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I'm a Cancer, male, in my late 20s. I knew a Leo in college and although it took me three years to ask her out, she still said yes. Let's just say it was worth the wait! I'm talking sexually, of course, but it was so unbelievable. Before I asked her out we were just people who smiled at each other in class, and afterwards we fought a lot, but in the bedroom it was a completely different story.

The problem was that she grew far too clingy and over-protective, and in a college environment, for a guy like me, that's no good at all. So, we didn't even make it to graduation together, but I don't think I'll ever forget her, even though I'm in a settled relationship now (with an Aries, where things aren't so fiery and passionate but are definitely a lot happier overall.)

I'm currently with a Cancer man and I adore him. He lets me lead therelationship from a distance always there to be my supporter, very romantic andloving. He can always be counted on, he may be slightly possessive andcontrolling but its not over the top just enough to keep wild me on my feet. Ibelieve this is a perfect match if you know how to give n take in arelationship! p.s. all my boyfriends have been either Cancers or Virgos!

I love Cancer men......a little too sensitive but very caring andloving ..makes you feel wanted and desired!

The Cancer Man is the most confusing being I have ever encountered.Like Split personality. Ive been dating a Cancer man, now for 9 months. Whilehe can be very loving, holding you and cuddling, he can also be very moody.

Hewill go out of his way to make sure I have what I need and constantly keeps meabreast on things. He also gives comforting words when im feeling down and willnot leave me in a tight squeeze. The fact that our mind set is the same is aplus. We agree on a lot and strive for the same things.

His arrogance can also beoffensive. They put up such a front for a person who is so sensitive andemotional (as they say). Cancer men can say some of the most sweetest thingsand some of the most insensitive things. Its sometimes hard to figure out whathe's thinking or feeling as he reverts into a shell over and over. I want tojust pull everything out of him. but I never can force him its only on his timeof sharing his deepest feelings.

It makes me, the Leo women, a little uneasy attimes and unsure on when to make certain moves. (Conversation, and Romance). Ido feel safe with him and when he's ready for romance it can be beautiful andpassionate the way he takes his time.

When comparing pros and cons there area lot of pros that outweigh the cons. He's outgoing, loyal, protective. I thinkthis type of match is a huge rollercoaster and will have fire works mostdefinitely. Sometimes I also feel a little uneasy because I like to voice myopinion and blurt out my feelings, whereas he's quiet and slow in hisactions. Ive had to learn this because I would get mad and say anything out mymouth not understanding his shell. Both the Leo women and the Cancer man havetheir issues. Both can be easily hurt if you're not careful.

Its a learningexperience. The foundation and true support I feel, allows me to overlookcertain flaws. I try to concentrate on the fact that everyone is not me andevery one is not perfect. I'm loved and secure, respected and cared for and forthat reason everything will be fine.

My Cancer man is amazing !! We have been together for a number of years and heis still romantic, loving, gentle, always compliments, (as one knows this isimportant to a Leo woman). He is a bit controlling, but not enough to send a Leopacking. We sometimes tend to need a bit of controlling. My Cancer man isgreat in bed, loyal, dependable, generous and extremely intelligent. Yes, he isby all means, a keeper.

I m 21 years old and my Cancer guy is 26, sometimes I feel he is ignoringme a lot, but in bedroom he dominates me a lot which I love. He is reallyromantic and makes my mood really bright. I think Cancer guy can go good with aLeo woman, but don't ever date a Libra guy you will get pissed, they try to bedominating but you feel bored of all there activities, I dated 2 Libra guys itwas a horrible experience.

I recently became involved with a Cancer man. I'm in my late 20's andhe's in his early 30's. I've been reading up a lot about how these men are, orcan be, but I still haven't found anything that has him pegged.

he's typical in the sense that he's a total romantic, practically a breastworshipper (even though mine aren't that big), is super close to his family andmother (though he finds her annoying at times as well), loves food and cooking,likes his homestead, is immensely creative (he's a musician), and also has aneye for business related matters. I hear different stories about their sexlife. I mostly hear they like to be passive but my Cancer guy is very dominant!I think it helps that we both have Venus in Leo. he's somewhat prone tomoodiness but he really only gets sulky. where he's not typical: he loves to goout, he's not flirtatious at all, and he's pretty confident. maybe these aretypical of a mature Cancerian male, but since I lack experience with them, Iremain unsure.

I'm not used to Cancer men so I'm not sure how to read them. my first love wasa Cancer male, and my rocky 3 year relationship with him was HORRIBLE, but wewere immature teenagers. the Cancer I'm involved with now is older and not likemy 1st at all! the first one was emotionally manipulative, whiny, an attentionwhore, dim, a user, and obnoxious as hell. he cheated on me multiple timesunbeknownst to me till after I broke up with him. he lied constantly and was ahard partier/drinker.

In conclusion, Cancer men can be great if they've mastered their emotions andare mature. they can seriously cling though. my first would still try to wedgehimself into my life for years following the break-up. I feel like mine isalways a little scared that someone is going to take me away from him. hedoesn't say anything outright but u can see his desire in his actions. the wayhe'll lay his head down on me, close his eyes, breathe in deep, then nuzzleinto me. he kinda reminds me of a chick when he does that. on a side note... Idon't recommend getting into casual relationships with these guys. they can'treally handle it at all.

I am a Leo woman just starting to date a Cancer man. He has everyquality that I like and want for a future relationship. He treats his motherreally good. He is dependable, handsome, trustworthy and no matter what I knowevery morning I get a good morning call or text.

So far I am enjoying gettingto know him, but the process seems so slow. It is hard to read whether or nothe is a total sweetie or totally sweet on me. Although I want to come out rightand ask what is the deal because I am totally digging him. I decided that Iwould rather wait and allow him to show me exactly how he feels. I figure ifthings are going smooth their should be no need to rock the boat this earlyinto the courtship.

