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My first experience with a Cancer guy, hmmm. Well, it started out so beautifully. He watched me for a few months, then worked up the nerve to talk to me, too cute.

He blushed a lot but he was soo sweet, polite and calm. He was very knowledgeable about soo many things, current events and cultural things I was amazed by him. He had a deep love for his family and his children it was very touching.

We couldn't get enough of each other. We would text all day long during the week day while at work, talk on the phone after work for a few hours. The problem was my mom didn't like him from the jump. True enough my mother thought he was a very nice guy, but she was convinced he wasn't for me.

This is where it went down hill. We worked for the same company and he delivered the mail two times a day. well, we was coming more than two times and would stay a little longer than he should. It was becoming a little scary! It was great at first but people were starting to get in my business, I don't like that. I'm very private.

It had got to the point one of the managers had told the director of my dept. to tell me to talk to him or she will. I did it the best I could without trying to hurt his feelings, but that didn't work. He acted as if it was ok, but I could tell he was mad, next thing we always hung out on the weekends at his house, after 3 months always being together, some of my girls wanted a girls night out, which because im a workaholic and haven't been anywhere fun for a year, I went with them and said I would meet up with him later on that night.

I never got the chance, it was after 1 am. I told him I could still meet with him later on or next weekend. he said he was tired and next week was fine but again, I could tell he was mad! I made plans to hook with him the following weekend but he didn't answer me. later I found out he went out of town.

He because me suspicious of me after that. when we broke up, because a lots things happened. he would follow me, and wave when he saw me, I would ignore him but still the same thing. I still miss him but I can't trust him at all. But I loved the way he made me feel...till this day he still asks if I'm okay. It's been over 2 years. it was the most intense relationship I had... I miss his friendship and the sex ever.

I was a Libra woman in a relationship with a Cancer man. This guy was loving and loyal. His problem with me was my independence. He could not understand my drive to achieve my career goal. I worked a lot, but made plenty of time for him off hours. He was very sweet, kind and a gentlemen however, I think my personality was just too much for him. I can be loud, but not in an obnoxious way, I'm outgoing, belong to a couple of women's groups which involves a lot of charity work and other activities. I like concerts, comedy clubs, theater and plays.

He tolerated those things. He and I did share a love for jazz and attended jazz concerts together. He was into quiet low key women. Not my personality at all. He could be moody at times. The relationship started out great but as time went by I decided I did not care enough about him to continue it. His personality coupled with mine was a difficult combination. There was nothing wrong with either of us. We just simply did not belong together.

Im with a Cancerian man and we just cant get enough of each other. He is very caring , however he constantly wants to know how much I love and miss him which can be annoying at times because he knows how much I do apart from that. I personally think his great and we get on sooooo well!

Very tough. I've been with my Cancer husband for 16 years. I am light, he's a bit heavy and can be quite crabby when he is not the center of my attention. He adores his mother and if she told him to jump off of a cliff in to a pool of acid, he would do it without hesitation.

This is a very difficult match. It starts off great but after a while, the Libra will begin to feel suffocated. The more the Libra wants her freedom, the more the Cancer tries to pull her in.

However, as a family man, he simply cannot, CANNOT be beat. Excellent father, loyal husband, great provider. He's not flaky nor does he bounce around different jobs. Really, really you couldn't ask for a better husband role model. But for Libra's we need a bit more...

I'm a Libra woman and I met a seemingly wonderful Cancer man. I met him online recently. At first I was trying to keep his spirits up as he was still recovering from being divorced for about a year. He's very funny, he's sweet, he's sensual and very sensitive. The distance might be a lil bit of a problem but I love talking to him so much.

Im a Libra woman with a Cancer man I find him a fun & caring person not afraid 2 express his emotions 2 u. after finding out that he was a Cancer I was afraid that he might not be able 2 put up with my wild party going character. but I was wrong we go 2 parties together & have lots of fun.

Im a lively Libra girl and I've been with my Cancer man for about six months. He is funny, sensual, warm, caring and very hospitable. But when he needs his space he can be just the opposite. Nevertheless I am confident that he cares a great deal for me because his actions when we're together speak volumes. The man is wonderful, like no other I've ever met before. And he's taught me a lot about myself in the short time I've known him. Our relationship is progressing for the positive everyday and I am confident that we'll be together for the long haul.

what can I say, there have been rough patches threw our whole relationship but the good, the passion and the loyalty of a Cancer man seemed much greater and more fun then anything that seemed "bad" at the beginning... at the beginning we had fun together, we couldn't get enough of each other, and we fell in love very fast. it seemed as though everything happened fast in our relationship.

he was charming and good looking, thoughtful, sexy, great and I mean GREAT in bed! his sweet but manly smell still lingers in the house, and just a half second smell of his sent can break me down. He was soo passionate and loved me soo much. he would cherish every part of my body right down to each itty bitty toe, but do not be fooled...

the Cancer man can be very extreme from one side of the spectrum to the other, and the Libras nature of doing things can really get the Cancer man gong... she can make him feel love greater then he has ever known and anger more then he's ever felt. I found that the Cancers passion almost turned into obsession. what at one point was sweet surprise visits at my work became obsessiveness and almost cost me my job, and if you even mention it to the Cancer man he will rage. Going out with the girls was always problem, even if he cam too, and if you ever plan a road trip with your friends..... don't even think about it. his sensitivity can quickly turn to anger almost as if he has no control over his feelings or how to deal with any of them. they can be quite physical too, and in some ways it was comforting to me like he was my "protector" and nothing in this world could hurt me if he was around, but sometimes it got scary when it was directed at me.

with the Cancer man you can never really know what to expect his next move to be. he could just pick up and leave from one argument and never return or he will realize how much he loves you and will never let you go... my ending was not so pleasant. trust me, when the Cancer man is gone the Libra is ripped apart and it feels like all security is gone. and Cancer will not just go... it will be dramatic and hurtful, and as us Libras always do, keep asking why why why, and just not understanding all the sides of the situation and trying to analyze every aspect of it.... but its for the best, trust me this is not a match made in heaven no matter how much fun your having at first, unless you are willing to change everything about yourself.

Im the Libra and iv been with my Cancer boyfriend for 4 months! im having a great time with him and we care a lot for each other although his moods are quite overbearing sometimes! and he's 7 years older then me (im 18, he's 25)sometimes he acts like my dad, telling me what to do!! otherwise its great, he's very affectionate and we have great sexual chemistry! id like to stay with him for a long time hopefully :D

I am a Libra girl and I was involved with a Cancer man. I actually wound up cheating on him. and at that time it was the worst mistake of my life , because although they are very loving ; Cancers are very slow to forgive. (the exact opposite of my sign) at the end of the day there were too many differences for it to work out. after 3 years of a messy breakup, and 2 years of hating him (which is a lot because I typically don't hold grudges) we are finally friends and have moved on to people who understand us .....

I am a Libra woman who has been in a relationship with a Cancer man for 7 months and I must say its been very up and down and confusing. One minute everything seems great and the next it seems like I've done something wrong and I don't even know why.... I have finally decided to end this relationship for good because I can't stand feeling like everything is so unpredictable. The sex was good but again, there was a battle of control in that as well. So my advice on this one is fast as you can.

I'm a Libra curious about Cancer men. I met this charming Cancer and I can't get enough of him! He's super sweet, caring, and gorgeous! Although, Cancer guys pretend to be tough- we all know it's a facade and he's trying hard not to scare us away. What I've noticed so far is how much he wants to be special in my eyes. He always ask me if I'm thinking about him or whatever. If any Cancer is reading this-STOP ASKING if we Libra misses you... chances are- WE DO. We miss you like a puppy misses his owner when he leaves for work in the morning.

What I also notice about this new Cancerian guy is how shy he is.. They're so shy but once you get them to speak about much more personal stuff- an automatic trust is found. We're so honest with each other- too fast! It happened too fast- is it even possible? He even told me how scary it is that I burst his bubble and melt down his wall. To be honest, he makes me nervous. It just seems too good to be true. LOL So, then again, we're both nervous.. But I'm going to enjoy this while it's still here. :)

I hope he makes a great lover and friend.

