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I'm a female Pisces and my boyfriend is a Cancer. I wanted to post a quick story of when he asked me to be his girlfriend. We had been friends for 8 months and had feelings for each-other but the day had not come yet. One day around 11.30 in the night, he called me asked me to meet him.

When I met him he asked me to sit on the grass and then he went down on his knees and asked me to be his girlfriend. The idea of him being on his knees surprised as well as amazed me. Then he gave me a tissue paper on which he had written his feelings for me earlier that day because he was not sure he will be able to say all of them to me.

I still have the chocolate box as well as the tissue. It was one of the most romantic days of my relationship which keeps on getting better.

I'm a Pisces woman and I'm married to a Cancer man. The relationship has its up and downs as any relationships would. The thing about being a Pisces is the fact that I'm super sensitive. I can break down at any given situation and it truly takes someone strong to be able to put up with that.

My Cancer husband doesn't tolerate that type of interaction. They are supposed to be strong and somewhat close minded. They usually think they know everything and solely look out for the best interest of themselves. Well, with that being said, you can clearly see why my relationship is so difficult. I'm super sensitive and poetic while he's super macho thinking and in his own world. The one thing I can say we have in common is the fact that we're both stubborn.

Do you think this would make or break things? Well, it's pretty obvious. Two stubborn people have no way of meeting in the middle. I think that right there tells how my relationship is!

I'm a Pisces woman, married to a Cancer man. I love my husband so very much and I hate it when a man is cheating on me.

The problem I have is that he gets angry easily and could even kill when he is angry. Do you think he will cheat on me, and what should I do to stop him from being so angry? Please help me. Melody.

Hi Melody. Is there something you do which makes him angry? Is it when you accuse him of cheating? Or is it just random and unpredictable?

Cancer is notorious for holding a grudge for a very long time. Was there something in the past that you did, or an old argument perhaps which keeps re-surfacing?

It's equally possible that he's just naturally angry. Some people are mean or abusive, no matter what you do or how nice you are to them. If he gets angry with you for no reason and you think he's cheating then it doesn't sound like a very good relationship for you at all.

As a rule, Cancer tends to be a loyal sign, though with rapid mood changes. I wouldn't like to say for sure that your husband is "all smoke and no fire" - but generally Cancer men are more emotionally aggressive or abusive than physically. There are always exceptions though of course.

Pick a time when he's in a good mood, and try talking to him. If he just gets angry again.. I'd consider stepping back and evaluating your marriage - life's too short, and you deserve someone who makes you happy, not sad or scared.

Pisces woman still in love with a Cancer male. I truly believe I have met my soulmate. But, we are not together anymore and living in different states.

When we met it was magical almost like it was a gift from god. a lot of mysterious signs that I have never experienced before happened during the time we were together. A year and half has past living in different states and not really speaking to each other.

I have tried to talk to him but he wont, I still receive mysterious signs that he is the one for me. I feel him in my heart and I have been on this journey to learn unconditional love and that is what I feel for him. I feel Im learning this to be back with him. Is this possible? I feel I've been guided by God.

You certainly wouldn't be the first soulmates where one partner spends several years trying to get away from the other - for some people being consumed by love is a huge loss of independence, and can be scary.

I wish there was more I could say, but based just on sun signs that's difficult. Have you seen the article on the "are we compatible?" page? It's possible a personalized analysis could make sense of everything for you, and help to find a way back together.

Pisces woman married to a Cancer man. I love my husband so much and he loves me back, but my problem is that he loves his mother & siblings so much that he listen to whatever they have to say, be it true or lie.

They envy me too much that whenever my husband buys something for me they get angry. They even tell my husband a lot of lies about me to make us split up. But due to the lover he has for me he just overlooks it. Please advise me no what to do before it gets too late, tell me how to win his heart and be happy forever.

Do you know why his family doesn't like you? Have you tried speaking to them and asking why they say those things? It sounds like the way to solve your problems is to make peace with his family...

Not such a good experience, I cheated on my boyfriend Cancer, I'm a Pisces. He got so angry that he does not want to see me any longer. Would all that go away?

To the poster above - next to Scorpio, Cancer is about the least forgiving sign when they're cheated on, so it's probably not a good idea to hold your breath...

My great aunt used to say that to me too! I am doing my best to forgive you and in time I'm sure I will as I don't want to think badly of you. What I need to do is try to forget you and move on. I am confused and can't work out whether you were sent to enlighten me, love me or punish me - right now it feels like punishment. As you know, I'm meeting for lunch next week and it would be a real kindness on your part if you could stay away until I leave. It will go in time and I will be stronger. I know you have done much to help me 'behind the scenes' so to speak - thank you for that. I'm now not sure what your purpose was, just pure kindness? Well it was appreciated anyway. I wish you well and your family.

I am a Pisces female dating a Cancer man. We live a state away and we see each other at least once a month... We have been together for almost a year now and staying strong. We already talk of the future and I truly believe I will be happy. What I am worried about is what if things change? Will he be the same after however long? Im afraid our love will fade like many couples will...

Neptune lady believes she has found her other half. Those Cancerians, if only they could stop being so doubtful. Might he be blind, can't he see... how strong I feel for him?

Pisces woman I had just got out of a relationship with this guy about 3 months ago (Libra man) ,and I ended up meeting this other guy through one of my best friends (Cancer man) , and we got to talking for a little bit... lets say for about 2 weeks he called me. and only called me 3 times out of those weeks and that was back in September, and like two weeks ago something happened he was going to come and see me because I was over my friends house (and we live like 20 mins away but neither one of us have a car so we ride the bus and that's a 45 min ride), and me and her got it to a big fight and I ended up calling him to come and get me, so he did and we ended up having sex, but when I talked to him on the phone for one those times he said he does not like to *hit it and quit it* and that he wants to be my boyfriend and that he wants us to move in together and stuff like that, but recently he has not been calling me or when I call him he does not pick up the phone, but when I call or text him from a different number( I don't have a cell phone I have a house phone) he will answer I'm so confused I don't now what to. I really like him, and I don't think he is lying, but I don't think he likes me I don't know what's going on can somebody help me!?!?! Naudia

I'm looking for a Pisces gal !!!

I am Pisces woman and my husband is Cancer. I love him very much and he love me too. He is so cute and loving person I think the couple of Pisces n Cancer is 70% positive.... I love u Asif from Adeela

I'm a Pisces girl in love with a Cancer boy. When we first met it was a bliss. We loved each other like no other and the sex was really great. A few months back he became so negative and angry that his whole personality changed. He was so closed and emotionless, always stoned and hard on himself. I finally broke it off with him because I needed to feel loved again, even though I was completely in love with him. He had told me recently that during those depressive times for him he had a one night stand with some nameless girl. It hurt me terribly but, he has completely turned back into the boy I feel in love with in the beginning. He has been trying so hard to make me feel loved and does everything romantic and special like he used to. I honestly believe that he won't hurt me anymore because he has stopped smoking and started college again. He is motivated now. I'm not sure if this is the way a Cancer man is or what. Also, I do not know if I am making a mistake trusting him again. I would like some help Thanks. -Ry

I'm a Cancer male and my partner is a Pisces. We met in High School, and were together and madly in Love for what felt like years. We finished high School, she moved to another country to live with her mom, and I went on a religious endeavor. We lost touch for about 8 years before we started talking again this year. I must say, it's like we never stopped talking. I have a child with a woman (Scorpio) that I was deeply in love with, yet we broke up. We want to get married and I asked my Pisces if she is ok with me having a child. She's ok with it, and were planning on getting married, being in Africa and all I have to pay dowry, which is alright. I am madly in love with my Pisces, she's sweet sensitive, caring, and just everything I want in a woman. What can I do to make sure that everything goes smoothly?

I love my wife, I am loyal, I want so many things with her. Sometimes I promise her the world and can't deliver, but am always honest afterwards. I work far away and she doesn't trust me, I am afraid she is ...unloyal I have caught her keeping secrets. Pisces are good with secrets, how can I know if she is loyal and true like me?

To the poster above, there are secrets, and then there are secrets... are we talking about a hidden stash of candy she isn't sharing, or a part time job striping for truck drivers?!

Every woman is entitled to some secrets. On their own I don't think they're any indication of cheating. All I can say is that I as a Pisces woman would never cheat. The only exception being if he cheated first, but even then, probably not.

Cancer man married to a Pisces woman. It's probably the best thing that's ever happened to me (and her too). Lot of times there are phases where one or both experience insecurity which leads to mistrust. This is because of fear of losing something that's very very important. I think other Cancer men married to Piscean women will understand what I'm trying to say. The bond just cannot be expressed with words... It is very important for a Cancer men to be aware of his Piscean woman because they are so very subtle. You must learn to give your Piscean woman her space. Show her what unconditional loving is all about. By doing this you will foster trust get back twice of all that you put in... So for all you Cancer men out there open your eyes to the obvious and please don't botch things up...

