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I think it depends on both Natal Charts. Personally I'm involved with a Cancer man. Astrologically I know it s not easy. But it was love at first sight and we both work on that, too hard to be together. I believed that we can work it out. But it finally worked out.

He is very sensitive, he needs love and caring and perhaps I have to tell him that I love him and need him but I think he needs simple things. That s ok. I need that too. But I think that depends on your experiences in life, what you need from someone. But whatever I give him, I take it back instantly. He is very kind. He is someone who cares and very tender. But he tested my patience and faith many times. He was really hard on that. Believe me. That part wasn t easy because he was coming from another relationship which was a nightmare for him. It was hard to take him out of his shell. But if you make him trust, it worth the trouble at last. What I like to mention is that when you speak to a Cancer man, you have to be clear or else you can be misunderstood easily. It s not necessary to speak to much to tell him how much you love him. Just say it or be there when he is in bad mood and you got it all. They are very warm people and generous with things and emotions. They do anything to understand the eir partner and he is really trying.

At the beginning I thought he is suffocating me with his questions but now is better. In fact I thought I would die from asphyxia. But now, we learned each other and works better. I admit that we could separate from the first moment. But we worked it out because we were too much in love. He respects the space I need and my work. I do respect his work too.

He is the right man who will help you in housework. The man who will take care of you when you are sick. I know what you may think, but we share things like that at home. He cleans, I do that too. In fact, he knows more things than me.

Another thing is perhaps someone will think at the beginning, that Cancer abandoned his efforts to win you. But if you think such thing, you just fool yourself. You cannot get rid of him so easily.

But he is very nice! In fact in the past I had another relationship with a Cancer and it really failed. When I was listening about Cancers, I was running away. But this one, is the something else. When I find out that he was Cancer, I was really surprised. Such relationship needs many compromises but it was t so irrational to me ,about what we both need. Both s nerves really worn out, but now we are really happy and we enjoy our love.

I m not saying that he is so intellectual but he is the ideal man for family and feel safe, if is that what you really need. If you feel sad ,insecure and you had a bad day, he can take you in his arms and forget it all.

I am also a Sagittarius Woman. I have always had a Cancer man in my life I was fighting for. Notice I said fighting for, It seems I am always taking on the challenge to get that devotion I know is deep inside of them to belong to me. I want that "one woman man" to be mine so I can have that secure relationship. I know they can be a safe haven, but it seems that my openness and praises makes them comfortable with themselves and allows them to open up, but with someone else. I feel like I can't give them enough and yet, I give them everything. More than I put in my other relations. My need for space only distances them. I am now dating a Cancer guy and I am noticing his behavior to be a repeat. How can I stop myself from making the same mistakes I have in the past with Cancers? I t seems like my Cancer relationship always end by me feeling like they are avoiding me and than a argument about them not being open to me breaks the relationship. This one is very special to me, a good man and old friend.

I am a sag woman and I have a Cancer guy of a yr now and I know that I can be a hand-full and I talk a lot and I sometimes say things that I shouldn't but I was honest with him about those things in the beginning I told him sometimes I would need my space and have a attitude and want all his attention and be spoiled and everything else lol and he said he could handle it. And we have been working on it. He is very sweet and understanding and caring but you have to baby him. Cancel men (well at least mine for sure) needs to hear over and over I love him and call him silly pet names like boogie bear to make him laugh at me for being so girly. I established with him in the beginning what I wanted and I try to not yell and curse we both try to avoid that sometimes it gets heated but we REALLY try to stay respectful it helps a already tense situation because he will shut down and not want to listen and fair enough I'll get that way as well. I also am working on him to be m ore open and talk more and say more then a few words during our conversations and he is attempting to be better talking to him and explaining what you need and why its important should make him feel the need to take care of you if he REALLY ACTUALLY CARES! Remember ladies we don't have to complain about every little thing and when he says or does something we like show him you noticed and appreciated that from him. My Cancer definitely likes to feel like he's making me happy and so I let him know he does. Sex wise he is a willing partner what you may think is him being selfish really may be him being shy to be honest that was the case with my honey bunny he wanted things to be perfect just reassure him that things are ok and he will work to make sure you're ummm satisfied lol. He's super affectionate and loves to kiss and hold hands and really wants a strong woman who can still allow him to be the man.. So let him know you can handle yourself but ask him to open a few jars and pick up a few boxes!

