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I am a Scorpio woman and when I met my Cancer man there was an undeniable mutual attraction. The attraction was so strong there was an immediate connection. We talked for a few days before we went on our first date. We got to know each other so well after only a few days of conversation, it felt like we knew each other our whole lives.

After our first date, we were inseparable. We cant get enough of each other and each day it only gets better and better. He is such a sweetheart, so caring and loving... everything I ever wanted in a man.

The sex is mind blowing, he is so giving and sensitive to my needs while at the same time being such a masculine beast in bed!

This is by far the best connection I've ever had in any other relationship. The level of intimacy and understanding is incredible, I've never had this kind of connection with another sign so quickly and so strongly!

I am a Scorpio woman with very strong feelings for a Cancer man. We are having a hard time getting together. He is very responsive to me if I reach out I just do not understand why he does not reach out on his own. We had a argument as if we have been dating for years the other day. Am I just being too aggressive? HELP!

I was in love with two Cancer men in the past, both were love at first sight as if there were some unspeakable bonds between us.

I figured later that we are on the same emotional wave length. I am an October Scorpio woman, very pretty, charming and emotionally intense. But the problem with one of them was that he rarely reached out to me, meaning that he was passive. He would do a lot of things for me almost to a point that I felt like he was my Dad! However he never made it clear if it was love or just friendly care, which made me insecure; and at the same time, he was very jealous and possessive over me (I only figured that out after I left him), he hit me underbelly, so to speak, after spotting me talking to a guy (completely innocent at that) he did not like!

I was very hurt and humiliated by him and broke off with him. So, you see, there are two sets of problems with Scorpio/Cancer combo: pride, insecurity on the Scorpio side and ineffective communication and jealousy/possessiveness on the Cancer side.

I am a Scorpio Woman, much in love with a Cancer man. In our case, there was no initial attraction or any 'Love at first sight' kind of thing. Both of us have reserved natures when it comes to interacting with strangers and making the first move. So our first few meetings went on like that. But then gradually we started talking and couldn't stop. It really felt like we've known each other for years. He's typical to his sign- moody as the full moon approaches, quiet, loving, caring, gentle. He matches my idea of a complete man perfectly. Cancer and Scorpio share many similarities. We're both loyal, passionate, and intense lovers and getting physical holds a deeper meaning for both of us than merely satisfying our physical needs. But Cancer and Scorpio have some dissimilarities too. In my opinion, the key is to be patient and understanding. Just give the relationship some time and everything else would fall in place on its own because this indeed is a match made in heaven!!! :)

I met the Cancer man that I am in love with over 6 1/2 years ago. We hit it off the first time we saw each other. But we never became exclusive. It always felt like timing was never right. We still to this day are still not together. I wish he would fully disclose his true feelings for me. I love him very much and have never experienced feelings for a man like I did for him. I just recently wrote him a letter, letting him go from my life. I miss him, and feel unsure if this was the right thing to do. I think about him everyday and it takes every ounce of me NOT to call him or reach out to him.

Im a Scorpio woman and I went on my first date with a Cancer man. the moment I saw him there was an unexplainable attraction. however the mood swings are soooo true. one moment I feel he wants me the next.. Im not so sure. but yea its definitively love..

I'm a Scorpio woman dating a Cancer man for the first time in my life... I felt an undeniable attraction towards him since the first time I saw him. We didn't wait long to have sex and the sex... whoa... it's amazing! I feel so comforted by his touch! I do have to admit, however, that I'm constantly swaying back and forth between adoring him and wondering if he's an asshole. I'm not used to being so open with a person I'm dating and I feel like I'm constantly initiating Firsts with him...

I met a Cancer man and I am from Scorpio... He is possessive and even aggressive from time to time...we have mutual attraction and great sex... I was told Cancer men are the most family oriented...while after 6 months I found out this caner is married and has been with his partner for 6 friend told me I was just unlucky and met a Cancer playboy...

I am friends with Cancer man from past 3 years. I know I love him deeply but cant understand his feelings. At times I feel that he loves me and other moment he is distant. I was never so much perplexed in my life but he has actually made me confused. I don't know whether he would initiate or my feeling will just sway by.

I am a Scorpio woman in love with a Cancerian man. We first met years ago for only a couple of months, then were reunited some months ago, and I have never been happier! When the Cancer man decides you are The One he will always hold a torch for you. Once he is comfortably secure in your love for him he will be a beast in the bedroom! Perfect match for the Scorpio. Cancer men understand and admire our intensity. But one word of warning, he is the most sensitive man you will ever meet, watch those stingers. You don't need to make him feel bad because he will feel awful if something goes wrong before you say a word. He is already there. And you will have to initiate most things, but at least he will always be supportive!

how is the love relationship between Cancer men and Scorpio women?......would they be together for life long?

I am currently dating a Cancer man and I am a Scorpio woman and I am so amazed at these stories Im reading they are so true indeed a Cancer man can one minute make you feel like you are the only woman in the world for him and then the next your wondering if he knows you exist it's just weird but I do truly like him and hope that we can work long term.

I WAS involved with a Cancer man on and off for more than three years. I am a Scorpio woman and sometimes I feel a connection with him and the times I don't is when he is in his moody state of being. I hate it. when he acts so distant. I don't believe I can put up with this individual any longer.. I mean as much as I think he and I can have something together. He allows fear to get in the way.. Then I become confused and hurt. Intimacy is phenomenal from the two of us. He is going through separation and so am I. I love him but I cant love him anymore... It's far too depressing. I would like to know how can you tell if and when he says he love you if it is sincere? and or if you are the person he wants to pursue?

I am dating a Cancer man and he is amazing! He is the best boyfriend I have ever had. Since im very sexual he makes me VERY HAPPY in the bedroom. I am also very emotionally which works cause so is he. But he sometimes I wonder if he is truly happy in the relationship, I am madly in love with him. And I think he is the ONE for life. But when we get mad at each other he acts crazy and thinks I don't trust him. Which is not true, I trust him more than anyone and for me its very hard to open up about my feelings and what is on my mind, but he changed that. I just wish I knew how much he cared about me. He hardly ever tells me, I mean he says he loves me and I believe him. I just wish he would truly tell me why and how much. I know its in him...=/ =)

I am a Scorpio woman who likes this Cancer guy. He seems nice and sometimes looks my way. I am confused on whether I should make the first move. He seems interested but I'm tired of making first moves on guys... Is it worth the risk?

I am a Scorpio woman who likes this Cancer guy. He seems nice and sometimes looks my way. I am confused on whether I should make the first move. He seems interested but I'm tired of making first moves on guys... Is it worth the risk?

I am a Scorpio woman with a child for a Cancer man. My ex boyfriend after my daughters dad is a Cancer and my current boyfriend now is a Cancer. Reading these posts are so true ! All of my serious relationships have been with Cancers as I feel such a connection with them. I've found that I always had to lay my feelings down first to Cancers to make them feel more secure with me and the jealousy I feel with them is unbearable. The problem now for me is that Cancers find it hard to let go and I'm scared I'm in love still with all three of them :-(

I am a Scorpio and my first major love was a Cancer. The chemistry was undeniable. Sometimes we didn't even have to say anything. I swear the first time he looked into my eyes I felt like he looked right into my soul. I fell head over heels for him! But his moods were unpredictable, one minute he was hot, next he was cold. I hated how he could be all loving one minute then shut down and be so cold hearted. I felt myself becoming somewhat obsessed with him, not in a crazy way; I just wanted to be around him even though sometimes he could say the harshest things and ignore me. He also could not express his feelings for me, which drove me crazy. After about 4 years I finally gave up. I feel like we were never meant to be we just happened...We're are still friends though I try not to spend a lot of time with him, or talk to him too often because I don't want to fall back into old habits. Apart of me will always love him, because he taught me what crap not to take.

I'm a Cancer man pining for a Scorpio woman. we don't mean to be "cold" or "distant"... oftentimes, we know we are in a bad mood and don't want to involve anyone else as we try to hammer our way out of it, that's all. just leave us be when we are like that, and when we finish we'll be right as rain.

I am a Scorpio woman, and my brother has a friend I met over 20 years ago, and it was love at first sight! But because he was my brothers' friend, I never cross that line. But all through the years I wanted this guy and we would see each other now and then because he still has friends in our neighborhood. 10 years ago I saw him and we talked and told him I wish I had seen him sooner to ask him to a ball, well from that point on we saw each other off and on, he did not know how I felt about him. He was with another and now has 2 teenagers. Speed up to now; the other day we spoke and he admitted that he fell in love with me years ago, I asked "why didn't you tell me"? he said he did not know how I would react! He said from the moment he first saw me he fell in love with me, and I told him the same was for me. But all of this time, he kept those feelings to himself (I had an inkling he felt that way about me years ago). Now we have laid all of our cards on the table, and I love him dearly, he is always in the back of my mind and heart even when I dated others. He said we would be so happy together, I know we would be. His relationship, he says is not there because it has always been me. I told him to get it together whatever he decides to do, and to do whatever because HE wanted something different in his life and not because of me, because I will not disrespect another woman no matter what you are going through. I have not experienced the "moody" side yet.

Sorry this is article for Scorpio and I am a Leo woman dated two Cancer man in the past. The thing is my last ex is a Cancer. He left his ex girlfriend Scorpio for me. He said she is possessive, obsessive, jealous and insecure. I don't know that the truth or not but I find out he was cheating on her later on but she is still madly in love with him like he is the one for her life.

Yes, Cancer man make you feel like he is the sweetest caring one to all zodiac female sign, especially for Scorpio woman with undeniable attraction toward them. Leo women consider Cancer man is so clingy with ex, cheating & lying, manipulating, controlling and lazy to perform in bed but cuddling, sweet talking, caring, compliment we love them all about Cancer man. It is so amazing what is compatible between for each sign. My Cancer man is so clingy & wanted to feel needed constantly made me feel like I have no air to breath. I tried to keep space w/him & our problem start.

Guess what! he goes back with his ex (Scorpio) even she knows he is a cheater & asshole, she still loves him & does everything for him. I guess their chemistry & their bonds is still there. Even he goes back w her but he never admitted w/me he did until he gets caught by both sides. Cheating w/a Leo is a NO NO, if you read the article between Leo woman & Cancer man you will see how we rate about Cancer man.

I am a Scorpio woman and absolutely adore a Cancer man. I just can't tell if he's interested or if he's "just a really nice guy". He gives me those prolonged looks we all love so much and listens beautifully, maintaining eye contact at all times. BUT, he doesn't initiate contact. In the six months I've known him, he's only initiated contact once and it took him two months to do that. Advice anyone? He's an incredible man and I'd really like to move things forward with him.

I know a Cancer guy who is really poor (not in money)

I jus mean I'm a Scorpio girl and this guy is class mate not in school but in a privet lesson whatever this not our point now I really hated him and treated him so badly and his reaction is looking at me and smiling like a child I don't know weather he is a very patient one or he just thinking I'm a crazy person but now I started felling so badly about that and I started not to talk or even joke with him cuz I felt that I hurt him in this way and now I really think about him all day that made me lose a lot of marks in exams and afraid of falling for him this would be a disaster

I am a Scorpio woman, and most of these comments are talking about my struggles with the Cancer of mine!! we are friends still not lovers :( we met in June and worked together for 2 months. I don't wanna say its love from first sight.. I just felt he hooked my soul !! I felt so close and near to him as if I knew him for ages !! its just crazy how I felt that day though I didn't know anything about him, we only shared looks. I am sure he loves me and am sure he knows that I love him dearly. we are really attracted to each other.. I mean REALLY ATTRACTED !!!!!! am sure we would be happy together. and YESSSSSSS all this talking about (moods) is true, and it just drives me to CRAZY HELL !! I had to make a first move for "breaking the ice". still couldn't confront him with my feelings !! but he is sure got sense of humor, he is really sweet and we share a lot of similarities!! I think I might make a first move to confront him. but the problem is I don't know HOW !!