I dated a Cancer man for 5 months. He suddenly started canceling dates. I got feed up and told him, 'you have cancelled 5 dates with me, I get it take care." I had the feeling he was not that into me. I was going to let him go. Then calls me the next day I don't want to lose you, I have been busy. He text me flirty messages all that day. The next day I text to confirm some plans we had. He text back "my heart is with another girl." That was so cruel and I told him to never call me again and leave me alone. Why would someone do that, say one thing one day and another the next day?

Since the fish (Pisces woman) is so 'slippery'. How does one know if they like you? Things they say and do seem so very contradictory. How in the name of Christ do you know if they don't like you? Somebody please help! And are they even faithful? As far as I know, Pisces men are bloody cheats. Pretenders trying to be angels. Perverts/opportunists who want to live for the moment and get the 'best' out of it.! My Piscean male friend 'cared' for his 'soulmate' and next thing you know he was sleeping with someone else because he needed a 'change'. He told me I would never understand. Are fish women any different? I heard they cheat in the name of strengthening their 'original' relationship. Some rubbish! I've also heard they liked being pitied. Martyr complex or something like that. So should I even consider this fish woman whom I met recently?

Will appreciate any help


Cancer man Pisces woman relationship is story book romance stuff with a practical foundation of course. I have been married for 16 years to my Pisces queen and this marriage is going nowhere!!!!! i'd like to share some important do's and don't for all such prospective pairs or ones that have said 'I do'........ communicate. don't expect the other will know. relationships get a lot easier. trust me

2.don't: Avoid sarcasm during bad times. ha ha. works wonders.

4.don't: cramp the other's space. I had to learn it the hard way. time doing things together. walk, swim, shop, meditate you know...

6.don't: lie. black/gray/white. a lie is a lie. do not I repeat DO NOT lie.

talking From personal experience I think Cancer man Pisces woman as a couple risk from becoming too good too be true. So keep your imaginations/moods under control and stay practical. It's all good and all great. the capacity for devotion and trust is simply mind numbing. remember, the heart always wins in the end. also a lot has been said about Pisces women being unfaithful. I think not. I think Cancer men give Pisces women a reason to throw infidelity out the window!!! ha ha ha. godspeed....

Bradley from New England. I've been married to my Pisces woman for the last 6 years. There are times when the going gets really tough but its quite expected with strong emotions thrown in the mix. Its all good though. Just the kind of friction that is needed for an enduring relationship. All talk about either of the two being unfaithful is not true. Trust me. Good times to begin with. Gets better with time. Believe me. Peace out

I got seduced by a Scorpio man who was seemed passionate kind, gentle and understanding and cheated on my Cancer man. Ive hurt him too much. I just want to say to my Cancer man. Im sorry. I miss him so much. I wish all of this not happen at all. Mel

Alex here. I wrote about my doubts about this Pisces woman. my piece of advice to fellow Cancer men is to keep away from the Piscean woman because nothing is what it seems. Pisces women have serious issues tucked underneath. the Pisces woman who just seemed to connect with me turned out to be nothing short of a seductress. we went out twice and she told me that she actually liked someone else and thought I was sweet. she told me that she got her answers and was physically and emotionally not available. turns out she had fallen hard for a Scorpio male, who happened to be a colleague of mine and she tells me she didn't even know it. So Cancer men keep off Pisces women cause nothing is what it seems. they are pretty good at playing games. I cant believe I was so naive. wtf!!!

To the poster above, to generalize Pisces women as cheaters would be misleading. Maybe it was just a bad experience. I've been married to a Pisces woman for about 4 years and a common friend once told me that her first impressions of me were that I was egotistical and had this 'what about me' outlook.

But my wife later on realized that her insecurity caused her to jump to silly conclusions and become delusional and impressionable. So when you deal with Pisces women you've got to make sure that you don't play with their insecurities. A lot of men don't even realize it. By the time they would have realized the fish would have swam away. So, the bitterness of being cheated. Maybe you didn't even realize it was over as it started. Mark.

I'm totally head over heels with my Cancer MAN. We are together for a year and a half. We get married in 6 months. As Pisces I've always been attracted to other Pisces men but nothing ever happens because in the end we're the same. This, until I met this Cancer man. When I first laid my eyes on him I knew that I was looking at everything that I've been looking for. First I thought he was Pisces but turns out he has a Pisces ascendant. I talked to him and my hunch's kept getting stronger. The best part about the relationship is that its very very spiritual and equally pragmatic. Trust comes automatically and there are no games at all. He's ALWAYS there for me and he gives me a sense of self which I badly needed. I love my man so much. He's the spark in my life. The best thing about our relationship is that days go by and you don't even notice. Love you Greg.

Im an Pisces women talking to an Cancer man . We Never Actually Meet Eye To Eye Yet but on the phone it seems like the perfect couple . Me and him schedule dates with each other but its either he's with his friend's and doesn't have time .Pisces women Cancer Man ,has to much Pride and if he sees that losing his friend to chill with the person he knows he like is getting in the way he's going to have a lot of lie's and excuses. an Pisces women like I doesn't like excuses and lie's but only for you to keep it 100% with her so she doesn't waste her time focus on something that's just full of excuse's Cancer man are Known for being strong and if staying with there cool friend's is being strong their going to stick with it . well Ive stop calling him and decided we just should remain as friend's But now he doesn't want to be friend's he cant resist being that with me NOW HE WANTS TO SCEDULE DATES. Should I Talk Back With Him Or Just Stick To The Friends. I Believe Sometimes You Don't Know What You Got Until You Lose It.

Ive been talking to this Cancer man for about 8 months and we r still friends every time I ask him its never going to be me and u is it he always say I'm not going to answer that right now but he puts me on girlfriend status I met his family he introduce me to his closes friends he make sure he text me good morning every morning and goodnight every night and all he ever say is I mess with u more than u think I do or I mess with u to the heart so y hasn't he asked me to be his girlfriend I mean buying me something for Christmas and everything so what is it this Pisces woman needs to know

I'm a pieces woman who has been with a Cancer man for 3 years, on and off. About pieces women cheat on their boyfriends, I would say yes that's true. Well not all of us, but when a pieces woman miss something in her man such as sweet words, romantic dates, etc then she will start to find whatever she is missing in a different man. Cancer men are loyal but when they get mad, you should walk away from their face coz they turn cycos. Cancer men say stuff really painful to the woman while they are angry, when my Cancer man gets mad, I ignore him. That's all ;)

I love my Cancer ex he's the best thing that ever happened to me and u do appreciate thins better when there gone..... im a Pisces and ur relationship was the best nothing like it; I love him so much I wonder if hell ever forgive me I didn't cheat but he cant trust me I guess..

Ooook. That previous post reminds me so much of my wife. Yes! I married her about three decades ago. Initially we had one daughter, whom I adored (a little more than her mother) a lot. But my woman kept reminding me of my sons that even I didn't know about. I said to myself "ok that's about it". What happened then? Well, we added 3 more rascals to the pack! So now were officially six.

If you are from the family planning/census/population control department you can kindly, KISS MY ASS.

Anyway, as I was saying initially things weren't all hunky dory. I had to fight a cappy man, Leo man, Pisces man, gay Leo man,...blah blah man. Honestly I'm not a big believer in god, astrology, horoscope, numerology and the likes. F***ing voodoo b*lls*it. All I can say is that I loved her and that was that. So I started chasing her. The thing with my woman is that she likes to play hide and seek. So when she says "hide" I say "seek" but when I say "hide" she says "I love my Cancer ex ur... relationship was the best nothing like it; i love him so much I wonder if hell ever forgive me I didn't cheat but he cant trust me I guess...blah blah blah"

Sometimes I got really thinking about all her 'ex's'.Cappy ex, this ex ,that ex blah blah ex ,Whom she "dated", got drunk she's the 'spiritual kind) and did what not. Gives me a heart attack even today. I always wonder and still wonder If she really likes me or if she likes somebody else or likes the idea of being in love and is really desperate about falling with any man who has "tall" standards. Once she told me that all she remembered about me was that I wasn't tall'.

She also thought I was a real ladies man, player, smoother talker, a big liar, cheater, lazy blah blah.. Personally I think that's the problem with the world we live in when you say the truth they think you're lying and when you lie they think you are Mr. Integrity in an Armani suit. She thought I had "ulterior motives" and that I was always pitching my tent. Now to a guy icky with the whole PMS thing (yes! they tell me I act like an uncle) this is pretty disturbing. She also said some nasty things about me living off her for a things as petty as my boxers. Sometimes I really wonder if she really likes me. This has always felt right from the moment I heard her talk once in class. When I looked at her she was just another pretty girl with a very good personality artistically gifted and smart as well).

But her persona + voice + soul = my wife (not yours, even in your wildest of wildest imaginations). Its as if her voice reminded me of myself in lot of ways and things just made sense. Anyway, I still get scared that she'll just drop me and move on. Because she's scared of getting hurt. Whatever happened to love being strong and unconditional .Oh! wait its all about 'wham bam thank you maam' isn't it?