I'm a Libra girl and I've been dating a Cancer man for 3 years now I mean April 12,2007 was the day but anyways. A year after we started dating he left me for someone else because I moved to another place but now I moved back but now he's controlling he have his days. Im in love with him I know its real love but every single day they we argue off and on constantly . He's in college and im in high school but I mean this doesn't feel like young love at all. I want things to work out for the better and be with him. Things have to change .

My experience with my Cancer man jerry was nice as hell in the beginning it took a long time 4 cuz 2 get together. but u really wanted me that he was not stopping 2 he got me. them when he got me it was crazy cuz he change I was so deep in love with him. that I would have a fit if we was not together. that was my first time love of my life. my all till this day he still want me back but he did me so bad I don't never want him back cuz I would never trust him at all!

Well I have to say that I have been dating a Cancer man for two years now and our relationship has been like a roller coaster, up and down. I have to say that we argue for the most insignificant thing because he is very emotional but then we just cant get enough from each other. He is very loving, sweet, caring and very affectionate too; which I love that because I am like that too.

He can be moody which when that happens I try to just leave him alone and walk away because if not he could drain your energy down hill. I have never been with a person that is so sensitive and so emotional like him. It has it cons and pros. When am not feeling good he turns to be that nurturing person, he gives me a massage, makes me tea, and ask me if am feeling better; it just so loving. Our relationship as progress because we communicate a lot and we try to meet half way in our differences.

I am a Libra woman who was in a relationship with a Cancer man..oh he was quite the charmer. Shy and patient. Loved to play with my daughter. Very concerned, very affectionate. and then.. as its said about most Cancer men they have big hearts and are usually very dedicated to fam n friends ALL OF THEM his infidelity was the worst and getting into a confrontation with this Cancer was like going to war. The Cancer's elemental sign is the moon ie. LUNAr...hmm remind you of another word? LUNATIC. he became very moody, sulky, and would never (even when I begged to no end) express his emotions verbally. It put a strain on the relationship as a whole because we Libra's NEED communication (even when we don't agree)

Also, he (as most Cancers are famous for) being a "home-body" vs. my extroverted personality with many friends.. I'm not saying Libra/Cancer wont work but hard work will need to go into it. We love and miss each other very much but it was up to me to recognize and decide that that ship had sailed.

The first time I saw my Cancer man I fell in love. He has a Cancer rising and sun in the first house as well as Cancer Venus!!!! Sooo much Cancer, Leo and Gemini!! I'm Libra with dominant earth and water in my chart.

We worked together first and never told anyone but It drove me mad. I could smell him when he walked past me. His scent lingered when he left. We got together after I had been there for two months. The sex was awesome; every time felt like the first time SERIOUSLY!!!

We had so much in common. It felt like we were meant to be. So very intense. We were in tune with one another and it was exactly what I wanted at first.

I started getting strange feelings as I would call and he would be on the other line but wouldn't answer my call. He wouldn't answer my texts! He flaked on my Birthday!! He built me up so hi then dropped me as hard as he could.

It was truly an emotional rollercoaster because he always had some reason or excuse that he smoothed over with his buttery love.

He couldn't be there for me because he didn't want to be. We were the classic Libra that thrives for companionship while Cancer wants his own solo sanctuary couple. He told me he couldn't commit or play boyfriend. So sickening and disappointing because there was so much potential.

He drove me insane because he kept coming around but wouldn't be accessible when I needed him. My fault but I just couldn't say no. When we were together it was so hypnotizing!!

He finally told me after 5 months that he wanted to get to know me. In April I went through his phone and found correspondence between him a two other women. I dreamed that he cheated on me with a girl before I went perusing.

I told him I can't see him while he sees other women. HE WON'T LET ME GO!!! But one day he says he'll come back for me and marry me etc. Yeah whatever dude!! Still waiting...NOT!!!

It was love at first sight. This instant electric chemistry that you couldn't fake if you wanted to. It was magic! We met 15 years ago but never really spoke much. Then we reconnect through Facebook and he tells me he had a huge crush on me back then. We started talking on the phone and on the first date he asked me to be exclusive. Date two, we knew we were in love. It felt completely right. I did something minor that hurt his feelings and it's been a rollercoaster ever since. He loves me, he loves me not. Together, break up cycle. Now he says he's not relationship material right now but we can still hang out. Hung out with him, he made me an amazing dinner, we were very affectionate the whole time. He even kissed me and said" love you"! What is going on?! We both love documentaries and he said he is going to find a bunch so we can watch them together when I come over! So he's planning on me coming over in the future. That was last week and it was magical. However, I have yet to get a phone call or text. I love him with all of my being. Don't know what to do. Should I hang in there or give up?

I have been with my emotional Cancer man for 2 years. He started out as my best friend, he was easy to talk to, extremely smart, there for me when I needed somebody, etc.

I wanted him badly right when I met him... He was handsome, witty, and he smelled fabulous ;) But he wanted to take things slow. Which was adorable to me.

When we finally started dating my world turned upside down. He was THE most caring man I have ever met. He was protective, but sophisticated (he didn't start fights) He knew how to cheer me up, he spoiled me with attention, and he showered me with affection.

After about a year things got a bit rocky, when I got sick of his mood swings when I would hang out with my girls, or get a text from an old high school guy friend.

I began to feel claustrophobic, he smothered me, and got upset when I didn't text him back within 15 minutes.

We worked through a roller coaster and have learned how to compromise, I tell him when he is being too clingy, and he tells me when I am being too flirtatious.

I am soooo happy to say that we have been doing more than well since that little bumpy patch. He is my world, he is the most loyal, loving person I have ever met. Even though he might seem a bit crabby at times.

Just have patience with your Cancer man. It worked for me, and I couldn't be happier!!

I am a Libra female and I meet my Cancer threw Facebook. I asked how he found me and he covered it up with a lot of compliments. A couple of months later he hits me up asking me for personal contact and from there we been speaking but already I can tell that I want so much from him because what he gives is awesome. . the sexual attention is serious but I already see where i ma have the step back in certain cases. . and he already asked me let him spoil me. personally feel like if there something to work on then go for what u believe not based on some internet stuff but the other stories helped me out a lot thank you

No offence to any individual comments here, but have you noticed how many 'bad' relationships start through Facebook? I've been reading a bunch of posts here and I don't think I've seen one yet where a FB relationship worked out. I'd love to see a poll done on this.. It's like the kiss of death or something lol.

Im a Libra female that's in love with a Cancer male he was my first love we lost contact 20 yrs ago and we found each other this march so far so good hopefully it will work

I'm a Libra woman who is very much in love with a Cancer man. He was caring, thoughtful and loving at first and always try to communicate with me during our first month. We are on our 4th month now in our relationship. I'm getting frustrated with the way he acts. There are time that he don't even want to talk or reply to my text messages. I'm getting confused. I don't even know the reason why he is doing that to me. When I tried to confront him he always run and turn out to be mad at me at times. I always end up crying. He doesn't even dare to comfort me. I only demand communication and yet even I always pointed it out to him he don't even care to do so. He always have time for his family and friends. He don't want to talk to me when his family was around specially when he was with his mom. I really love him but I don't know if I can still handle his being moody without any reasons at all. Is there any way to make this relationship last? Should I completely change my self?

well I've been with this Cancer guy for about three months I'm a happy outgoing Libra woman so I can be a little loud at with my laughing and he's kind of quiet. Anyways everything was going good he was sweet gave me a lot of compliments and I felt like I could talk to him about anything. After a few weeks me and him started to get in a few arguments about stupid stuff but right after he would apologize to me that was the sweet part of him. We in this really heated argument 1 day because he said he didn't want a relationship so I got mad at him so I decided I wanted to make him jealous BAD IDEA. I change on making him jealous he found out about I told him I'm sorry he didn't believe me so now we haven't talk for a while and it really annoys me because he has no problem talking to my friends but not me so I write him a cute sweet innocent note still didn't accept my apology. So we all now that Libra women are really sensitive so it was kind of hard to get over him an d I'm still not over him. So to this day I will never date another Cancer man there to sensitive. I can't date a man more sensitive than me

I have been with my Cancer man for 4 years and I absolutely adore hi

...he is so caring, kind, protective, and loving...he is quite sensitive and so am I so we are careful to watch out for each others feelings. I have found that the best way to deal with him when he gets his feelings hurt over minor things is to apologize for hurting his feelings then back off and let him process it. Sexually, we are amazing together, we still behave like new lovers...we are at each other constantly. I love the way he smells, I even keep a few items of his clothing around so he lingers with me in his absence...this combination can be a winner if you're willing to put the work in

I am w a Cancer man, I am Libra chick. All this is weird because it sounds jus like us, lol. I love my man to death. But don't get me wrong we have had our lil roller coaster too but we have sat and talked, well I have talked bout how I understand what he needs and he listens then contemplates and a few days later we are fine lol. But I absolutely love him w every ounce of my being!! It takes a lot of work and an open mind and willingness to compromise but after a while it is simply unbelievably amazing!! Just always know that he will be crabby and a house person and we will always want to get out. ... From the beginning I have worshiped the ground he walks on. He makes me open up and be a better person and vise-versa. I love how caring he is. But I HATE how long it takes him to make up his mind about me lol. He is very precise in what he wants and needs. I almost have it though. He make the world a better place, makes my life so much more fun.