Cancer men Cancer had like 4 different personalities andthey were all crazy, never again

I am currently in a sexual relationship with a Cancer man. He is verycaring and tender but extremely moody! I never quite know what to say to himand I feel like he is holding back emotionally. Still a very good man.

Leo woman in love with Cancer man. Yup, he is caring and tender and extremely moody...

And with that you got to know him deeply for the relationship to go on... just be patient and gentle with him and if ever you've felt the two of you never move on well make the first move...

good luck:)

I'm a Leo woman who was casually dating a Capricorn Man. We have onlyknown each other for a short 21/2 months.. but I have truly fell in love withhim. His maturity and tact his motivation and ambition is all over whelming. Heis my Ideal man that I've been waiting for all my life. Accept My cap is notwhere he needs to be in life and I am not where I want to be either. So westarted off slow but both decided to slow down, and be friends and get to knowone another. We still talk and still have this amazing connection, andattraction for one another... He stated in one month of us dating that heloved me.. I'm kind of confused by this .. Me being a Leo woman when I love I'mready to be with u.. I don't think this out as well as the cap man does. but I'mso drawn into him I can't think or feel anything else for anyone but him. Ihaven't been in a relationship with a man in almost 3 years, and I have notfelt I wanted to actually be with any man. I plan to concentrate now on my career and focus on my goals, and allow him to shine and reach thetop where he belongs and hopefully one day our friendship will turn into abeautiful relationship, of us in love...

I am a pretty young teen Leo girl who is in love with a Cancer man and I read how a Cancer man in love will never go and ask the girl out but want her to so he did that with me he looked at me for 3 year and he also tried to make me jealous but everyone that knows him or not say he is a big player and they say u are not his type girl but he found out from some one that I like him and he said so that is it so I don't know what to do him and his brother and friends like at me now don't know y but plz tell me what to do? I really don't know he has played girls and I have heard that he drinks and parties wild and he says to girls I like u and then go to their house to do shit plz help tell me what the next step should be????

you should let go before its too late!

It is NYE. My Cancer guy in front of me and without asking me firsttold his roommate he would work for him tonight, and just ignored the food,wine, evening I planned specifically for us. He is inconsiderate. He is soclueless as to how you feel, he is ALL ABOUT HIM. He is so selfish. He isgood at building people up, but he doesn't mean it at all. Horrible with moneyhe spends it like water then depends on everyone to provide for all his needs. He is lazy. He works as little as possible, and he lies about things insteadof communicate because he is a wuss. He SUCKS in bed. Can't keep it up, isintimidated, and after dating two Cancers, they are the WORST lovers in theplanet. They want you to be happy all the time, even when they hurt you, theydon't understand why your not happy, and feel like your negative and never takeresponsibility for their part. He does give to his parents, but also, fromwhat I see it's just compliments, and then his family does everything for him. Cancers SUCK. They are really rude, they will just openyour cupboards and eat your food, make themselves at home, and expect a lot fromyou. They are clingy, but then when you need something from them, they don'tprovide it, need you to tell them the same things over and over again, as ifthey don't know, and they get defensive and make you out to be a bad guy. Dating a Cancer is like dating the worst freak on the street you'd ever meet,then being told not to be so closed minded, and when it comes time to deliversexually they can't put out. It's really bad. Two out of two were takers, notgivers, and had problems down below. They get really intimidated fast, are toocheap to buy the required underwear they need to get stimulated, and need somuch crap to get hard, yet they can't keep it going long, and aren't passionatepeople. They aren't sexy, aren't passionate and stimulating in bed. Mine islazy, the other driven, but they are so blind to how people are. They thinkthey know, but they never get to understand people, just what should be. I'mso tired of people saying how nice they are. THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. I'veknown 4 Cancers in this past year. Three were drunks. One was a nice person,but would cheat on her bf in a second and then turn around and send him cutecare packages. She got drunk one night, acted awful, I tried to be a goodfriend, she was mean nasty, and then the next day after I put up with that allnight, ended the friendship with ME! Another was just a wonderfully closefriend, and when a guy dumped her, I comforted her and gave her the reasons shewas searching for to explain why, and to build her up and she just ditched meas a friend. TOOK TOOK TOOK, and then went with the superficial pretty people. The one guy, would give and give, but was so judgmental, and pretended to getyou, but didn't. Another used his friendship to his advantage, and told me allkinds of things, that weren't true. Finally my boyfriend, well he is a mess, acheater an ex drunk, a guy working his life out, and I've been an angel, and hestill treats me like garbage. I dumped him, and I've never EVER dealt withsomeone who lied SO MUCH, was SO DISAPPOINTING AS A HUMAN BEING, and was somean to other people in my life. He doesn't even have the guts to talk smackabout his friends to them, but will text it to other people, and turn aroundand be different on a whim. Unstable, crazy, freaky in a weird way, notsexually stimulating or pleasing at all, prone to addiction, mean, calculating,don't read between the lines, superficial, not loyal at all, controlling,needy, demanding, one sided, selfish, and closed minded. That is a Cancer,STEER FAR AWAY. Yet they will talk for 20 years and melt your heart over howthey feel about an animal or something, and then turn around and have noproblem giving the cat away, or moving on with no repercussions. They arefair-weather, and stand for nothing. Who cares if someone offers lip serviceabout how sweet and moderate they are, if they treat others like crap, are notreally loyal underneath, and suck so much in so many ways?

I am a Leo woman currently falling in love with a Cancer man. We metabout 3 months ago and there was an instant physical and emotional attraction. He is still very considerate, sweet and physically affectionate when we aretogether, but his sex drive is not as high as mine, and that bugs me a little,although not a deal breaker. The thing that bothers me the most is that healready seems to be comfortable in the relationship to the point where he takesme for granted in small ways. He is passive and can't say no to his friendswhen they ask him to go out, and has broken plans with me to go out with them. I respectfully discussed this with him and he seemed clueless, so I don't thinkit was intentional; he also gave me a lot of attention afterwards and said hewas sorry. He says he's falling in love with me, but I am concerned about hispassivity in regards to saying no to others. I don't like feeling second best. I am not sure if I am just being a "typical Leo" and need that constant attention or if I am justified in feeling annoyedabout his behaviors. He also dislikes PDA's and when we are around his friends(female friends especially) he acts distant. I enjoy a little subtle PDA,handholding and such, but on New Year's he acted like he was my brother orsomething and it was irritating. I feel unsure about him but at the same timeI am head over heels. Weird feelings to have......