Does not sound like a man talking, does it? Well the "girl" in her brings out the "boy" in me. Feels like I'm 12 all over again!! Yay! (In case if you're wondering whether I am typing this with a skirt and lavender lipstick.. Well.. Nay!!) I hope I married the right woman and did so only once this lifetime. Because at 65 I can't even turn on the radio let alone other women. Hopefully I don't have to look back and realize that I should've said YES! to shock therapy when I was fifteen. Much love and always. Cancer man.

well im dating a boy that I haven't seen in a while and he loves me I know he says it a lot the only problem is I don't think I could ever marry him every time we n public he ignores me until he realizes that im gone then he rite behind me saying I don't wanna lose you. I think im the one scared to love

Cancer is a saint. And the Pisces ain't no angel. I am young and when I find myself attracted as I do to this witty Cancer lad I tend to be obsessive. I can't keep a moment of my waking life from him wandering into my thoughts. I find myself making plans, keeping promises to myself, about us, about the future. He is the very jealous type and tends to keep his mouth shut about worrying things, and if he doesn't keep his mouth completely shut he just goes off with complaints.

He finds ways to offend me by saying his thoughts, because he thinks he's right. He believes that at any given moment I will just throw him to the side and run away from him without even saying goodbye. That, I must say, is very possible but highly unlikely.

My last relationship lasted for a year with a Pisces male, and I must say it was horrible and ended horribly. Even until after the relationship I couldn't get over him so easily. My feelings die hard. So, when I say I love someone, I make myself believe it very, very well.

So why should he doubt my every kind word? I'd like to make this last without it being so complicated. I'd like to let it last and never end, never ever end. So this is my question, will there ever be a time when he doesn't doubt me? -Neptune Lady

I've been "dating" a Cancer man for about 3 months. Before we started dating, he told me that he will be leaving in 4 months. I was physically attracted to him and I just got out a long-term relationship. So this was perfect for me because I was just looking to have fun with no strings attached. However, things didn't go the way I expected. We would hang out 2 or 3 times a week and talk on the phone for hours. I fell for him which led me to analyze everything. So, I started questioning whether he was using because he was alone or if he truly have feelings for me. After weeks of wondering, I finally got the courage to tell him that I have feelings for him. He told me he has feelings for me too and that he cares for me but not the way I want for him to care for me. He told me that he does not want a relationship, especially a long-distance one because he wants to focus on his career. Needless to say, I was disappointed in his response because I felt as though he was l ying to me...saying that he has feelings for me when he doesn't. I think I'm developing strong feelings for him but I know that it won't last and I think it's just a fling. What should I do? Is it possible to have feelings for someone but don't want a relationship???? Do you think he used me? Please advise.

This one goes out from a Cancer man to HIS Pisces woman. A very special one indeed...

He thinks she'll walk away and she thinks he'll walk away. But neither have the slightest courage to move on without each other. He thinks she'll cheat and she thinks he'll cheat, yet they are fiercely protective about each other and honor a special sacred loyalty that can, at worst be described as a blessing. He can't figure her out , but sometimes, he can like nobody can or perhaps ever will. He loves her in ways she probably will never fathom. She...Why don't you ask her....

She is an expert on blowing things out of proportion and visioning unnecessary heartache. He's an expert in keeping quiet and watching her lose herself over him. This, makes him fall for her over and over again. She likes the occasional drama and he detests the unscripted variety of it. She likes the social. He likes solitude and his peace of mind.

She is impressionable at least he thinks so). He does not give two hoots to the world around him. She gets carried away. He holds his ground with a unique flavor of stubbornness that will want to make you pull off your finger nails and scream out every profanity known to mankind. She likes tragedy and self pity. He likes neither. She wants to sulk. He wants her to smile, with them big pearly whites. She plans. He wants to manifest the plan into reality.

Now, she wants him to stop doubting. Will he? SURE he will as long as she sheds her own doubts, fears and apprehensions.

So the big question rises above jealousy, doubts, differences, similarities and all other triviality....

Will "it" ever manifest in the real world and endure changing times or will all of it be lost amidst dreams, illusions and words?

For the Pisces woman who needed advice, I'm no guru. I'm only giving you my fiddy cent. :)

Do you think he used you? If so, how? these are questions you need to ask yourself with a realistic frame of mind. Pisces are experts in playing the victim. Its almost as if you guys seek gratification from pain and/or self pity. So ask yourself, are you blowing things out of proportion so that you can pity yourself for days on end and feel good about a dysfunctional way of living? Like when the whole world goes tsk..tsk.. for you, you say, Ooo la la.:):). After all, what is not real is not real, especially pain. The faster you learn, the happier you will be and the world loves happy fish. Not grumpy, fiery ones.

I can't really justify why he said no to a relationship. Maybe he was looking at it from a different perspective and didn't actually mean it. Hell! Maybe he sees you as his wife to be. Maybe you should talk to him and sort things out. Get over your fears and communicate honestly. I think you might have communication/expression problem. Not everybody can read your mind and hand over things to you on a silver platter.

Long distance relationships usually DO NOT workout in the long run. But if you and your "potential" partner share a (need for a) spiritual connection, then it can, provided both put in effort and the discipline and MAKE IT WORK. The complexity with spiritual relationships is that, some time the real world avatar of your partner can make you think twice about the whole thing and make you feel "trapped" in the relationship. Also try to look at spirituality and romantic love as two separate entities. As far as making it work is concerned, it is difficult but not impossible, at least for people who look at things differently. Also, I'd hate to rain on your parade, but remember the cliche, unions made in heaven are more likely to be broken on earth. So, good luck!

Lastly, I had a question myself and was wondering if you could help me out. When Pisces look at things from another's point of view, does it necessarily mean they are indirectly putting forward their own thoughts. For instance, if a Pisces woman says "Is it possible to have feelings for someone but don't want a relationship????" does it mean that SHE isn't interested in a relationship. Or when she says "..saying that he has feelings for me when he doesn't.", does this mean she's faking feelings for him when she clearly has none? Please advise.

Oh! one more thing. This Cancer man hates cliche's/stereotypes ;).

Thanks for the advice!! I really appreciate gave me a different perspective on things. It's unfortunate that he has to leave because I really love spending time with him. If he had stayed longer, I would have fallen in love with him. We said that we'll keep in touch but I highly doubt that we will, only because people tend not to stay in touch due to their busy schedules and I'm sure he'll be really busy.

Your question made me think...a lot. I have to admit that at times I do indirectly put forward my own thoughts and feelings. But in this case when I first met him, I actually indirectly put forward my thoughts. But as time goes by and the more time we spent together, I developed feelings and wanted to be in a relationship with him but at the same time the long distance thing was making me not want a relationship.

I wish he and I can stay in touch but my instincts are telling me that we will not. It makes me sad because we have such good chemistry and whenever we kiss, I feel these tingly feelings inside me that I've never felt before.. and it feels really good. I don't know if he feels the same way but I can only hope that he feels it too.

Yeah, I've had the pleasure of hearing such real stories. The electrifying moments, glimpses of the future and the whole nine yards. Phew! I personally haven't experienced anything like that cause I like my Mommy but I guess that world is just a single rollup away ;)

Anyway, don't worry about things not working out. When a door shuts, another opens up. So keep them "eyes" open. Yeah, sure we live in world where everybody wants to be instantly gratified but I guess delaying gratification can be heavily rewarding than trying to push things a little too hard a little too soon just to satisfy impulses. This I learnt in eight years and guess who taught me?

On the personal front, the only woman I fell in love (still am and always will be) with, had a profoundly mesmerizing effect on me. Through her I learn to be a better person everyday. Believe you me. Not only does she pique my curiosity but she teaches me how to live everyday. As far as keeping in touch is concerned, I'm probably the most connected to her in ways most people wouldn't understand. I don't really care what the world says and thinks but I'm not the kind to quit. I was born to grow old with her. She's my friend, lover and everything in between your imagination and mine. She likes to take things slow and test them along the way which does not surprise me at all as I wouldn't do things any other way... She makes me feel whole. She takes away my fears and shows me what real love is all about. Come what may, I'll always be with her.

Hello everyone. I am a Pisces lady, Leo ascendant, and my BF is a Cancer, ascendant Aries. So as u see, we are kind of astrological twins :) We are in a relationship for a 1,5 years and I must say this bond isn't easy to break. By some external social conventions he is not the right for me, cuz I am much more successful than he is (plus I am few years older), but from the inside point of view, we are perfect match. I am very sexually attracted to him, as well he is to me; he adores feminine ladies, and I am super feminine; he adores elegance, and I treasure elegance; he is kind of alpha male I like, he has strong personality and doesn't change opinions easily. these traits attract me, cuz I am quite the opposite: much more emotional, insecure, fluid, changing. In the beginning I was a bit confused with his mood swings, but now I am used to them. I just let them pass away in two hours :) He is very jealous, as well as me. Deep down I feel we will never call it apart. We respect and love each other too much.

I don't know if he feels the same way but I can only hope that he feels it too... [:)]x100...Yes he does and nobody makes him feel that way..

