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I'm a Capricorn women and he was a Cancer. We had shared seven yearsof our life together. Two weeks ago we broke up, for good I think.

I noticed that he was the hopeless romantic guy. I loved him so much and care forhim a lot, but he would tell me how I was possessive and dominant. I reallynever knew I was making him see me as that person.

I saw weakness around him andhe would tell me how he loved me for being the strong person that I am, and why areCapricorns so strong and he was so weak. But he couldn't handle me and he neededto become a man. He was still a kid, he would tell me. I finally understoodthat he needed to be free and I did too.

I'm 26 and he just turned 25. He needs tofind what he wants in life and venture out. His last words were you made me astronger person I will love you for that. One day I hope we meet again.

I'm a Capricorn gal, and find it extremely difficult to turn myselfaway from a Cancer man I met. He was a customer at a store I worked at, and vice versa. There was an instant attraction from the very beginning, but I blewoff his flirting as he was married, and something of a flirt with everyone.

We got to know each other slowly as each others' customers. Finally after a yearhe orchestrated a situation in which he kissed me. It was so intense, andperfect. Things that I had secretly wanted in that area from a partner heautomatically did from the get go.

We only made out a little, but it washotter than anything I have ever known. I didn't realize I had been in lovewith him until that moment. Even though the attraction had been there from thefirst moment we saw each other, he was married, so I never gave it a secondthought. Until that night. Now I am hopeless.

We tried to be just friendsafter it became clear he wasn't leaving and I wasn't sleeping with a marriedman, but now I realize its killing me. I really have never been so fond ofanyone before. He's magic, its magic... Its a mystery that you just sit back inawe of.

Because of the situation I know I should look at him and see a lying,cheating, coward. But what I see is a man who actually sees me... He is so kindand insightful. Its like we just understand each other. Too bad, eh? Ireally think under different circumstances it could be the most mind-boggling,spiritual satisfying sex of my life.

I'm a Cancer man and date a Capricorn woman. Our life was full of romance for the first two years.

I'm a short tempered person but she loves me so much that she deals with that, even though she often says it scares her when I lose my temper. It's something I constantly work on, for the sake of our relationship - I always try to be very calm and quiet around her.

Sex has always been one sided, and sadly she isn't very interested in it. It's something we often fight about and a big difference between us. We've both been faithful to each other, but it's hard for both of us when our sex drives are so different.

Sometimes I think she doesn't love me as much as she did at the start of our relationship, though she always says she does. Astrology made me realize this is because she is less emotional and sensitive than I am. So now I look back and think perhaps I made things worse for myself sometimes. It's difficult to feel secure when you "need" to tell (and show) someone how much you love them, and they don't have that same need.

I love her more than anything, and I've just asked her to marry me, so wish me luck :)

I'm a Capricorn girl, and I'm dating a Cancer Boy. We met through theinternet.

I'm careful minded.. So, I would never date anyone through Myspace,Facebook...What have you. He was the one to message me; and I recognized his face; because we go to thesame high school.

I was skeptical. But, since I've been talking to him, no matter how skeptical Iwant to be, I can't. I tried to dislike him; and it was hard.

Neither one of us are into rushing relationships; but we recently got togetherand it's been almost a month since we met. Neither one of us has poured out toomuch information about each other, so It's one of those stop and go things.

He's extremely sweet, and I can tell by how he speaks to me and what he says tome that regardless of the thuggish exterior he has, I know him already not tobe that type of guy. It's actually pretty funny, because he portrays the "badguy" persona, and I portray the "good girl" persona. But, strange enough, we'vemade a connection. A connection that I can't understand right now. I can't callit love, but we have a connection already as though we're kindred spirits orsoul mates.

He gives me a feeling that can't wash away with soap; and I'm scared to deaththat him and his mood swings are gonna hurt me. Being a Capricorn, I never letmy guard down. But, with him? I've let so much of my guard down. I can't remainsecretive with him. I can't pretend that I don't care about him. Oddly, hemakes me drop my defenses.

He is the second guy I ever had feelings that I could fall in love withpermanently. The first hurt me to my soul and he was a water sign too.This scares me how much we connect, because the last guy I started to feel wasthe one hurt me down to my soul; and the Cancer guy is helping me finally toget over it after 6 years of loving the other guy.

I just don't wanna fall back on my face again with yet ANOTHER emotionallycharge sign who happen to love me and can't express it. I want this to work; and I never felt a bigger attraction to a Cancerguy.. ever!

The Cancers in my life always become among the most important peopleto me. My mother, my best friend, and just recently, my boyfriend. They allhave amazingly dedicated parental tendencies and their utmost loyalty appealsto my Capricorn personality. I find their hard work (and creativity!) they putinto their goals is completely shadowed by the bad rap they get in beingsensitive / moody.

The Cancer I've fallen for is super sweet and romantic, fun and compassionate,puts 1000% into everything, and is very understanding and easy to talk to. It'sa refreshing change from my ex-Taurus who had many personal problems that madecommunication difficult (and expression of my personal feelings is hard enoughfor me already).

We've had many road trips together and I can't describe how happy it makes methat I can talk to him so easily, yet fall into comfortable silences with him.He's not shy to say flattering things and, equally so, he's not afraid to putan issue on the table. And did I mention the awesome sex?

Perhaps its because we both seem to value our group of friends a little more,are focused on other things in life, or maybe he just isn't as emotionallyneedy as other Cancers, but there hasn't been too much mood swing oroversensitivity issues with him really. I think my only issue is that I findmyself wanting an even more serious relationship with him, even though I knowit's too soon.

I just can't describe it, Cancers just seem to open up a totally different sideof me. I believe Cancers are attracted to the stable, goal-orientated side ofCapricorn while Capricorn admires Cancer's dedicated loyalty and loving nature.

