Cancer man problems... please help...

I am a gemini woman that have know a cancer male for about 6 months now. It was love at first sight for me. I didn't really think it was going to turn into anything when we first met, but then he texted me later that night when I got home. He started to ask me to hang out and showed interest in me. He soon asked me to be his girlfriend after 3 weeks. He was very sweet, romantic, thoughtful, and generous he texted me often at the beginning. After we got into one argument after another things seem to get worst. He became possessive and very secretive. He wouldn't open up to me so that made me not trust him. I find him texting with other people, but I'm not sure who they are. He wouldn't answer my calls sometimes and that makes me a bit jealous and wanting to know. I asked him if he had someone else and he said no. it seems like he want to do things his way and wouldn't really listen when we have a conversation. He would be very moody and wanted to dominate the conversation whenever we talked. I got frustrated many times and wanted to call quits, but he would come around and be sweet whenever i say lets end this. He tells me he likes me, but he won't commit. We still see each other every week. He tells me he wants to be friends for now and he'd still like to have sex with me. The sex is great and I've been giving in cause I think that would eventually make him want to be with me. I fell for him and really want this to work out. I've never felt this way for another man before. Please help me...
Do you think it is better to be his friend with benefits or be friends without? Which one should I do for him to commit to me? I'm scared that he just want me for sex and leave me when he find someone more compatible on one hand and scared that he will find sex with someone else if I don't have it with him. Do you think he likes me? What should I do?

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What u may want to do
by: Cancer Women

Cancer guys are odd about their feelings.. Really any guy is going to keep going after free sex. I am a cancer women it's mega hard but I say tell him how u feel he may not know most cancers I know pull away or get distant when they are hurt or feeling stuffed. If u share ur feelings with him I think he will tell u the truth. Keep in mind thou we hate being in a conflict so I'd he tries to change the subject or smooth it over with oh I care for u grab his arm and gently tell him it's important to u to know where u stand in his heart!

Good luck!

Life your own life
by: Mediac

I don't know much about astrology, let alone compatibility. I am a cancer and I feel like my opinion needs to be added. (I tried to make it short but than it turned into very long ;) )
As I was reading your description of your relationship with him I noticed one thing in particular. You two still see each other every week to have sex or at least a drink? My first thought was he had another lover. Your reaction to it was completely rational;"I asked him if he had someone else and he said no" Of course I agree with him on this part - asking tricky and personal questions only close friends and true love get an honest answer while every other people get the answer they want to hear (if you know what I mean). The fact that he got offended in that strange argument and he never really told you completely what he felt was wrong, leads me to conclusion he still liked you, but friendzoned you.
Dominating conversations I accept as forcing one's opinion to the other person. My thought on it would be he likes his opinion with your voice but not your opinion. I feel like he is pushing you aside.
Where was I? :)
"He tells me he likes me, but he won't commit. We still see each other every week. He tells me he wants to be friends for now and he'd still like to have sex with me." Only thing I can do here is to confirm your thoughts about it. If you want to be with him, than give him a 9-day trial. Two weekends and a week in between. Keep him as close as you can every minute you can. If he holds it, he is a good friend of yours. If he doesn't, than he is only one of the people you know - and you have to delete him from your mind forever. However I am expecting that he has another lover and he will at least sneak-out few times, because the other person wouldn't wait for him that long. Or that he stay this "test" is ridiculous and he refuses to start it.
All in all my opinion is he has another lover but they aren't "together yet". I've completely lost my thought on it as I was trying to form next sentence in my head, but you need to leave this relationship. It was good, but it is gone now. Past. There are other men you can find if you let yourself free, although not usually cancers as we prefer to "stay home", or most of us at last. I wish you a happy life without that guy.
I just answered as I felt the similarity between me and him. I do not know him so don't take my answer for granted. ;)

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