"I am going to be the man and tell her how I feel".. tsk..tsk.. Some people get it but still don't get it.

The year was 2002, history class. Back then the Pisces girl I and every other boy in class was crazy about was only named after a British royalty but certainly wasn't short of the lady's grace or beauty. Seldom did I hear her speak. But when she did, it honestly felt like home.

I told her how I felt in front of the whole class(50+ people) with a cucumber and a stupid, impromptu script that I co-wrote with other guys. The whole class thought it was funny random humor. But I hope, I conveyed the right message to the right person in the right way.

I don't really know about the other guys in the class but I'm still in love with her with after all these years. It took me a long, really long time to figure this out. But I always knew deep within that she and me went way back.Way, way, way back.

I'll wait. Patiently for us to be one. Even if it takes 8 more years. I hope I'm lucky enough to grow old with her.

I'm a Cancer man who once spend some intimate time with a Pisces friend. At the time she wanted to get serious I blew her off at the time thinking it wouldn't have worked long term. I was blinded by a dumb dumb Gemini in my life and didn't see what I had right in front of my face.

J. VanZant I will always miss you. Your Cancer Friend JR.

p.s. Cancer guys don't waste your time on Gemini women they a tad bit crazy.

I am Pisces girl (teenager) and I have a big crush on a Cancer guy. He has quite a big ego but a sweet heart. I can see it in him. He can sometimes be reckless, I seem to be the only one who understands his reasoning. Thing is, we are sort of friends and we have hung out sometimes. All the people who have been present say he flirts, but I can't tell. How would I know if he likes me? Please, I would like to know. x thanks, Issabelle

"I am going to be the man and tell her how I feel"..

tsk..tsk.. Some people get it but still don't get it.

The year was 2002, history class. Back then the Pisces girl I and every other boy in class was crazy about was only named after a British royalty but certainly wasn't short of the lady's grace or beauty. Seldom did I hear her speak. But when she did, it honestly felt like home.

I told her how I felt in front of the whole class(50+ people) with a cucumber and a stupid, impromptu script that I co-wrote with other guys. The whole class thought it was funny random humor. But I hope, I conveyed the right message to the right person in the right way.

I don't really know about the other guys in the class but I'm still in love with her with after all these years. It took me a long, really long time to figure this out. But I always knew deep within that she and me went way back. Way, way, way back.

I'll wait. Patiently for us to be one. Even if it takes 8 more years. I hope I'm lucky enough to grow old with her.

Now this feels like I'm 15 all over again :)

I am a Pisces woman involved with a married Cancer man. His wife is a Gemini, so naturally you can imagine, that combination isn't great.

Well, I am very emotional, and I am definitely falling in love with this man, but he belongs to someone else. In complete honesty, we have been involved for about a month, and we have not had intercourse. He has taken me to the Bahamas, and several trips to casinos in Oklahoma and Louisiana. He comes to my house for lunch when he is working and dinner and he doesn't go home until late at night.

We get along so great, but reading about all of the Cancer loyalties, I am starting to think that it is not true. How could he be "happily married" as he told me, but at my house everyday (literally) even on Sundays?

It is like he is living a double life, and I know consciously that I am somewhat enabling it, but I am crazy about him.

I need to get out, but he is extremely possessive of me, and I know I can't just leave him alone. We have a trip planned to New York this weekend of the 12th.

What am I doing? What do I need to do? Is there a possibility that he may leave, or is it true that a Cancer man will not leave?

My Cancer male, not sure why it is so hard for you to express your feelings for this Pisces woman. Is it because you have none? Time has come for you to decide, close to the end. Another is trying to get into my heart but your claws are still attached. Am I worth it to you, to reveal or are you going to let me slip away?

I'm 52 years old I'm a Pisces. I've been having an affair with a Cancer man, who's 36 years old. We are both married, and of course not happy at home. I know I should feel guilty, but my husband shows me no love, and we've been married for 26 yrs. This affair lasted almost 5 years. He was our handy man, and working at the house. He was here for 3 months. During that time I became attracted to him. When he finished the job, I couldn't bare seeing him leave. His last day, we drank wine, and I made a pass at him. I tripped over the rug and fell into his arms. We kissed. That's when it started.

During these 4 years I tried to break it off, because he said from the beginning that we could not fall in love. I would try to break it off he would say "I'll never find anyone like you, at least we have our memories". He never listened and would keep calling, and I gave in because I really didn't want to call it off.

Finally I found the words to say. I told him that Rick and I were happy. It was a lie because I love him. I knew it wouldn't work because of the age difference. I broke it off in Feb., and he told me in April he was getting a divorce. Then in May he started seeing someone and moved right in with her. Tell me what's going on here, I also need to know how I can get over him. I don't think he can afford to live alone, and she does have a good job. I don't know if he's in love with her or not, or she with him.

My Pisces woman, not sure why you complicate things this way.

On one hand you want me to express my feelings while on the other you turn a deaf ear.

Now this confuses me terribly. Throws my otherwise calm self and peaceful mind into a frenzy. I feel as if I am a victim of your caprice. I do know that my apparent "secrecy" kills you but you wont find any dirt because there is none. So quit imagining things that aren't real!

That being said, why don't you kick back, relax and breathe easy. I don't intend to wait for another eight years as I've "done my time". You teach me faith in love) and yet you seem to lose your own in the due process.

Henceforth, no more wicked flights of imagination and no more misery. Also its about time I put my foot, back where it belongs. On the ground. ;)

I don't quite fancy ultra feminine women. Pardon me for being blunt, but experience has taught me that the "ultra feminine woman" stereotype is in one word, overrated.

I don't and will never ever see myself as the "alpha male". Don't quite endorse this utter nonsense of an idea.

I've never looked at you as "feminine supreme". What makes me chase you has a spiritual undertone to it. This I believe or rather have learnt to believe, albeit the hard way.

So, am I scared that this may not work out? No. I want this thing to work out. Not clingy nor possessive. I'm just your average believer. So, without any further ado let me get my agenda straightened out. I love you and I don't really see myself with any one else in the days to come and hopefully till I'm old and grey. :)

Good for you and Rick!


All the above comments really helped me a lot to understand my guy better. I need advice from all of u people. Please help me.

I am with my guy since last 4.5 years and relationship went almost well with various ups and down. Although we love each other but recently he got so angry with me he didn't text me didn't reply to mine change his id and not picking my calls.

I love him a lot and I don't wanna lose him, tell me how to get everything on track.

I think I'm starting to fall for a Cancer guy....hhmmm. I don't quite know what to do. I've read up on the Cancer man, and the the guy I like seems to fit very well into the frame of what a Cancer man should be. He is very manly and many people, even my friends say he is extremely hot, he is (very) tall, blond, and muscular....ugh...why me??? I'm a Pisces girl...obviously, I'd say I'm quite short and rather normal looking. Lately, and I'm not sure when, but it seems that he gives me quite a few glances (more than the usual) during a class that we have together. I've observed him a bit and I've seen that he can be very cold and harsh towards people, but somehow, I feel like underneath the hard surface, there's someone who's very nice and caring, (or maybe that's too much of a cliche). I don't know if he likes me or if he's just randomly staring without any feelings. I hope someone can help me understand...thank you.

Im a Cancer man and for the first time I fell in love, it felt like we knew each other already when we meet, she is a Pisces woman, she is so wonderful and every single thing I look for in a woman. I never had a problem attracting woman but she is the only one I want. We have mutual intense feelings for one another she had broken up with her Sagittarius BF 3 months ago and when he found out that I was after her he moved right in and begged for her back, they always had a rocky relationship he lives close to her and was very persistent and got back together and I don't think she's not totally convinced that he's changed. Do you think that relationship has a chance to survive? I Think she's a way better match with me

Im a Pisces woman who are very much in love with the Cancer boyfriend; I could say nothing at all as he was perfectly created for me!

I'm a pieces woman with a Cancer man our sex life is amazing.

we meet on every level I've never been this in touch with any other

I'm a Pisces girl, head over heels for a Cancer man.. we worked together 8years ago at which point I was married he always had a crush on me I've been divorced for 4 years now.. 5 months ago we started talking and it was so easy, I felt an instant chemistry things where rough at first because he didn't want to ruin the friendship and then he gave in we would see each other a few times a week he didn't see the 20 minute drive to my house a chore,.. and now it's like I'm the only one trying he hasn't slept w me in 2 months he invited me over his place yesterday I was watching him do odds and ends and then he said he had to leave because he was going out.. I asked why he asked me to come over if he was going to go out he said it just came up.. he said you look frustrated.. I felt sooo rejected.. I said when you like someone .. you call, text, want to see them.. sleep with them.. and you don't do any of those things.. he held my hand and said I was over reacting and that it's not about sex. I'm soooo torn.. I want to give up on him I want to let him go so bad I have a Cancer moon and I'm stuck on him and he's so distant now.. I don't see hope here.. it's like he doesn't want me to go anywhere but he doesn't want to be with me... if he's holding a grudge or something I don't know because he wont tell me.. is this is it?? Cancer men out there .. is there no hope should I give up? because once I stop trying.. I cant come back it's like the feeling dies forever :(

He is a Cancer man, I'm a Pisces woman. we have been best friends for 5 years now, and we are only just now realizing the awesome potential we have together! Doing some zodiac research has only confirmed what we already knew -- we are perfect for one another. I feel like the time spent as JUST friends was well worth it, because as a Cancer man it was very difficult for him to let me in, but now that we are on a level where he knows he can trust me, I am privy to his deepest feelings, and our relationship is so much stronger for it. Definitely have patience with a Cancer man, they don't trust easily - but once they do, it will be well worth the wait!

