I found him a bit irritating lol. I kept talking to him and ended up giving him my number towards the middle of August and we started hanging out. Once we started seeing each other, I found that I was actually interested in him. He would always text me the cutest things and drive 30 mins just to come see me. He would come by at 7, when he got off work, and leave at 3 in the morning until I felt comfortable with him staying the night. Then, we got together in the middle of September and he continued to stay over and take me on little dates and send me cute messages and call me. Our second week of being together he told me that he wanted to live with me lol and that kinda threw me off. I told him that it wouldn't be the best thing since our relationship was still new and he told me that he understood and that he wanted to make sure he was financially stable before he tried to live with me. He works full time and I go to school and he would always tell me that I was his motivation. He always made sure I went to class and got pissed off when I didn't and we would constantly play fight with each other. Towards the end, he stopped texting me as much and the last time he came over, he hid his phone from me. He broke up with me over text saying "I can't do this anymore...I'm sorry." I was hurt lol so I deleted him from everything and his number. He saw that I deleted him from facebook and blocked I was wondering if any Cancers could help me at all with my situation. Will he come back or is it a done deal?

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