Well I was in a relationship with a Cancer man, and it seemed like we always bumped heads. We were like night and day. We would constantly argue, and as a sag women I would say things that may hurt his feelings. if I hurt his feelings he would wait like a week or two later. Now emotionally we really cared for one another, he did a lot things for me brought me gifts, listened to me, and treated me how a women should be treated) , and I sacrificed a lot for him. The only problem was that it seemed like he was the giver in the relationship and I was the receiver. He always wanted me to be happy , his favorite line was "If It makes you happy". We were in love with each other. Then I noticed he started getting distant with me, and he eventually started losing trust. That hurt me tremendously cause I'm a open person and I told him everything ( he was like my best friend) But I guess my bluntness and my need for space caused him to run away. In result my heart got crushed.

I notice that Sag's do tend to be Cancer's other woman like the poster who mentioned always fighting for them said. The Cancers main woman is usually a Capricorn or Taurus or a Scorpio and if she finds out all hell breaks lose.

Im a sag woman with a Cancer man. we've been dating for 7months now but we're not official. I want it to be but he doesn't. and that's what's confusing. he says he wants me to move in with him when he gets his apt. he says wants us to have kids in 2yrs. we had such a wonderful day together last Monday and we had breakfast together [that I made] and spent the rest of the morning/part of the afternoon in my bed kissing, cuddling.. and other stuff. then he told me he wanted to make love to me. we left and took the train got off at our stop and parted ways with a hug and a kiss. he told me to txt him when I got to school but then said forget it because he'd be getting ready for work anyway. about 2hrs later he texted me and said "well ima assume you didn't reach yet....smh...don't talk to me". and he ignored me for a week even to I apologized and told him how wonderful that day was and how much it made me realize id love to live with him. he called me on Saturday but only to ask why I kept calling/texting him. I texted him good morning on Sunday and he replied u too. and I asked if he still had a headache. he said partially. I said I hope he feels better. and that was it. its Friday now. and he's still ignoring me. but I think I love him and it feels like he wants nothing to do with me anymore. he's ignored me for a week before, and always came back wanting to see me ASAP, but idk about this time. but idk what I did wrong. im so confused and hurt. but now im trying to act like it doesn't matter. I tried contacting him at least 3x this week and I get no reply but I see he replies to other people on Facebook. I could deal if he said "look im ignoring you for a week". but he didn't so Idk what's going on and that's the WORST thing for someone like me. im in stasis smh. please help. xConfusedSagx

there was a Cancer guy in my first year of uni a couple years back. the first time I saw him in orientation when we were doing these games I knew I needed to him and I was really attracted to him even if he was on the opposite side of this huge room. well that same day after orientation I made sure I talked to him and he was interesting. living on rez was so much fun although I wish I had sex with him I didn't. but on the first night of orientation we were hanging out and partying he was drinking wine from the bottle or something and asked me if I wanted some, I had some. he was so fucking sexy man. I really did want him for the entire semester until I left and haven't seen him yet. that was in 2006 and now it 2010.

when I was there I used to see him all the time and he would always talk to me and tell me how he's been when we were going to lectures in the morning and whenever I saw him. I really do miss him and loved him a lot although I never told him that because I didn't want that to push him away.

also the first day of orientation I found him to be very adventurous. lol he wanted to go in the forest with all of us. I loved that because I love adventurous guys. I don't know I kinda wished I stayed there but I'm also glad I didn't. I don't have any Cancer signs in my chart I don't think but I've always been attracted to Cancers. I have Ascendant in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Leo.

I don't know if I'll ever see him again though. sometimes I send him a comment on facebook but he never replies. I don't think he replies to anyone though and I don't think he really uses his facebook.

but I do want to meet up with him. I don't know if our relationship would be good. maybe it's better if we stay friends. he's from a different city though. lol he's into astrology so I hope he doesn't read this haha. all Cancers seem to be into astrology though.

but anyways I'm kinda looking elsewhere now. I'm going to a different university it's an art & design school and met some other guys. I still miss my time there and I miss him. lol I never thought I'd even talk to him when I first saw him. I guess dreams do come true sometimes though.

when I checked our compatibility with our birthday it says the sex gets better with time and never stops getting better. but it also says that if we have sex or he hurts me or I hurt him, we may never be friends again so I'm kind of scared of that. oh well. I wished he'd reply sometimes though. I miss him but I especially miss that time in my life when I was learning so much about life.