Opposites indeed... Cancers complete me, you could say. :)

I am a Capricorn girl & I met a Cancer guy, and my experience with theCancer guy is good. He is very sincere, loyal and loves me a lot. he issometimes moody. we are going to complete 3 yrs. Due to his work pressure andall somewhere I have started thinking that he is avoiding me or may be he hasgot involved with someone. I spoke to him regarding all this and he justreplied that trust me I will never ever love anyone more than you. but still Iam somewhat disturbed.

I'm a Capricorn I fell in love with a Cancer who is going through adivorce he's a great father but his daughter is not from his wife she's thereason for the divorce and for some reason I thought he wouldn't do that to me. I was very wrong. He's taken me on nice vacations and purchased nice giftsfor me but can't be honest or faithful.

He's very charming and every time I would leave him he would charm me rightback but not this time it's been two years of this so I'm moving on but we arestill friendly.

I'm a Cancer man and I am not going to share my experience here as Irather keep it secret. :)

BUT... I can give a lot of advice for Cancer men out there who aremadly in love with Capricorn women or want to be in a relationship with her.

1) Try to be open if you can. We all know it going to be hard at first butdon't worry about it. It takes time.

2) BE VERY CURIOUS. Ask about what she wants for herself in the future, howshe is doing, etc. Don't ask too much but try to keep the conversationinteresting/fun with the same topic if you can. Don't forget to bring in humortoo!! Also, avoid asking sex questions unless she brings it up first (I doubtshe will do that though) or ask her if she is comfortable to talk about it. Askher in a polite way. Be bright!!

3) Be in a lot of self-control if you can. It will attract her. TRUST ME!! Shehates controlling men when they don't know what they want for themselves. Ifyou ask her for a little help/advice, then that should be fine.

4) Be very respectful and gentle to her. She don't like when men criticizeon her. Maybe once or twice would do because you need to make her feel a littleemotional too.

5) If she doesn't like you and walk away, please do the same. It WILL attractto her as well if you keeping at it. If it doesn't work, then that's okay!! Tryto find another Cappy woman. :) Act like you two are in a mirror to eachother.

6) Tell her about what you want in goals and your future. Also, tell her abouthow you achieve goals yourself, include sharing your experiences. She wouldLOVE to hear that from you. :) (Speak very very honestly!!!)

7) Again, speak honestly!!! It builds up a greater trust between you Cancer manand Cappy woman. If you break the trust, you are done for good!! Some Cappywomen might give second chance but it is depending on how they feel for you orif you apologize to them with a good reason.

8) Try to control your moody and emotional; otherwise, you would scare her off.

9) Be stronger than her (It doesn't mean to being a bossy of her. Just be a little overpowering.)

10) Be calm and quiet around her sometimes

11) Most of the time, you would feel that she don't love you enough as she didat the start of relationship but the truth is, when she get enough love fromyou, she would start concentrate on her careers and her things. Just accept ofwho she is and know that fact that she DOES love you!! Don't give up if thefeeling of love isn't enough to you!!!

12) Be very romantic (Of course, us Cancer men know how to do that already.LOL)

13) Always stay by her side but DO NOT try to be there for her all the time.She would misunderstand and assume that you are not giving her space.

14) She HATE argument. So, don't try to do that with her unless if you havesome complaints and bring up some good reasons for it.

15) Keep the relationship balance

16) BE PATIENT because she's very very very patient!!

Capricorn women are the MOST complicated signs to get into a relationship butthe above can help you make them crawl out their shell and get close toyou!!! Hope this help!!

I think I like this Cancer guy.

He seems real sweet and real.

We talk & text all the time.

Im a Capricorn girl so I'm pretty shy.

It's just I don't know if he's taking me serious, girls seem to be all aroundhim all the time. But I don't want him to think I'm one of them.

Cause I'm not.

He tells me im unique and cute. lol.

I'm just not sure if he's willing to take something further or if he feelssomething. Oh, I just don't know how to explain it.

Well please help, thanks !

Cancer men have a way of enchanting and charming a woman, withoutdoing very much of anything. I somehow am in love with a Cancer man that I havenever met. We speak online and we know each other through mutual friends. Hegives me an indescribable feeling.. And I somehow know he is the one for me.Yet I don't know if he feels the same about me. He gives me such mixed signals.He'll flirt (very subtly) one minute and tease me the next. Soon we'll beliving within minutes of one another and im praying that we will have more thana friendship. As a Capricorn I am somewhat intuitive (Cancer moon) and Isomehow just know that we belong. He is possibly one of the most intriguing menive ever met. So handsome and conservative. Sexy with confidence.. I wish Icould just know how he felt about me.

I am a Capricorn woman and I met a Cancer he opened up to me thefirst day I met him. We started talking as friends and it was clear to me thathe wanted more from me. It is hard for me to really open up and feel secure butwith him the more we talked I let my guard down. He told me he loved me threeweeks after and it scared me because I felt it was to soon.

I thought he was cute however being a bit of a player I thought well,he will do, for now... But, not forever! I haven't had sex yet w/him as I livefor the seduction game, it thrills me and if I go to fast I cannot truly savorit! However, the moment he kissed and touched me, I felt this electric feelingsooo fing good!! Now all I have to do is think about his kiss and touch andmy entire body tingles!! All I can say is the sexual chemistry is fingAWESOME!!!

My first kiss was a Cancer, when I was 11, I just adored his presenceand found his domineering combative side mesmerizing. Since I was a dominatingmean little girl... I will always remember on the school bus, when he kissed meat his stop, I remember the chills. Now I only knew of zodiac at such a tenderage because my mom had materials around in our house.