I was in a relationship with a Cancer man for 6 months, he broke up with me because I did not wear my hair they way he wanted me to. He said he couldn't trust me to be the woman he needed in his life today it was hair tomorrow who knows what. I thank God I am rid of him because that's the craziest thing I've ever heard of in my life. Not bragging but Im a pretty good person with a lot of good qualities. if he came back I would not except him

To all the women out there, believe me I am a Cancerian man

we all need is your love and affection that is our fuel .with that he can bring the whole world at you're feet . I don't mind to become a slave.... but a sincere love.

what else do a woman want.

why don't women understand ???why do they want to play with men??? then they only know to blame .. try it out my sincere advice.

love you all

I met my Cancer man when we were still in school about 15 years ago. He was my "first" an thou we didn't last long when we were kids he made a lasting impression on me. By far was the best sex I had even thru my adult life.

We just re-met after not seeing each other for 14 years or so. One date and sparks flew I kissed him first (giggle). We've been together since almost 3 months now. Everything has moved VERY FAST! I flirted with making him jealous in the beginning but quickly learned that was a BAD idea. I feel ready for him at this point in my life. A few years ago I know I would have already hurt him.

He treats me so wonderfully I couldn't ask for a better friend/lover. Every time with him is like the first time! Amazing hot hot hot sex. I do worry that he won't pull through when it comes to birthdays and gifts and things like that. I do hope that if he understands how much things like that mean to me that he will not let me down.

Puppy love has turned into a whirlwind romance none of my other relationships have matched! If this falls apart my heart will be broken for a long long time. I'm gonna tell him how much I love him one more time tonight!

wow, lol I would love to have sex with one of these men. Damn qualities though would prolly make me love him. Life sux

Met my Cancer man 9 months ago. He is soooo sweet and loving. He farms and milks cows and I love being out there too. He also loves cats! That is awesome. I don't trust men who don't like animals. Anyway I started out working for him painting but since our first "date" we have been together ever since! I quit my job at the vet office, sold my house and moved out here. He wants me here 24/7 but never tries to hold me back if there's something I want to go do. He is very sensitive and I had to tone down my opinions on certain things but overall we are a lot alike. I worry that he will get "crabby" as Cancer men are known to do after the newness wears off but so far he is a rock. I LOVE that he is protective and so affectionate. We are both 47 and I am his first live in and there weren't even many dates before me due to his work schedule. I wondered what was wrong with him at first to not be married or ever in a serious relationship but I honestly can't find a thing wrong with this man. I have been married before and have sworn off of marriage all these years since my divorce but I would consider marrying this one if he asked me. I have read so much negative reports about Libra women and caner men and I am so hoping we are the exception to the rule because I would feel a huge loss without this man!!

I have known my Cancer man for 14 months, ten with us being together as a couple. .. right now he's giving me tingles

It is work and maintenance, but well worth it. I feel various emotions and sparks of creativity when I'm by him. He works at the same job (10 years) and raises his 2 kids alone. He is my world ad I am his.

He smells delicious. The sex is AMAZING. my best ever! !

He is emotional. Angry if I don't text fast enough or if plans don't pan out on has been quite a drive. . But he's my baby... if we ended my heart wouldn't be able to fully heal.

I have known my Cancer man for 14 months, ten with us being together as a couple. .. right now he's giving me tingles

It is work and maintenance, but well worth it. I feel various emotions and sparks of creativity when I'm by him. He works at the same job (10 years) and raises his 2 kids alone. He is my world ad I am his.

He smells delicious. The sex is AMAZING. my best ever! !

He is emotional. Angry if I don't text fast enough or if plans don't pan out on time. it has been quite a drive. . But he's my baby... if we ended my heart wouldn't be able to fully heal.

my Cancer man and I met when I was fourteen, I am now 33. We lost contact for about 10 years. During that period I got married and had three children. We hooked up at a funeral and it has been on and poppin for two years. In the beginning it was fine that I was married but now he can not stand my husband. He is very protective and speaks about my children as if they were his own. We have great chemistry and the sex is like a drug...the best ever. I am considering leaving my husband for this man I have wanted him since I met him. I love this man with everything in me but he does not express his feelings for me. He shows me the way he feels in other ways like helping me start a business doing things for me, making sure I have what I need. He adores the ground his mother walks on. His emotions can become out of control and he can become moody but I am willing to deal with that just to be with him forever. That is my BABY!!!

My Cancer and I have been friends since sophomore year. (We're Seniors now) When I first laid eyes on him, I thought that he looked very familiar and cute. The minute we met we just clicked. It happened so fast I don't even know what I said to him first or what he said to me! Anyway, we clicked instantly and were the BEST OF FRIENDS :) He made me laugh and we even got in trouble on the bus and in class for being so goofy. Junior year came around and we were both going through a break up from a long-term relationship. After a while we started liking each other and at first it seemed like we were just using each other as rebounds. That fact was true...but after a while we realized that we actually DID like each other for the right reasons. So we kicked it and it was cool having people wonder ab us at school. They often told us how adorable we looked together. He took me to the fair and the movies. He was very romantic and very sweet. he always makes me laugh when I'm down and even though we cant be together (for private reasons) I know that he misses me. We would even sneak around so we could see each other. It was like Romeo and Juliet. At times he was moody and annoying but he is so irresistible and I cannot get enough of him. I love him very much. It's hard being just friends though. So tempting. MY Cancer IS AMAZING. ANNOYING, BUT AMAZING. HE'S THE BEST EVER. MY LIFE WOULD BE BORING W/O HIM IN IT. :)

p.s. haven't slept with him, but from previous engagements, there is no doubt that he can work it. I shall find out one day ! ;)

I've been with a Cancer man for about 2 yrs and 4 months it's been very special. Our friend introduced us after my Cancer brought me up in a conversation( he hadn't told me that till recently :) so cute) so when our friend got us together we exchanged numbers and since then we haven't missed a day of texting or a night of talking. He is caring loving and passionate! I think this is the one for me, we are so close it's not funny. The only thing that gets me is his way of thinking sometimes, things that apply to me don't to him and I still don't feel like I can jst walk into his house and eat his food and sit on his couch, but he is more than welcome to in my home. I think it's jst me. We are both still all over eachother! Can't get enough! If this keeps going the way it is this jst might work! :)

I been with my baby for 11 months and he is a Cancer and am a Libra . during the 11 months we been together we been to hell and back again . we are only 17 and we argue like crazy . I am afraid if we stay together and get married things will only get worst . he doesn't trust me for nothing . he thinks I cheat on him he is very sensitive . sometimes I am afraid to have a serious conversation with him because I don't want to say anything wrong that will upset him . he is the love of my life and I don't want to lose him but sometimes he goes ova board . he calls me out my name and says things that I never thought he would say but then a couple of hours past and me and him are back again sayin I love you and all that good stuff I mean I enjoy being his girlfriend but he has done so much to me that lately I have been thinkin of letting him go. when me and him get into an argument he doesn't want to talk about it . he stops talking to me for a couple of days then he is ba ck to normal tetxin and calling me again . no thats not how I want it to be . how do I know that he is okay if he doesn't talk to me . he just keeps everything to his self . and I am afraid to talk to him . weneva I do try to talk to him he tells me to mind my buisness I don't need to know what he is thinkin ; but he always wants me to say what's on my mind but he never wants to say what's on his mind . me and my Cancer boo are in this relationship for life well we want to be . with us goin to school and everything people are getting in the way of our happiness . he said we will get married afta highschool because after highschool it will just be me and him and that will be perfect because all I need is him and all he need is me . we will work out our problems no matter what . I am faithful to him and pray to god that he is faithful to me . I love him so much he is th best most amazin part of my life ; when he is not being difficult and acussin me of doin things all the time . he is the sweetest most thoughtful caring person in the world and I love him . and I cnt wait to be his wife .