I think Cancer males and Scorpio females are one of the best matches !!

Hahahahahaha...My woman seems to have similar problems.. I'll tell you what...The next time the guy asks you out why don't you say YES...!

I've been with my Cancer man for close to about two years now, I'am a November true blue Scorpio woman. It wasn't love at first sight at all! lol but he had a very soothing inviting way about him that made me feel like I was home. We had a lot of arguments and I learned to give him his distance, hats very difficult for Scorpio women to do but in order for it to work it must be done. He will come around and when he does he will be everything you want and more. The sex is explosive!! Cancer men put your needs first, very nurturing ,sensitive creatures. When its official he will make it known to the world that he loves you! he will reassure your insecurities, lavish you with gifts, and always protect you. It took a lot of work to get where we are...but if you stick it out through his mood swings, distance, and asshole tendencies, you'll find the man of your dreams!

I am a Cancer man who LOVES LOVES LOVES his Scorpio woman. I am drawn to her like a MAGNET. ALWAYS. I never tire of being with her. Seems many say Cancers are hot and cold. I'm not. I'm always hot for her. In fact, she is the "hot and cold" one. Funny: we share our hearts in honest communication a lot - and still, we, as intuitive water signs, still have frequent misunderstandings!

She attracted me initially with her physical beauty, sexy voice, stylishness, soulfulness, and magnetic, outgoing charm. She really is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, though she doesn't believe me when I say that ;). She can be a MYSTERY though! "What the hell is she thinking?" I often ask myself. She has such a powerful WOMANHOOD about her. Her Moon is in Cancer.

What I've learned: be PATIENT with her and don't assume things about her that I could safely assume with other women. She's wonderful, but different for sure! Dating her is teaching me as a Cancer how to be less insecure (trust her), less clingy (don't get carried away with love!), and less harsh (I am so caring but can turn around and say really mean-spirited things, I know).

Good luck to all! I have visited a lot of similar websites and this one is VERY insightful.

"I have visited a lot of similar websites and this one is VERY insightful." Yes! This one is definitely one of the best. The guy who wrote the articles is super helpful too. I emailed him a question and he went into great detail to make sense of my Scorpio fiance for me. He definitely knows what he's talking about and doesn't talk in cliche statements like a lot of astrologers do.

I am a Cancer man blessed with the powerful, beautiful opportunity and challenge of dating a sexy, intelligent, very mysterious Scorpio woman. My answers to themes common to the above discussion:

Cancer man: Why doesn't he Initiate? Cancerian are insecure! We have a lot of love to give, therefore a lot to lose. Our hearts feel more secure if we are invited by the one we are attracted to. However, we are a Cardinal sign (we initiate, too!): we initiate by attracting Scorpio! We initiate by doing/saying things that attract an invitation!

Cancer man: In love or just nice? We are sympathetic to everyone. We are built for feeling, healing, reassuring, caring, relating, etc. So how to know if a Cancer guy loves you more than the rest of humanity? We tell you - A LOT!!! We demonstrate it: by the way we touch, hold and kiss you so tenderly and lovingly. We do many "little" thoughtful things for you. We pour it on, man!!!

Scorpio woman Pride: this can screw up communication with a Cancer man who is already geared with paranoia and ready to assume the worst and feel rejection! Scorpio woman, as much as you can, be honest with your Cancer man! Don't hide too much to protect your ego and pride. A good Cancer man will abide with you a million miles as long as he feels you love him and aren't hiding things or stringing him along or taking advantage of his love and kindness. Make him feel loved! You will get a lot in return, too.

Scorpio woman Rigidity: the flip side of the Scorpio power that Cancer men love! But go our way once in a awhile;) Soften a little; you don't have to control everything! A macho-but-feminine Scorpio woman is a beautiful thing.

To Cancer men: saying hurtful things REALLY damages your relationship with Scorpio women. They have a lot of pride and as strong as they are, they are very sensitive, too. Have your own life and hobbies: don't get twisted and cling to her too much! Scorpios like to control but they want a strong man, too! Don't be a wuss. Don't let your Scorpio woman get away with "murder" or she won't respect you. Remember: you need her and tell her all the time. She needs you, too, but is too prideful to admit it!

I am a Scorpio woman and I have been talking to this Cancer male for a couple months at first it was on and off with communication. I didn't call him much I kept him as a friend with no type of benefits but friendship. But we started talking more and we laugh together a lot. But he has big walls and so do I. He told me last month that he thinks He is falling for me. But then still pushes away. It doesn't make since. We talk to each other everyday. He told me he is scared to get another relationship bit make him feel as if I am making him change his mind. Because he really like my personality. He just wants to get himself together first but sees a future with me. But we draw closer and closer. When I ask question s to try to understand him more. I feel like I am doing too much but I am a Scorpio I need to know were this us going. At the same time I am Also being patient. I really care for him and feel as if I am falling but scared to tell him. What should I do??? Hmm..

There is a fine line with love and hate in this combination.

Emotion and depth is so raw and on the surface it can be like not knowing where one of you ends and the other begins. Passion? A whole other level....Hot like lava!!

But when Cancer's insecurity gets in the way and doubts Scorpios loyalty...which we pride ourselves on...the sparks start to fly.

I don't appreciate having my integrity questioned. Especially what I go so far out of my way to give you so much security already.

I love my Cancer man, but no one has ever infuriated me more. I am sure he'd say the same of me because I have stung him a few times. Yet he still comes back...6 years now.. and I don't think we'd ever be happy apart from each other. And yes, we have tried. But ultimately, we are happy with the same things and want the same things in life, in intimacy... In each other..

With some time and maturing it can be a very endearing friendship and life long love affair.

Scorpio woman head over heels with a Cancer man, we are "friends" recently hooked up -but- I can't read him, one minute he wants me, but doesn't express it the way I would like him to, so I cut off communication- now, thinking of contacting him because I can't seem to shake him off my mind. I hate making the first move, I hate to seem vulnerable, the only thing that comes to mind is "no risk, no reward!" I just want to be with him! I'm a reach out, wish me luck.

I am a Scorpio woman and I am married to a Cancer man. in the beginning we were friends and we used to fight a lot and every time we would fight I would get more and more attracted to him. eventually we managed to come together in a intimate relationship , but as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end, we always fight seeing as how I can be very jealous and possessive and insecure at times due to my past relationships and constant need to be assured, that when we fight it can almost end up violent.. but now he ignores me and I used to get mad when he did but now I see that as is way of not wanting to say something that could hurt me. But to be very honest even though I could be the hardest person to live with I am ardently in love with him, he makes me more happy then anyone I have ever been with, he is generous caring and knows how to make other laugh. I am actually more excited at the mere fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with him... In time I know w I will grow to trust him more fully. and the sex is SO GOOD

I am a Scorpio woman currently involved with a Cancer man. I realize that I find myself incredible attracted to them. I had two Cancer boyfriends before this one, so I'm guessing I don't go for any other sign. I find them to be incredible protective, caring, sweet, deep and I feel like I've known them for a lifetime when it's only been a couple months or years. I feel like whenever they look at me, they can see my thoughts, my soul, my inner everything. Cancerian men are also incredible lovers, and know exactly what the Scorpio woman needs in the bedroom. Yeah they have their moments when they're distant and weird, but all the pros I mentioned outweigh the cons. So if u have a Cancerian man, Scorpio women, don't let him go cause deep down, he had a undeniable, intense love for you that can last till the end of time :)

I met a Cancer man and it was love at first sight. We became friends because I am already married to another. My husband is a Gemini and while I have always been infatuated with my husband's ability to be the center of attention and keep things exciting. It has become a task to keep up with him which I have given up and feel lonely and unsatisfied sexually most of the time. I reached out to my Cancer friend and found passion, intensity, friendship, stability, reliability, nurturing, support and sexual satisfaction I have never known before. It has been two and a half years and I have tried to stay faithful to my husband and be a good wife, but I am hopelessly and madly in love with this Cancer man. Not only do I love him, but I admire his virtue. He has tried to win me away from my marriage and I have resisted mostly because I really like my husband and do not want to hurt him. I can no longer live without my true love Cancer man and will be leaving my marria ge soon. This has been the most amazing, sensual, and satisfying relationship I have ever had. I love this Cancer man

I have been talking to a Cancer guy for 3 months now. It just feels so right. I have already fallen in love with him. I can see him in my future and he feels the same way about me. I have never felt this way about a guy. Sometimes think that it's too good to be true. I am trying to stay positive about everything. He plans to move closer to me so we can move to the next level. He lives 3 hours away from me and we see each other twice a month. I really do believe distance makes the heart fonder with this guy. When I see him it is fireworks every time since we only get to see each twice a month. I hope that this never ends and that we make the next steps into a relationship when he moves closer to me. He is my everything and more couldn't be happier right now.

I am a Cancer man. To the Scorpio woman asking "What should I do?": I'd say, spend as much time with this guy as you can.

Sometimes we all try to protect ourselves - and we all want quick, clear answers and guarantees in life - and so we try to do too much of the work in our minds. A lot of guys will screen themselves out of your life without you having to think real hard or say a word.

SPEND ADEQUATE TIME TOGETHER, DOING ACTIVITIES THAT BRING IMPORTANT OR DEAL-BREAKER-TYPE TOPICS TO LIGHT. See him around kids, animals, his job, his friends, your friends, his family and yours.

What kind of guy is he like when he's angry or frustrated and things don't go his way?

What's he like in an argument? Does he get verbally abusive, physically rough?

What's he do when another man smiles at you or flirts with you - if he gets jealous or mad - does he get mad at the man, or at you?


Don't have sex. I know maybe it's not popular to advise that. But sex - especially between emotional, passionate, intense water signs, can build a false sense of closeness for awhile, but, in my experience, can really obscure reality, mess with your mind and make a break-up that much harder to bear.

Astrologically: As a Scorpio, you have arguably the most pull in the relationship. Act a little uninterested in him and see if he acts a little concerned. Constantly playing games with people's minds and emotions is disingenuous and can back-fire, especially in a longer-term relationship; doing it once in awhile to test the water before you make yourself vulnerable in order to break new ground in a relationship is not unethical.

Do your part, but let the man earn you, too. If he really and truly loves you, he will pursue you hard, make his true feelings and intentions known, and put up with some s**t along the way.

Was with a Cancer man during my early twenties while in school and into the young working world of NYC. We were together for 5 wonderful yet trying years. I always knew I wanted to be with him but he broke up with me and we went our separate ways. Six years later I am engaged to him. Perspective from our relationships during our time apart and growing up only proves how much we are really are made for one another. No one can be as sweet and as loving yet strong and decisive as he. I was surprised by his nostalgia and how unknowingly I was the standard for all of his other loves. Even though the moment we broke up I told him I was the best girl that he would ever have. I have always loved my Cancer man with a depth that goes beyond time. Good luck to everyone out there.

Cancer as a young man, having mood swings isn't easy. If we are in a moody state.... that doesn't mean we don't love you, it's our nature to have mood swings. We can't help it even if we don't like it.