When I was 34, a Leo and my ex was 37 Cancer. He is very emotional,undecided, have several ex and they left him for the same reason. At his age hehasn't married once and parties every week. he was always looking for perfectfuture bride in his dream & at the same time clingy with the past, with hislast ex. We were good in bed but he was a passive type. I did most of the jobbecause I am a Leo & I felt for him at that time. I considered he was verycheap, not spend money to adore me. We broke up.. He cheated me w another. Hehad a new girlfriend and bought her a big diamond & couple trips in first year.But she broke up w him after all.

My recently Cancer man is 22, a lots younger than me. He bought me a ring afterseveral months and bought five expenses trips in a year. But he likesparties, drinking and strip clubs. After a year & 1/2 he cheated me w his ex &several girls I didn't know. By the way, he left his ex (Scorpio) for me that Ididn't know, again he is clingy w/the past and never let it goes. I ended up whim right after I found out about ex. He is very passive in bed too.

Anyway, Cancer man is very loving, sweet, pillow talk, tender, give complimentswhen you need. Downside, they are very controling, jealous, rude, cheat, lazy toforeplay in bed, have a messy place, parties animal, love to eat your food...

Bottom line, you just know he spends a lots money on you when he does reallylike you and into you. The day he asks you to marry him then he mays devotehimself to you. But before that he's still out there looking for his dreambride even he is with you cuddeling, adore you & make you feel like he is theone and as Leo we love those comforting but at the same time Leo, we are notjust his dream bride, not yet.

Cancer man is very good in lying and cheating things. They cover upby his tenderness, loving, sweetness things. until he finds his dream girl thenLeo we all hurt..

Cancer man are very needy. They don't show their flirt when you areout with them but deep down inside they love to be needs. Love to have one ortwo close girlfriends, either ex, present or future to text, chat or so ever whenyour relationship has ever getting sour or emotional boredom in thefuture. Watch out for their hidden emotional. They could be the best perfect manin your eyes if you try to be blind once but they could be a heart breaker,because they know their abilities how to make the Leo woman feel come to theirneed and comfort. WATCH OUT Leo!

I am a Leo Woman and I went out with a Cancer man for a year in ahalf. I noticed that he is very undecided, he's not that moody, but he's notvery dominant in the bed room. He treats girls very well, he's very kind andpolite and tender-hearted. But he's also very undecided which is a huge problemin our relationship. He broke up with me because he wasn't sure that I was 'theone.' He said he didn't know what love is because I was his first girlfriend.Anyways, he was very standoffish in the relationship. He let me take the lead,which bothered him after a while because I was very dominant and it totallypissed him off sometimes. Leo's have a hard time expressing their love throughactions, and that is exactly what a Cancer man wants. It was hard for me toshow my love through actions and that upset my Cancer and we just couldn'tcompromise with each other, and didn't give each other what we both needed.Overall, this relationship (Leo girl/Cancer Man) can definitely work out if youcompromise with each other, and work really hard to do what the other onewants, and make both of them feel loved. I failed at this relationship. I wishI could get him back but the Cancer man is VERY sensitive so remember thatbecause once you hurt his feelings or hurt his shell, he is most likely goneforever. I treated him bad sometimes, I hurt his feelings sometimes, and thatwas a mistake on my part, and now he is basically gone forever. Be careful towhat you do, and what you say, Leo's!

so I have a question... I have a fwb arrangement with a Cancer guy.when he and I are lying in bed together watching a movie, or pretty much anytime where he's holding me, he is obsessed with my stomach region! he caressesit, rubs it, lays his head there a lot... over time I've noticed an increasedinterest when every time he's touching me there he has an instant erection! hewasn't always like this either. do a lot of Cancer guys get like this? I knowCancer rules over the chest/breasts & stomach area...

I'm a very strong Leo woman, and have been dating a very strongCapricorn man for nearly two years. I'm 23, he's 30. I love this man with allmy heart, and I know he does too. He makes me feel like a woman, and he lovesto take the lead and 'wear the pants'. Any men I've dated, I took completecontrol over the relationships. Not this one! But I love it.

We had a really solid relationship, but he was so quiet, whereas myself I'mvery expressive. He also had a lot of troubles showing emotion/affection,whereas I'm extremely affectionate. We somewhat found a common ground. Wehave all the same goals in life, same morals, strong ethics. We're connectedon so many levels. Our differences, we did learn from them, and have grown fromeach other. But this is the most complicated relationship I have EVER had. Webroke up every other month for a few days, and he'd want me back (and being aforgiving Leo, I would take him back every time!) We're so stubborn that weare determined to make it work. But were at the point where our relationshipis starting to deteriorate. I'm becoming more and more unhappy because I feel"neglected" (I'm so used to being put on a pedestal, and he wants nothing todo with that). So my negative traits are really starting to flare up... Idon't see us lasting for much longer. Although I KNOW I wiill always love this man with all my heart, I don't see us working out. Maybein a few years, when I've "grown up" some more... but not at this point in mylife...