Well, I have just recently started talking to a Cancer man, I am a mature Libra woman. We have known each other since high school but recently just started reconnecting because I moved back to my home town a few months ago. This guy as teens use to always try and date me and I would never pay him attention. We currently have been talking on the phone and texting and facebooking and hanging out on the weekends. OMG!!!! I cant get enough of him already. we plan on taking things slow but it already seems to be going fast. I cant help myself. the crazy thing is I was just getting out of a heartbreaking relationship and since I have been talking to him...I am no longer hurt, I am happy and all smiles. I look forward to talking to him. he is so sweet and he smells so good. he is well dressed and thoughtful. He gives me a lot of attention in away no man has before. I am 30 and I feel like a teenager! I hope this bond is what I have been praying for. I know we are different and I understand cancers are moody cause my daughter is a cancer. I hope we can learn to compromise and make this a love we both can have for a lifetime!

My best guy friend is a Cancer and he has the hugest crush on me. It took me a year to realize my feelings for him. So when we finally got together, his feelings smothered me. He was so mushy and clingy that I felt I needed a way out. I appreciated all the love, but in the end, it was the wrong kind of intense emotion. I broke it off and I know I hurt his feelings a lot, but it was better for me and him. I know there is a better girl out there for him and a better guy for me. Overall, Cancers are the sweetest of the astrological signs. They'll love you and be there for you no matter what.

I'm 21 and so is my Cancer ex.. We met back wen we were 10 yrs old but didn't date till we were 16. Things were great until four months of dating I decided to give him my virginity. After that he cheated on me& I broke up wit him but continued seeing him although he was wit another girl. Now were both adults me I have NO children& he has two young ones by two diff women. We still talk now and recently he been txtn a lot & trying to get back wit me but I'm not doing that again... He was my first in everything but I refuse to let him hurt me like he did in the past but I will always cherish the good times! Ladies be careful of these men they can be addictive!!!!

Well my experience is a bit different, I am a 25 year old Libra woman with two beautiful kids and in a very rocky relationship with their father. I met a Cancer man at wk about over a month ago and from the first conversation we just clicked.

We talked a lot and have so much in common, he is also in a relationship and has a child but somehow when we're together everything seems right.

When we first made out it was like magic, I realize that one thing similar about all the comment that were made are about their smell...and yes he smells like a dream. I love being around him and seriously considering persuing a relationship with him as bad as it may sound. I feel as though we were meant to be. Sometimes I wonder though if he's genuine but I really hope he is, he just confuses me sometimes.. But I will be patient because all good things come to those who wait...and I'm waiting..

am a Libra woman and I met a Cancer man at a church function. It was like an immediate connection almost like love at first sight. The thing is he won't approach me. I see him constantly watching me and when I look back at him, he look away. He seems nervouse when he talks to me, which I think is so cute. I realized that he was 2 yrs younger than me, so I decided to make the first move. I sent him a message on facebook and he requested to be my firend but didn't resond that time or the 2nd time. I see how he stares at me and I know he wants me but a mutual friend of ours say he would prefer a woman without children because he doesn't have any. Well I have 2 from my previous marriage. M and him have a connection like no other and I just want him to make that move, but he won't. Tonight I was rubbing my arms because I was cold and he brought me his jacket and after service I finally said I love him back which I like is a little weird but church eeole often say that fre ely so I said it back and I could tell he liked it. I'm 27 and he is 25, I have 2 boys 1 yr and 3yr and he has never been married neither do he have children. He is so sweet and such a gentlemen, he makes me tingle just thinking about him but I wish he was a little more bolder and came on to me.

Wow, I never should have read any of this!!!! I met my Cancer man a month ago. He is the most understanding and kind man that I have ever met. He is 32 and I am 28. I hope that because we are both a bit more mature we won't have some of the problems that seem to be popping up for others that are in similar zodiac relationships. I am not a typical Libra in that I do not like to party all the time and be out. I am nervous that when the newness wears off he will show me that "crabby" side. It is funny how there are so many similarities in these stories. I also absolutely love the way my man smells. I can't get enough of it!!!! Wish me luck!!!!

I am a Libra woman, age 23. I met my ex through my best friend. I dated a Cancer Man for 4.5 years. We broke up in June 2010, and it was the hardest, most emotional break up. For the 4.5 years of being together, we had a lot of care, love, and emotion for each other. On the other hand, his mood swings, his jealousy, and insecurities were taking a toll on me. As a Libran, we need to feel balanced... right?

We really tried to make things work, but our communication was horrible. He just couldn't understand me or my feelings, it was as if it was all about how he felt or he'd turn the tables to make it about him.

Another problem that occured was the amount of times he felt like I didn't love him or he just needed to hear it all the time. Proof?

The physical part of the relationship was fantastic. Passionate, intimate, heated in all the good ways. He just knew what he was doing.

I miss him everyday, but it was for the best that we broke up because I was becoming very unhappy, and his depressive moods were starting to rub off on me. I hate to put blame, I'm trying not too, but this is why I left a Cancer Man.

About three years ago I met a Cancer man. Right away there was amazing sexual chemistry between both of us. He smelled so good and was simply gorgeous. He took me home that night and he was the best I have ever had sexually to date. We talked for awhile and I ended up at his place a few more times after that. I wanted to have a relationship with him but it just didn't work out. We still keep in touch through facebook here and there. Last night I bumped into him at a club and well that connection is back. He is very busy with 2 jobs, and he explained that at that time he really liked me but just had no time. I was the type to go out all the time before and he wanted more of a low key type of girl. We had an amazing talk last night. I think he wanted me to go home with him last night. I was with my friends and I did a lot of growing up since then. Even though I wanted to more than ever.

I got a msg from him on facebook after he had got home from the club saying that I have turned into the girl that he could spend the rest of his life with, and he went on with how amazing I looked. He wants to go out for dinner and get to know me again and asked if he could call me to make plans. I want to so bad. I still think about this man a lot and I was very in love with him since the moment we met. There only one problem. I have a boyfriend for two years and he has a girl friend. We both don't care though. It's worth trying a second time!

I was with a Cancer guy before at first it was fun it was like our minds were linked i.e: we finish each others sentences, I say one word and he gets the whole point of what I was saying, and we had a lot of private jokes.. but after a month or two he became moody.. I tried to 'pamper' him, thinking that maybe he has some problems or something but then I felt like he was being moody all the time just to be pampered.. we were like happy at first you know talking endlessly and then he would be so quiet later on..and sometimes needy

the pros is that he is really caring and loyal.. that maybe I am just too flighty for him.. libras are =)

am a librian women & am getting married to a Cancer guy, its an arranged marriage, he swept me off my feet as of now.. but readin al d above stuff i'm gettin nervous.. hope all wrks well for us..