I think he was the only Cancer I ever really loved though. I kinda regret never going back there to see him but it kinda far away and in a bit of a dangerous area of this city. but I hope I see him sometime or someday and we can catch up on what we've been up to.

my brother's also a Cancer and he's really caring and helpful all the time. and my other brother's a Pisces and we don't get along at all, he says hurtful things all the time and he never helps me at all or does anything caring when I need it.

Is it weird for Sag girls to really love a guy a want to be with him forever but have a list of guys in her life that she'd love to be with too in case it doesn't work out or something. I don't know personally speaking I can never make up my mind and I don't want to ruin friendships with some of my male friends. but for some reason I'm not really attracted to that many Leos, Arises, air and fire signs. I prefer earth and water signs although there are some Sagittarius's I'm really attracted to too. but I guess it all depends on my other signs.. I really like Cancer and Cap men though especially Caps though I guess resulting from my Cap Venus. but I find many Cancers incredibly attractive in real life.

I've been in a relationship with a Cancer man and it was going really well. Then he stopped talking to me for a week. I was sooo upset. Then things got heated and we spent a lot of time together. We had the best sex and had the best times together. But, there was still a doubt in my mind that he was still talking with other women. He said no that he loves me and wants to be with only me. That felt good to hear. Then now recently the texting and calls are getting farther apart. And some days we don't even speak nor text. Im worried that he's trying to end it. Im very confused, cause I really love him with all my heart. Help me please!

Reading your experiences is like reading mine. Im in love with Cancer for couple of months. Its really hard, but I don't want to let him go cuz most of the time he makes me happy. He is hyperactive, and has a lot of energy (he trains capoeira and dance salsa). He is a real adventurist, and it fulfils me. Sometimes he is warm and crazy about me, but sometimes he doesn't call me at all and is ignorant. Many times I get hurt, but I understand him and I let him go, cuz he always comes back to me.

Im a Sag and I am sooo attached to this Cancer man. He's the most AMAZING kisser and sometimes romantic. We Have been talking for on and off almost a year. He would just stop talking to me for no reason and then sometimes get a girlfriend and fall in love. It hurts but I feel its my fault because I wanted to beat him to the punch and say I didn't want a relationship so he wouldn't think I had more feelings than I actually did. But when Im around him I never listen to him nor do I really talk to him but when he leaves I feel so. regretful and then I miss him again and even cry for him. Also part of me feels he's a player because he started talking to someone else on right in front of me but tried to make it so I wouldn't notice. And he falls in love so quick its really ridiculous.. sighhh I don't know help meee

I'm currently in love with a Cancer man and I'm a Sagittarius. Me and him have been together for 4-5 months now. Sometimes it's really hard for us, & I get hurt, cause he doesn't understand me.. I really love him, but I don't want to let him go, cause he makes me happy.. I never been happier in my life! He cares a lot for me and I can feel it, but sometimes just gets a little to clingy (like his sign says). I can see him and me in the future married, and having kids. He knows how to look after me and let me have my fun, an d freedom. He likes to stay home, and would only go out, only if im there. Haha, weird. Sometimes I hurt him with my harsh words, only cause I'm scared of losing him. I'm always the one that gets mad and he never gets mad at me, AT ALL, rarely.

Im a Sagittarius woman and I like this Cancer man very much, (he knows) how do I make him feel like he can open up to me? , im here for him

I was in a relationship with a Cancer man for 3 years. It felt like three decades. He was 44 yr old mommy's boy, critical, superficial, judgmental, opinionated, spoiled, picky....and I mean PICKY about his clothes, his food, his bottled water...everything had to be name brand...and even some name brands weren't good enough. A Cancer man is like dating a me ladies, we're too blunt and honest to be biting our tongues with a baby-man. Find an Aries or Leo....they don't smother your freedom and can take honesty without the weeks and weeks a Cancer will cold shoulder you!