Ten years later, close to two years after losing my virginity, I slept with aCancer man and enjoyed sex after it! He was so powerful and it was instantdrawing to him, he was almost like a teacher, except he never was real vocalbut his words were carefully chosen and powerful. He was just in it for theexperience, though I was obsessed with him for more than a year, he never hadtoo much interest in me as he was seeing another girl. It made my world goupside down and I remember (its now comedic to me) telling him I never wantedto speak to him and him being very understanding.

Almost two years later I have met another Cancer man, he has equal presence andpower, well read, but really loquacious which I sometimes find very feminine.But I now it could just be a real sign that he likes me. He has been verypatient and inquisitive with me, and supportive in a way that's different thanmost men. We only hung out twice in person, than proceeded to have several hourlong conversations debating or dissecting what each other is trying to say. Heis really committed to working and being stable, has a recent transplant to ourstate. So I hadn't seen him for two months but it appears after telling him thatI wanted to just make him my friend, because I was upset that he depriving mewith intimacy ;).. and that I recently enjoyed kissing another gentleman,because I needed it. he changed his priorities. What I wasn't expecting for aCapricorn woman, I do use my dominance sexually. I'm very aggressive but henever allowed it, he completely took all reins. it made me very uncomfortable I liked it but couldn't process it. added with him tryingto talk to me to be sensitive made it worse because I didn't know how I wasfeeling. then we have personality clashes, case in point if im at a store andthe clerk is rude, im trying to leave... He wanted to stop me and ask the clerkare you going to be here all night sir and then goes to me and repeatedly asksme want do I want to get. it pissed me off because when I say no, I mean it!but I recognized he was being the parental, which im used to being. with allthese things, when we finally were intimate, I was emotionally detached becauseI really couldn't process his energy, though I still liked him. Capricorn women,we are, very confounding women. we often don't know how we feel. we don't taketoo kindly when a man understands us better than we do by saying things to youthat are ten steps ahead of what you're still processing. He said to me if you'rearen't physically into it because im kissing on you and such, its ok. I justtold him cut psychological crap out, he was amused.

I am a Capricorn woman and my fiance is a Cancer man. we love eachother a lot. I have realized over the years that the Cancer man sometimes hasinsecurity issues, it could be because the Capricorn woman is more practical andcan be a little stand-offish when it comes to matters of love.

I'm a Cap and have been so deeply in love with my Cancer. In ourrelationship, I can honestly say I have never met anyone more charming, loving,or amazing. The sex is absolutely electric (and I used to hate sex!) he's sosexy in so many ways.... Never been in a deeper love. So much passion ineverything between us. He inspires me. He once told me 'I can talk to you likea best friend, I am attracted to you like a supermodel, I admire you like arole model, and I trust you like family.' Oh he makes me melt! There's noguesswork as to how he feels. He tells me, and I melt over and over. So intenseand perfect.

I'm a Capricorn in her thirties, who fell in love with a Cancer man,also in his thirties. We met over five years ago. And when we met, I thought hewas my soulmate. After dating lots of men, it was a rare and unusualfeeling to have about someone you just met.

The spark was amazing! He was physically attractive, smart and gentlemanly.Moreover, his effect on me from day one was remarkable. In his presence, I'malive, inspired, comfortable with him, and trust him. The way he looks at me,the very touch of his skin on mine sends shivers up my spine, and when he iswith me, it feels like anything is possible/within reach. He makes me want tobe a better person.

When we became intimate, it was the first time I truly understood the phrasemaking love. It was more than just sex, it was our souls intertwining. The sexwas physically pleasurable and then spiritually our bodies were becoming one,it was intense. In him, my soul found its home.

People would see us together and say that we looked beautiful together and thatit seemed like we had known each other forever. And it felt like we knew eachother forever.

The challenges:

He didn't communicate much with me between dates, and didn't want to see memore than once every few weeks. It left me wondering if he was dating otherpeople. He said he wasn't, but Cancer men are supposed to be loving, andconnected, and he felt so distant.

So when he would say all these nice things to me, about how he thought I wasspecial, beautiful to him, etc, it was hard to believe since his actions weretelling me he didn't care. His actions didn't encourage me to try andcommunicate with him more, only drive me away. And once we began sleepingtogether, he would get up and leave, so it seemed like he was just using me.The combination of his actions led me to believe he wasn't serious about me...

He moved away and when he left, my heart left with him. He said he didn't wantto date. He left me with no alternative but to date men here. The men flock tome, but he still has my heart.

I won't ever forget him. He taught me a deeper, stronger love, both physicallyand emotionally. I fear, he will forever have a piece of me.

I don't have advice for people, only my experience to share. He moved away,doesn't stay in touch, and doesn't want to have a future with me, but I don'tregret meeting him. In fact, I'm so lucky and fortunate to have had such apowerful connection with someone. Its a blessing to experience the emotionaland physical so intensely with someone, even if they don't share the same withyou.

One day, I'll find someone who feels it with me and want to be a part of mylife¬Ö till then.

Good luck cappy and Cancer!

I am only 18 and I had been dating a Cancer guy on and off for fiveyears.

I was his first...we had a few problems with his mother the first time but wepatch things up to only focus on us... Then the second time we worldfell apart.

I try to show him he had to grow up and he flipped it on me. started to be astraight a-hole to me....

sigh needless to say we loved each other so much. however he changed into whoever he changed into while in college and I grown in to a more mature youngwoman. I will ALWAYS love that Cancer but NEVER do I want him apart of my lifeagain, from the betrayals, lies and games he played. so my advice: cherish thelove between a Cancer and a Capricorn, its beautiful and passionate

When we first met I thought of him as such a player. He put the charmon and I just blew him off. He did manage to give me his number which I tookanyway...the little sneak.

We talked to each other for a while and I kept blowing him off. I have no ideawhy I even talked to him because at that point I really had no interest indating him. ever.