I've been wit this Cancer guy for 8 years .I'm a Libra woman .at first he was quiet and loving caring he listen to me when I didn't feel good uplifted me spritually .care for me when I was sick gave me money loved my two children . Then as time went on he stopped paying me attention after I had my first kid by him he said our days of having fun was over.then the supose to be just funning name calling and cracks thensaying he was smarter then me cause he had a college degree he gave me a ring a took it back for car parts because this guy is selfish he want everything and gives you nothing in return he acts like a woman very messy can't dress watches porn constantly .I'm very sexual consider myself a nemfo but when I met him everything change he makes you want to find jesus you compremise he don't it's all about him Cancer men are what I call con men sweet at first bitter in the end don't better yourself that's a threat I think they like woman that are lower then th em so they can feel like you need them.and you have to look and act like a whore at all timesor their world is empty so act like a whore cook them food buy them things take care of them and exspect nothing in return. unless he feel guilty but that last for a minute

I am a Libra woman and is in love with a cancerous man. he is very ambitious, loving, and gentle. however I feel that he keeps a lot of things away from me. he's very independent and likes to solve his own problems even though I have to be there to lift him up all the time. the sex couldn't get any better. he has a creative mind when it comes to anything. he can always make me laugh and show me a good time. we've only been dating for 3 months. he rocks my world with all his surprises and comfort! he loves to make me happy. he feels as if he constantly needs money! Cancer men can make a small problem into something big. he always reminences on how things use to be, but im fine with that. we both talk about how much we love and care for one another.


well after hearing all these stories, I can't say I don't relate, I been with my husband a Cancer man since middle school we got married young I was 19 and he was 20, well it was great in the beginning we never really argued, he always been jeaulous though but, after we got married we argued all the time, we even got physical a couple of time, very moody, very crabby when they can't have their way annoying, great father when not occupied with everyone else like friends, loving and very apologetic but will repeat the same behaviors over and over again, hopefully it gets better before I get a divorce!!!

Well i'm a Libra recently in a relationship with a Cancer guy and at first it was the best I really do love him we met through the internet and we just had so much in common! but, we also had a lot of break up's for only 4 months of dating which worries me but, the good thing is after our last break up which just got back together being open with each other and telling one another what we expect to put in for each of our parts and things seem to be improving a lot he's there for me when I need him and is more open with me when I do something he doesn't like he's isn't demanding that's one thing I love about him and doesn't mind me having fun with friends we are starting to have a better connection now so yeah I don't see why Cancer and libras cant last you just have to put in and try to fi things and make a few changes things will turn around! ( :

p.s. I don't know about the se cause im still a vee lol

Im a Libra im not really outgoing and I do get clingy a lot too and

I really like this Cancer guy so hope he likes me back because were really good friends and he's so sweet and sensitive

Thanks for sharing all of your stories it has taught me and I appreciate all of them.

As a Cancer man I have dated many Libra women. The sex with Libra women has been the best, most intense and kinky I could ask for. The flip side is that out side of the bedroom they all drove me crazy. Cancers are quiet and don't like to draw attention to themselves. Libras put it out there. Some of their compulsive traits(which usually involved something sexual) while endearing at the beginning wear us down. As long as we could be private or not engaged with everyone else it was fantastic.

I'm a Libra teenage girl, and I was attracted to a Cancer right off the back. Over a couple months we became best friends and we flirt constantly. I don't know exactly how he feels about me, but he has said he would go out wit me and he wants to be kicks, because he wants to take it slow. He is so amazing, funny, caring, and trustworthy. He knows exactly what to say. We haven't kicked it yet, because we r on beak, but I can't wait!! I hope everything goes well and we end up together and happy for a very long time. =D

Im a Libra woman dating a Cancer man. I must say that I can relate to many of the above stories. My Cancer man wants to talk about his feelings and how much he loves me and misses me every day.... and we have only been dating a month. It can be a bit too much for this Libra lady, but he is so sweet and loving, I'm willing to try and work with it. I'm a very needy person too, but not so much as him. I've dated other Cancer men, and found them to be crabby" as well, but am hoping that this one might be different or that at least, I know what to expect, and can tolerate more now. There is always good with the bad, and none of us are perfect, so I say, it's a lonely world out there, no relationship is going to be perfect. And someone above was complaining about meeting on FB, but come on, this is 2011, and the new way to meet people is online~~~ doesn't really matter what website it is.

im a Libra woman who has been involved with a confusing Cancer man. one side of him he's so sweet appears to know what he wants and cares in a different way. the other side of him is so ignorent to my feelings as he flakes out and acts selfish watching his behavior has confused the shit out of me and made me very frusterated.they don't relise they hurt you when they dissapear for periods of time during important parts of your life and leave you unsure of the relashionship cuz they r so look at them positively then they act in a way that makes you look at them sideways. you love them but you don't want to hurt yourself by admitting it even if they try to get you to.this is what happened with me. the fn guy kept saying cuz you love me rite cuz you love me rite and im not one to admit that before a man cuz they I didn't say anything then this guy forces my feelings out of me got me to admit im a bit in love with him then he dissapears on fricken christmas.he ask ed me if I wanted to spend it with him in the first place so I was non shalant like ya sure we can spend it together cuz I don't want to come across too needy either and ive been hurt before so im trying to protect myself at the same time. turns out I got over it planned a romantic nite for us that nite with this strange feeling in my gut that this guy wasnt going to show.looky looky the fn jerk turns his phone off for days then never talks to me again.its been 3 weeks no adult conversation seperating no closure no nothing. how does someone go from apparently caring about you telling you to trust them telling you that you're the only girl for them then fn dissapearing on a holiday. wow thats the most mature thing I have ever experienced in my life. I was not impressed at all what so about some closure how about some good old fashion mature conversation its 2011 ud think people could man up and talk in person if they ever even cared about someone in the first place which apparently they did ya fn rite!other than that I have tried to get closer tried to be nice even tried to care and this guy don't give a f.keep icnoring me cuz as a Libra fighting with people and ending friendships is hella not on our lists it goes aginst our being.ya we get emotional but so what everyone does so what makes his emotional silences better than my emotional vocalness and trust me I have never yelled at the guy.i could never yell at him.and I wouldnt not even after flaking like that. he once had the nerve to call me flaky ya rite im still here trying to figure out what the hell happened to my best where the f is he????who knows!!!this is so annoying and thats what makes me mad too you tell someone this stuff pisses you off and they do it on purpose regardless of how much stress your under no regard for you're feelings of abandoment on christmas, and no regard for how much emotions you have invested in them in the first place.they tell you to man up even tho you're the bigger person trying to talk and see what happened when r they gonna man up.mad or not mad how could someone do that to someone.especially when you both agree that if you're ending something do it in person so you know you r serious.clearly he either a doesn't give a f or be is thinking im gonna wait around and keep hurting myself and driving myself crazy with these confusing thoughts and actions.he knows dam well that I as a Libra cannot just end a friendship or relashionship with someone that I care about and adore by just changing my number and dissapearing cuz libras care about people and problems and that shit ripped me rite apart. it was harsh and it was the meanest fn thing someone has ever done. id rather be cheated on and told about it than just straight up left like that I don't care how annoying I am when im trying to answer dam questions. yet I still miss the dumbi I valued him alot.this is rediculous why cant they just talk if I spend another month thinking about this I am going to shoot myself in the fn face im sick of thinking.

I am a Libra woman that had a 5 year relationship with a Cancer man 6 years ago. We had our ups and downs but he was the most thoughtful, passionate man I have ever met. They can be moody and require a lot of reassurance, maybe a little secretive, and he even wanted me to gain weight (prob so other men wouldn't look at me and he could have me all to himself). No man would ever compare to the thought that he put into everything that he did. They just want to be adored and appreciated. As long as they know that you love them and no one else, they would take their last breath telling you how much they love you. Great sex and you will never be bored together!

I'm a Libra female and have been with a Cancer male on and off a couple of times over the last 6 years! Went many years without speaking to him. A few months back we ran into each other and the fireworks immediately flew! I'm crazy about him and he reports feeling the same! this time he is actually not involved with anyone else- so I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes! Neither of us were ever able to really understand why it did not work out before, but we are both really hopeful and believe that we have both matured over the last several years that it will work out!

Im a Cancer male and I had a Libra girlfriend for around 3 months.. Everything was going well until I found out that she is cheating on me, she said has already moved on but she is still attached to her ex-boyfriend. Of all people, I couldn't understand why the f*** she cheated on me.. After knowing that, I never showed up on her again, I changed my number and I even blocked her on my facebook.

well I am currently involved with two Cancer men I am a Libra woman. I am not dating but involved in a way with them. they are very wierd yet magnetic people. I actually have an obsession over them and vice versa. I have been on an off with one of them for 4 years and the other a year and a half. they act alike in certain ways and they differ in certain ways ie: one will call me all the time and one won't. one will kiss me passionately the other won't. but both will beg if need be and are moody. not in the I am mean to you kind of way but in the today I wanna see you tomorrow I could care less kind of way. they say they never intend to ignore, hurt ,or be mean but they do it anyway over and over as if they don't know that that behavior is why I get moody, and don't accept their calls.anyway I haven't had sex with one and I have had sex only one time with the other. we fool around but not actually having sex and they love it. it's like a drug to them because they alw ays want to see me. I think they feel if we have sex I will lose interest which is probably true. but if we aren't going to be committed to each other then why keep the I think they like to be chased and that doesn't work for me because I like to be chased so we are forever having our gaurds up to keep control over the relationship or whatever you call it.i just know I hate not knowing how they truly feel which is why I can't settle with them they seem like they are saving that closeness for the one they want to marry and I am not it I am just a beautiful peice of arm candy with SKILLZ to keep them coming back ! now how do I keep them from coming back is the question. I am tired of the games and ready to settle down but I can't when they are my drug and I am theirs.