I am Cancer guy dating beautiful Pisces chick. She is great but why she constantly wants outside attention/love? We often have argument over this, and she says that she does not need anybody other than me....BUT why she likes that outside attention ??? it irritates me! a cab driver liked her and said blah blah...a baby loved her and said blah blah....Can not we love only each other?! The whole world should love her! which is not ok!

Pisces girl in love with Cancer guy. The situation: He is my best friend and I have fallen in love with his amazing caring, passionate and romantic nature. He is an musician and I am an artist. The connection we have is amazing, and there are times I feel there is this spark between us - the problem is he is in love with another girl, and Cancer being very loyal, his life revolves around her (For about 5 years) and although that love is not reciprocated by her outwardly. It has been very difficult for me to be his best friend - spend so much time with him, trust him with so much of my emotions, and find that I am in love - only to keep the love I feel for him secret, and watch has he gives his heart and soul to this girl that seemingly wants to be more independent, and her life is not nearly as centered around him, while I am waiting in the wings for him to see that I love him and want nothing but for a love to blossom from our friendship. As a dreamer, maybe I am dreaming - but I am hopeful that maybe his eyes will be opened ...

So after being in a long 4 yr relationship with a sagg and me being a Pisces you can understand what I went through... I met a Cancer =D like I haven't known him 2 long but when I first laid eyes on him I just thought he was special =D and then we saw each other and went on a date etc etc like he just knows the way I want to be held with out being asked =D something my ex never did =] he tells me so many sweet things I just love it I don't want to jinx myself =( but I truly just want to be happy with him =] and like he's making me feel very different awwww

There's an adage which goes something like this.

"When it rains, it pours."

Now that's exactly how I feel about my Pisces woman. If there's one thing that isn't short by any standard of measurement know to man, between a Cancer man and Pisces lady, it would have to be Passion.

Often though, that passion, untamed and wild makes you go crazy. As if you were binging on copious amounts of crack and the ever faithful bottle of JD (Now hold on, I'm a teetotaler). What I'm trying to say is why fight the feeling? Why deny that you can't really live without the other person. Why refute potential for wholesome happiness?

As a young Cancer man, I believe that I have a lot of growing up to do. But, I want that to happen naturally and hopefully with her. Try as I might, I can't not think of her. I can't. I just can't. So Babe, I Loooouvvve you. Nobody else.

It's not complicated at all, its simple and it always was. And as far as the significant other getting outside attention is concerned, I would love that. I mean what's wrong in the world telling your loved one that she has a beautiful smile or a pair of soulful eyes or a wonderful personality? You can't hide the obvious can you?? ;].I'm not your average jealous lover. But I value trust and loyalty a lot. I mean a LOT. It means a lot more than race you belong to or the language you speak or even bling bling or ching ching($).

So Babe, they say good things happen to those who wait. I've been waiting for quite some time now. So, are you my good thing??

So I was the last person who posted. Thank God. I was so tired of the bs. But You are a sweetheart. It will go in time. I know you have done much to help me 'behind the scenes' so to speak - thank you for that. I'm now not sure what your purpose was, just pure kindness? Well it was appreciated anyway. I wish you well and your family.

So im a Pisces woman, and my ex is a Cancer man. We met through friends of ours when he came down to my school in Arkansas to visit one time, and hit it off immediately kept talking and he came down to see me about every weekend since I met him. We were together about four months and knew each other for five months when it became summer time and things got rocky. He broke up with me but wanted everything that comes with a relationship being "us", exclusive, and all of that. Haven't talked on the phone since we broke up but we still text normally....someone please explain to me what he wants!???

Im a Pisces woman who dated a Cancer man, we met through our friends when he came down to University of Ole Miss and we hit it off immediately never stopped talking all night. After that he came to visit every weekend, dated about 4 months knew each other about 5. but when it came summer time he needed his space but told me he wanted to break up but still wanted to be "us" and still be exclusive everything that comes with a relationship. and we both knew from the beginning it would always be long distance but we made it work for so long. so should I get over him or not? and we still talk regularly. please advise on what I should do!???

I'm a Pisces woman and am trying to get a Cancer man to like me. Our Families are really good friends and we always go on vacation together. Sometimes we have these moments that make me think he likes me. Yet there are other times where he is very rude. So how do I know if he really likes me? And what can I do to get his attention (in other words seduce him)?

Hi I am a Pisces woman and my husband is a Cancer and we are like two teenagers who are in love all over again. we looker forward to our dates. Yes twice a week we go out on dates, we dress up and entertain each other and go dancing. people know us. and they enjoy seeing us dance with one another I can't see myself being with anyone else we understand each other very much. He knows what I want without me having to say a word and he is my knight and armour shining star. I wouldn't have it no other way. I thank God for him EVERYDAY OF OUR LIFE 6YRS AND STILL STRONG.

I am a Pisces lady and I met the most amazing Cancer man. The attraction was instant. I would never usually do this, as it is going against that I believe in, but the night I met him, I went home with him and one thing led to another and we had the most mind-blowing sex. When I woke in the morning I was seriously considering leaving to prevent embarrassment (I didn't know how he was going to react) but he woke up, put his arms around me and declared he was going to make me breakfast. I was so terribly relieved. It turns out that we have seen each other nearly every day since, and been on quite a few dates. The connection between us still seems so strong and both of us feel like we have known each other for years. I looked up compatibility of our signs and it seems to suggest that we are a good match. This only confirms in my mind what I am feeling for him. I don't know if all Pisces and Cancer relationships start- intense feelings etc but I really sincerely hope tha t it lasts. He is everything that I have been looking for. After 3 years a turbulent relationship with a Scorpio I am looking for the kind of caring relationship that one with a Cancerian can bring. Any tips for hope I approach this? He really is the most amazing man I've ever met (seems like I've had to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince!) and he seems pretty keen on me, for example, picking me up from the train station when it's raining and dropping me home, inviting me over and cooking me dinner, even though he is absolutely exhausted from a hard day at work. Other than any usual tips for building a strong relationship, has anyone got any SPECIFICALLY for a Cancer man (leaning more towards the Leo end of the spectrum) and a Pisces, who was born slap bang in the middle of the banding. Any responses would be great. Thank you :)

Well I am a Pisces woman dating a Cancer man...He is so romantic and caring. He seems to know me better than I know myself. Although at times he can come off as being controlling and even a little possessive. But I know he means well by it. The other night he took me to a remote place on this beach that very few people know about and it was just so romantic and secluded. He tells me every day that he loves me and he thinks I'm beautiful and just "WOW!" (His exact words, not mine)...I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I am a 37 year old Pisces woman dating a 27 year old Cancer man. We met about six weeks ago at a party and was introduced by mutual friends. The attraction was instant. He knew I was a few years older than him, he said he's mostly dated older women. His Scorpio ex was 35 years old.

Pisces women are known to be flirtatious. I flirted with him all night and we exchanged numbers at the end of the night. He text me every day throughout the day to see how my day is going. We talk on the phone for hours at a time. He is very affectionate when it comes to love making. He knows exactly how I want to be touched and he kisses me very passionately. He invites me over to his place and cooks me dinner. When we go out he holds my hands and gives me hugs in public. Something my ex Pisces boyfriend would never do.

My only concern is that he does not tell me how he feels about me verbally, even though I have expressed to him that I am starting to fall in love with him. I am used to men telling me how beautiful I am and how much they enjoy being with me. But he has not expressed this to me & it has me wondering whether or not he feels the same way I do. His actions tells me he really likes me, but being a Pisces woman I also like to hear it, possibly to satisfy my own insecurities.

His ex cheated on him so maybe he's just being cautious. She wanted to work it out but he refused, said he just couldn't forgive her even though they have two children. Guess it's true what they say about Cancer men holding grudges.

I really feel as though this guy could be The One but I have broken quite a few hearts in the past. A lot of things they say about Pisces women are true. Two of my very close girlfriends are also Pisces and we all have similar personalities. We are all sensitive, kind hearted and very sympathetic. We do not judge and we always give people the benefit of the doubt. On the not so positive side: we like to flirt and like attention. We have great sex appeal but we can be very insecure at times. My friends and I have also all cheated in relationships at one time or other.