Being Cancers isn't easy, all we need is some comforting, let us know that you're still with us.

As a Cancer, it's like dealing with a violent storm of emotional crashing down upon us Cancers.

It's a pain deep within our hearts that we can't explain. Sometimes I can't explain it but wonder its there, you have no idea.

Hope this helps

I have been separated from my Cancer boyfriend for 3 months and I miss him like crazy! We broke up due to his endless friendships with the opposite sex. He gave me security, great sex, time, fun and excitement but my jealousy couldn't deal with his flirty ways. I believe he loved me too and sometimes I feel him thinking about me too. I know he won't reach out fir me as he is as stubborn as me, but pride won't let me go to him. I want him back so much but only if he can understand my insecurities

My name is Eve and I am a Scorpio woman. My Cancerian man is my Adam. He is intelligent and intuitive, caring and considerate to EVERYONE in his circle and I couldn't ask for more from a man. As a female Scorpio I seek the qualities that make a man strong and bring out my submissive side. At the same time, he allows me to be the leader that I am without letting me to walk over him. The sex is greater than amazing because he is never selfish while at the same time reserving himself and teaching me the same. This is a challenge and a turn on for me. His gregarious nature keeps his attraction for the opposite sex visible and prevents the whole possessiveness that we Scorpios try to avoid. Then his appreciation for home and family keeps me assured that I cant be replaced; also important for the Scorpio. We've been together for three years and even though he's been incarcerated two of those years, our bond is just as tight. He trusts me and in return I provide him with the security he craves. Cancer men, like Scorpio women, need alone time as well as a great amount of attention. Communication and understanding come almost as natural as laughter so be fair and open with your mate because this connection is irreplaceable.

(Like almost everyone else here) I am a Scorpio girl. Yes, attracted to a Cancer man currently.

To Cancers:

How to attract a Scorpio? This is how:

1.Be yourself! Trust me, we Scorpios can see through fakeness instantly.

2.Don't lie. be honest about everything.

3. Some times, you have to be straight up with us. You have to tell us what you actually are thinking in a straightforward way.

4.Ask them what's wrong. If they say nothing, leave them alone.

5. Sometimes, just ask them about them. If they'd rather not say, then pick a new topic.

6.Make YOU into a person they can trust. Tell THEM YOUR secrets, and they MIGHT just tell you theirs.

.. and that's how!

By the way... In case you didn't know...

All Scorpios have this pain inside them...Each and every one. It's a deep, fiery pain that even they have yet to understand. If you cheer the Scorpios up (Which only Cancers like you can do) then they'll easily fall in love with you or be your best friend. You'll find a some of the most loyal friends in Scorpios if you earn their trust. It's something you have in common with them.

Good luck : )

I can't speak for other Cancer men, but I'd imagine there are a lot of us who read this page periodically even though we don't comment as much as you Scorpio ladies do.

Just like in the relationship, you seem to know more about us than we do ourselves, so I'd imagine we're all keeping our mouths shut and just listen here lol.

There is some very valuable information here though, so thank you to everyone who has offered tips and advice. I'm tempted to go into detail about how amazing my Scorpio lady is.. But she already knows and it would just give her more ammunition to expand on the many ways I suck by comparison. I do feel blessed to have her in my life though. Scorpio women are the best.. much respect to you all.

I Am A Scorpio Girl , I Really Like This Cancer Boy Who Was Recently In My College But he's Leaving And I don't No What To Do I Feel A Strong Attraction For Him .

I am a Scorpio girl who currently has a "friends-with-benefits" relationship with a Cancer boy. How do I turn this fling into a real relationship?

I am dating a Cancer man and believe me am so confuse. We make love and I mean he is great in bed but after the sex and all he is like a different man. He will tell me that he wants and care for me when I force it out of him sometime he make fell like am the best woman in the world and next time I don't know whether he remembers me or not. I really love him I do but am thinking about giving him a break. He will buy me stuff if I ask him to but he will not just go and get a gift for me. Is this a typical Cancer man or is he playing me?

I can understand why my Cancer man is so self centered am always thinking about him and he seem to only remember me when he's hard or his mother nature is calling he a great lover but sometime I want to just talk to him so I can know him better but he's always pushing me off. Is this a typical Cancer man

I'm a Scorpio WOMAN (that's for all you girls out there claiming to be women) and can honestly let you know that whether it's a Cancer or a Pisces, you can't EVER go wrong with another WATER sign. All 3 signs just have that certain something, the "it" factor that all deep, emotionally sensitive, sensual, probing water symbols need. It's just that simple and just that complicated.

I am a Cancer man that is currently falling for a Scorpio woman.... all I can say is that is the hardest struggle I have ever had, because I feel so much love for her and would love to be with her every second of the day, yet her incredible amount of energy and ambition keeps it hard to do this because it seems like she constantly has something planned or some amazing thing she has to do. im not going to go too far into my own situation, but here's some advice for Scorpio woman that are trying to figure out a Cancer man. (keep in mind that I don't speak for ALL Cancer men when I say this everyone is different)

-no matter how introverted we may act, never forget the fact that our hearts are still burning with compassion for you. we will never forget how strongly we feel no matter how distant we may seem.

-we need constant reassurance on how you feel towards us. sometimes even the slightest little thing may leave our hearts crushed, and we are left thinking about this one little thing whatever it may for days on end, until our confidence is reassured.

-spend as much time as you can with us. it may seem like we don't want to be bothered, but coming from personal experience, half the time we act like that is because our hearts feel so burdened because of some stupid little thing that we can barely muster up the strength to go be with you and talk to you.

-we get EXTREMELY jealous, even over the littlest things, so watch out, because our spirits can be crushed by even the smallest things. and it hurts ridiculously bad.

-if you truly love a Cancerian man, pour you heart out to him and he will love you forever, and probably pour his own heart out as well. we love nothing more than to have close moments like this where we are totally reassured. but even after a few weeks we still find ourselves questioning how you feel towards us so constant communication is a must.

-sometimes we get the worst feeling of longing to be with you, to the point where it so excruciating that we have to get up and do something about, and this is where Cancer men shine the most think, because it causes them to break out of their shell and surprise their person of interest


The Cancer man in question is someone that I went to school with almost 20 years ago. He emailed me and then immediately called me when I responded to ask me out. We talked on the phone and texted for over a week before our actual date- he was out of town on vacation. Before our date he was texting me first thing every morning- and called frequently...we went out on Friday a movie and to dinner then back to my place to watch tv and talk. While on the date, he was very sweet, nervous and was constantly holding my hand, putting his arm around me and kissing me... it was wonderful. At home he did the same thing, but once it got late he was up and out of there...he asked when he could see me again and said that he would call the next day- well, he hasn't called since. He has texted me everyday- and has been very sweet, but has yet to make a move as to seeing me again. I finally told him that I would like to see him again and he said that we would get together this week. I am just very confused. I am a Scorpio and usually in control of relationships, but I am stumped. I can't read him...I don't know what to say or do next... I tried the whole ignoring him thing and he just ends up texting me even more...until I give in and talk to him. I am not sure what to do. On a side note, he did tell me that he always wanted to ask me out in school and I was that girl that he always looked at and wished that he could be with...the thing is, if he had asked me out back then- I WOULD have gone... he has always been handsome and very sweet...with just enough of the "bad boy" image to make him exciting. I need to know what to do. Do I pursue him? Do I leave it alone and let him come to me? Everything that I have read about Cancer men has proven true with him... but I don't want to scare him away at all. I am very loving and we would be the perfect couple if he would just commit a little... I own a business and I am a very busy person so I have to plan...and I won't be able to just up and drop what I do to see him when he is ready. He also says that he loves when I text him because he thinks that it is very sweet... but I feel like I am doing all the work here! If Cancer men are so loving and caring, why doesn't he see that he is just not doing much? I also need to know that someone cares about me and wants to be around me...because if not then I need to move on. I am truly crazy about him and I just need some major advice on what to do next....

Im a Scorpio woman with a Caner man....sort of. This website is great, most posts express exactly how Im feeling. The Cancer man is slightly younger than me (by 4 years) and I feel like the immature girl asking him how he feels, because he says nothing. But what I've learned from this website is Cancers need reassurance, but so do Scorpios. Before meeting this guy, I was a confident chick who could pick up any guy in the bar. Now Im insecure and don't want anyone else except for him and I have no idea how he feels :o! He makes love to me and has this way of looking into my eyes and holding me that makes me believe he cares very deeply about me. He does little meaningful things that I love. For his birthday I got him the world cup soccer ball he wanted, he loved it but just left it at my place and still wont take it over to his place. And if I don't say anything we can go through a whole week and more without seeing each other. This is very tiring and Im not sure how m much I would be pushing him if I told him I would like him to do more? How much can I express without scaring him off? All I know is that I have to be myself

I have been chatting with a Cancer man. I am not sure though if he is trying to impress me by bragging about his material possessions or basically he is just a plain and simple bragger???

Then he started to flirt a little with me and when I flirted back, (nothing to heavy or tacky I can assure you), he made this really bitchy, disrespectful comment... being a Scorpio I naturally responded in exactly the same manner!

I haven't heard from him since, but I do find myself wondering about what he is really all about... intriguing, do you think I will hear from him again?

I am so madly in love with my Cancer man I am 25 and was married before in a very abusive marriage. I pretty much felt like giving up on love and here he came walking back into my life we went to high school together and had feelings for one another back then but never expressed it. Once we met up again its been amazing everything is amazing the only difficult thing for us is the distance we live apart but that will soon change

im a Cancer man and was madly attracted to the Scorpio woman at first me and her didn't like each other and two years in after I became a senior and she became a junior we would see each past bye one another and one day I saw her and I felt something in me that I never felt in a woman before so we started talking and the magic was powerful with deep and mutual chemistry which I couldn't keep and we started to get really close and one day I was bragging and asking for her phone number and all of a sudden she got mad at me and for the next couple of months she kept her space always from me and I started get mad at my self for what a fucked up idiot I was and after jan from coming back she and I started talking again and I guess that a Scorpio woman needed her space and get time to think about what was going on and when we started to talk again it felt like if yesterday me and her were still talking to each other but the only thing is. is that me and her never got together and I really felt that me and her would hit it off and now that I graduate this year from high school and her beginning her senior I hope that one day we met again. but for now im happy for her and wish her the best. and more thing. Cancer guys do yourself a favor if you and this Scorpio woman have a strong chemistry don't rush her to doing something that you would regret and just play it simple and see were things go from there and I was just reading your stories and I got to say wow and thanks for reading this.

I'm so confused with this Cancer Man I don't know which end is up. I'm a Scorpio woman very secure and understanding of his needs and respect for his career. We have known each other for a month and it seems like years. In a nutshell he's one of those people that are consumed with work and will get back with you when things die down. This is what he has expressed what damaged his last relationship. (Currently married, separated for over 2 years and same situation with me) It's a 12 year age difference and I feel that I give him the attention that he desires and he expresses that 'I'm stuck with him and he is what I'm what he has been looking for.

Nevertheless, we hardly speak because of his strenuous work.