I'm a Libra female and I've been known my Cancer partner for many years. Immediately I fell for him. He had the biggest bluest eyes I'd ever seen, and for me nice eyes is a big thing, after all the eyes are said to be the window to the soul. When we first met we were young, and in school and he was still trying to find who he was. He was arrogant and violent and harsh. Like a crab, he had a hard shell around him and acted like nothing could touch him, but I'm very good at reading people and saw right though it from day one.

Winning his heart was easy when I knew how, but it was hard to tell where to start. I became friends with him first, but not in the same way others were. I was the friend who he'd talk to when he was upset and the friend whom he confided in. It was really difficult to do so, but I tried to help him with girl problems. He had really low self esteem. I was with someone at the time and naturally felt really bad about these feeling for the Cancer boy, but they'd been there long before my parter had been.

The way to win a Cancer man's heart, I found, was obvious flirtation. I had to bat my eyelashes really hard and tell him outright that he was gorgeous before he began to suspect I was interested in him. Another thing I learned was he really appreciated me remembering things; when he told me things I tried as hard as I could to remember them and when he told me again, I would tell him I hadn't forgotten and he would be happy.

Cancer-Libra relationships are very difficult, I'd admit. Many people don't stick it out because Libra women are stubborn and independent and Cancer men are stubborn and obsessive, those things generally don't go well together. But if you find a balance, it is the most perfect and extraordinary experience you'll have. Me and my Cancer man have to work hard at our relationship, and getting him to open up is very difficult at times but that doesn't mean he doesn't trust me, he does. When we argue we argue for hours and it's intense and really awful things are said. Sometimes it takes a lot to stop the arguments. But I think the problem is we're both so passionate, this is why we argue so badly and get on so well at the same time. We can act like five year olds at times, fifty year olds at other times, we can act like a newly got together couple and one thats been married for years.

Honestly, it's the best I've ever had, and we were our first everything. We're engaged and trying to conceive our first child. It's a lot of work, but it's so worth it in the end.

Also, as many others have said, the sex between Cancer men and Libra women is incredible, probably because of the passion they both have. Me and my man have the craziest wild sex sometimes, but there is always an element of innocent, loving, sweetness in his eyes. He's cute as well as intense.

I'm a Cancer man and have been married to a Libra woman for nearly 6 years. Our married life has varied between really great and sweet moments to downright hellfights, sulkings and 3-day silence treatments. The bond remains very strong, but there are times we are forced to ask each other what we are doing together!! Hey don't misunderstand me, I don't regret one bit having married her. i'm the natural emotional caring cancer, with the natural short fuse as well!! she is kind of a withdrawer in fighting. she has the tendency to keep inside her and sulk, and that annoys me, since am more of a confrontational type (unlike typical cancer.

luckily, we have similar visions in life, so we keep going! we are happy and I know our relation will be for life!! (for better or worse!)

I'm a Cancer man that had a 1 year long affair with a Libra ...we were both married and still married..10 years ago and we are still best friends. I still love her to the point of pain but she just fills me up..its like heaven when we are together and I have a small business now and she works with me...remotely but we talk every day and she makes excuses to have lunch whenever we can. She has 2 young kids..mine are grown and out of the house. When we broke up, she did the breaking, I would have divorced my wife. I'm in a lousy relationship..and as you know Cancer men don't do very well without love and affection. But my question to you Libra ladies is...I know she will never destroy her marriage, if she didn't 10 years ago when we were so passionate and were risking everything to spend 5 minutes that we are like best friends..I know this is going to sound creepy but do you think she would just fool around? Or is that totally out of the question....casual sex for a Libra woman? I know she still feels it.but am I just like a brother to her now?

I am a Cancer man dating a Libra woman.

We met at work and my attraction to her was nothing short of Love at first sight. We began speaking at work; she was flirty, mysterious and seductive. I was hooked. We started talking and became very close very quickly, couldn't get enough of each other - but she was seeing someone else. The guy never appreciated or loved her like I knew I could. After a few months her feelings for me became stronger and she decided that she didn't care for the other person any more because of me, but I didn't trust her. I eventually ended up drunkenly sleeping with an ex believing she was still sleeping with that guy and I was right and we were wrong and both ended up deeply hurting each other and haven't really trusted each other since.

We argue a lot; when things are good, they're good and when its bad, it is really bad. This woman is my heart and spoil her with everything I have but nothing is ever enough. The sex is amazing, she says I am her best ever and she is mine. We argue one moment, make up and have sex.

It's not all about sex, we have a lot in common and share a lot of the same goals and dreams. But this has been one rollercoaster of a relationship and I'm not sure who is to blame. It's not over, we're still together but I know it will come to a horrible end eventually... I love her forever though.

I'm a Cancer man dating a Libra woman. WOW! What a nut! (This statement applies to both of us, by the way) Any Cancer men reading this: if you want a woman that knows her way around the bedroom, Libra is your leading lady!

She flies off the handle if a wrong thing is said or a right thing is not said, or if she just feels something is unbalanced (funny how my particular Libra feels balance is achieved only if it's her own scales that are even), and I withdraw...and she keeps poking my shell until my claws come out & snap! But we're both fast learners.

I've come to the conclusion that she jokes...albeit very sarcastically...and wants a guy that can do that with her withOUT being insulting or insulted. She wants me to stick to what I say, and if I simply can't devote every spare moment I have to basking in her glowing scales of justice, that I need to tell her how much I miss her and that I truly wish I could be/do for her, even if I'm not able to at the moment.

With me, she's learning that while she can have her preferences, it doesn't always have to be a b****-fest if she doesn't get her way ALL the time. "No" is not a Libra woman's most easily accepted answer (I'm also in a band with another Libran woman), unless it's said with the add-on "but I miss you SO much, baby...and I really wish I could be there/do this for you, but I'll make it up to you" (and no, I don't say this particular line to my band member). And be sure you DO have a plan for making it up, or your bluff WILL be called on the spot.

Cancer man - do not EVER tell her you're going to be somewhere or do something and then flake. It's easier...MUCH easier to tell her no right away. The Libra woman can handle you needing time to yourself if she knows that THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED. She'll of course miss you like crazy, but she can handle it. It gives her the option of a situation she can balance: namely her own time. And if you thought YOU were the one who could love like no other - wait until you are loved by a Libra. Also, go out every once in awhile. Yes, we Cancers are homebodies...but a night on the town can be pure bliss with the sensual, swanky, sexy curves of a well-proportioned Libran at your side or wrapped around your neck. I love watching jealous males' heads turn as they see her. I just smile, kiss her neck sweetly, and give cold-eyes to any man's stare that lingers more than a few seconds.

Libra woman: understand that most Cancer's do not TALK emotion - we FEEL it. We WILL talk about it, but it will be a little while. It doesn't mean we don't care, or that we don't love you, or that we're stupid. It just means that we handle emotions with a lot of consideration before making a choice regarding how we FEEL and what to do about it. As a mature Cancer, I don't verbally express my emotion, especially anger, right away because I don't want to blow-up. I want to be sure my response is an accurate, fully-considered, and honest response. She lets me have my moments of solitude if needed, and thus I'm learning to reign in my emo-upheavals. A homebody Cancer, if mature, should have NO issue with you going out and doing your own thing. In fact, he should almost welcome it, as it gives him time to do his own thing around the house.