Somehow he convinced me to meet him and he spontaneously kissed me. It musthave been some magic spell because I dated him for the next 4 yearsexclusively. The problem was his insecurity and other women behind my back.Which eventually I had enough of and walked away from him. We'd fight and hateeach other then eventually talk again. Since that time he has swore off otherwomen and wants to be with me for the rest of his life. We now are states apartbut just the same he wants me to move to be with him.

I know that aside fro his insecurity (which lead to the need for his safetynets with other women) we were very compatible and enjoyed all kinds of thingstogether, had mind-blowing sex with a connection I cant put into words...wecould enjoying cleaning the garage and consider it quality time. There was acomfort and connection with him that I have never had with another person.

I am not sure what our future holds but I know that no matter what seems tohappen, we find a way to stay connected. I am sure we will always stay incontact even platonically. And if either of us were in a relationship, I'dnever cross boundaries. But regardless, I know I will always love him andvise-versa, even if I don't get back with him. I think it can be an excellentmatch.

But a word to Cancer men, treat your Cappy girl right to begin with...becauseit is not always so easy to get it back once it is gone.

If you annoyed a Cappy woman to the utmost and she walked away....could you get her back? Yes, I'm Cancer male.

I'm a Cancer man and my wife is a Capricorn woman. she is the mostamazing girl in the world. we met when I was on the road traveling and we metat a show. I took her out on a date and we instantly fell in love. we had sexthe first night. it was ultimately mind blowing. I love her a lot!

I m Cancer guy and I truly love a cappy girl.

We used to study together.

She was a good friend of me indeed.

But due to some of my childish or u can say inexperienced behavior.

she left me...

I tried a lot to contact her. Also feel sorry about the past.

But she never replied me.

Please tell me what to do now.....

I don't want to lose her.

I'm a Capricorn and dating a cancer, OMG WHERE TO BEING? 1st of all he's a crowd pleaser, he's a people person, everyone that knows him, Knows him. I'm very reserve and stay to myself even with my family but somehow he got thru my barriers and got to my heart. He lied to me twice!! And it make me distances myself from him!! Once was about his age (he's 9 years younger than me, wtf?!?!) And again about reaching out to his ex girlfriend. I'm very understanding and offered him the chance to come clean but he denied numerous chances even after I provided to facts.

I thought it was kinda funny about the age because I'm thinking to myself, ughhh? You were born in 1989 and I CAN COUNT genuis!, wtf? So that kinda turned me off because he's stupid and he thought I was just a straight dummy. But I was kinda flattered when he told me the reason he felt he had to keep it from me. I love him because he's a natural born protector and I need that but who in the hell is going to protect me from him? Something can't be justified because justifying his MOODS, BEHAVIOR,LIES..... can evolve into me compromising my standards and my views, other relationships etc. His anger is explosive and he has alllll the signs of an abuser ( ONLY BECAUSE HE'S scares me) BUT HE HAS NEVER HIT ME!

My sons father and I dated for 13 years and I never saw the physical abuse coming but he hurt me and damaged me and our son for life. I need a protector and its crazy how loyal he is and attracted he is to me. He claim he's not going nowhere but I don't believe it until I see it. Its hard for me to show him the love he needs because the lies and my bills and money issues and if I don't give him GOOD sex (no quickies) at least every 3days, ironically we get into huge yelling matches. We wants me to go gaga over his muscles, and brush his hair while watching a movie and dinner and lunch dates and is like that which is fine but I CAN'T FOCUS ON "US" Unless my $ is right and the bills or paid. I'm saying, who in the world is able to chill when collector are blowing your phone up? But I love him more than I love my sons father. And deep down inside I want to be his wife but I don't think he can out last the other ones because he's so young and young minded.

Are Capricorn woman compatible with Cancer man?

I'm a Capricorn woman who found her perfect Cancer. While we met in an unconventional (much less convenient for that fact) way, he is nothing short of amazing. He is compassionate, loving, romantic, creative, kind, a protector, hard working, goal oriented and handsome.

We click on all levels. Spirituality, family, life and love. Sexually, this combination is off the charts! Our chemistry is unbelievable. No one has EVER shared my sexual appetite to this degree. Passionate kisses, loving yet dominate hands. He fulfills my every desire. We are able to openly communicate our wants and eager to please each other easily.

Our communication comes easily and no conversation is ever off limits. We respect one another's thought process and opinions. He has touched and opened uncharted parts of my heart. He not only tells me he loves me, more importantly he shows me.

He is everything I've ever wanted in a partner and couldn't be happier. I love this wonderful man and can't imagine my life without him. So blessed to have found what I've searched for all my life.

I meet a Cancer guy online he lives almost 500 miles away.

From the very beginning he was calling me 5 and 6 times a day. Many times I would be annoyed with him, I just didn't have anything to say every two hours!

After 4 months, he came to my hom town to meet. He seemed shy and awkward but I had already fallen for the man I had spend months talking to.

We had two wonderful long weekends. Sexually, he was very attentive. I felt safe in his arms.

Almost immediately, we began talking about me moving to live in his state. I have the ability ... he has a business. Just made sense.

There were some questions I had regarding whether we could blend families. He wanted ME to make all the concessions in the relationship/move. Finally, I sent him a long e-mail regarding my questions. His respond was he couldn't live with a woman that didn't agree with his style.

No But he insisted on contacting me for weeks after.

It has been a month and he still looks at my message comes my way. I see him flirt with other gals and it stings.

Obviously, not everyone is the same but I WOULD NOT date another Cancer again.

I'm a Cancer man, and I've been in love with a Cappy woman for a good 2-3 years now... but I'm positive she doesn't know it.