When I do get to speak with him I don't let him know that this is bothering me instead I listen to what he has to say and decipher if in fact he is being honest with me. When I speak with him it's as if nothing has changed and the love he has for me is even more intense. Besides, I'm not trying to sound like her either. So we had a situation that he has offered to find me a car because my other is broke down and we are in another city. When we depart each other after 3 weeks of anticipation we kiss our goodbyes and he says for me to call him in a couple hours so we can check on this car we were looking into. Knowing he has to get his crew back in order I knew he needed a little time anyway. 2hrs pass I call. no answer...Leave a text update...3 hrs pass I call no answer....another hours pass I answer Now it's 10pm I leave a text (not irate of anything) So now I'm getting thoughts of course because I can get in touch with his partner more than I can get in touch with him...p erhaps this time I didn't get a response from the friend either.

So I ask the panel...

Do you think it's time to back off and let him hit the voicemail for awhile? If so...How Long?

HELP! My feelings are already wrapped up but I can't possibly go thru another heartache

being in a Scorpio Cancer relationship is ok but they want security and stability just like us so its more about if your willing to be patient be there when things are good and when things are shit.He will care for you but at the end of the day words are just words and if he comes with actions then is that not better then chatting shit.if you can find it within your self to always give him affection he will return it personally I think they are a little shy and insecure so Scorpios actions will prove how much we care.

I am a Scorpio woman who has been married to a Leo man for almost 17 years. Recently at a get-together I met a guy who attracted me instantly. I didn't know why this was happening to me because I have never in my life felt so drawn to anyone on my life. After having conversation with him he told me he was a cancer. I didn't think too much about it until I started reading about the cancer/Scorpio attraction and I now understand why these feelings for a complete stranger were so strong. This is something I will have to work through in my head and in my heart as this has been an all consuming situation that won't let go of me. I recently found him on facebook and now feel like a cheat. I am sick to my stomach most of the time and feel foolish because the immediate attraction may very well be one-sided. Leo's and Scorpio's aren't the best match and it's unfortunate.

Im in love with a Cancer man I'm no longer with. We were friends for months before we started dating. We in actuality dated for 3 mths and just like that he walked outta my life. He had an attitude I did not wanna deal with. I let him know my true feelings and always used caution when talking with him. I miss him. We connected on every level. I never experienced love like I did with him. He was what I prayed for and now it's gone. I constantly fight with myself on calling him, but I never do. I just think if it were meant to be it will be, but if its not then oh well. My heart hurts. I have yet to be with anyone else because I know no one would make me feel the same. I don't know what to do, but I really want him back, his embrace, his kiss, his companionship, his loyalty, his funniness, his everything.

Cancer MAN HERE... LET ME EXPLAIN THE COLDNESS I'm a young-ish Cancerian guy who has had two previous relationships with a Capricorn and Leo and both had the problems of, and subsequently ended as these love-matches described - so this probably makes me a typical Cancerian. ;)

A Cancerian needs time. You MUST be devoted to him... He's insecure demeanor will always 'test' to see if you are. Its highly likely he, the Cancerian man, thinks the world of you (as we don't often like to waste energy on people we weren't interested in) and already imagines, fantasyland-like how life will be in the future. But its just that the most important thing about the Cancer is that he is FAIR and won't be content if it is not 50/50. Meaning, if for any reason he senses you are just not that in to him, he will project an aura ta seems like his not that into you too and downgrade his love for you - even if he loves you with all his heart.

That's why you often see a struggle; one moment he is the No1 man in the world and the next he is cold - its just his way of protecting his soft feelings. Cancer doesn't enjoy being 2nd best; he doesn't like feeling inferior to anyone. You have to go out of your way... Might seem like a task but in return, a decent Cancer show you the true meaning of being loyal and devoted.

Cancer, of course is moody by nature. Often causes of accelerating this moodiness is via feelings of jealousy, selfishness, or feelings of inferiority.

Main thing to understand is that Cancer are givers, be it emotionally, physically etc... But Cancers are also human after all and need something of 'equal' measure back too, but not in a stringent, orderly way. For example: if he gives you a massage, you don't have to give him one back, but why not cook his favorite meal to show reciprocation?

Cancer hate to be taken for granted.

Email me if you'd like to know more, plus I want to communicate with Scorpio women to see if what the stars say about us is really REALLY true... Because I am tired of wasting time with others... :(

I am a Scorpio woman involved in a new relationship with a Cancer man, and both of us are recovering from PTSD experiences (mine from childhood sexual abuse and his from the gulf war). The attraction was immediate, the silent understanding and empathy is at the forefront, and yet both of us are quiet about how we actually feel about each other. Both of us are typically emotionally guarded and yet when we're around one another we seem to heal through touch, however slight or intimate, and let our walls down. Still, we are only beginning to talk about our feelings, and he feels talking puts pressure on our relationship - so I try to keep my feelings-communications to a minimum, for when I feel it truly necessary to get something off my chest, or take a proverbial temperature of our relationship. Being Scorpio, I'm highly analytical about intentions, and this runs my emotions high when I finally allow myself to "fall" for someone, as I am with him - and I find myself reigning myself in and writing rather than confronting him. I suppose this is healthy, but I don't want my stifling to become an issue later. We both have a push-first-pull-later way of handling our feelings, pushing the other person away to see their reaction (testing our trust in them) and then gauging our feelings based on how they react, and then finally beginning to invest if the reaction is what we want. It's difficult operating in the such similar emotional bubbles though, but I also feel that sometimes a test of patience pays off in a lesson learned. At least that's what I'm hoping with this Cancer man. I adore him, and there's something magnetic that I can't deny no matter how far my self-defense mechanisms want to push him away, my heart wants to stick it out and reap the rewards.

im a Scorpio lady, and I am currently in love with a Cancer man. Im taking the big step of moving in with him this coming month. To all those Cancer men who commented, I just want to say (and im sure I speak for all us scorps) THANK YOU for your honesty. I have to say most of the men who commented were bang ON!! about the Cancer man although all are different, they seem to always share similarities that I (being an observer typical scorp) notice. I will say this. NO MAN has ever made me feel so loved yet so infuriated so intensely all in one! he is the most amazing man I have ever met yet is the most stubborn man I have ever met. and what frustrates me is I know it bothers me because.... I AM THE SAME WAY! hot and cold? no... cancers are not hot and cold they are shy!!!!! so all you ladies who say "oh my Cancer guy is so confusing" no he isn't he's shy.. and if you aren't like me a typical speak your mind scorp then your options are left with learning patience. im sorry to be brutally honest but.. well what can I say IM A Scorpio lol . Although I will say the games are tiring. I find im the one who always starts them being as insecure and jealous as I am. But I always notice his acts of kindness and he always shows his love so im back to feeling secure again. some advice ladies? learn patience, don't say things you will regret later.. and try finding new approaches to situations, he's sensitive just like us remember that! so if you know he's going to take something wrong try a different approach we like new ideas so this shouldn't be a problem. I am the hot and cold of this combo, so if you think your Cancerian is black and white stop and ask yourself maybe its not him maybe its me? I want to be showered with affection yet too much clinging makes me feel suffocated. Too much insecurity and I get tired of reassuring him all the time. MOST of all I HATE WHEN HE ASSUMES THINGS ABOUT ME! but ive come to terms with the fact that being in love and living with someone your true self is bound to be shown. your asking for it by being in a relationship Scorpio! And cancers one tip sarcasm is in our nature don't take it seriously when we want you to know the truth we will tell you other then that jokes should be taken lightly not seriously. good luck :) all in all BEST relationship ive ever been in. Scorps NEVER date a Leo.

Cancer guy...

Just seeing about a Scorpio woman I had a crush since I was 12, just talked to her few days ago after 20+ years I'm 35), heard things about her that seem very much like me. Anyway, just reading up on the whole thing, preparing the groundwork, seeing what to expect.. But weird and very much great thing it, we talked after 20+ years and it seemed like we were never apart, she was just COOL, ever since I could remember her, and I would normally rack up so much mental shielding and deflective armour and just purely conversational niceties to to cope with people every day, little tricks and distractions for people that will send them into completely opposite direction from my true self.... Did not happen with her. AT ALL!! Weird. I know very little about her, few things like family situation and work and generalities like that, but it's just like akashic records don't be lazy, look it up!), just super huge feeling of familiarity.

Ladies, the Cancers are insecure, you ask us out, we go away, either physically or mentally, you will see it when it happens, eyes glaze over.... We examine why it happened, looking for the motive why would you say it first, before taking it at the face value, we basically over think everything!!!! Absolutely stupid, I know, and by the time we do the computations, you are normally long gone, and we end up pining for the one that got away....

Took me ages to get over it, went out with Pisces for ages, we clicked but it just missed that final nail. I kinda want to be led sometime, but by you deciding what you want out of the whole thing, that was the thing that drove me absolutely frakking INSANE with that Pisces, never knew if she was coming or going. I would say what I wanted to do, she said not gonna happen nothing kinky, she wasn't into it, just generally), I would ask her what she wanted to do, she never knew, or would change her mind.

Do NOT get me wrong, I am a sort of guy that gets up at 11.30pm because I feel like slice of pizza, drive to city for 45 minutes (Melb. AU), leave the car 25 minutes away from the pizza place and walk there, then walk and drive all the way back home, very impulsive and not needing a plan, but it is absolutely infuriating to wait at home with my thumbs up my crack for someone to make up their mind.

We have our little headbound universe, every now and again we just have to pull back, catalogue all of the feelings/impressions/happenings, and to be left alone to do it, and then we are back in force. Sometimes I just need an hour to clear my head, especially after work, someone would say something harsh to me, it will ruin my day. Last thing I want to do when I get back home is talk. I will sit down, watch a movie, get on PS3, or whatever, sort the sh!t out in my head and then I'm peachy. I learned that I tend to lash out when I am angry, and that is my way to deal with it, instead of hurting the beloved in any way, and saying things I should have said it to the d!ckhead that deserved it. Worked in customer service, but nevermore!!!

I also read quite a lot, tend to read EVERYTHING, including bad things, like leave woman space, don't bother her too often, my sis said she was really finding it offputting if the guy says I love yous or similar too many times, basically she told him to grow a pair and stop behaving like a teenage girl! we all heard it at one point or the other, and what do you do when you run into the Scorpio woman that needs that all the time (or more often than your Leo or Aries or many others)? Society says one thing, your mind says the opposite.... Rock...Hard place.

Also, considering you needing to talk, and Cancer retreating like crazy, explain to him ++beforehand++, while everything is fine, that you just need to offload sometimes, just need him to listen, not say anything, just hug you or whatever your thing is, and to let you know he's there for you, he'll crack open if he can.

Taking too much space already, so much more to say.

DO NOT TAKE ME, THE Cancer 0507197542(model #) as typical, all sorts of scarred/immature/actors/idiots are out there to generalize and take my 2cents as.....

I am a Scorpio woman and before I say anything, this page is very insightful! well I've known the Cancer man that I am "talkin" to for the past 3 years and the first time ii saw him there was an immediate attraction! I didn't initiate anything because I was in the middle of a long term relationship with an Aquarius (big mistake). but I could also tell that there was an attraction for me too. we spoke all the time and flirted while we were both in our own relationships. well oone time after I had left my boyfriend and he was single at the same time we saw each other at a party and were immediately drawn to each other and had a very long and amazing kiss. a few months later, after he moved out of town I went to go visit a friend who lived in the same city and there we mrt up! the sex was AMAZINGGG!!!! now we talk all the time and ive been planning to move to his city for quite sometime now for career purposes and hopefully things will blossom from there. yes sometimes he acts as if he wants me sooo much and other times he acts indifferent, which is intriguing but also frustrating. I don't know if I should be the first to tell him how I truly feel, if that would scare him away or if it will open him up?? tips from caner males plzz!!

same Cancer guy again...