To both signs: This is not a relationship for the faint of heart. The nastiest, yuckiest parts of your personality will be tested. It is in this regard that you can take it a couple of ways:

1. You WILL show each other those personality quirks that are not beneficial to yourself, to your partner, and to your life (whether you want to show them or not). You'll be called out by your partner quickly and directly, and you can ultimately become a WAY better person by being exposed and opened up in this regard. Keep in mind, no matter WHAT sign you are or you are with, if you're in a relationship, YOU WILL CHANGE. The faster you can accept that as part of growing together, the easier it will be to work out the issues.

2. If you're not ready for raw and real, and if you're not ready to change/evolve - GET. OUT. Don't waste each others time for the sake of awesome sex.

I am MADLY in love with this woman, and will do whatever it takes to make sure that we're both happy with each other. And I know that it. is. WORK. That change, however, will be authentic and for the benefit of both of us. If it's not, then it's not real change - it's just obligation. And one should never feel OBLIGATED to be with another whom they claim they 'love'.

I think im falling for a Cancer thats in his early 20s while im 33. Its the first time I feel like someone is so wise and smart, and most of all opens up and says exactly what he feels. Being a libra, my ex was a Libra too and I naturally lacked the natural caring, the sweet words, the authenticity. We're working on it on a friendship level but I think we are really being drawn to each other and it feels so good we don't want to fight it...

I am a Libra women involved with a younger Cancer man. We were friends for about five years before becoming more than friends as I have been in another relationship. I can relate to everyone's posts here. It has been only a month and it is electric between us- even during our friendship (lots of sexual tension). Currently very hot sexually, passionate kisses, and I cannot stop thinking about him. I never really noticed his smell but I did notice that he doesn't smell at all like men usually do. Everything about him seems clean, smooth, and very delicious. Very sexy and knows what to say and do to make you puddy in his hands. Libras are suckers for compliments! He also knows exactly what to say in order to get you to do what he wants (time with him, cook for him, sexually). He tried to end it two weeks in by saying "we are just friends" but he came back a couple weeks later heated as ever. Libra and Cancer cannot stay away from each other it seems. It als o seems that Cancer needs time to figure things out or feel out the situation first before they really feel comfortable getting involved in anything. I still feel like his is very self conscious somehow by being with me. He knows I am confident and that I don't need him which might turn into a problem down the line. I don't know where this relationship is going but because I have read up so much on Cancer Men and their moods, I feel I can handle his crabbiness and sensitivity better than wondering why? why? why? After the first time he pushed me away for space he wanted... I don't take his occasional non returned texts, or unanswered emails to heart. I just think.. maybe he's have a bad day... maybe it's just a bad mood.

I was with a cancerian man for 2 years before he died I was 18 when I met him and he was my first love he was very shy protectant and loved everything about me am a Libra woman and when I say he respected everything I had to say that is te kind of love i've been seraching for these last 9 years and have yet to find I so miss him but I truly believe he was my soulmate and if given a chance I would be with a Cancer man again....................He never made me feel unimportant I loved being the center of his world.

I am a Libra woman in love with a Cancer man... madly in love. I can't stop thinking of him, but I know it is so wrong. It's like an addiction. The crazy thing: there's a 20 year age difference. Holy cow. What is wrong with me? Here's the thing... he pulled me in and made me fall for him. He is sweet, adorable, gorgeous, smart, loving, mature, hot, smoldering hot... then cold/cool. Sometimes he can't get enough of me; other times he doesn't return my calls. It's like I did something wrong, but don't know what it is. I am so addicted to this guy. I can't get enough of him, but he can be sort of moody. He is so hot, though, that I'm absolutely willing to put up with the moodiness. Crazy, I know.

I am a 24 yr old Libra single mother of two, that has met a 24 yr old single Cancer man without any kids. Since the first time I met him he has had some whitty smart comback. Not to mention the tender comments, compliments, and remarks. However he has some major mood swings. I have noticed from other girls boggs that this is a common thing among Cancer men, and I have to say that it's very anoying!!! One day he calls and wants to talk for hours until the middle of the night and i'm his world, the next he wont even so much as answer my text or phone call. I am a very tollerant person and try to always see the best in everyone and in every situation, and sometimes I even forgive too easily, and i'm starting to think that he is taking advantage of it. Don't know what to do since being a single mother is hard enough, adding to that a very sensetive and moody man to the mix may not be what I need, but dang-it he so addicting, because when he calls, I come, I can't help it,,, what should I do, at this point reading all of everyone's bloggs I can see a steady pattern and im not quite sure I want that in my life, I strive for balance,security, and peace but he can be sooooooo romantic, sweet, and perfect at times, always saying the right thing at the right time, I tell him to stop it he just says next right thing,,, so confused!!!!!

I'm a 19 year old Libra female. I dated a 20 year old Cancer last summer. We had a pretty good start, everything was cool. But it was summer, I had just graduated high school and was ready for fun. I spent a lot of time with him. Our problems started whenever I got bored and "felt like" arguing. In the heat of the fights, I'd threaten to leave him to see if he'd hold on. He did the first few times until he was convinced I'd seriously leave him and he never trusted me again. We still talk now, as cordial as can be since a lot of our relationship was pretty good sex. Neither of us had an issue with that.

I'm a mature Libra who woman was dating a Cancer man for the last 3.5 years and he was a loving and compassionate man and tried to do the best he could with taking care of business. I love him to death and he loves me as well, but he is obsessed with me in a since. I'm independent and a free spirit and he is very insecure but he acts like he not be he really his. He wants time to hisself but when it comes to me and being with my girlfriend its a problem. He's a desecent man but me and him has two different lifestyle. How bout this though, I've met a new man and we are hitting if off, but guess what he is a Cancer man also. How bout that people. I'm going to give it a try though cuz his lifestyle is similar to mine.

Wow. I've never delved into astrology much but these posts are freaking me out. I'm a Libra woman with a Cancer man and I feel like I've been reading my "relationship story" for the past hour with only a few differences. Trust me, whether you're 18 in this scenario or 44 (like me), the dynamics remain the same. Good intentions, fast attachment, deep bond, great sex, but particular problems too. I am NOT a partying Liba as I left that behavior behind in my 30's and so my Cancer man's love for home suits me fine -- to a point; the exception being that he loves home a bit too much as he obviously resents having to leave it to work! I am intellectual and creative and work from home and it's apparent that he would like to stay home too, and never earn another dime. I live in fear that he'll deliberately screw up his current job and I can't support BOTH of us. But he's NOT lazy in the slightest...he just wants to be his own boss but he's not in the position to be. On one hand he's the most affectionate, loving, attentive and considerate man I've ever known in most aspects of our daily living; but on the other hand, he can be extremely selfish in certain matters, overly sensitive, certainly suffocating, and down-right illogical during an argument. He will say the most outlandish, non-sensical things to try and win an argument and shut me up, but should I dare point out the irrationality of his comments, he'll verbally attack me. I instantly go from being "The most wonderful woman in the world" to "the most thoughtless, mean and uncaring woman in the world." We all know this ISN'T true of Libras. We've been living together for 3 years now, but I'm finding that as time goes on I am communicating less and less with him, always fearful that an opinion or innocent remark will somehow upset his apple cart and will result in yet another childish tirade. I'm a peace-loving and reasonable person but when he bites my head off out of the blue and over stupid things, I find myself raging right back at him, hitting him with all of my pent-up frustrations. I hate that he can anger me to such an extent! It is sooo against my nature and what I believe will lead to the ultimate demise of our relationship. My Cancer man's lightening-strike mood changes and extreme sensitivity is sabotaging what could have been the deepest and richest love we both have ever known. And he needs to give me some space already! I don't need, nor want to be, kissed or groped 50,000 times a day! Sad. My advice: enjoy what the Cancer man has to offer for as long as you can because it's truly special. Maybe you'll encounter the not-so-good-stuff, and maybe you won't, but it's definitely worth the effort to find out.

I am a Libra women and I like my best friend's brother who is a Cancer and I was wondering if we would be a good match? At first he is quiet and some what shy but he can be annoying. im a very loud and outgoin person and we do have a lot in common. I just didn't know if it would work because we fight a lot and he's my best friend's brother. she dosent know I like him I don't know what to do I need help. plase!

im a Libra woman in love with a Cancer man! My question is for Cancer males... how do you react if your Libra woman is angry at you?