My Cancer Man doesn't even know I'm alive at least this is what Itell myself. I have given him cuff links for Christmas & was too shy to givethem to him until April!! Wow right for Ms. Leo!! I got concert tickets to MintCondition & never got the nerve up to ask him to go with me! I didn't goeither! I started to contact him on Facebook & he never replied to any of mye-mails & I never requested to be his friend. My last e-mail attempt I saidthat he just stared & looked at me but never said Hello & He replied "I don'teven know you" I was so hurt, I responded with anger & said I expected morefrom him! He replied "No harm meant but I accused him of staring & looking &that he certainly didn't." I was so rejected and this was months ago this evenhappened. I just think he is a wonderful type person & would love to havesomeone like him in my life. I know he lies about not knowing who I am, I dressmy behind off, a fearless vocalist, with a size 12 shape, eyes, lips and skin that glows! So why won't he befriend me? Why won't he trysomething New! Other guys say "He's Gay" others say It's his lost!! all make mefeel great but not really. I'm alone & want him to make me feel something evenif it's friendship! He is fine ladies Fine & Gay - Not! but he is a white guywho loves him some black women & he has yet to fine this one & When he doesTrue Love Awaits Him!!!! Any suggestions of Help?

I began a fwb arrangement with a Cancer guy. I have an openrelationship & a bf. everyone knows everything.

I think Cancer has fallen in love with me but plays it off to keep me around.he knows I'll break it off for I won't lead him on. will they stick around evenif unsatisfied and hurt?

I dated a Cancer man when I was in college for about 2 years. I say dated reservedly as the relationship was less than what I would say optimal dating. I left him once it became apparent that the relationship was one-sided (mine). 30 years later this man contacted me and I can't believe how much I have fallen for him. The relationship is a complete 180 degree difference from that way he was in college.

I can't say there aren't bumps in the road now and then, but the passion, romance, and complete caring that this man has shown makes me think that there could be no better relationship. I am learning more about him all the time. Maturity can go a long way to strengthen this pairing, and ladies, if there is one thing I would suggest, bend a little, you won't break, and he will love you for it.

I'm a Leo woman and I am in love with a Cancer man. his love is painful but the truth to this honesty is that we both know that we love one another unconditionally. He keeps me in check at all times. I guess I can say I need it or else I would be all over the place. he is extremely bossy and at times can be a parent figure to me... in order to love a man of this sign you have to give yourself to him COMPLETLEY. there is no if ands or buts about it. so I've given myself to him.

Although he is a sensitive man, he can be selfish. his needs come before mine. keeping him happy is what makes me happy. our relationship can feel like it drains me but once he feels he can possess you entirely, he will love you wholeheartedly.

yes he is a mamma's boy... how he loves her. it causes great stress in our relationship.. that being his mother feels I'm a threat to her. so I rather not be around her.. she has injured my pride. (she's a Scorpio)

If you really love this man you MUST love his mother as well.... and I'm currently working on that one...

his mood swings drive me crazy!!! its extremely hard to keep up with him. THERE ARE NO COMPROMISING WITH THIS MAN!!! he needs to feel that you love him through his ups and downs and it happens a lot!

It is extremely hard for him to be considerate of my feelings. he doesn't realize how much he hurts me. but that what you get when your involved with a Cancer man.

I am a Leo woman who dated a Cancer man for almost 2 years. He is what all the post say he is: moody, promises the stars and moons even if he cant give it to you, but caring, loving and nurturing. He has all the qualities a Leo woman wants. When he does fall in love with you, he worships you.....this was where the problem came in. He became so clingy and needy until I felt like he was taking over my life. They like being needed and will do whatever it takes to make you happy, but be prepared. If you are not really ready for a love that will smother, mother and nurture you, leave the Cancer man alone!

whew ok, reading all these discussion really helped me I seen that a lot of what im feeling and going thru seemed to be the norm. im a Leo lady, and my friend is a Cancer man we are both in our early 30's. im married/separated going thru a divorce and he is single and lives with mommy. I want him so bad, but its only been about a month since we started talking so its early yet, so he pursued me for about two weeks, finally I gave him my cell number I was very honest with him about everything ok cool, so we have a quickie for the first time, and as a Leo we can be emotional not to casual when it comes to sex, so now im really feeling him, but he's uncomfortable with me still being married although me an my husband have no dealing with each other. so we make out again, he says he's gonna try , now I text and call and he is ignoring me again, im so freakin confused he makes me feel so cared for and attractive, like he seems perfect works hard and all, but he is so moody and confusing don't ignore my calls and texts then two days later calls me or needs me he's always welcome to come over my place and all. he just seems so confusing . help me please

go slow, Leo lady! the Cancer, much like an earth sign, will take their sweet time. we fire sign people are not used to practicing the fine art of patience. it will be key if you plan to forge ahead with a Cancer. they want to feel secure and safe with you before diving into a relationship. the best thing you can do is take a step back and resume your life. don't get too wrapped up in him. work on building a strong friendship first. be consistent, loving, and affectionate. you will drown in his sea of emotions if you don't keep a sense of humor about you.

thank you for you're help, I just read you're post, (the last comment on the page) im gonna take you're advice and step back and resume my life. cause he is putting me on an emotional roller coaster. I want this guy so bad also he is a Haitian and I never dealt with a Haitian man, but he is a Cancer sign he just seems uncaring sometime, I mean a text good night would be nice. some days I gotta text him or I wont even hear from him. I don't no its like im wasting my time, but when we are intimate its heaven, he is caring and warm, I just love it, I sometime wonder if he is using me just for a sexual relationship cause we do nothing together he works 2 jobs so he is busy but cmon. I don't know I may be wasting my time. but he has all the qualities and going thru a divorce he fills the void , you no. well im gonna stop calling him and texting I just feel by doing that he may think im not interested but im just not getting the same in return. Please help someone....ML

I recently separated from a 10yr relationship with my Cancerian husband (20yrs old - 30 yrs old both of us), and I have to say, they were the sweetest, purest, baby love years of my life. The relationship ended because he didn't progress as a person, and it felt like I did all the motivating. He never stopped being a devoted husband though. I just didn't want to have kids with someone when I felt I was doing all the work. It wasn't practical.

I don't think Leo women are clingy - just dominating. If you sort out the domination , and the Cancer man grows some balls, then you've got a perfect combination. I wish our compatibility allowed for this because this combination was just the sweetest things I'd ever seen :(

I am now with a Libran and although it's not as sweet and passionate, we definitely connect on a higher intellectual plane. Maybe this will be more about friendship.