I am a Cancerian, strongly attracted to a sag woman in the work place. She is a divorcee. how can I know if this sag woman likes me or not

I don't know what is up with my Cancer man everything was going super well (except I wasn't getting phone calls or seeing him as often as I would like) anyway, I went on a planned vacation and when I returned I was so happy to see him but it seemed as if his whole attitude had changed. as far as I'm concerned it's over because of no explanation and long periods of no contact. everybody I've asked that either know a Cancer or have dated one, they say that they are weird distant and like dating another female. I think they make you fall for them and then dump you in the dumpster. still have no clue as to why he changed and has not wanted to talk to me. one thing I know for sure, I'll be darned if I call him first. that is not going to happen


Just go for it. Sag girls love straight forward approach. As far as I'm concern I give more credit to a guy that has the nerve to come up to me, then a hottie that thinks I will approach him.

Im a Sagittarius woman and am in love with this Cancer guy. I could feel there was something special about him years back when I first saw him. did you ever get that feeling? now we have been seeing each other on and off for the last 3 years, he had said he doesn't want a relationship, but when we meet I can see he feels comfortable with me and I feel good with him, and lately he seems more warm to me in his own way as thought he is weighing me up... does this happen because of their cautious nature? we never had sex, we did come close and I really wish to but it seems that to him it's sacred, I get this feeling at least because he's not like other guys who immediately want to go ahead with it. Then I'm afraid that because we are from different social classes, it can get in the way.

I'm a Sagittarius woman, I met my Cancer friend from an online dating site. We've exchanged txt messages and finally met in person. He's so attractive just what I want on the surface. It's only been 5 days now since he and I met. We are staying in contact learning a bit about each others' work schedule. He has 2 jobs. I have one at home. Well my impressions now of him are mostly what the other Sag women have stated, especially about the cautiousness. His voice is so comforting and soothing to hear. I want to hear his voice as much as possible. Unfortunately, it's mainly texting. When we do speak voice to voiced he's really quiet not much of a talker. He once said he's going with the flow. He was once married for 7 or 8 yrs. I divorced as well. He says he's not in a committed relationship just casual dating. Is this a warning for me to back off and move on? Or is this his cautious side. Again he's really not a talker. I really want to get to know him. I want to kiss him too. He's gorgeous to me.

Im a Cancer man myself.. The funny part is after all this I can actually say it makes sense.. The term "moon child" not if it was ment literally but I love the night you know.. Well that's not relevant. The point is I've been dating a sag' she's a party goer kinda wild and stuff like that and yeaa I don't like her going all out to party's and as a Cancer myself im not too into party's but I wouldn't oppose it either I mean not to toot my own horn but I've been notorious for my good party's. Now where was I? .. Ahh yess. She does tend to say some hurtful things when we argue and yess it get mad it does hurt to a certain extent but oh well usually on the phone I just hang up. And she calls me like 6 times before I pick up the phone. ..(I let the anticipation build up lol).. And she's apologizes and I forgive. ..and she loves me she loves the way I treat her. I mean I may not see it myself but hey! I must be doing something right.. Emotionally I mean every now and th en out of thin air I just get this feeling like "wow I love tis girl" so I call her hoping she doesn't pick up and leve her something sweet. And the ironic part she's usually tells me that I don't call her as much..

The sex? Well let me say at 1st I wasn't the best I mean for gods sakes the 1st time where gonna have sex I completely shut down.. I was so embarrassed .. but as time went on we did new things and had sex more and more.. She was pretty open to new things she hasn't done or stuff she hasn't tried. Well afterwards I got her to speak during sex. And what I took as a compliment was her very own words .. And I quote "..I never had that feeling before don't stop...ect" now if that doesn't boost your ego I don't know what will lol.. And we would spend whole days just going at it.. But being the guy I am from past experiences not particularly mine .. But I felt like we should communicate more personally to get the idea of "he only wants me for sex" out of her head from the get go.. So now its going great. Everything is perfect..

And for 7 months. Yess I admit I think about our future and having kids specially twins cause that's what she wants.. But I don't tell her much.. But I feel like I can live a long happy life with her as my wife.. I mean I won't lie I have had this type of feeling with 1 other girl.but.. It was just a fantasy.. The 1 girl I couldn't not have..( back then I wasn't use to the fact of she was the only 1 to be a step ahead of me).. I love this sag girl.. And we make it work!