"for his birthday I got him the world cup soccer ball he wanted, he loved it but just left it at my place and still wont take it over to his place. and if I don't say anything we can go through a whole week and more without seeing each other. this is very tiring and im not sure how m much I would be pushing him if I told him I would like him to do more? how much can I express without scaring him off? all I know is that I have to be myself"

as quoted above...

1.the guy is not taking the ball away so he will always have a last ditch excuse to come over if crap hits the fan!!! that's what I did! most have a busy life, he always sees you doing stuff and talking to endless people and always having plans, he is leaving you alone because he doesn't want to impose and make himself a bother! we are idiots that way.

3.apologise for neglecting him and not seeing him often enough(i know that most likely you have absolutely nothing to apologize for, but see above:"we are idiots..), say that you had too much crap to deal with and that you are absolutely sick and tired of it(hey, you should know tha guy by now, you know how to wrap it!!!), can he take you out to some nice quiet place an give you a massage, or watch a movie without explosions(look into 'dangerous liaisons' with john malkovich, glen close, michelle pfeiffer, I recommend!)(not the crappy teenycrappy remake with that freak that divorced reese witherspoon that banged his sister in the movie(wtf???i know not his blood relative, but crap!!..) or take you painballing or whatever your thing is?

if that does not work, ask him what's wrong, does he not love you anymore, did you hurt him somehow, do expect an honest, possibly hurtful answer(maybe), not likely. but again, see above:"we are idiots..."

I am a scoprio woman whoes crushed a Cancer my since my freshman year of highschool. everytime I saw him I knew their was something about him. a few yars ago I startedreading on astrology and had found out he was a Cancer because back then I didntknow and everything had made extreme sense. I feel like he is too shy when we are overly aggressive and they know what they want and if they want u, eventually they will come to you but they like a challenge just like everyone does. I had also written him a love not 2 yars ago, that was not the greatest thing to do. he actually tried to talk to me afterwards but I didn't know how to act so I guess he just took it the wrong way. now when I see him I get this weird feeling that I just cannot explain I wonder if it is a mutual feeling. I definately know he loves my personality but he just got out of a weird relationship and probably still loves the bitch but I sincerely hope he realizes I am the right one because its so ironic ho badly we undersdtand each other although we are opposite we still see where one another is coming from and its so amazing. I hope he will wake up and realize I am the one I truley do. we don't talk for months and start talking randomly and when we do its like im talking to someone thats been in my life for yars. its actually incredible. but how do you know I cant make the move anymore like witht he letter and everything , I he wants me he will come to me.

I am a Scorpio woman who used to date a Cancer man.. Lets just say this has been the most rocky relationship I had. At first he was amazing called everyday,saw him everyday. But as A Scorpio Woman we are good at figuring things out. He was still in love with his ex and he keep giving me different stories saying he does not love her but I forgave him numerous times. Cancer men are very moody and on and off with there love. They can be very stcuk on the past and hold on to things such as still in love with his ex. He would do things thinking it was ok. He is a very tick for tat man. If he is hurt he will do and say anything to do the same. I would leave numerous times and he would say he sorry he going to do better,please come back I need you. so I did time after time after time again. it only made things worst. I finally left and never look back.

Im soo into a Cancer man.Of course I'm a Scorpio women. He's invlove with another right about now. I know from day 1 we had a connection & attraction.Sometimes I get from him he'll tottally be into me and one day he'll be distance.Scared of rejection so I wont admit to him that I have a crush on him....

I guess i'll move on

i'm a Cancer guy trying to attract this Scorpio girl I met a few months back she's beautiful and has a nice figure. she is also very funny an open minded unashamed to express what she thinks. she is also very kind, polite and funny. ever since I saw this girl i've been wanting a chance. I talk to her every now and then (a few days a week)but I can't really tell how I am doin in this process, I may ask her to hang out with me and a few friends this weeknd to have a drnk but any tips any one can give me will begreatly appreciated thanks!!

hiii everyone im a Scorpio woman and I have been chatting with this wonderful cancerian man and we chat everyday and he is in not in my town and he wants to meet me and he loves chatting and talking to me and we love spending time with each other and he is from a different community and because of that he fears that our relationship may not work but other than that he likes me a looooooot and so do I ...i just cant think of someone who is as genuine and caring as him ...i really need him in my life but because of the comunity difference we are not able to express our LOVE to each other...but I have no problem with him and his community pls pls pls give me an confused and I really need him and I do LOVE HIM A 'LOT'

I posted my experience here a couple of months ago! A quick over view:

i worked with a cancerian for about 2 months, we liked each other alot, he added me on facebook after I left my job there and we became "friends", but this cancerian is so shy to make a first move to confront me with his feelings (Though it was OBVIOUS) :S

so here what happened:

we kept in touch on facebook, he left town and went back to his country.. we were still keeping in touch until he posted a "status" on facebook, which went somthing like this: "It was a very fast kiss ;)" I went crazy!!!!! I mean; "u piece of SH*T, you were so into me, liking me, wanting me.. What the F happened?!" I didn't comment on anything..a couple days later I moved to a new house and had several issues that I wasn't able to go online. and when I went online, I was surprised that he DELETED me from his friends list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now yes, I was very surprised and upset about what happened.. but am one hell of a Scorpio lady with all the confidence and pride to have the power to go over him.. (Still having issues! but in process) I have the urge to kill him for doing this.. but when I think about it, IT'S HIS LOST :P

No man alive ..... under any sign-- has the green light to disrespect me!! or make me feel less than him or even take me for granted!! which what he's been doing in the last period.

Honestly, I still believe in the relationship between scorps and cancerians!!

Good luck all!! and may you have a "happily ever after" story :)

somebody help I am a Scorpio so attracted to a Cancer male I am married in a sexless marriage albeit happy apart from that. This man is driving me crazy he looks smiles waves at me all the time then seems moody I k now he wants me but I also know he wont come near because I am married any cancers out there with advice ?

As a Cancer male, my advice is to be bold with the Cancer guy you like. Don't be afraid of giving him that "Scorpio" stare, and make it a point to say hi and smile at him. Talk to him. In other words, you'll have to be the one to seriously let him know you mean business and you really like him. He needs to be almost 100% sure that you like him and want him to approach you before he'll do anything, we're afraid of getting turned down. Don't assume he wants nothing to do with you because you're married. If he feels as strongly for you as you do for him, he just "might" go for it. But he needs coaxing and validation from you first.

Scorpio woman here, my ex husband of 5 years was a Cancer, we have two children, and I love him but he has a drug problem and has been in and out of jail, so I had to leave him because he only got worse and worse. I am currently "friends with benefits" with this Cancer guy who, we were friends for one year, dated last year for about 4-5 months, I broke it off and started dating this Aquarius guy (ugh, not a good match at all). So now we've been talking again and this last week we've started hooking up again. I'm crazy about this Cancer, the way his skin and body feels, the way our sensuality meshes together... everything. Even though its been physical off and on for the past year, we keep coming back to each other, because the chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS!!!

When we dated before I think I put myself out there to him, letting him know my feelings for him, and he was sort of on the fence about it, probably because of our age difference (7 years, I'm 32 and he's 25.) The last time we were together, he said something to me along the lines of "I know other guys out there want you..." which I was surprised when he said that, and I told him how I felt, which was that I wasn't looking for other guys, he was the only one I wanted to be with. He immediately squeezed me tighter and seemed to like that answer, and the next morning he was in no hurry to go anywhere, just seemed really happy and content being there. I would lay around with him all day just kissing him if I could!!!

So now I can't get him off my mind. I'm moving closer to his neighborhood, we are going to be practically neighbors. I don't know what the future holds, or how comfortable he is in thinking of me in the future, I just want to enjoy what I have with him right now, and I know that after trying to date another, the chemistry is just toooo strong with him, and I would miss him if he left. I just want to enjoy it right now for what it is, and let the mystery of life unfold in the future. I'm not afraid anymore, and if it doesn't work out, fine. I don't want to scare him off, but at some point I know my guard is going to come down (especially in intimate moments) and I am going to have to tell him how I feel about him. I've already told him I "love the way he feels". What I really want to tell him is that "I love him".

I am a True Blue Scorpio woman involved with a Cancer Man, we have known each other from a mutual circle of friends for 3 or more years, 6 months ago some magnetic force brought us together. He is teaching me how to trust again, and him in the bedroom, OMG!!!!! What a wonderful connection, even post sex, we lay there and talk for hours on end. He is a VERY Talented musician, guitarist, song writer, and I have to say I am his #1 fan. I have seen the mood swings, but as they say these 2 signs have a balance for each other, when the male Cancer is moody, it teached the female Scorpio how to be patient, trust, and give them space. It is a perfect trade off, this the first Cancer I have been with and I am 49 years old. Just now deciding to read up on the compatability of the 2, and I must say, I will NOT let this one get away easily. he's the 1!

Not your typical Cancer man here. Only my Sun is Cancer, everything else is Air/Fire and one Earth.

Just wanted to say, I never dated a Scorpio woman, though I wish I have. Just for the experience that everyone say is so "magical".

I have talked to a few Scorpio women, the instant connection is there, but some where along the line I don't find them very interesting. Most of the time, there isn't that common activity we share. Though, I really appreciate the debates we shared.

I envy some of the stories here, because I have never experienced it. So I just wanted to say, I am still hopeful to find that Scorpio woman that can enjoy my life with. Until then, I will keep reading the great stories

To the woman that is married to the Gemini husband but madly in love with the Cancer guy, please do what is right. Nothing good can come from doing wrong. Remember, it was that Gemini who put that ring on your finger and has dedicated the rest of his life to you. Don't throw it away because of your selfishness. The Cancer friend you speak of, I know him because I am a Cancer male. This thread describes to a T. We are passionate, and very deep. We can tell what you're thinking just by looking at you. Your eyes will never lie to us, but we can also be very selfish. This Cancer man knows you are married, but he still is there. No decent man would tread on another man's wife. That is a bad quality to possess. Get rid of that Cancer male before you ruin your marriage and regret it for the rest of your life. I've done this to a woman before. I abused the gifts a Cancer male possesses to gain access to woman who was married. It was the wrong thing to do. I knew I was not going to marry her, for what man with sense marry a woman who cheat on her husband? I never took her seriously, and I took advantage of her sexually, financially, and many other ways. I was wrong and regret what I did. Do the right thing...

I am a Scorpio girl and I was going out with this Cancer for 8 months....the start of the relation ship was rocky becuase the second month of us being 2gether he cheatted on me -___-..aniyway we talked about it and his reason was (because he didn't trust me and he listened to his friends when they told him I was playing games on him). we ended up sticking it out and it was sooooo good together all the time,talking until the sun came up...then we got in to a big fight..sooo me being the Scorpio I am I try to do payback (it workd)but thats not the point....he went off to school and now we started not seeing each other as much and thats when I started to get crazy and thinking that he was doing stuff didn't help much for are relationship and now I cut him off and we don't talk..cuz to me we act the same ...i feel my actions rubed off on him and the same for me....its been 2 weeks already that we have not talked and on facebook I guess you can say we are trying to act l ike we don't give a shit....i really really miss him with all my hart and I wanna call him but im also thinking why cant he call me but then again he prob thinking the same thing.....i truly don't kno how he feels and I hope he still loves me (me being his first love) but I see other girls on his page talking to him and he puting up harts to them and faces I feel like he did move on but that just cant be ...honestly im all fucked up in the head I feel he might just be doing that to get me mad but idk...someone help me out and tell me what you think he feels??? or what he trying to do?? I really need to kno...cuz I worked to hard on this relationship to let it go with out me knoing....should I just call him???

thanks 2 whoever can help me ...put on top of your reply to my message div 123 ssooo I can kno its for me x

im Cancer man who met a Scorpio woman, and I am excited to see where this new friendship will go. the way it happened is I walked into the office she was in and immediately we both smiled and something clicked. I had never seen her before until that day, it was like a nice surprise.

she seemed attracted, so I definitely left with a smile on my face. now this is before I knew she was a scorpio, so I had no idea what to expect.

anyway I left and was gone for a little while, but I could not help it and dropped everything to go back and give her my number. she was happy to get it and even said she was wondering why I didn't give it to her the first time.