Good luck. Who knows what the future holds! Always stay calm Leo woman, maintain your peace and never do anything out of anger.

well ive been with a Cancer guy for seven years as long as you love your self they love you trust me

I am a Leo woman, and I'm completely drawn to this guy, but all we do is look at each other from across the room. I've never spoken to him, but every time I meet his eye line I get butterflies. I don't know whether I should just get up the courage and speak to him. I know he's very mysterious but I have no idea if he's interested or just doesn't care. He tried to say hi once, but I was so shocked that I smiled and walked away like an idiot. I know he knows that now Im interested, but what should I do???

I am in deeply in love with a Cancer man, I knew him for about a year, but I been with him for about 7months and it feels amazing!!

he treats me well, he's handsome, sensitive. not to sensitive, loving, every great thing about a man he has in him. sex is AMAZING!!! Omg its so amazing, he is a little bit of a mommas boy but that's ok, its not severe! but I love him to death, always calling me just to say good morning, there when I need him the most, does anything just to make me smile!

I met a Cancer man when we were sophomores in high school. I only noticed him because my friend was seeking a relationship with him. I saw him a lot and he seemed distant, though not cold. He was friendly and extremely handsome. I was just ending a relationship when I felt him watching me, he spoke to me more, left flowers at my locker, took me out to lunch, made me laugh with his jokes and he seemed so intent on me. One day he showed up at my class with my favorite flower (a sunflower as large as my head.) and asked me to go out with him. We dated for a year then we got separated, through family issues in my home and an unplanned move to Atlanta. I was heartbroken, the day that I was leaving to the plane he ran to me, handed me my flower and told me that he loved me. I thought I would never see him again and left empty. Two years later I returned to Colorado and met up with him again. We have now moved into and apartment and even though we have our fights nothing could damage what we have. He completes me, when each person learns to give and understand each other this really is a match made.

first off to all yall lames dissing us Cancer men we take our time in finding love and just because we don't say how we feel about you right way, when you want to hear doesn't mean we don't love you. we are just very careful with our heart and feelings because we don't want to get hurt or hurt you in the process. so we some times stay in our shell a lot because we feel so strongly about you. we don't know how to express it to you and yeah we can be quiet mood but you should just let us chill until it has passed, then we will be back to our normal self, making sweet love to you, buying you gifts and taking care of you, and only you sexual, emotionally, and just giving you our hearts. muah to all the ladies who love Cancer men.

me I a July Cancer the 20th.

next time yall have some bad to say about Cancer men check out there whole birth chart. ask him, where was he born, the time. muah ladies

I dated a Cancer man in my early high school year. We were friends before because knew each other in elementary. Our relationship was quite complicated since he had just broken up with his so called "first love". I guess he was also my first love. We started to like each other after they broke up, and so our relationship was the typical young love. We lasted almost 3 months.

What I found in our relationship was is that we were very fond of each other. I thought it was love, but thinking about it now - I think I was just in love with the idea of being in love with him and believing that he loved me back.

He was still an amazing guy, but indecisive - never took any initiative and was moody at times. Cancer men are very hard to understand. It's hard to get through to him when he doesn't open up when your trying to show them you're serious and want to be with him. It's like he won't let you in. In the end, he was a great guy. I miss him and I still love him to this day, and think of him often.

im a Cancer man wit lots to give to my Leo woman and she loves it... I think we fit ok with them "not perfect" but all we need is communication, caring, and loving...oh and being intimate too =)

I am a Cancer male only recently ending a relationship with a Leo female...

I notice most of the frustration are coming from Leo women. But...

The Leo female are so full of pride that it obscures their vision for observing their own flaws and negatives. At the same time, they hate criticism - So often the caring Cancer is put in a position whereby he must hold onto angst and brood - Cancer's most enduring negative traits are only enhanced by the Leo woman's near-childish 'impossible-to-win' situations/arguments.

Leo women have a streak of selfishness, endorsed by the fact they want all your attention. A Cancer doesn't mind given you attention but a Cancer, like every human being, wants reciprocation - at the same level of what was given... and this is where the Leo woman fails.

Leo will only do a favor for the sake of getting one back, and she will make you remember what she did for you. Its bizarre, and from the POV of a fair Cancer, childish - that a Leo woman hates selfish men but is often self-centered and self-serving BUT HATES when you do it (and a Cancer man will do this just to give her a taste of her own medicine).

Basically, a Leo woman can't take the dirt she dishes out. And a hurt Cancer will seek payback, which she will hate. If you are hurt, the Leo woman expects you to get 'back to normal' in a time that fits her. She hates when you are moody, but lacks the awareness of realizing how her actions may have hurt the Cancer, or how deeply. A cancer, fully aware of his self-awareness finds this damn right irritable.

A Leo wants you to commit first. By nature, this annoys the Cancer man as he naturally believes in 50/50 fairness. But the proud Leo, with her head held up, does not want to understand, and will always want to believe you are wrong and she is right - even when it is glaringly obvious who's in the wrong.

What kills this relationship in essence is pride. The natural pride of the Leo, will make the insecure Cancer unsure of her sincerity/commitment and make him buff up his chest too (even though he really doesn't want to). But if you act like you don't care, the Cancer will simply revert into his shell and over time (a short amount even) this becomes a constant battle. Where the Cancer is willing to lay his heart on the table bare, Leo holds back due to pride of being naked.

There are common similarities to be sure with these signs, in perception of life, both somewhat delve in fantasy, both romantic, both passionate. But if there is no compromise... not even that, if this relationship is not mutual, 50-50, equal etc This turns foul very quickly.

Leo women often complain of Cancer passiveness in bed. Its not so much that we are passive - its the fact that we have over-active imaginations and we don't want you to feel like a slut in bed unless you request... and even then we could still be relenting. But at the same time, when a Cancer does follow his vivid imagination to the extreme... something goes wrong; Leo's pride is hurt again... "I didn't like that" etc... and of course Cancer reverts back into his shell because he just made his beloved feel like a whore...