Well I'm not going to lie, I love the hell out of my Cancer Man!!! We've been together off & mostly on for about 5yrs now, he's my FIRST EVERYTHING! We have a beautiful daughter together & he's the best dad when it comes to her! He's VERY protective of us & always wants to be in our company. We've had our up & downs but I believe after a while you get to understand one another I say just have faith & everything will work out fine! I've had the arguments, the thinking he's creeping with other females, the not calling me as much, the not being open to me, etc, etc. I believe he's making me a better person because I actually think before I speak with him now & actually take the time out to explain myself & understand where he's coming from. I always read the compatibility thing for Cancers & Sag's and they always say you'll never work because of our different traits...freedom loving & home bound; sensitivity & bluntness, blah, blah, blah UGH! Anyhow, I think we are SO MUCH ALI KE, BUT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and that makes us work, just look at each other p.o.v. (point of view) instead of always going off on each other & shutting them out...enough said though, i'm going to end with IT'LL WORK IF YOU WANT IT TO! COMPROMISE PPL!

My name is Dan and I am a Cancer (born July 7). And I was with this Sagittarius for almost six years. We were everything for each other. Then I guess we outgrew each other. I think our minds took us to different directions. I think she judged me as a broke loser and thought she could do better. I admit that making a wage was and still is not one of my main priorities just yet, But I feel my moral compass has been leading me properly. I would never had judged her in such a way. What kind of person would just give up on love for a better deal. She would lie and say she was happy, but not satisfied. I don't know that was really immature and unrealistically materialistic. hehe. All we can do in life is learn from it. Or continue to suffer from it. I chose to learn from it.

I'm a fiery Sag lady and the love of my life is a Cancer, we only dated for a year and that was almost 8 years ago...the beginning was rocky, he didn't want to commit, but I was patient and one day he professed his love for me and we began an amazing whirlwind, it was the bst sex of both of our lives and He made me feel like the sexiest most intelligent woman, like I furfilled all of his needs, just spooning on the couch would make firworks go off inside me...but then he broke up with me the day after Christmas because of a carlessly blunt sagi comment I made... and I never got a real reason, but he has never been out of contact with me for long since. He married the next woman he was with, and friends have told me he did so for the money and life he could have with her...but I KNOW that he still loves me and always will, he is not happy in his relationship and we talk for hours about it...I realize it will never be the same with me and my Cancer man...but he will always be the one who got away.

Ive been with this Cancer guy for 2 years. We had a great relationship really exciting and fun. Then he started being kinda mean. So being a sag I decided to completely kill his spirit and feelings just to see his reaction. I know he loves me but when he hurts me I react, maybe too strongly. So in a way I wanted to know if he really cared or not.Any Cancer men that can give me some insight? And how I might make him see things through my eyes. I still love him.

I have known my Cancer man for a month, this is the strongest first attraction I have ever had, all the people mention how different we are as signs, but I have so many similar ideas to his, that I believe the other components of the horoscope come into play,,,i am hoping that anyway, I really, really like this man,,,,and being a sag girl, that is saying a lot,,,,,,,,

Hi, I am Sun Sag, though am Pisces Moon and do sense/feel that this aspect of me does play a part in the attraction between I and Mr Cancer, he is moody/ stroppy/ odd/difficult to understand, and yet ....I do understand.

We have shared kisses that have been ...deep, however, he acknowledges that there is an attraction, but does not want to take it further.

I am not offended, I to be honest am not available for anything too deep at this moment in my life.

We are from different worlds I sometimes think, I know he feels this way.

I would not be acceptable in his social world.

I am British born mixed Black, he is Greek/Cypriot , When I say Mixed Black, I am not talking about Beyonce, I am talking more like Brandy in looks, not sure why I mentioned this.

To cut a long story short, I know that he has a lot of stress going on his life, I can not offer him what he may need, as this involves laying my cards on the table, I can not do this, I have done in the past and just got burnt....badly.

I also am Venus square Pluto, which means that my love/sexual courtships will be filled with intensity of the negativity kind and unhappiness, this apparant knowledge is enough to also put me off.

However, I care about this Cancerian man A LOT....I really do.