2 days later I dropped back in even though I didn't have any other reason than to see her. I wasnt even sure she would be there, so I peeked around the corner and she immediately smiled and invited me in.

we started talking and before you know it we were finding out we had a LOT in common, even our ideas on life. so because both of us had to get back to work, she gave me her number. she told me to call and not forget.

so I worked a very hard day and went home. I passed out and woke up a little later. it was still before midnight, but I called anyway to let her know I was ok and I meant to call but passed out from exhaustion. then I called again the next day, then the next.

still no answer.

does anyone know what that means? I mean why ask me to call if she never answers or calls back?

i know this has the potential to be really something phenomenal and life long. what do I do to make sure it continues as good as it started?

I am a Scorpio woman in a serious relationship with a Cancer man. Although all of the things I have read are very true about the Scorpio woman and Cancer man relationships, I have to say that it isn't only our sun signs ( the only signs that are commonly known) that determine how the relationship was, is, or could be. You have to take into account the astrological birth charts to go further in depth with the particular connection. Such as, the prominent planets of your birth chart, the aspects of the planets, and the houses they are in. You also have an ascendant which is a BIG part of your astrological makeup. The planets I am talking about are, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, etc. I'll use an example,my relationship. Me and my boyfriend's sun signs are very compatible(Scorpio and Cancer), but our ascendant's aren't(his; Sagittarius, mine; Virgo). However, my point is you shouldn't ONLY look at the sun signs, there is much much more to look at. Even then, it is ult imately up to YOU and YOUR partner to determine the kind of love you have, and how deep it is. You don't have to be a particular sign to love a certain way. And I could go on an on, but I think I've already said enough.

I wish I could say the relationship with my Crab has been easy.

We met just over a year ago and the connection was there straight away, I just couldn't make out what it was. I wasn't interested at all at first, my brains was telling me not to go for a 15 yrs older, married man but he was determined to make it work. He was the sweetest, most caring man, made me feel on the top of the world, he became my family, my best lover ever, my everything. We had the best time no matter what we decided to do. It took me a few months to realise I was head over heels and simultaneously anything that seemed an obstacle seemed to disappeared.

I knew his marriage was a mistake and without hope for rebuilding so I wasn't too worried, but it surprised me he never got divorced. Unfortunately a couple of months after we started being a couple properly he told me he actually had 2 kids. He said he anticipated I would leave him so he couldn't get himself together to tell me, however once we started talking about moving in, there was no other way. I asked him about any kids beforehand, the answer was always a no.

It was a shock but I decided to stick around but made it clear the situation had to be resolved and promptly (scorpio women are seriously unpatient by the way). Ever since then it's been getting worse. My man is very close with his children, seems that much closer than their mother (she's from a totally different culture and the kids have been raised in the UK same as their dad). I read cancers are very protective about their family - he's a great example. His wife is a very difficult person and will do her best to make things hard especially when kids are involved. They spoke about the divorce and decided to agree on separation at first. However my Crab is so stressed and scared of losing the kids there hasn't been substantial progress.

I know he loves me and he does get jealous. He also gets grumpy and sometimes hurtful but only when he feels the access to his children is under threat.

We moved in together but he lasted 2.5weeks before deciding to move back to the other house to be around the kids. I got to say that period was incredibly stressful to me to as I felt he blamed me for him not being able to be with the kids.

I couldn't go on like this so we made agreements: "By Friday I'll move back in to ours and things will be 'sorted' (as in arrangements about seeing the kids will be put in place and he'll be 'mentally' ok to do it)", "by Monday it'll have been sorted"..we also did couples councelling in attempt to help him understand he wouldn't lose the kids and that they'd be fine despite the divorce, as I am more than happy for them to be around.

My love keeps telling me we will get married and run the business together and that he can see it and knows it.

So now I decided to let him go and try and sort things out without me around, as I feel as long as we're in touch he'll keep living between there and our place and there won't/the progress will be extremely slow. It hasn't been easy cause he kept coming back every couple of days trying to talk, even when I ignored him. Yesterday he waited for me on the street, I broke down in tears. He thought I was handling it quite well but that made him realise I wasn't at all. So now next time I see him it'll be when he's pulled over in front of my door with his stuff in the car, ready to spend the rest of his life with me...Will it ever happen though?

I agree that Cancer men need assurance and I feel my one has been given more than enough of love and affection to be sure of my love. I can't imagine my life without him and I feel he would struggle without me. But time will show - seems that love is not always enough..

Scorpio woman, Cancer man......i fell in love with my professor my junior year in college. there was such an attraction, both of us could not deny the chemistry between us. he has made me so happy, would do anything for me, even despite my Scorpio fiesty moments. he is the most sensitive, caring man who can read me like a book. 1 year later we are still dating. we have fought twice in that whole year. very passionate very giving :)

I'm a Scorpio woman and my cancerman just broke up with ms because I was overly jealouse, in secure and he got tired of

It. I'm just wondering if he's ever going to come back to me? Or when they say it's over does it mean it's really over? What should I do to get him back?

Well I am a Scorpio woman who is very attracted to a Cancer man. Him and I have been acting like we've been dating since the beginning of the semester and he's fooled around with a couple other girls behind my back and he's apologized and I forgave him. Some days he'll be very touchy and flirty with me and other days he's very stand offish. Him and I have had conversations about being together and he says he wants to be with me but theres something thats holding him back and he doesn't know why. He clearly knows I like him and want to be with him and I've showed it to him in more than one way on multiple occasions. We both are each others poison its like we can't stop talking to each other. I've tried getting away from him and trying to find someone else but he always comes back and says he misses me and wants to be with just me. If there are any Cancer men out there who can please help me that would be greatly appreciated! I just don't know what I should do and I need help ASAP! Should I just give up or should I keep trying? PLEASE HELP!

Scorpio woman here, I am a young university student and I am heavily involved with my academics and extracurriculars, but I do party a lot as well. I can see now what all you previously meant by leading a very busy life, and why that may seem intimidating to a cancerian male. I have never actually come in contact with one before, and usually when I go out with my girlfriends we meet guys all the time, but rarely do I find one that's not boring and eventually, unbearable. one night, I met this guy (cancer) and we started talking and it was INSTANT attraction. I have never felt this way before. he initiated a lot of physical nuances, and he got my number at the end of the night. (i just have to say, he is the best kisser I have ever EVER ever experienced.)

he texted me on his way home, so that I had his number...and when I replied, he never answered. I have been debating for days, whether I should message him again, and initiate something. I am so attracted to him, its not even funny, and even though I only met him once, I can't stop thinking about him.

should I wait for him to initiate something...or should I just message him out of the blue, and go for it. mind you it hasn't been a week yet, since we first met...but I am so anxious to know if he is really interested..or if its going no where. please, PLEASE, if you are a cancerian male, give me your advice here?

thanks so much,

one very frustrated Scorpio woman

I met my Cancer man when he was living with this girl he said she was his room mate and that she was dating her lesbian friend and he was sleeping on the floor about 3 mths of knowing each other he moved out and in with me we dated for two years and I loved everything about him except his controlling ways, and his lies we broke up cuz I felt he was cheating on me.. well come to find out he was and not with just one girl it was a few of them and one chick stated that she was pregnant by him ( total lie though) after we broke up he moved in with this 21 year old girl and her three kids and her mother. he is 31 and im 26 now we have gotten back to talking and we see each other on occassion where he tell's me I still love you I dont' love her but at the sametime he might say if you get married would you still sleep with me or im not going no where an neither are you know matter who we date. I still love him with all my heart but I know that he will never be what I want and he will always lie to get what he wants i.e. sercurity, money, whatever and I can't deal with I wonder when will he grow up I know he loves me but is that enough plus im reaching a point in my life where I feel that he may not be the one for me im 26 no kids graduating from college live on my own taking care of me and he is 31 with 5 or 6 kids graduated from high school smokes everyday ( not saying anything is wrong with that) and basically living off of this chick I guess I just feel that I deserve better but I still love him so what should I do?

I fell in love with a Cancer man in the last 7 months, suddenly he disappear he is not answering my calls and not sending me messages and if I am sending him he is not replying?

please tell me what to do?

I'm a Cancer man. I sooo want a Scorpio woman. I'm not clingy or possesive. I have no problem making the first move. How can I attract you Scorpio woman? Where are you?

Do you really want to be passionatly loved??

Cancer moonchild here pining for a particular Scorpio woman. How can I keep her attention? We`ve dated a couple of times and she says she likes me. I adore her. She still dates other guys though. I keep thinking of ways to win her over, but she dosn't seem interested. Am I just wasting my time or should I be more subtle? Or have the most cash? I could really love a Scorpio woman. But do they love back or just sting you?

Last year around November I went to practice at a school that I've never been to. & Like in every other practice I always give it my all, 110%. Got a few "woo," claps here and there. Then as I slowly pant and walked out for air. A girl walks up to me; turns out she was a Scorpio and I just happen to be Cancer. One thing led to another I ended up liking her. Now, I just haven't grown confidence to talk to her... I don't know what to do?

Days later during class (her birthday) I just wrote on a sheet of paper and everytime I wrote her name I smile and get jittery neck down. I write her name on my bathroom walls. Is this normal...? What do I do?

I am a Scorpio woman and have been with a Cancer man for 5 months. Immediate sexual chemistry, intimacy and closeness mixed with lip biting intensity in the bedroom; a good balance of adoration and feisty sexual desires. We love each other, but I feel I constantly need more reassurance even though he tells me and shows his affection deeply. Together we are great friends, but apart, I feel he needs to call and text more, he is too laid back and it confuses me...I suppose this could be the moody nature? hot and cold. Cancers need to be reached out to at times, if I feel insecure I tell him and he is understanding. When it comes to sex, I initiate most of the time but then its great. Sometimes its a case of my Cancer being too chilled out and my fiesty side needs him to repeat more of the 'clingy crab' ways! as a way to reassure me. An amazing lover and close friend. I feel that with open communication and understanding, I could be with him for a lifetime. I need to wo rk on my possesive, insecure ways and learn that he is trustworthy while he needs to reassure me more. Scorpios are passionate and powerful and within an arguement can make the Cancer crab retreat to a shell...find the balance. Let the Cancer settle you while you encourage him to come out of his shell. I think its a case of YING & YANG. I am still unsure about things, but thats due to my own insecurities; Cancer will nuture this at his best but don't always expect them to be at your beck and call when you need affection. In their presense, the affection and prolonging looks run deep and love is escalating. When apart, its seems to disappear on my cancers behalf. Both signs need to learn to love each other's time spent together and appreciate space apart just as much.