I can't exactly explain why. Our friendship is like any other; we have our ups and downs, our fights and disagreements, and our making ups. I don't know why, but we can't bear to be away from each other. I've confessed to her - and vice versa - that it hurts me emotionally to be ignored or set aside by her. We haven't had sex yet, so I won't even go there now... All I can say is, her level of mental complexion blows my mind. We are so different in such fundamental ways (that doesn't mean that we don't have our similarities), but all of that becomes a blur when we view our relationship.

I honestly hope I never have to let go of her...

I am with a Cancer and .... I love him with all my heart even though I shoulda left along time ago because the things I let him get away with is crazy he know I love him but I don't know if he loves me :( im confused because he calls me and we make love and we watch movies and im happy but when I leave I don't hear from him for a week it kills me because I still with him 4 5yrs and nothing we are not official I won't tell him about my guys and he says he doesn't speak to any girls I still haven't met his daughter it just breaks my heart I left him last year for 10mo and he was calling me everyday but I was numb so anything he said went in the garbage we got back together unofficially still the same hang out talk watch movie sometimes with his friends then some sex cuddle and fall asleep don't call until 3 or 4days later the other day we where talking and I told him that I love him and he just gave me a hug wow I really wanna leave for good but I love him and I can't with any1 else I can't :'(

We've known about each other for eight years. Our first and only date, he invited me to his place for dinner. He's a great cook. He's a great kisser. The chemistry between us is sky-high. Being a Capricorn woman when he talked about getting intimate (right after the first date) I bolted. I want dating and see if it leads to us being serious. He seemed to only want the experience. We broke off communicating for two years. Now we're again talking, nothing serious, but the chemistry is still there. He's funny, eccentric, and wonderful. I feel so alive just talking to him. I'm hoping he invites me out again and we start dating. I know when we finally become intimate I will fall for him totally.

I am a Capricorn woman in love with a Cancer man. Our children attend the same school so that is how we met. I had noticed his vehicle in the school parking lot but never paid any attention to who was behind the wheel. One day he pulled his car in front of mine in an attempt to get my attention and since that day he has had it fully. About a month later after a little cat and mouse game I gave him my number. I am so in love with this man, he is perfect for me in every sense of the word. He has professed his love for me. It has been six months now and the only problems we have are me expressing my feelings for him. While there are circumstances that are preventing us from being together we spend as much time together as possible and when were not together he is constantly in my thoughts. I am 28 years old and I have never experienced true love until now, he makes me want to give myself to him fully and open up to him in ways I've never been able to... I just have to jump that first hurdle. This wonderful man just fell out of the sky in to my life and life just that much sweeter since he has come along.

Its been almost 5 years since I've met this Capricorn girl. I'm madly in love with her and she doesn't feel the same way back.

We get along as friends just fine and when we talk to each other its makes my day, I can see she becomes happier too. I've been trying to win her over but nothing has really worked so for now I'm going to just call it quits in the love area and try improve on our friendship first and tell her if you ever need me just ask because I will be there.

I am a Cancer man who met a Capricorn woman. At first, we were both physically attracted to one another and bonded on an intellectual level that transcended my experiences with other girls. She was shy and reserved. She was insecure and stringent with the emotions she shared with me. I gave her everything I had. She gave me very little. Now we're not even friends, she never had sex with me, and we have nothing to show for our ephemeral fling. This is advice for Capricorns -- sometimes the best things in life have no idea how good they are. Tell them. They'll listen. Live in the now, trust the Cancer, and, most importantly, trust yourself.

i'm a Capricorn woman

as far as i'm concerned 80% of Cancer men are psycho!! I know other signs have their crazies too but it seems more apparent with Cancer men. for example tom cruise, mike tyson, OJ simpson.

my mom dated a Cancer guy who jumped her her car and wouldn't let go of her windshield wipers when she wanted to break up with her

and we have two friends of the family whose husbands got jealous of their child and divorced them because of it!!

my friend meagan got mentally screwed by a Cancer guy that played all these mind games with her. first he would be sweet and charming and then he'd turn into a total ass.

and last but not least the lady who does my hair was telling me about the guy who married her daughter. at first he was the ideal guy: he would send flowers to her job, go to church with her, etc. and as soon as they got married his personality did a 180 and he became a possessive psychopath; he would turn on all the fans when she had a cold, he was jealous of her dog (because she showed affection to something other than him) and when they were looking for a place to live he signed a lease on a condo without asking her and it was conveniently right across the street from her job (so he could watch her). oh and I guessed that he was a Cancer before she even told me he was.


i know some of them are ok but they seem like the craziest males out of the whole zodiac with all these damn mood swings and mind games they play

I've been involved with a Cancer for about 7 months in a kind of "inofficial" relationship. I am just getting out of an 8 year relationship. Jumped in with my Cancer man before I ended the other. I think that has been our biggest problem. I know he wants to show me How much he can love me but he's scared of getting hurt by me possibly going back to the other guy (which I already did once).

The sexual chemistry was there from the get go! Amazing! I feel so comfortable being myself around him it is so refreshing compared to my other relationship. There is just "something about him" that I absolutely love and feel! He brings out a more caring side of me that I have gaurded for so many years.

I feel if we just take things slow, since both kinda getting out of long term relationships, this could be something great! Even though there is a 6yr age diff, and we do have different likes, this is just something special here.

Opposites do attract!!

I am a Cancer man and met a Capricorn woman recently. We have clicked on every level so far to a degree that is nothing short of uncanny. Our values both family and otherwise, political persuasion, spiritual belief system, work ethic, scruples, etc. mirror each others. We are compatible altogether sexually. We so far have found absolutely nothing whatsoever that we don't see eye to eye on. Obviously, this sounds too good to be true, but to date we are not questioning this union. If I ever experienced the true meaning of "soulmate" it is now. I am Steve, she is Sheila; and we wish all you other travelers the best.