However, "it" dos not work, does not gel, partly because neither him or I really want it too work, the fantasy is always better in my mind, though, also because it is the wrong time in life.

There is a saying that I hold true to my heart.... "The heart is healing for a love, ill timed".

This sums up how I feel , no matter whoever I may meet, after all, I am only in my late twenties,this man will NEVER be erased from the part of me that he has managed to touch.

Sorry for my witterings and spelling, red wine does this to me...Bless

I am a Sag woman and I have two Cancer men that I really do care deeply for. I don't see why I can't keep both of them since neither one seems to want to give me 100%. I am worried though that they may not want to share. I don't want to lose either one. Can this work?

I've been talking to this Cancer guy for a week ..

And in that time, I've gathered, he is VERY MOODY !

He changes his mood in minutes ..

We had a physical attraction, and I felt like I started getting feelings for him, and I told him. He got scared, and is now still leading me on to think he does to. However, he just doesn't want to be in a relationship.. Yet, when I act "hard to get" he digs it, and it keeps him coming back for more, but I cant be too strong about it, otherwise he's not interested.

He leaves me alone for days at a time, which makes me confused. 1 day he's saying what are you doing this week, we should meet up, and then 15 mins later, its im busy all week, so ill chat to you later on..

They are sooo confusing!

I am a Sag woman and I my boyfriend of almost 4 years is a Cancer. I have dated many other guys before all of them water signs as well. I even dated a Cancer before this one. But this cancer, the one I am dating now is my everything. I have never felt such protection, want, love, for another man. Although, because he is a Cancer he is possessive or me and wants to control which doesn't fly to well with a true down to heart sag girl. But after our years of his need to control and my need to rebel we have evened each other out. His cool waters calm the fire I explode. We have rubbed off on each other. I think a little more before I act, I try not to speak so bluntly, and I learn at some point you have to settle down and stop traveling. I showed him to take more risk, let yourself be you, and don't take things so harshly. I think sags and cancers could have a wonderful relationship if they are both willing to actually work at it. I know I love my Cancer and he loves m e.

I am a sag woman to the core, not sure you are read Sex Signs by Judith Bennett published in 1980. I am currently dating a Cancer man. We met a couple of months ago and have been together every day & night since then (except when I travel for business or he's working at the fire station). He is the most attentive, loving, romantic, compassionate lover, friend and companion. We are both in late 40's had our long term marriages and kids. Not sure what the future holds, but praying it only gets better with time. I believe reading your posts has helped me to understand my man a bit more thank you.

This is my first time dating a Cancer man :) might I say it is the best relationship I had by far! I didn't think we would work out because ov how passionate he is and I thought maybe he would be too clingy or possesive but I was WRONG! he is the most sweetest guy ever he protects me, spoils me, and keeps me very happy :).. we give each other major respect we actually talk about our problems ( yes I said talk and mot yell)he makes me fell like I have my space and free will to do whatever but at the same time trust me. the only thing that came up and was not really a big deal because we talked it out is he gets a little paranoid about us breaking up.i even caught myself getting jealous here and there but he thought it was cute :).. overall I love my Cancer man he might be a lil too passionate to my liking sometimes but I meet him half way so we keep each other happy.

Hi, I?m a Sagittarius girl and I admit ? Cancer men are really cool and attractive for me. Four years ago I had a crush with one Cancer and it was a great feeling. It wasn?t going well, but he kept looking for me although he was popular with girls, so I thought there was something between us, but once he sent me congratulations for one holiday and he mistook the day and I sent him a Sagi blunt comment and never heard from him again lol. I?m laughing now, but was painful then. Anyway, now, 4 years later, I met another Cancer man and the attraction is really strong again. The first week he was looking for me, then I showed that I?m interested too and he stopped looking for me. So I guess it will be difficult this time again, but I hope it will not end like with the previous Cancer, as I really think this one is a very stable, polite, kind and all sort of thing man and I really think he is worthy unlike other bastards I have had in my life.

ive dated a Cancer man and he was so sweet . I felt like he brought out that emotional side of me . but we argued a lot because he was so sensitive and jelous , but I never did anything . I looove to cuddle with him , and I always felt like I could tell him anything . other than that TOO SENSITIVE , but they make great friends with saggs

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