I am Cancer guy and am currently in shock reading most of the experiences here in the site. I could almost see my love life in most of the posts. I met this "Scorpio" lady at my workplace and from the day one, I had this strange attraction towards her. I am a shy guy, always had problems keeping the eye contact with women. But with this lady, I get lost in her magical eyes, could look into her eyes for minutes and always felt strong connection. She blushes, smiles and does reciprocate most of the times. I kept on expressing my liking for her indirectly but in very obvious ways. She is not stopping me but at the same time, she is not giving a obvious signal to proceed further. I came to know that, she had a painful breakup before and Whenever I mention about love, she indirectly hints me of the pain. I don't know what to do this woman. She is on my mind all the time and I feel shes the one. Any advice??

I'm a Cancerian man who recently started to date a Scorpio woman. I had no idea at first what this meant, but I can say without a doubt I am attracted to her in a way I can't define. Forget magnetism, I feel more like a satellite in a decaying orbit. Round and round I go yet inevitably drawing closer and closer. Do I land safely or crash and burn? Ahhh the dilemma...

Being a Cancer male isn't easy, sure I'm easily able to charm people, but how do I know when it's 'safe' to reach out? I don't, I want to, more than I want to breathe sometimes. But, always searching for the guarantees in life can cause me to miss things I otherwise wouldn't if only I had just stretched out the claw and grabbed hold a little sooner. Oh and how I hate to lose, be it money, love, that promotion whatever' Crabs don't like being second fiddler ;)

On reaching out this is the part where I think the sign is most misunderstood. I reach out plenty, just not in the typical sense. A crabs preferred method of approach is sideways. Just because you don't see me coming doesn't mean I'm not drawing closer and closer trying to get those big pinchers in range to get a grip on the object of my desire. My attention will always be on you, even when you think I'm off in space and I'll stop moving if you look at me funny. But I've got my eyes on the prize and will stop at nothing to keep moving sideways until I bump into you or you try and get away. This is the tricky part, sometimes crabs need you to pull away so there is a fear of losing you, but that ONLY works if I'm close enough to grab on in the first place. Too soon and I'll just crawl back to my rock and dwell on the fact that you got away. Nonetheless I do reach out, but by gesture. The acts of an interested male Cancer will light the path of his intentions, wishes, dreams, whatever' but you have to clue in to these gestures and green light me or I will pull back and continue to wait for my flashing neon sign of ?money back guarantee'. Money of course not being the true concern, but instead my heart. I would literally buy Love Insurance if I could just to avoid the ridiculously strong pain of giving my love and it not being reciprocated.

I don't even think it's rejection that I fear as much as my love not being returned with the same intensity I feel. I don't need words though, I need presence. Be there for the crab and don't give him any reason to doubt your love for him and he'll be happy and love you more than anything or anyone else is capable of.

This is all just my opinion based on my feelings and experience and lots of years of reflection. I am really looking forward to getting to know this Scorpio woman and am already moving sideways while dreaming about the future potential. Here's to hoping for a 'green light'.

I'm a 32 year old Scorpio woman who has been with a Cancer man for 11 years. It's been pleasant and safe and our sex is good but too many times I get bored. He's a really amazing person and has all of the qualities I seek but he doesn't turn my crank like a Sag does (which is an emotional train wreck) or another Scorpio. I really feel robbed of intensity and feel that I'm the stronger one in the relationship - he's more fragile, which I'm not attracted to. I want a man to take charge but be really respectful about it. A strong person who know how to love deeply. Sometimes Cancers are just 'too compliant'.

I have been with a Scorpio girl for 9 months.

The first time I saw her I said this is the one, looking at her eyes for the first time, all what I wanted in soul mate I could read it clearly in her stunning eyes and you have that feeling hey I know this girl.

I never felt so happy in my life, it was unreal, it's some kind of emotional bond, When we were together I always knew what she want, even though She was very good at hiding her feeling, I just have to look at her eyes to know what she wanted.

Even after we split, in couple of occasions I have this strong feeling towards her, first time I found out we were barely 700 miles apart, second time I find out that she had a baby about 6 days earlier.

We split after 9 months caused by my partner pursuing her career in foreign country.

I can?t even describe the hurt I have been through.

I travelled for 2 years, had a lovely time but my ex was always in my mind and in my heart.

Even now after 14 years I still think about her and I still love her.

I have family of my own. but with my ex the bond is so strong.

I am a Cancer dude and i've read so far has kind of encouraging at I always thought scorpios were evil until I started read about astrology scorpios in particular and scorpio/cancer combo at first I paid no attention until I decided to try it out especially the sexuality of a Scorpio and I was totally sucked in with Scorpio woman we never had sex which I regret to this day but the foreplay was volcanic and then she just disappeared I tried to contact her but to no avail and when I finally got her on my radar again it was too late she was married I was totally crushed

but two years on I recently met another Scorpio babe on facebook and after one conversation I found myself falling for her I just can't explain it she is so direct with her questions I was straight and honest with her and I love it but she has boyfriend but i'm dying to tell her i'm crazy about her. help anybody somebody help Scorpio ladies please I need your help

I'm a 29 year old Cancer man. Most of you Scorpio women seem to have the same problem (except the mistress -- find an unmarried man who won't play you; and the girl who got dumped -- the Cancer man doesn't want to dump a girl unless he is truly truly over her). We are really very simple: we are horrible at coming up with something to do, since most of the things we like to do are by ourselves. So, if you really want us, then invite us on a date (somewhere we can be alone), but let us make the moves on you -- we are still men, after all. If you are scared to ask a man out, then make it sound like it isn't a date. That shouldn't be too hard for you crafty Scorpios. I guarantee that if he likes you, and you give him those eyes, once you two are alone, he will put the moves on you. One more thing, and this is important: make sure you reserve a big chunk of time for him on this first date, or he will not take you seriously. The younger he is, the longer the first date sh ould be. He has to know that you like him, as others have commented before me. I hope this helps you.

Cancer man are just mean very very mean

I love Cancer Men!

I am a Scorpio woman married to a Cancer man. When we first met I thought it would be like every other 'relationship' I had - boring. Always before I felt that I was dominant and had complete control, I had always been looking for a man to take control. Not only did I fall madly in love (which has never happened to me before) but he treated me with passion, desire, excitement and to be honest at times contempt, which just made me want him more. The sex is still amazing after 9 years, and although I am of a completely sexual and dirty nature, he is prepared to keep up with me every step of the way. Funnily enough, I have two other men that are or have been part of my sexual fantasies, both are cancer, and I am deeply attracted to them. One is a work colleague and another the brother of my best friend, but the attraction is quite distracting! I will never go there out of my deep loyalty to my husband, the first man to stand up to me and lay down the law lol, but have to say that my one big turn on seems to be a Cancer man.

I am an AMBITIOUS Scorpio woman who is crushing on a Cancer man. I met him randomly, while doing some community work. We struck up a conversation and kept bumping into one another in the streets. The instant connection was organic and amazing. When we spoke to one another, his eyes and body language would scream, he was interested in me. I remember I was walking pass him while he was talking to someone and saw him watching me as I was walking away. We kept in touch through email and recently through text, facebook and phone. However, we never talked about personal things. I am very guarded and I can tell he is as well or just not that into me. Either way, He is a good connect to have, since we work in the same field. When he talks, it sounds like he talking in circles or in a very roundabout away. I have play 20 questions to get the answer I was looking for. I am very direct and this frustrates me. I am trying to slowly but strategically make my way in, without get ting too involved too fast. I am a scorpio, we know more you think. :)

I am a Scorpio woman who was intially interested in this Cancer man. I lost some attraction towards him, because he was closed. We are very business like to one another. He wants to bring me on board with what he doing, but I am catious. I am very observant, analytical,probing and sensetive to people's responses. I feel he is just wants me around, so he can pick my brain for ideas. I am a very intelligent, innovative and creative person. Am always brimming with ideas! However, I can tell he is the type to take someone's idea and stamp his name on it. I like him, but I will never allow myself to be used. I play my part, as a regualr female. However, little to his surprise I am no typical woman. All I have to say is: hiliary clinton is a powerful scorpio!

I am a Scorpio woman (girl only 24) dating a craby man (boy 27) for 3 yrs now. OMG it has been a roller coaster he's the best guy I have ever been with so intense were both deeply emotional. He's admitted to me being the only girl he's ever loved (1 in 6) after about 3 months I was DONE and pretty much praposed :'( he said no :'( heart breaking for both of us. Any way he is moody as hell and angry he's very critical and I have enduger psychological hell were both realists and that seems to be what has gotten us this far besides how we show love to eachother. He hates me and my mind but still you can see the passion and he comes around reguardless of what he thinks of me. He can go weeks without talking to me and never talked about his feelings that's what got us into a mess.. Getting him to tell me in a way how he feelt about me wAs the worst thing to have happen. It's a ride it out till someone moves thing. My 'heart' hates it but in reality I don't seem to mind I know I'll miss him but he won't marry me... He doesn't seem to be ready for kids and I already two. I could do with 6 more :) I wish he weren't so smart and I wish I could start agreeing with him. Sometimes I think his actions are one big defensive ploy in direct contrast to what he feels. He is afraid of loving eturnaly and to be honest so am I.

I consider myself a true blue Scorpio woman and im in love with a true blue cancer. We met 2 years ago. This might sound chezzy but when I first saw him everything was in slow motion. I noticed everything about him I actually set back and was like wow. Me being the person who I am I never do that but I was like damn who is that. But I didn't want to talk to him because I was invovled with somebody else at the time and im not that type of woman. So one day he was outside of my house playing basketball with my little brother and I guess my boyfriend at the time was saying how he could play basketball ball better then him so being the cocky man the Cancer is he said well lets play one on one and if I win I get to take you're woman out on a date. Then they started playing ball and all I remember is him saying tell you're girl to get ready and shotting the winning shot behind his back I was like daaaammmnnnn!!! Me and that guy broke up. So one day my brother comes in my room and says oh boy wanr you're number I gave it to him. That night he called and we talked all night. the next day we meet up and we became inseparatable. But we fought constantly. He would hold me at night and kiss all over me and the sex well I can say this I HAVE NEVER MET ANYONE BETTER!!!!! but in the morning he would be distant and not say much. And im thinking did I do something wrong. But we would spend all day talking kissing and just spending Q.T. Then we jus stopped I assumed it was because I was moving to go to school. We still saw each other every now and again but I found out that he had a new girlfriend because he had a profile picture of them together. It felt like a truck ran into me. My heart instantly stopped. So I called him and he told me straight and I couldnt talk to him anymore and I hung up he called me back and we talked I tried to play it off that wasnt hurt but the whole time I was on the phone with him I couldnt breath. But we still remained friend and I moved away. But every time I came back in town he wanted to see me girlfriend or not and of course I want to see him. Even though were not together we still get into it and I would stop talkin to him and he would always contact me and say lets stop fighting and we would instantly become friends again like nothing every happened. But now im moving backing and he keep telling me how excited he is about me coming back but when I try to talj to him he shuts down. After reading all these wonderful stories. I makes me think that I have a chance or rekindling something we had in the past. I never stopped caring for him and I think he never stopped caring for me and I would love to pursue this relationship with him. But I don't know im so confused I want him one minute then the next I dont. Help please.

Cancer men are idiots. They are revengeful, unforgiving and irritating. 905% of the time they act like little girls. The only good thing about them are their hugs. Nothing else. They are strong liars but weak men.They lie, alot, too evasive. They are scared shit of entering new places and you have to act like their mommy and protect them.