Leo women are incredibly indecisive.

Its not that Leo can't understand the intensity of the Cancer, its just that they don't always want to... but EXPECT the Cancer man to always be there emotionally, physically, financially...

And on the subject of money, Leo over-spend and then regret. BUT YET HATE the carefulness and financial responsibilities of the Cancer and see them as being cheap. Leo will happily take and take with a smile (and a cheap kiss) even if you're on your last £1. A Leo will never keep track of how much you spend on her but will ALWAYS remember every grain of rice you ate in her house...

Conclusion: Leo women, whilst caring and intimate and sexually adventurous (when they want to be), are underlined with a selfish, self-centered and taking nature. Cancer men, you can fall for anything when you start imagining fantasies and if you don't understand the depth of your worth! Avoid the heartbreak - Only water signs will truly understand us.

I am a young Leo woman with a young Cancer man in my life. We have been friends for about 4 years. We have had a short "fling" or two in the past but I always feel as if my feelings for him are stronger than his towards me. I know he's fallen for a few girls in the last 2 or 3 years and I don't believe that he is over them but I can't help but wondering why he neglects me. I find that we lack a lot in communication but the one thing that has stood out mainly is the sex. The sex with him is amazing and I find that it's what is keeping me from forgetting about him. I don't see us as extremely compatible but when it comes to sex we are a perfect match. I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin around a man as I do with him and I'd love to entertain the idea of a relationship as we have before but I can't see it getting very serious. I wish he would give me more attention though because it bothers me that he isn't interested in anything with me but sex. But hey, if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be and I'm not going to complain about a good lay once in a while. ;)

I have known this Cancer man for about a year now. I am a Leo woman. In the beginning it was like a magnet and his attentiveness kinda got me to open up more and I fell in love with him ever since. I asked him to be more than just friends, he said okay and then as the days passes he is getting moody. I don't really understand the Cancer man at all. Now I am about to give up on him completely. Tired of waiting for him, however he claimed to love me but then he is not ready, I don't know ready for what!. I am a Leo woman, I need attention and flattery, and love. Once I give up that's it.

I never had a Cancer as a boyfriend but I did sort of date one once. I think of all the signs, if he is in love with you, they seem to be the one of few signs that will not put themselves in situations that lead to cheating or constant flirting with other women like Aries, Sags, Libras, and Pisces tend to do.

They seem to have more loyalty than most other signs.

They are more emotional and they do seem to point out your flaws every so often which is a huge turn off for Leos. But, I think of all the signs to worry of, this one at least doesn't seem to be a cheater sign like others that are supposedly compatible with Leos.

I love Cancer men and I don't know why! They are so confusing and mysterious and I thought I didn't like all the games but I guess I do. It's like I can spot them out I'm like drawn to them (and Taurus men) but that's a different story.

I am a Cancer man and I fell madly in love with a Leo woman. She is my world! The first couple of years were the best years of my life. ( Yes I am very moody and sensitive and can be very insensitive toward the needs of others and selfish but I still care deeply. I know, I'm crazy). I married this beautiful Leo woman her name is Kinnon. We had such an incredible initial attraction to one another. The love was more amazing than anything I could have ever imagined! At first. But when resonsibilities like working a lot, babies and just making sacrifices for each other is when things got ugly. Both of these signs have selfish characteristics about them . if neither one can't get over there egotistical spitefull behaviors than your left with serious termoil. My wife left me ealier this year and it completely destroyed me!

My advise to the Cancer man in this situation is just love and accept the Leo woman. She is vibrent, beautiful and loves attention and loves the attention from almost any man that will give it to her! But you know what? She absolutely loves you! If you can get over being jealous and stop trying to control her or your SREWED! She is a flirt by nature. This kind of energy fuels a Leo woman and makes her feel on top of the world. Makes her feel uphoric. But you can harness this energy and use it to your advantage if you don't get all emotional and butt hurt about it.

It takes a lot of disecting your own feelings and emotions to understand this relationship. You just want to feel loved by her and she just wants to feel loved..... seems like such an easy statement huh???

I am still trying get this Leo woman that I love back in to my life and it has been all on me. This is where the " stick you're foot in to the water before jumping in" comes in to play. Again, again, and again. Us poor Cancer boys are so affraid of heartbreak. Just tell us you love us and you will never hurt us and rub are backs while doing it! We just need to feel absolutely loved by you! That's all!

Im a Leo woman in my late 20s and was with a Cancer for 13 yrs, we have 2 children together and I absolutely adored him, couldnt wait for him to get home everyday! I never did much with my friends but didn't have the desire to, then my best friend moved to town so I wanted to hang out with her some thats where it all went down hill. He became so clingy it was insane, I dealt with it for almost 2 yrs then decided I have had enough so I left. He was very disturbed and 2 yrs later still hung up on me, since then I have met another Cancer and I have put it all out there on the table so hopefully he understands my needs...

I think Cancers are great in bed, very caring and for sure what a Leo needs :) the downside is for sure their moodiness!

Regardless of the signs involved, I've found that when you spend most of your time criticizing and complaining about your mate, then the writing is on the wall and you might as well walk. Neither of you will be happy in that scenario. When couples start doing this, the relationship is doomed to end soon - you can bet money on it.

I'm quickly falling in love with a Cancer man. The timing has been an issue though. It took over a year for him to even talk to me although I noticed him right away. Then he asked me out twice(I was thrilled) but it took months before he followed through. I can't tell you how many times, in spite of my very obvious attraction, I became frustrated and decided it was time to give up and move on. I was pretty convinced he wasn't really interested. But there is a huge upside as well. I actually got an opportunity to know him quite well before we ever had that first date. So I was hooked long before he ever made a move. He is very cautious and does not do anything impulsively. He has a very calm, powerful presence with a ton of charm on the side. He is such a gentleman and so respectful and I never feel threatened or pressured (just seduced - he always leaves me wanting more). I can look in his eyes and talk to him for hours. Deep, spiritual, restrained, soooooo hot.