Im a cancerian man that was once with a Capricorn girl. I am going to make this short as I can for you. I have never been more inlove in my life. I had been with a Scorpio that I thought love could be no greater until I met this Capricorn girl, so believers should take heed of this, because I shit you not.. This has to be my soul mate. I have never come remotely close to feeling so connected with someone.

The most loyal girl I could ever dream of.. To all the cancerian guys out there..DONT BLOW IT by being too moody as we can be. Control yourself more than you could ever! It is so worth it. She will be your goddess and you her god. You will be inseperable. You will both fight for eachother, just as long as you stay the stronger one. I became bitter and showed a weakness..which was her..the only weakness I have ever had. I will be inlove with her until the day I stop existing and I accept this.. Maybe one day she will come back, or maybe one day I will try to win her back..I just feel that she will reject me and I don't know how I could live with that. Right now we're just friends, well GREAT friends! Everytime I hear her laugh hell..everytime I hear her voice its like a pain killer for my heart. She is the only person I have ever met that I can talk to for hours even days if we could stay awake and I am never bored, and I always find something I want to tel l her. Astrology generalizes ALOT! All the things described are not exact and although Capricorn is cancer's opposite, its like the over half of me, two parts become one and make perfection of love.. It says capricorns are very practical and not known for romance well that is definitely wrong. She was just as romantic as me and that is saying more than alot! I have always considered myself as the only one who understands true romance. She said things and did things for me that no one could repeat with the same meaning..

She gave me inspiration as if I felt uplifted by how amazing she made me feel. The perfect way to put it is "HEAVEN" If there is a heaven for me then she is it and nothing else matters.. whatever else is included in heaven is only bonus because she is my 100% She is the only reason I exist and the only reason I would even want to exist... I love you Lauren

I'm a Capricorn who started seeing a Cancer guy about 4 months ago... he wasn't really my type physically but he was very respectful, caring, loving and thoughtful.... something all women want.

But things started to move to fast when I stated from first convo that I am a turtle and I take things slow... and a relationship isn't something I rush into. And what did he start to do about a two months later... exactly what I did not want him to do...

I did have sincere feelings for him cuz he did treat me better than any man has but I knew that there wasn't a 100% chemistry... because he became way too sensative(which is a turn off), moody (which ultimately sparked my bitch side) and overwhelming. He became too much too soon.

I found it hard to let him go... thinking it wud break his heart... so after finally jamming it n2 his head that he was moving too fast and was acting the position of a boyfriend which he was not; finally he broke ties to my relief. But he stills tries to force me wit him... even after he broke it off and I'm no longer interested.

Pros: great man for a women whose looking for someone sensitive

Cons: wants all da cake right away!!!

Was not a match made in heaven for me!!!!

I'm a Capricorn woman and fell in love with a Cancerian man online. I felt such a strong connection from the moment we first talked, such an easy-going man with a fantastic sense of humour.

From then on, we kept in continuous contact - morning until night. There was no topic that was off-limits, we talked about anything and everything! I loved how he took such a deep interest in me, no-one had ever given me so much attention before.

Within two months, he admitted that he loved me. I was really taken back by his confession and I could sense that it had taken a lot of courage to open up to me. Confusion didn't even come close to how I felt - it really took me by surprise. I just remember the same question going round and round in my head; How can he love me when he's never even met me?

Even though I couldn't say it back, he would still tell me how much I meant to him. I was always fond of him from the very beginning, but soon enough my feelings began to intensify. Everytime I heard his name, my heart skipped a beat, everytime he talked to me, I felt happy and alive inside, and everytime he said he loved me, I almost passed out! lol.

Being a reserved Cap, I find it very difficult to express my feelings, so as a result, I kept them to myself. Then to my devastation, my Cancer man suddenly began distancing himself from me.

I can't begin to explain the rollercoaster of emotions I have been through (and am still going through) because of his drastic change in behaviour. My initial thought was that he had found someone else in his hometown (5 hours away from me). I was absolutely distraught and went through a short phase of depression. I didn't see the point in contacting him to ask, I just withdrew myself completely.

Some time after, he concerningly messaged me asking if i'd stopped talking to him. I was quite annoyed how he seemed to be putting the blame on me for our lack of communication, but because i'm quite a softy I decided not to get angry, but to handle the situation tactfully. I replied in complete honesty; explaining how upset I felt when he was being cold towards me. Strangely enough, he didn't address the issue (Cancer's are indirect people and don't like confrontation) but he managed to reassure me of his affections and expressed how much he'd missed me. I put it down to a misunderstanding.

Things went back to normal, but not for long. It got to a point where we was going weeks at a time with no contact. This time round, I made a few efforts to contact him but sometimes he would ignore me - so I was back to my pessimistic state of mind and didn't know what to think anymore. This was the man who fell in love with me, wrote me beautiful poetry and was soon planning to visit me. What the hell had gone wrong?

That's when I turned to Astrology for guidance. It helped me immensely to understand to some extent, what was going on in that bloody brain of his!

What I discovered was that Cancerian men are afraid of being vulnerable; they hate to be in a position where they can easily be hurt. So to put this in context, he realised that he exposed too much of his feelings to me and was scared I would hurt him. Consequently, this highly sensitive man crawls into his shell to protect himself (i.e. become withdrawn).

His insecurity is something i've tried working on, and my efforts have definitely had a positive effect. On one occasion, I sent him a random message just to say how much he means to me, the qualities I admire in him and how I miss the times when we always talked. His reply brought floods of tears to my eyes, I could sense the relief he was feeling, he even thanked me for lifting him up so much and told me he loved me for the first time in weeks! I took the plunge and said it back for the first time. It was unbelievably hard for me but I felt proud that I could finally express the words from my heart.

We're still having our ups and downs, he doesn't get online very often, but when we do talk, he is really lovely to me. He's even hinted at marriage! I know we haven't even met yet and have only been in contact for 8 months, but I have got an amazing feeling about us.