I've cheated in the past because I was no longer feeling loved and adored in the relationship I was in and I needed that attention. In one relationship I believe my ex was cheating & I cheated back on him to ease the hurt and pain I felt. I really don't like cheating & had a guilty conscience every time I did it. For some reason I think I cheated because I knew the guys were not right for me... I don't know, maybe I need therapy or maybe its just that darn Fish in me & there's nothing to be done about it.

All in all, I think I have found my perfect guy. The first Cancer I've ever dated. I know our relationship is fairly new but when you know, you know. I've been with many a dogs in the past and I would like to thank each & everyone of them, because now I can appreciate a good man. I just wish he would admit he loves me. Maybe holding back emotions is a Cancer thing.

Thanks for letting me pour my heart out and thanks for reading. Any comments would be appreciated. Chow!!

Ok so I'm a Pisces woman and the guy I like is a cancer.we txt everyday and I can honestly say he really does care and the feelings are mutual.but he has such a busy life.and as a 'typical'pisces I need attention I need the cute txts dating and all to feel secure and make my day.he does it but sometimes I feel as if I'm just there for no reason.I mean one day were txting all day 'ibmiss you babe I miss you too'n the next he's m.I.a. What do I do?wait?

Im a Pisces girl and have been wit my Cancer man for about 5 years. It has been a very turbulent relationship from the start. Both of us are very insecure, possesive, stubborn and have big mouths when in heated arguements. We have both cheated in the past due insecurity and it is a constant subject of our arguements . But nothing has ever kept us apart for long. I am his first love. And he is my ideal everything I need in a man. Alpha male aggressive in control. He is 6ft2 im 5ft tiny. That my femininity and innocence with a firey feisty attitude (aries moon) is what attrated him . I feel like he knows me better than I do. The sex is out of this world and has been from day one. We blew each other away the first time we slept together. It was more than sex it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I was a promiscuous Pisces girl before I met him so that says a lot. after 5 years is still as passionate as ever. We are both massively attracted to one another he is the love of my life. Makes me feel protected, beautiful and very loved. We argue constantly but always because we both want to reassure and be reassured we are still loved by one another always. He is my soul mate and I am his. We have broken up numerous times over the year's. I am the one to walk away when I cant put up with his mood's or sometimes overbearing love. He will not let it happen and gives me space then comes back to win me over again. It keeps us fresh I think. Thank god he's persistant and patient and understands how sensitive I am.. Im lucky to have him. Not too mention he is absolutely gorgeous, tall dark and strikingly hansome. Typical of the Cancer male appearence we hear so much about. I am a typical dramatic Pisces girl waiting to be swept off her feet and saved and he is my strong knight in shining armour Cancer man ready to do that a thousand time's over to show me just how special and loved I am. I love you my babe x.

I am a pisces,i've been together with a Cancer man for a yr and a was hard understanding him in our 6 month,cuz he didn't want his feelings hurt or anythng,now I understand him completely he opened up fully to me,and he's soo sweet to me,he's the best!he treats me soo good,very devoted and supportive in the things I do.he shows me reall love,what it really is.we have our disagreements sometimes but then work things out before the day is done.we've come to that agreement because we don't want to leave each other angry then something happens along the way that bad.he changed me in so many ways for the better and I did the same too for him,this is the guy I want to marry for sure

I am a Pisces woman and my boyfriend is a Cancer and our relationship is truely out of this world, of course it has its ups and downs like any relationship but we always seems to wiggle out of any problems happily. He is very patient especially with my timid sometimes closed off personality, but somehow he manages to get me to talk about what's bothering me.

We do share an unspoken understanding, sometimes I feel like we can read each other's mind. He is although sometimes a bit fickle, one moment super snuggly and the next a bit withdrawn but I guess not everyone is completely stable. However we are going to have a baby now, and I just both see and feel what a great dad he is going to be. I think its like second nature to him. I just hope that I can live to both mine and his expectations of being a good mother.-Stephanie

I am Cancer man met this Pisces woman 28 at the time I was 31. we met in august 2009. we had so much in common, from loving dogs to similar ideas, to the same vehicle, it looked like a perfect match. both families approved of each other. the relationship went well fo about four months. then december came and the quarrels started. she told me that I neglected her on a particular day that month when she wanted to hang out with her friends she though I would be there with her also she got upset because I didn't plan anything for new years eve. we got over that and made up. January was good, she wasnt a fan of valentines but I planned a weekend at a beach resort, lo and behold I got food poisoning and I had to post pone it to the next weekend.she asked me to make something for her for vaentines I made a t shirt and painted one of her dogs on it, she made me a plaque. when I got the food posining she broke up with me again, because I should have been more carefull not to get ill and I should have bought a rose for her..but she told me she wasnt a fan of valentines..her birthday passed good, but she told me she needed to leave early April was the worst, she found that I was sending forwards to my ex and didn't like that, got upset and broke it off with me I told her I wont email my ex and delete all her friends from my facebook account. we got back together again, july for my birthday was good, and I told her that several times, she go upset with me because I didn't thank her on facebook. I went a dog show in august that I won some trophies, I told her to her face that I was thnakfull to have he by my said, she got upset when I didn't thank her on face book. then we broke it off in september when she went through my computer and saw I did some searches of my ex to see how she was going. my ex and I don't talk we were together for 6 years and we werent progressing then she won a scholarship to the US, I live in the caribbean.i was just concerened how she was doing.

anyway, I was trying to get back with my Pisces woman until three days ago when she went through my phone and saw I texted a childhood friend. I asked my Pisces girl to go couples councelling but she didn't want to but wrote a counseller in the US and took her her advice not to work it out. I told my friend in a text (who is a girl I consider my sister) I know I am being harsh but I cant believe how stupid my Pisces girl is to take a person advice who doesn't even know the whole situation.

Anyway I still love my Pisces girl but she don't trust me at all, things I want my ex, things I want other girls, thinks I am not loyal to her. however I build a pet store for her, built kennels for her dogs with my money, and be there for her all the time no matter what. she even got upset with me for looking through other peoples profiles on Facebook saying I looking for other women. I think I had it with her insecurities, but I know I love her. I believed she was a blessing from God so I took the blame for all the times we broke up etc....

I am a Pisces woman (18-years-old this past feb.) and I'm in love with a Cancer man (22 years old this past june) we have been boyfriend - girlfriend for 5-6 months now, were just friends for 10 months before he asked me to be his girlfriend (nown each other for 1 year and 3-4 months now. YESS!!!!). I WAS 17 WHEN I meet him on the bus on our to school at BUTLER TECH, 'Education beond expection', (he was in an adult program - project SEARCH, I was in a school tech program- Equine Science).

He has bipolar and I ausperger's syndrome (a type of austism). he is so sweet and kind protective, he dose not force me to do anything I don't want to, and (although he amit's he gets jalus) he lets me be friends with anyone I chose (girl or boy).

He may be my first boyfriend, but we are defently in love.


1. My parents seem to think that it wont last, my boyfriend and I do.

2. I am now attending college full time and live on camus, he is back home (which is about an hour away from my college).

3. His most recent ex wont leave him alone, I havent meet her (he doesn't want me to, says she is bad news), it does not affect us much. But I still want her to leave him alone. or at least stop trying to get back together with him. She used him for his money and cheated on him.

I could really use some advice. if anyone can help me I will be vary thankful. if you give me advice or commit please refer to me as 'horselover'.

Wow reading this cancer/pisces post is sooo different to the virgo/pisces post!! All you ladies seem so much happier!!! I just got out of the worst relationship of my life with a Virgo guy and now a Cancer has walked in my life and he's amazing!! Avoid virgo's ladies and go for a Cancer if you don't want to be heartbroken!!

I'm a Pisces woman and head over heals in love with a Cancer man. He can please me like no other (and I had quite a few partners).

I never thought about anyone as much as I do about him. Almost all the time. And he's 10,000 miles away!

He is shy and sweet, but also really passionate in bed. He lets me take charge but I let him point in the direction he wants us to go.

GG, you are the most amazing lover I ever had!

I'm a Pisces woman and dated a Cancer man. He was my first true love and longest relationship. I was very jealous and accused him of cheating. He said he couldn't take it anymore and broke up with me. How can I get him back?

I am a Pisces gay 8th march 1988 age 22yrs. I am in a relation with a cancerian man 18th July 1984. we are planning to get marriage and need to do sex changed from male to female. do you thing I am correct at my decision. I need a successful life to be spended with my partner. I am very sensitive and afraid of taking this decision. my partner always ask me to get married to him even he need me. what do you say should I take this step... please help me

Well I'm a Pisces woman and I have been in love with a Cancer man for almost ten years now! I truly feel that he's my Soulmate sent from up above . We have sooo much in common , He's like the perfect man for me and I know I'm the perfect woman for him . I mean lets face it PisCans are match mates in heaven.