Hint: Home/family is top priority for him so it is very important to treat all of his relatives like royalty.

The trick for a Leo girl is not to push too hard or too fast. This needs to be HIS idea. Let him "sniff you out" until he's sure. Give him time and space to make up his mind. And it can take a painfully l o and g time before he will venture out of his shell. But beware, once he does, he is a man like NO other and sets the bar so high that no other guy can ever compete. He'll have your heart completely. I absolutely adore him!!

Hi I just recently met a Cancer man he is 38 and I am a Leo woman i'm 30 when we met the connection was instant within our inner selves I really really like this man he challenges me to do better than what I already do without verbally doing so and I love it but he is very diffilcult to read and is very very private I texted him for thanksgiving "It's Thanksgiving! I Love You and i'm thankful that you are in my life" and his reply was "I feel the same about you" is this a good sign?

Cancer men are very undecided and passive in bed. I am a Leo woman and Leo women need someone playful, they need a man to take care of them.

They are great guys but not sure if they are the best for Leo women...

Cancer men are very undecided and passive in bed. I am a Leo woman and Leo women need someone playful, they need a man to take care of them.

They are great guys but not sure if they are the best for Leo women...

Leo woman here, way into a Cancer man...instant chemistry...instant feeling of familiarity and he touched my soul. Never before has any man made me feel this way and I am a big Cancer FAN, you hear that you Cancer guys? and to you leo's complaining about them, god help you. Maybe mine is different...but I am completely happy when with him and feel more compatible with him than any other sign ever in all ways. I love his intensity and emotion. The moodiness, oh, so what! Stop whining! We leo's have our moods too. That hardly is a big fault in my eyes. Faults are lying, cheating, laziness, etc., but moodiness? Give em a break. As to the guy complaining about selfish, one way leos...I am super considerate, don't want money spent on me; worry about OTHERS more...maybe I have a different moon rising as a Leo...But My Cancer is close to perfect and all i'd ever want. As for the sex, he rocks my world. Passive?? not this guy! Very dominant and totally sexy! I am willing to try things with him I never thought I'd do , because he knows exactly how to keep this cat purring.. He handles me just right. Match made in heaven.

I am a Leo woman and I just recently started dating a Cancer man. I am falling in love with him already. He is so wonderful; everything that I have been wanting in a man but I thought I would never find. He is so caring and respectful. Yes, he loves to cuddle, but he doesn't over-do it. He appears to be a wonderful father to his children. I haven't seen the "moody" side of him that I keep reading about in Cancer men, but I feel that everyone has a moody side to them. We are so much alike, and we seem to want the same things in life. I do agree that a Cancer man and a Leo woman tend to have amazing sex together..I agree 100%! When making love, the emotional and the physical are both so wonderful that words cannot even describe it!! I am so grateful that I met a Cancer man, because I feel like I have finally met the man that I will spend the rest of my life with.

i'm actually in love with a cancer. and yes i'm a Leo woman. he makes me feel loved and wanted most of the time. we share a lot of intimate moments together. we play and romance each other. however, the moodness is getting on my nerves. and I don't know how to get over this because every time i'm with him I feel emotional. I still have a lot to learn but truly love him.

I am a 20 yr old Leo from Asia. I got myself into a relationship with a 35 yr. old Cancer guy who is Spanish but working in a Canada as a banker. He calls me often and would talk for hours during the 2010 holiday. In just 3 weeks of communicating, he asked me to be his gf. I was teary eyes I don't know and asked him if he is sure and serious and I said yes. He can sometimes be sweet but not extremely sweet as my Taurus ex and he can suddenly just turn cold. I don't want to doubt his sincerity and I'm trying to adjust as much as possible when sometimes I think he doesn't give ample time to our relationship because he calls me less when the holidays were over. I'm eager to make things work for us. I am a very sweet person and he tends to just ignore it which I find insulting or hurting. I'm thankful I read this page and get to know him better and find reasons why a Cancer guy acts that way and how should I handle him and myself in a certain situation . Wish me an d my beau luck! Hope all is well. Thanks:)

Im a Leo woman who's dating a Cancer man. And most of the time I don't know what to say to him because his mood changes so much. One minute he's so sweet and makes me laugh. Then 10 minutes later he's somewhere sitting alone just staring at the wall.... He's a very loving caring and considerate person and I know we will be together forever. but sometimes it's so hard to talk to him and get him to tell me what's on his mind. And he hates how sensitive I am. it bothers him a lot to see me cry, and it makes him very upset. He's very clingy to his grandparents, but I think its cute...

am a Leo woman I met a Cancer man one month a ago everthing was like am in heaven after that he travel for 4months while he was there communication was bad, only who was text to he and sometime no reply from him I try to call he never pick up and one day he call me he said he want hear my voice was upside down and confusing the he came back he just call me and telling he back but we didn't see each for 7 day now since he is back try to call him he said he busy working he will come to see when he get chance help me this is killing me I love this guy

im in love with a Cancer man for 5years.. im a Leo woman. But im not really sure he loved me. Its just I cant let him go in my heart and cannot replace him from anyone..