Cancerian man are definitely a challenge, and I strongly believe that Capricorn women have the patience and determination needed to persevere with such a complex starsign. They have trust issues (especially if been hurt in the past) and are cautious, but once they feel secure that your love is true, they will take that big leap forward.

I am a Capricorn woman and I am madly in love with a Cancer man but he doesn't love me.he's everything to me.he's the one I'd die for.and I'm killing myself from yearning and hoping for him.I don't know what to do.none of my friends understand or care.-broken hearted

Please read and help, I'm confused. I'll try to explain as much as I can to give everyone a idea what is happening.

Alright theres this girl I like at our work, don't work in the same department, worked up there since 07, think she has worked up there since late 2010. I'm 24 just recently & a cancer, shes 21 & a capricorn. Didn't really take notice or start talking to her until summer started this year. She is very beautiful & SHY. So I've tried to slowly work with her, after a few weeks of talking to her I asked for her number, asked causally like it was no big deal, but she reacted shocked & quickly by saying Oh I'm seeing someone & its complicated & in return I said Oh no I meant as friends, I'll give you mine if you want? But she went ahead & gave me hers & I did the same. After that I layed low for awhile, we tended to work a lot on wkends because of summer college so everytime I saw her I said hi, asked how she was doing, in life, & her class, which she would told me was giving her a headache. As days went by she would bring up her boyfriend who has been on & off w/ her for 3 yrs. Told me a few times he has been an ahole to her. He sounds very controlling because he checks her phone, checks her email, (maybe her own FB). At the sametime, I'm finding out how sweet, intelligent, & kind she is. She doesn't seem the type that would be disloyal or cheat. So I felt bad for her.

For my birthday I got 10 tickets to a baseball game that was a week away at the time, but I could only invite co-workers, so I invited my friends from almost every department, & I still had a few left so I invited her & her co-worker friend. She said thanks for inviting me but I might not be able to go because the next day was her last day in the summer course, so I told her just let me know. So I decided to leave her alone and not pressure her about the game and when the day before came I texted her if she could and she didn't reply that day. Next morning she replied saying I'm so sorry I can't go, I can't afford to make a bad grade in this class. Hope you have fun & a great birthday! Told her not to worry & encouraged her that she'll do well too. Later that week I had a incident where I had to help a random girl at a grocery store because her ex was destroying her car with his own hands right in front of us. So everybody knew about this at work because it was on my FB. I told her about it, and she mentioned "her ex" did that to her car 1 time while she was away. So therefore I thought she was single again as this was a couple weeks later since the last time she mentioned her bf. And I noticed that the two weren't friends anymore on FB. So I started playing & flirting with her and her lady co-workers, making them laugh, to make it look like I wasn't trying too hard to impress her only. I noticed a few times when she would walk by me when we were alone, looked like she was pretending to be on her phone, because she would get off of it once she passed me. (I know that can be good or bad.) I started texting her a little, teasing her and complimenting her. Shes so shy but then again so am I, so text convos didn't last long but they didn't seem bad. One day she calls me and asked if I was at work because she had a problem there and didn't know what to do, but I was at home & told her I would work later that day, but could come up there early to help if she needed it, offered to call someone else to help her up there, that was already there. She said no don't worry about it, I got it. Tried calling her a couple times later to see if she was ok but didn't answer, so I left it all alone. I come up there & I find out from others that everything was ok, but then I later found out from someone that she was crying because she thought it was her fault, & my boss was rude to her, told her to call her supervisor, then have the supervisor call him. Stupid work Protocall!!! I was very mad!! Went looking for her to try to cheer her up, but decided to leave her, because I didn't want to embarrass her. Texted her to see me before she leaves & that she didn't do anything wrong, hang in there, she said ok. When she did get off I was busy at the time taking care of customers so I told her to go finish her money count & paperwork & comeback after she clocks out. Well she didn't, I texted her that I would call her when it slows down, she didn't reply. I called her later left a message, & didn't hear from her for the rest of the day. Next morning she texted me twice, first saying she was "sorry for not replying, she didn't want to talk about it anymore." And second that when I called her, her "bf was getting upset with her, and she didn't want to cause more drama with him lol" (don't know why she put l.o.l). I didn't reply because I didn't know what to say, I was disappointed that she was still w/ him because he treats her like a dog on a choke collar. And because of what I witnessed in front of me, a (different) guy destroying a car with his own hands. I didn't want the same to happen to her again, this time in front of her.

I saw her a few days later, talked about the work incident, didn't tell her how mad I was at my boss for being rude to her, but apparently she never did talk to him, and told her that if it happened again to call me, or another guy who is her boss, because I trusted him. Told her that I didn't mean to get her in trouble with her bf, & didn't reply because I didn't know what to say because I thought he was her ex, and why would she go back to him because of the way he treats her & what he did to her car. She said she was referring to another ex. But still was "together" with the same guy she has been on and off w/ the last 3yrs. And still today they are not friends on FB. I know FB isn't everything but I find it strange, & that he might have something to hide from her.

Sadly, the place we work at has a lot of drama, so if anyone is caught talking to someone, it gets around, so now some of my co-workers are teasing me about me and her. I don't know what if anything they are saying to her. Shes very intelligent, so I would be surprised if she didn't think I like her more than a friend. As I said earlier, she is shy, so I've tried to take things slow with her, start by being friends with her, getting to know her etc.

I don't know what to do, other than keep being her friend for now, but I don't want to be in the friend zone forever with her. I like her, can't say I love yet because I haven't even dated or hanged outside of work with her. I don't know if she is testing me by bringing up her bf, or if its true they're together. Sometimes I think she says that to tell me in a different language to slow down alittle. But she surprisingly called me even though I'm not her department for help, which makes me think for sure she trusts me. As far as like or love? I don't know. Other than that, I can't tell how she thinks or feels about me. I don't want to ask her or express my feelings just yet, because I feel like its too soon. Its been only a couple months since we started talking and being friends. Advice anyone?