I am a Pisces female and I recently reunited with my ex boyfriend who is a Cancer male and he was my first everything my Cancer males is also married now. My Cancer ex cheated on me when we were together 9 years ago and I never spoke to him again even when I saw him around I pretended he didn't exist...up until 2 months ago when he found me on facebook and started telling me how his Scorpio wife isnt giving him enough sex and he wanted me to have an affair with him and be his close friend...i am so glad I didn't go through with it..after two months of trying to get in my pants and didn't succeed he blew me off and now is ignoring I guess the whole we will be friends no matter what and all the deep things he told me was a flake too..ugh I should have never let him back into my life..but the crazy thing is I still care about him because he was my first..cancer men can be cold...why would he try to hurt me again..he is so cruel

So I have a bit of an awkward situation. I have an on again off again boyfriend. We broke up last year and I ran into an acquaintance i(cancer) of his shortly later. We hung out a few times and I really liked him but I rekindled things with my ex. Over the months I've seen him out or received a text here and there, But he's been very hot and cold. I know it's my fault for going back to my ex but half the time he ignores me and half the time he surprises me and acts normally and affectionate. but I've dreamt about him a number of times. The other night I woke up at 3 am and had a text from him for the first time in months. Now I can't stop thinking about him. My relationship w my Aquarius never seems to improve and were never on the same page. Should I finally give this Cancer a shot?

I think I'm in love with a Cancer guy.. I'm a Pisces girl btw.. However, I have bad experience from my past relationships and I'm quite fear of getting my heart broken again.. I've dated this Cancer guy twice and each time, we were hitting off quite well.. How do I know if he is really true to me? I know that can be quite subjective or perhaps some one cld advise me in a general view.. We did hold hands and kissed but he didn't ask me to be his gf.. Am I being too easy to him already? I'm afraid he'll take things for granted in long run, just like how my exes do..

Well,im a Pisces and my man is cancer.we hit off really very well.we've been together for 5yrs now.we are highschool sweethearts.he really understands me...but sometimes acts cold.but when I break up into tears he takes me into his arms and erases all the sadness.its the best thing about him how he takes care of me.i love him for that..and so does he.

Pisces woman trying to catch me a crab. I have one picked out, but he's a little younger than me and not ready for commitment. Is there anything I can do to make myself more appealing to a Cancer while I wait for him to be ready? I want him to see me and think, she's the kind of woman I could see myself with. Thanks for the input. M.E.

Would Cancer male just getting out of a marriage in which he was betrayed run from me if he was really falling in love with me but says relationship means pain to him but could we could get very deep but not going to let himself??? If he was really falling and had deep feelings would he be able to simply run and see others? All sedemed to change so quickly but seemed so sincere.

Just curious as i've had no real closure and feel there is a strong connection between us that cannot be denied for too long. Any advice would be most helpful as I try to figure out the situation.

Okay, I'm a Pisces teenage girl, and have just recently started talking to this Cancer guy. I can see such happiness, trust, and love within him. And honestly, it scares the living shit out of me. In the past, I've been known to play with my Taurus and Capricorn lovers. It was all unintentional, but I discovered the monster within myself- keeping guys close, but still far enough away- dangling on a string. I know this is some type of insecurity that I really need to get over, I guess I'm just afraid of commitment, because I'm constantly wondering how my feelings will alter.

So I just feel this huge, intense pool of emotion that I could be sucked into. And I want it- but shit, I'm a damn slippery fish. I guess I just need to let go, and let love flow.

By the way, do any other Pisces women out there feel like unintentional evil manipulators? It's really been f*cking with my head...

I am a Cancer man and fell in love with a Pisces woman.I have never loved a woman as strongly as I have this one.From the moment we met(on line) we felt a connection.We could finish each others sentences or thoughts.We had many strange little things happen that made me feel that much more confident we were meant to be.She lives in Canada and I live in the U.S.of A.I dragged my feet a bit on getting a passport.Now the problem.She has shut off from me and will no longer talk.She feels that im leading her on(like hell I am)I understand this but its just not true.I am now waiting on said passport but im having a very hard time convincing her im serious and sincere.I have nothing holding me here and told her id move to be with her in a heart beat if she desired it.Which was the plan until this.Now I have no idea what to do to make this right

I am a Cancer man and fell in love with a Pisces woman.I have never loved a woman as strongly as I have this one.From the moment we met(on line) we felt a connection.We could finish each others sentences or thoughts.We had many strange little things happen that made me feel that much more confident we were meant to be.She lives in Canada and I live in the U.S.of A.I dragged my feet a bit on getting a passport.Now the problem.She has shut off from me and will no longer talk.She feels that im leading her on(like hell I am)I understand this but its just not true.I am now waiting on said passport but im having a very hard time convincing her im serious and sincere.I have nothing holding me here and told her id move to be with her in a heart beat if she desired it.Which was the plan until this.Now I have no idea what to do to make this right

i'm a Pisces girl and I REALLY like a Cancer guy.... but he calls me his best friend.... I tryed telling him how I feel but I ended up confusing both of us.... all my friends think he likes me, but I can't tell.....

over the last week we have grown closer. lately I haven't stopped thinking about him, I always walk with him at school in the halls unless he's with his friends (i don't think his friends don't like me...) he keeps his emotions hidden from me. he's so sweet, kind, friendly, and tends to stay to his self.

i try to understand him every chance I get, but he's just so mysterious and deep. he loves music and is very artistic, just like me..... well i'm gonna tell him how I feel..... wish me luck ~"Anna"

So I recently have developed a crush on a Cancer boy at my school. I like him so much and he's absolutely perfect to me. We hung out at his house yesterday, and had a lot of fun, but now he's saying he doesn't want a girlfriend. I've asked why, and he says its because when I was with him, it reminded him of his ex. They dated for 5 months (she was a Pisces like me) but he broke up with her. And he doesn't like to talk about it. But I want to know how to get him to give me a chance. So I can show him that he doesn't have to be afraid of being in a relationship again. I'm 14, but I really need some advice on how to get him to give me a chance. Thanks.

I'm a Pisces girl who broke up with a Cancer guy, around Septemer of last year. We went out for about 7 months, which is pretty long for a freshman of high school. Over the summer we were going great and there were no arguments or problems with our relationship. Pretty strange actually, we went to the pool and didn't talk the entire day. It felt like we talked nonstop. It was an amazing yet strange feeling. He made me feel really great about myself and I feel at my greatest creative potential when I have a boyfriend who truly understands me.

I'm quite emotional, but not one who will cry during every romantic/sad movie. I'm everything that Pisces describes. Well I at least try to be. Sensitive, caring, artistic, adventurous, sweet. I can't have any negative feelings around me or it drives me crazy. I immediately have to fix it or else I won't be okay. If someone is sad, I have to help.

So, when I broke up with my boyfriend, the look on his face was like an abandoned puppy. It made me feel sick inside for what I'd done. He never did anything to hurt me. He's the sweetest and it was like I stabbed it in the heart. The reason I broke up with him-- I really don't know. The connection was getting fuzzy and he's a bit weird sometimes. But that honestly shouldn't matter whatsoever. All that matters is that he's the greatest and there's no other guy in the world that I've met like him. Im not saying there aren't other people in the world like him, just none that I've met.

It took him a month or so to finally warm up to me again. I asked him if we could date again and he said yes. I hope he wasn't lying because it says Cancer won't make the same mistake twice. Now, I won't hurt him like that ever again. I didn't mean to, I just wasn't feeling like me when we broke up.

You realize what you've lost when you don't have it anymore. Ladies, don't MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. Please.

Now, he's dating a Libra now. If you look their compatibility up, you'll see that it doesn't work that well. She's my friend--well, was until she started wanting attention and tried smoking. Big N-O on my list. Im curious to know if she's just going out with him because I was. She's quite insecure and doesn't have such a great home life. I feel bad, wishing I could fix it. My Cancer guy has started texting in class now and seeing her during lunch. She skips class to just see him. It makes me kinda angry because he's the opposite of all this silliness.

He may still like me though. In homeroom last Friday, he came and sat next to me--every Friday I came to sit with him. I think he's flirting with me but, it's hard to tell. He makes fun of me tripping on words when I talk and smiles when he's around me :) He just makes fun of me a lot (not in a mean way). At lunch today, I caught him glancing at me. His expression seemed sad. Kind of like he missed being with me. When I turned to look at him, he looked away. So I'm unsure at the moment in how he feels about me.


Thanks, Sydney :)

I am a Pisces woman, and I think I am pretty much in love with a Cancer man. I met him over a year ago, at first I hated his guts. Just something about him told me he was weird (in a bad sense). My friend made me speak to him with an open mind, then the second he spoke to me I fell for him.

The whole summer he led me on. He told me how much he liked me, and how he'd consider a relationship with me. He went from being this romantic, sweet boy, to this bitter, angry man. All in a day. He never took his shell down to let me in.

Every stupid fight we got into I was practically at his feet, begging for his forgiveness. I knew what he was doing to me, but I refused to put an end to it. My self esteem went down the drain, and I kept pressing. All the rejection that came from him, all the cruel jokes he told about me behind my back, they some how made me want him even more. Pretty soon, all I wanted to feel better was him. I must have him to be happy.