And if a Libra woman can asnwer should we make a Cancer male say sorry..or make him feel that he's hurt us and he should feel for us? After all, all we want is peace but why do I have to say sorry-when i'v got hurt??

I always show intense love for him and say sorry before he even wants to react, but what about on his part?

pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaseee answer as soon as possible!!!!!!!

All of these experiences have a little bit of my relationship with my Cancer sexual chemistry is beyond explanation. He is all I will ever want. To the gentleman who asked about at least having an affair: being a Libra female who is head over heels in love with a Cancer male, I have to believe that she wants NOTHING more than to be with you. Maybe she feels scared about leaving her children's father or maybe she doesn't feel you are truly connected to her...fully wanting her above everyone else? I am not sure since I do not know the actual situation. But if you love her, please fight for her....don't lose what could possibly be your true soul mate. Good luck....

Wow. I guess maybe I have no "right" to be commenting being that me and my Cancer man are no longer but I figured Id share anyway... YES as far as the beginning all these stories seem pretty accurate. It's NOT even a matter of lust or love at first sight personally it was sooooooo REAL the truest love Ive ever had. We just clicked and worked; we connected so much on a personality level that EVERYTHING just fell into place. The first months were addictive on both ends every text ended in an "I love you." I was supposably as he claims his first TRUE love as he put it and despite prior relationships he was def mine. After our first tiny argument he made me promise it wouldn't happen again but for some reason the pettiest things would cause fights to spark out of nowhere then we'd be fine the next.

I guess the Cancer mood swings kicked in and else became so stand offish but he refused to admit that anything was wrong. Deep in my heart I didn't want to be stupid and ignore what was right in front of me as clearly I guess "we" became old to him... I felt like he was pushing me to end it for him which I just did. We had to take a break I told him cause god knows it was too soon to be friends. He eventually moved on quick to someone else which didn't last and it been almost two years since and we've been nothing but on and off. He gives mentions of mixed signals but the foundation of that is the fact that I KNOW he loves me as I still and always will love him. I never found him to be too emotional as his mixed signals have always had me as an emotional wreck instead. But as much as I just want to be with him I'm a very prideful Libra and we neverrrrr talk unless he is the one to call or text first. Even tho not together I've gone ignoring him for long periods of time and mu ltiple times and whether it be because he's needy and wants my attention or loves me he has always put forth the effort even when his odds looked absolutely HOPELESS to bringing me back into his life and with all the girls he has on him I guess things like that are what confuses me.

I've been hurt unintentionally by him so many times as I've seen him move on to diff girls while "unintentionally" leading me on and watched him in relationships. Im forever stuck when it comes to dealing with him because being that I neverrrr tell or show him how I feel because of lack of trust he has every reason to believe idc. Yet he still bothers.

He is hilarioussss and we get along in that were always laughing. He's a good catch 6'3 basketball player -.- charming and can in my eyes get any girl he wants. Ive got a lot going for means well but when it comes to him I lose all security; tbh none of his exs compared to menwere anything impressive but he is one to judge by personality above all. It's been nothing but a roller coaster knowing him and how we met was literally something that is FATE because I swear we just "happened".

Overall when things are good we feel like soul mates but he lacks communication and just really plays games maybe because he is never sure. But he's the most lOving and caring person I've been with. And regardless of the future I'll love him forever and a day. It is just a bittersweet scenario and I've had so much pain he doesn't know about. But I'd never rake it back for the moments wt climax where be was my babe because that love is irreplaceable.

I met my Cancer man online. Like many stories shared here it was great at first and we talked to each other every day and the sex is amazing, but after about a year things started to get difficult. We fought constantly. At first I would blame myself for being overly sensitive and needy, but I started to realize that his moods were unpredictable and I could never really understand how he felt about me, which only makes me more sensitive and needy until we broke up recently and then he told me that he missed me and apologized for taking me for granted. That was the sweetest things he said to me in the entire year we'd been together. But then one day he was in one of his moods again and I realized that this will never change and his unwillingness to communicate when he's not in the mood is really hurtful and frustrating. When things were good he could be sweet and thoughtful. Overall he's pretty laidback and let me have my way in most matters, but he can also be overly critical, impatient and even mean. He never stands up for me and always takes other people's side over mine. I rarely felt loved or appreciated and it hurt because I cared about him so much. I don't know if I loved him, but I know that I miss him and I try so hard not to think about him or contact him because I know even if he were willing to get back together, things would still be the same. It will be good for maybe a week and then we would fight again because he's moody and withdrawn or I'm feeling depressed and angry. But atleast I try to work it out, I try to talk about it, but if he doesn't work with me then there's no point. When things are good, they're very good, but when things are bad I feel like killing myself or him. Unless something changes durastically, it's just not worth all the grief. I think we will have to find someone more compatible with us.

I am a Libra female that was just recently with a Cancer male.. not a good match@ all. he really hurt me& altho he thinks he will get back with me I don't THINK SO. a Libra woman is just too powerful& vocal for a Cancer man.

I was with a Cancer male for about 9mths.. we hit it off really well (@ first) & things movd VERY FAST from then.. after about only 3mths of talkn to him over the phone long distance he convinced me 2pack up my things in my car, give up my apt, & move 10 hrs away 2b with him (iwas in nc & he was in mass). it was TOTALLY against my better judgement but iwanted 2b with him& also make him happy. he was just so sweet& so genuine (so ithought). imoved there in the dead of winter& within a mth of being there things already began to crumble. it was like now that he had me where he wanted he didn't need 2romace me anymore. new yrs eve was a complete& total bore. we did nothing. well, iwatched the ball drop on TV ALONE (sumpthin ive never done because im used 2goin out& partying& havin a great time), HE was in the other room fast asleep. iknew then how my time there wld turn out. he cherished his friends& fam but iwas always LAST on his list 2do. iwas still perfect 2h im anyway. he worked everyday& sometimes 3rd shift& although iwld drive him the 20min to& from work he still didn't hav the decency 2call me on break to check on me. this was totally diff from him callin me everyday& us talkn for hrs before imoved there. he claimed he wanted 2marry me& hav kids but irealized it was just all talk because icaught him in lies& discovered he was being unfaithful numerous times. iwld tell him how ifelt& he wld giv me 1word responses& empty apologies. 2make a long story short iended up leavn his ass in may& goin back home. he now claims he is goin 2move 2nc 2b with me (sumpthin isuggested he do. in the 1 st place) & he also claims he still wants 2get married. he's a fol if he thinks iwill ever look back. he wa a con artist& played with my heart. he can forget it. his mother, who is good friends with my mother, is the 1that hooked us up& she is hopin that we can be but ilet her kno that that is not possible the way he treated me. she knos that I am a good woman& thought we wld fit well 2gether. ilet her kno there are things about her son that she just doesn't kno about. he still txts me hello almost everyday, he never hardly calls, but claims he wants 2b with me right? lol.. this guy is jus full of sh*t!! im SO over it!

I have been dating this Cancer man going on 4 years. Like evever one else has said,it is good at first. Yes, they are moody and moody they are. And yes they are attached to their mothers,which is a problem for us Libra women. But we have to let them know that momma is momma, and we are their wommen. The Cancer men are sweet, and very well dressed men, (love it)protective men. It is very hard to earn their tust cause of their past relationships. I had to work hard to earn my Cancer man trust again,after I cheated on him. Which he probably did as well but he want admit to it. After 8 months of us being apart, he came back and we are working on building that trust bond back up. I love my Cancer man so,so much. I will never leave or let another women take him from me. Cancer men are sweet in their own way and can really sweep us Libra women off our feet. And that what makes us want them more, and more. So Libra women, keep your Cancer man. He is a good man and deal with the mood swings. Yes, I am still with my Cancer man, and I enjoy ever thing we have battled. Thats what making us bond closer and closer. (Good luck)

I m Libra gal....I had 6 year long relationship with a Cancer boy. We were high school swthrts. Things ws pretty much interesting and heart taking initially but later on we messed up. His reserved nature, ego and insensitive act spare us apart or may be I aspect different things for my lyf. We are still in touch as frens. Truely saying cancerians are g8 friend but for relationship things probably librian and cancerian are not mean to b.

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