I'm a Capricorn women and he is a Cancer man. When I first meet him I was straight out of a 6 year marriage to a Virgo. I was very sexually attracted to Cancer man and was not ready emotionally to be involved. We both agreed to see each other very openly. Our sexual relationship is awesome, but we tend to disagree on our take of our situation at times. When I first meet him he was young, single and didn?t have any commitments in life. I became a single mom and focus on work. Now he is divorce, a father and is in a relationship with a younger woman. I?ve remained to be single and nothing else has changed.

We?ve known each other now for 8 years and throughout those years we?ve seen & spent time with each other. He states to me that no matter where we are, we will always be connected. I feel as if I?ve seen him grow up from a boy to the man that he is now. I?ve seen him have this need for someone close and now it seem to fade, I think from his heart break of his divorce. I value his sense of family and how much of a great father he is. He keeps himself very fit, he is very sexy.

He seems to never understand a view that I may have without thinking that I?m arguing about something, which bothers me. I hate it that he makes me feel as if I should stay shut & never express myself, without thinking it?s leading to a fight. I think because of this, he has never considered me for a relationship. I think he has thought that it would be too much to deal with. I know I?m a strong Capricorn women and I really do live by what details my sign states. In the past I think that I was to hurt to take him seriously, and now that I?m older, I kind of wish he would say that we should try to be together. But sometimes I feel that we would not work out so I?ve kept the thought to myself.

His birthday is 7/11 and I?m 1/9, we seem to be soul mates, love & friendship, challenging and beneficial from our horoscope. I want to be with Him but I?m very scared to. And I want him to make the choice to want to be with me. Or is it that I?m caught up with the sex?

I was dating a young Capricorn woman (who's 20) and I can say as a Cancer man that I had never encountered such a cold woman before like a Capricorn woman. we dated for a month and after only three dates she invited me to see her dad (a single dad / divorced). I passed the meeting with parent with flying colors but was turn off greatly by the way her dad was making all he could to depict his daughter as being pure and great mariage material. (she wanted to cheat on her boyfriend with me, because she though or was cheated on after a 3 years relationship with the guy/ BF).

During the dates she wasn't responding to my attemps to make her feel sexual (flirting), I was building comfort too. She even started to tell me some private things but still no sexual response, Seriously I felt like I was trying to flirt with a man. She was shy and quiet...seemed like a prude to me.

best tip for Cancer men, unless it's for keeps don't try to date this kind of women.

I'm a Cancer guy who was seeing a cappy girl. I can say that I enjoyed my experience, didn't last very long only 4 months or so but even thou, I can say that a Capricorn is for those who are seeking a long term mate. I thou prudish girls didn't exist anymore good thing they do but this one in particular was not what this Cancer guy was looking for.

One thing I notice Capricorn girls seem to enjoy over all is being listened to and security. She said often how I reminded her of her dad (translation: you provide the same level of emotional security that my dad does.)

Advice if you are not in for marriage don't even try dating her. This type of woman is like the goddess of Time. She will age gracefully but she will demand Extreme Patience from you (years not months). Also no matter how much wood you feed her fire she will always look like she doesn't care (why?). Which is not a game (hard to get) its how she does her thing she's Very pragmatic.

(because)Trust is the flirting tip that drives her insane.

Friends first then.....hope.... to become a lover.

Also she hates mind games, she prefers upfront and direct.

Good patience for those dating her.

*sigh* So much to say. I am a Capricorn woman who had been with a Cancer man for almost a year, although part of that time he got caught up in some stuff that made him locked up for about 8 months (which I stood by him for), so it's really only been about 6 months of dating. We both knew of each other for yeeeears, and he ALWAYS tried to get a date out of me every single time we bumped into each other. But I never paid him no mind because I just felt we wouldn't be compatible. Well one day -in an UnCapricorn way- I threw caution to the wind thinking "let me try love before my 30s". So we date, and he is the sweeeetest man you could ever come across. Massages, cooking for me, loving touches, early morning conversations (b/c I used to work VERY early), the most intimate kisses, so much caring for me, support for anything that I do, there is NOTHING more you can ask for from a man. But I felt we were polar opposites in opinions and drives (he doesn't really have any passions) so I had doubts. When I had doubts, he got into legal troubles, and I just couldn't tell him I had doubts so I stood by him, especially because I wanted to know what happened. Long story short I saw him all throughout jail, even brought his mother regularly, saw him get out, and things that I thought would change about the r/ship over time, I noticed really didn't; i.e. more depth and insight about life, better communication, less drinking (which did happen). So for months after his stay in jail, I was with him, but just this feeling of "I just don't know..."

Well recently I broke up with him and it has been the worst week of my life ever. I always ALWAYS told myself I would hate to get heartbroken, but I would take that over breaking someone's heart, and that is exactly what I did; broke someone's heart. I don't usually cry, but I found myself crying over him, even publicly with friends. When we spent alone time together it was pure heaven to be in his arms, to enjoy his ultimatly PERFECT kisses, to feel like a queen when we make love, to always put his arms around me when I feel cold. But I felt so alone when we would talk about things that really interest me as it came off as "yeah that sounds interesting" but seem bored. Or how he says things and alllllways be completely off with what I'm trying to say. But the fact that he's given me support of my interests regardless, and says he'll always be there, and 100% pure love stands before me yet I don't react makes me hate that I'm a Capricorn!!!!! Why can't I just be [more] emotio nal to his love??? I have personal issues to work out as well, but I just want to apologize to him and somehow make it work, even if it means we both compromise ourselves a little....uggghh what a mess

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