Finally, he deleted me from his life. I moved an hour away. Sadly, nothing has changed. All I want is him, from summer to here in march. A few months ago he re-added me on facebook and asked me if he broke my heart, of course I lied and told him I didn't. He deleted me again. The more I see how compatible we were the more my heart hurts because we would have been so perfect for each other. I still blame myself for driving him away. If only he let me in.

I am a Pisces woman and is married to a Cancer man. I've been with my Cancer husband for over 10 years. We are now separated because I cheated on my Cancer husband with another Cancer man. The joke is that when I cheated, I had no idea the man I cheated with is also a Cancer. I had a very good relationship with my Cancer husband until he started shutting me out. I felt very lonely in my marriage and seeked for something that I believe I deserve somewhere else. My experiences with both Cancer men are great. Both Cancer men are very compatible with me in every way. The sex part is always amazing. I am still with the new Cancer man and I have a very strong feeling for him. The thing is that it seems like my new Cancer is not that into me. We meet once a week and usually spend about 3 to 4 hours together. I always make plans to see him. He never calls me. Only I call him and he always returns my call when he gets it or immediately answer my calls when he's available. I wonder if he is into me just like I am really into him.

well there is this Pisces woman who is my neighbor and I am a Cancer man. one night we talked for a while and it was amazing how much we have in common, as far as life experience goes. one of the things she talked about really made me sad, because her experience reminds me of my own.

then she told me this is why she is not interested in starting a new relationship with anyone just yet, because she is afraid to get close to anyone, this mirrors my own problem.

well the next day we were hanging out with friends, and one of our mutual friends decides to invite this other guy over, I guess to hook her up, but she doesn't really like him like that. so it kind of made it uncomfortable for me.

i also offered to get her something from the carry out since she cant really afford to splurge and she refused.

but yet she wants to do things for me which I would feel guilty about. she even folds my clothes.

however when im alone with her she is very shy or distant. and its not like I just want to get in her pants, but I want to really connect mentally, I just have not told her yet.

well, yesterday I was really kind of low, because I miss my family and they are far away, and she asked me if I was ok, and I said no, but she left instead of talking to me ( I would have told her why, but I guess she is not ready for anything too heavy)

so today I know this guy was probably over to visit and hang out with her and another friend of ours, and who knows what he tried to convince her to do, I know if he was too fast it would probably have upset her at this point, and I don't want to see anyone just use her. and yes im a little jealous and don't like the fact that this other friend is putting pressure on her like that, I kind of get the feeling it has to do with the fact that this other friend wanted me at one time, but I never went after it. so that's a whole other dynamic.

everything she told me she values is the same thing I value. we even have almost the same life story, its weird, but im so afraid to admit how I feel since I know she needs time to mend from her last relationship.

today I didn't even get to talk to her, she was in her place but I didn't even knock, its too late anyway.

should I keep my distance?

should I just tell her?

she keeps dropping little hints about things that are obviously meant to draw my attention, but then acts completely the opposite. on the one hand subtly welcoming and on the other she acts as if im strange.

at this point im really not sure what to do.

I'm a Pisces woman and its been unlike any dream/fantasy or romantic movie I have ever seen since me and my Cancer met! I replied to an ad he had up on a very popluar site and after talking for bout a week almost every night we finally met. It was a Sunday and I was feeling pretty homesick and missing all the family and friends I left back in the midwest to move to Florida. He was so funny, sweet and caring from day one and help me to not miss my friends back home so much while making a new friend in him. He's the typical Cancer: strong, tender, romantic, sweet, macho, sexy, and sharing. And I'm something like a soft feminine Pisces with him because of who he is and he makes me feel safe. With us both being water signs we can feel each others moods. As a Pisces woman thats important because I feel everything from everyone and its good knowing he feels my moods. Its different and wonderful all at the same time. Like the movie Sleepless In Seatle. Two people at the sa me place in their lifes miles away not only hoping for love but looking really for each other...then they met and it's KISMET! I've never felt so at peace with a man and I really belief that though no one is perfect the Pisces/Cancer combo is a love unlike any other. For those that have been hurt don't let love get you down, your own romantic movie is waiting for you too write and star in it. I tell him often that God put it on my heart to move to a place by myself, with no family and no place or job at the time so I could met him. Just like he stayed here in FL for years when all his family is on the westcoast. Since that Sunday back in June we havent been And I hope to never be without him. It's kismet.

I'm a Pisces woman and love my Cancer prince! I've been with other signs that are 'good' for Pisces, like Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Cap but there is no connection like that of the Pisces/Cancer. With the right person of course.

We met after I responded to an ad he posted looking for his sweetheart on a popular site. Since talking like every night and from the first day we actually met we have been insepartable--it has been kismet. I've never felt so much so quick for a man before and I believe him when he tells me that he has never loved a woman like he does me. We are both grown so when you KNOW you just KNOW. I thank God for him because he is all I secretly prayed for and more than I wished for. Both Pisces & Cancers can be moody since we are emotional water signs but both are also compassionate and like to love. So those that are fortuante to experince this combination cherish it just make sure its with the right person for you. So far our love hasnt been like any story or movie I have ever seen, its been so much better. My Prince is just as sexy as he is sweet and I trust him and love him so much. He calls me his angel. I'm not perfect like many Pisces but with him I am his perfect Angel.I wish the best in love to all. Angel

I am a Pisces 18 year old girl and I would always notice this guy at school (18 yr. old Cancer) staring at me. I found him to be VERY attractive and I got good vibes from him. For some months, all we would do is stare at each other and smile, neither of us getting up the nerve to speak. One day, long story short, a mutual friend of ours gets us talking by telling him to sit by me. We hit it off INSTANTLY! I've never had such chemistry with a guy the way I did with him. He told me that he always wanted to speak and had every intention to but whenever he saw me, he couldn't speak and I told him I felt the exact same way. We started talking Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011 and the next day, he sat by me again and we weren't talking as much as we were the day before because my friend was close by and we're both a bit shy. After class, I was collecting my things and reached down to grab my purse when he grabs my face, kisses my cheek and we both looked at each other and leaned in for our first kiss. It felt so amazing! I couldn't stop smiling but I wanted to act nonchalant until I saw him again. I have him for my second class as well so when hoped we'd be picking up where we left off. I was out in the hallway on my way back to class and he was heading out and he grabbed my hand and took me to the stairwell. He grabbed my face again and kissed me and I wrapped my arms around him. Everything felt so right. we sat on the steps and talked and kissed and stared each other and couldn't take our eyes off of each other. Everytime he looks at me, I can't help but smile and blush. I don't want to rush things with him but I feel myself really starting to like him more and more. We've only been talking for two days but I feel like I've known him forever! we have so much in common, it's crazy. I just hope when Monday comes, everything is how is has been. I feel like we could really work and last but again, I'm not one to want to rush things. He's all I think about and I usually have about 2 other guys on my mind but since we first talked, he's the only person that goes through my mind, the only person I want to see, spend time with, talk to. okay, I'm done with my mushy banter, wish us luck :)

Im a piscean women, 45 yrs old seeing a cancerian bachelor 29 yrs old. Im married to a piscean with 2 kids. The stories I read above are so similar to mine in experiences. I've always been attracted to cancerians.. Fr my first love to my current affair. They make wonderful lovers... Amazing sex experiences... Know how to pls me. But initially they are difficult to understand. Not so jealous but possessive. The connection was instant... Many arguments and breakup, we are still together. Soon , i'll be leaving for australia with my family. The distance is good so he can find somebody his age to get married to. He's been putting off marriage and girlfrens since he met me. But he said the other day, nobody can replace me. and I will never love anyone like I love him. It's been a challenging one and a half year with a younger man but experience which will stay with me till I die

I'm a Pisces woman dating a Cancer man. We have only been together for 3 months, seems like an eternity, something like a whirlwind romance. I can say for the first time I feel a real connection. We found out about 2 weeks after we made it "official" that he is expecting a child. Product of a one time thing with a person he had been friends with prior. He has told me that the girl expressed deeper feeling for him before the intimate encounter. I told him that this women did not stop liking him just because he told her they'd never have a relationship like that. She had openly disrespected me, and I'm forbidden to take up for myself because of her "delicate situation". On a hunch, because I asked him to put a stop to it, I broke one of dating's BIGGEST rules, I looked in his phone. I seen pet names, from her to him. He never told her to stop. She disrespects me to him and down plays our relationship "his lil crush", as she puts it. He never took up for me or what he says we stand for. He writes blogs, which he praised me in recently, he talks about me being "the 1". But has yet to correct this female in how she talks about me or interacts with me. I feel like in public he is one way with me and in private another. I'm losing my trust in him. I don't want to throw in the towel, because I don't want to risk losing this connection and never have this feeling again. But as most know, when a Pisces is shut down, we're gone and likely to never return. My sister is a Cancer and a known liar. I can't handle the feeling of being lied to. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's being a nice guy to her for the sake of, this may be his kid. Or maybe he doesn't really believe his on hype about our relationship, and he's holding out for something better. I don't know what to believe anymore. But I also don't know how to say "hey, I seen your texts, with my own eyes. So tell me the truth."

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