I am a Leo woman and I had a pretty long sexual relationship with a Cancer man, it was all the way live! There was so much chemistry between us, we never got into a steady rerlationship because I moved away. I will never forget this Cancer man, they really know how to love a Leo woman!

im a Leo woman 20 years old of age., I had relationship with a Cancer man when I was a first year college., im so deeply and crazy in love with him.. and as like them THAT I READ above the history of every Leo woman to their Cancer man.., I was dissapointed in my Cancer ex boyfriend..because of lack of communication., just we want to know our leos clan., is by sharing the problem of Cancer man so that we didn't hesitate., we both each other., share you're feelings to us so that we can have you a good advice and we can share what we can help to u". sorry if im not so good in english... im a filipina lady., and then we just want you're pressence of love..even though its a simple by saying this..what ever you're problem it is just share to you're belove leos so that we don't need to bother our self., we don't hesitate what will happen to u". just share and understanding between Leo and cancer'.

im a Leo woman 20 years old of age., I had relationship with a Cancer man when I was a first year college., im so deeply and crazy in love with him.. and as like them THAT I READ above the history of every Leo woman to their Cancer man.., I was dissapointed in my Cancer ex boyfriend..because of lack of communication., just we want to know our leos clan., is by sharing the problem of Cancer man so that we didn't hesitate., we both each other., share you're feelings to us so that we can have you a good advice and we can share what we can help to u". sorry if im not so good in english... im a filipina lady., and then we just want you're pressence of love..even though its a simple by saying this..what ever you're problem it is just share to you're belove leos so that we don't need to bother our self., we don't hesitate what will happen to u". just share and understanding between Leo and cancer'.

I am a Leo woman, 33, and have been involved with a Cancer man of the same age for the last several months, but it's a long-distance relationship. I agree with what the men have said on this page, leos can be very egotistical and selfish, etc. I work in the public sector as a social worker and I don't consider myself a selfish person. I strive to give of myself and to be there for my Cancer man and I have spent a lot of time getting myself out of my comfort zone with him because I want him to feel loved and appreciated. At the same time, I am independent and used to being on my own, so I sometimes forget that he needs reassurance. When I realize that he has been acting jealous or insecure and realize that I need to give him the attention he's asking for. I did not have the experience of him taking a long time to ask me out, etc. In fact, it was just the opposite. I was more hesitant to "go there" than he was and it took a few months for me to agree to date him. I lo ve his sense of humor and I love that he is in touch with how he is feeling. There are times when he is incredibly vulnerable with me and others when I know he what he wants to say but he just cannot bring himself to say it. I tend to leave him alone when he is moody and just give him space, but recently I called him on it because I felt like I was doing that and he came back and accused me of ignoring him. Then he cut me off completely and didn't explain anything. Didn't end it, didn't say he wanted to break up, just stopped talking to me completely. My fiery Leo side took over after a few days and I let him have it in an email. I never expected to hear from him again and a few weeks later he started communicating again. I am waiting for him to let me know what he needs and so far I haven't heard the apology that I feel I am owed. More than an apology though I just want to know that he won't do this every time things get tough. Especially if we were to have kids. I understand that things are tough sometimes, but he seems to want to "check out" of life and that does not seem fair to the other person in the relationship. I'm all for giving people space if they need it, but not having someone disappear on me completely. I don't know if I will allow him back into my life or not at this point. A part of me wants to, but I also think that it might be better if I don't. p.s. I think I am the least materialistic Leo I've ever met. I don't even have cable TV, a dishwasher, a dryer, air conditioning etc. I don't spend money lavishly and I'm not an attention whore that needs to be out and social all the time. Most of all, I wanted to make him feel adored and loved and to get the same in return. I hope to find someone that it will work with in the future, whether it is him or someone else.

Good luck to all.

I'm a Leo woman. I met a Cancer man and he's the most caring and considerate person in the world. I thought he's into me, when I was in trouble he would change all his plans to come for me and take care of me. I moved to another city and he flew over, traveled a long way in the middle of the night just to see me for 10 mins and left because we both had to work the next day. Many many things... but when I felt something for him, he acted as if he was just treating me as a friend. Later I met an Arias in my city and I was crazily chased by him and we became girlfriend and bf. When I flew home sometimes, Cancer still treats me good, but not as before... until I read this, I knew maybe I had missed something beautiful before... If ever I had taken the first move or be more patient the story might have a different endings.

Anyway, me and Arias broke up because he cheated on me 8 months later. Now I'm online dating another Cancer 1200km away from me. When I met him I just ended my relationship with my ex, it was this Cancer, with all the kind and caring emails, dragged me out of the worst days and made me smile again. It was intense, we had written each other almost 300 long emails within 3 weeks' time and from the very beginning I couldn't take anyone till now I'm starting to expect him and I know I like him already. We email each other from morning till night and we would say sweet dream to each other before going to bed... It was sweet and he's really handsome and successful. I'm at my mid 20s and he's at mid 30s. I know we like each other and we are not seeing/dating other sex at the moment. But I was not sure about how this would go... it is 1200km away and we haven't even met each other (are going to next week coz I'm flying back home!). He told me he's stabilizing at the moment and hoped to find someone serious at the stage of life and have a family. Sometimes he said sweet words which might imply something deep... I'm just not sure. We have not even met each other and he said such intimate words, does that mean he could say this to other girls as well? He's definitely very charming and handsome and successful and could get whatever girl he wants, so why someone so far away and not even met!? Maybe I need to find out the answer when I meet him 5 days later...

im a Leo woman who was so in love with a Cancer man. at first month of our relationship I was so im blinded by my feelings I don't see things clearly.. he borrowed money from me and never pays me.. he asks me out frequently only to pay our bills afterward!! what a douche bag.. he never calls me, I call him and he hates it. WTF??? I was raised with a lot of helpers in the house so im not used doing household chores. but il do anything for him.. later on I noticed he didn't even lend me a hand.. the only task I ask him to do was to throw the garbage..,and im like wasting my time because he wont do it. selfish bastard!! I broke off with him and went back to my parents house.. it was horrendous because he follows me and live with us too!! to left my folks out of my misery, I went home with mr. cancer. im still with him now and I still don't know what ive got into..

I don't know why some people say that Cancer s have not high sex drive, I think they have highest sex drive of all zodiac signs,they are true extreme sensualists but yes some of them are really shy to express early on may be thaths the reason to say.

yes cancerians are extreme wild sensual animals in bed but some times shyness is a problem for som period span initially later on it gets better, please have some patience you would have remarkble unbelievble reward of it.1000% sure with guarantee.

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