I am a typical Scorpio woman. I want to say that I am absolutely astonished how similar some of these stories are To my own. I met my Cancer boy when I was only 14. He was 18 at the time. I was an extremely depressed girl (due to my parents recent divorce). The first time I saw that Cancer boy I was with a group of people. I just remember the world stopping and I beganhaving these feelings I had never lexperienced before. He was so charming and handsome. He certainly was not shy! He asked me when my birthday was and I was so shocked he instantly knew I was a Scorpio.. it was like he was everything I wanted to be. He continued to see and text me for a few months and all I wanted was to go steady with him. Anyway after I lost my virginity to him even though I wasn't ready to have sex. I thought. It would keep him around. (Boy was I wrong). He ended up having sex with my cousin and sleeping with a lot ofother girls. I confronted him about it and he was very mean. Saying that we were never exclusive and he never said we would be. It hurt me so deeply I can't even begin to express the toll it had on my confidence. Anyway. We stayed friends for another 4 or 5 years. We had sex a quite a lot. I was still madly in love with him. It seemed like we would always try and make each other jelous with stories about our one night stands we had the previous night . I could tell it made him mad. Wich I secretly loved. He seemed to really get upset and shut down but I wanted him to hurt like I did. He would take me to hang out with his friends and I felt there was an understanding that they were not to say anything out of the way towards me. He would call me baby around them and always stayed close by. And he would look at me a certin way that just made my heart flutter. Eventually I had to move to go to college. Hi told him and he seemed really upset. He asked me if he could stop by and tell me something. We sat on my porch in absolute silence for about 20 minutes. HE asked me if I was okay and I simply said no. His voice was shaking and I told him I was going to miss him a lot. Then he looked straight into my eyes. I felt like a hurricane of emotions was brewing inside me. Then he kissed so passionately. I knew at that moment that he really did love me and all the doubts and insecurities I had were all from my own imagination. Then he told me goodbye and drove away. I havent seen him in quite sometime and I still love him just as much as the first time I saw him. My advice to all you self critical Scorpios is to not be afraid to open up and express your true feelings. The outcome may not be pleasant but its better than waiting until its to late.

I'm a true Scorpio teenager (born in October 25, -so influence by Libra? a bit I think..) and extremely in love with this Cancer. BUT one problem; I am quiet in front of him! In front of friends, I'm fisty and makes comical opinion. But him, OMG you can hear cricket chirping louder than my voice. Still, I can tell he's interested in me.

On Facebook, he said that our relationship is different from any of his before. (To be clear, He was my first boyfriend) I'm straight-forward, demanding, and controlling (which is not a good trait, but it sounds Scare-y HOT Lol). The day before prom I told him that I wanted to go because my best friend will be there, even though we had made plan for the night together, somewhere together...BUT I blew him off by going to prom. This is even more ironic, on prom night my Mom said 'No' to prom saying that something% chance that teens get pregnant on prom night. (I can't really argue with her, because Mom is the only person related to me by blood -So Mom is special, despite whatever she said-(strangled doll) I was shock and sad that I should have gone with Him instead. So all of that; I get nothing

And now, on Facebook, He's on his 'moody' phase; which is understandable. But this phase is going like forever. He just gives me a cold shoulder. I would rather Him open up to me by yelling at me, or saying he's mad, hurt, or even disappointed. "I'll take anything just to get him to talk to me" He is all I want from a guy; But is the answer to this relationship "I love him TOO Much" or "I love Him BUT I Don't love him enough to be with him."?

Im a Cancer man and I have been with my Scorpio woman for two and a half years and im madly inlove with her I felt the love for her within a couple of months of dating. She is very jealous and possessive but I don't mind I actually like it cause it makes me feel secure in the relationship. And yea we cancers have mood swings but its not because of the Scorpio it all comes from our own problems within ourselves cause we think too much so don't push the Cancer to communicate or express their feelings at that moment just give the Cancer time to work through it themselves and then you will get that loving, sweet, and caring lover you want.

That Cancerian man is my colleague and, yes, I'm a Scorpio woman and thing is, I've always had a thing for him. I just do, like its natural. We don't really talk much but if we do, it seems like we've known each other for years. I'm attracted to him but its tiring to always figure out whether he has at least something for me. He's giving me mixed signals. How does your Cancer man react for the first time you met, or how do you know if that Cancer man is attracted to you?

Alright guys. We all(at least most of us) know the Cancer man is amazing. This is the first time I'm actually interested in one and lets admit it, we all have sexual fantasies and he's always in mine, being the Scorpio woman ;) He laughs a lot, and sometimes he tries to annoy me at work, but I think it's adorable. We don't talk on a daily basis (not yet). In a lot of pages I've read we need to go for it first. And honestly, I've got no problem with that. I'm just afraid that he might be feeling stunned if I do and it will eventually cause him to back off. At times he makes situation less awkward with only both of us there by talking to me first and I was too excited (though I seem calm),I didn't exploit it (I forgot I guess, haha). Then there were also times when I get jealous because he was talking to this Saggitarius female colleague. Well yeah, she's got all that attractive feature AND SHE'S EXTRA FRIENDLY WHEN IT COMES TO HIM. I want him to know more about me, and vice versa. I don't mind going through all this, I want him. We need more Cancer guys feedback here right? ;)

As a young Cancer male I think I`ve found my love in a Scorpio girl of my age. Over a period of 8 months we have talked and gone out in a multiple-party setting. Having not had many relationships in the past, when I realized my interest in her I had come on too strong and made her distance off. It was very hard for me to initiate, but we soon began having fun together. We`ve not seen each other for a few months now, but I still keep contact through e-mail etc. Her words can hurt me at times, and I become insecure about what I perceived as her feelings towards me. I can say I know that she has love for me as well, but stills needs time to calm. I need to avoid making contact to her and let her show a connection. ? A problem is that I`m in a situation that I am leaving from where she is very soon, and feel I might be losing her..which only serves worry.

I am a Scorpio woman who has been dating this Cancer man for four months. I am crazy about him but I don't know how to express my true feelings. He seems like he feels the same way but I also feels that he is very protective of himself, as if he does not want to get too close. What should I do?

Things to understand about Cancer man for scorp ladies..

1-If you're trying to attract a Cancer man then use the stare. (You have multiple stares so use the one that says "i'm so innocent, I don't bite... yet.) There's something built into our DNA that when a woman looks at us like that we have to come out of our shell.

2-If you're the one, then your're the one. When you ask us what we've been thinking about all day and we say you, that's the gods honest truth.

3-Our body language telepathy is spot on. When we hang out with a group of friends and you give us the stare (the one that says hey babe, i'm going to find a quiet spot, come find me in a few minutes. we'll wink and smile or give you a nod, and you look at us like "come get some") Well we love that

4-Let you're interpersonal mushh out. we're really the same way inside and when you validate that for us, we'll love you even more

5-Don't sweat the jealousy thing, it's not that we don't trust you. We just don't trust the guy you're talking too because after all you're ours.

6-We love you more than you can imagine.

im a Scorpio women and my Cancer man chased me and told me how he felt, and when we kissed omg its the only kiss ive had that was instant mind blowing connection,since weve been addicted to each over the sex is amazing and we just cant get enough, he's described me like a drug,we just cant help are selfs ive never experienced this before its my first time ive been with a Cancer man,the thing is were not so innocent ive just split from my partner and I don't want to hurt him and my Cancer man is goin through a break up,and he's mates with my ex,we plan to be together but just cant right now as itll hurt two people,we don't want to hurt them it just happened between us good friends got close and just couldnt stop, that connection between a Scorpio and a Cancer is more then words can explain.i just wanted a friend with benefits to begin but I felt something but as a typical Scorpio I didn't let it show,and he then told me he wants more.we just both cant get enough its mad

I am a Scorpio women with a Cancer man. I have been with him for over 20 years. It is a great relationship and I am still attracted to him today as I was the first day I met him. We laugh together and still have fun. The sex is greeeeeat .

I'm a Scorpio with a truly amazing Cancer gent - the most wonderful man I've ever met, and the sex is just out of this world - would be very happy to love this man for the rest of my life. The problem - my insecurity and lack of patience - and boy do you need patience with a Cancer male. I don't think I've ever been so analyzed in my life, he's constantly checking that I'm as into him as I tell him I am. Two insecure, emotional, passionate, sexy people who talk endlessly and laugh like drains. Fantastic.

Alright..I'm a Scorpio woman. I took my Pisces ex to my brothers best friends (aka my big brother) wedding.. He and I were having issues if only because after my having given myself mentally, emotionally & physically he went in my purse & stole from me.. Now I was trying to make it work..keep that in mind..

So the night before the wedding my ex, myself & the older brother of the groom (cancer) were talking and I suddenly had the strangest strongest most uncomfortably real feeling ever.. I tried to ignore it but I fell asleep with him and his smile on my mind..

The next day at the wedding I couldn't take my eyes off of him.. I didn't wanna dance with my ex.. Didn't wanna touch him.. Just wanted to talk to cancer.. He saw I was unhappily avoiding my ex Pisces & I very naturally confided in him.. I had to stop myself from coming on to him & it may have been alcohol induced but I very clearly said something along the lines of "this is wrong..I'm way too attracted to you to be confiding in you this way" After realizing how awkward that could have made things, I wrote him on fb apologizing if what I said made him feel uncomfortable.. To my surprise he flirted back..

I told my ex Pisces I needed space & broke up with him.. I figured if I was that attracted to anyone else then he wasn't the one for me.. Within a week of the breakup my Pisces ex found out I had drinks with my Cancer & proceeded to lose his righteous mind. My Cancer is amazing.. He has dealt with my crazy ex dropping my stuff off on my lawn, threatening calls & texts..literally we were on a date walling from a restaurant when my ex pulls up & we ran into a pet store lol. He responded to my exes childish antics like a grown man which only made me more drawn to him...

All that being said.. We have (cancer & i) the mosamazing time together.. Our first date turned into a sleepover which turned into a second date sleepover third date.. He then went camping with his boys & I was left wondering if this feeling I have is real or not.. He came back & things were still amazing.. Mind you in all this sleeping over we never (and still have not) had sex..though the attraction is like.. Ugh.. Soooo strong..I love talking to him, I love how comfortable he and I feel talking to one another, how he brings me close to my family in the sense that he is a friend of the family.. I love how many similar habits we have and our willingness to compromise with one another.. I just LOVE the way he looks at me and how he holds me..the way we kiss is bliss.. If we have to be away from one another we talk on the phone for hours.. I think I'm really starting to like him a lot & I'm freaked out. We talked about taking things slow as far as titles are concerned.. Then he asked me to a wedding a couple months away.. He has told me straight up he sees me as being girlfriend material.. I'm just terrified that if we have sex he'll have me & then lose interest..

I've told him about this fear & I asked him to wait to go there until he knew it wouldn't change things..

Tonight before we got off the phone he told me he was ready to take that step & was going to lay in bed & think of how to make our first time really special..

I really like him & I don't want to mess us up. I don't wanna lose him so I guess I just wanna know what to do to make us last.. Cuz I know that the sex will be amazing I just have never had a Cancer man to myself.. My worst heartbreaks were cancers.. I wanna keep things this way with him.. Any advice?

I appreciate these post by the Cancerian guys. It's not like the other signs where the guys are just reading, and not responding.

But anyway, hello. You might have already guessed Im one of those Scorpio woman into a Cancer man. So its like, we're both colleagues and the first few days I had to talk to him, I just had to inhale deeply, that too, in front of him. Lol now I know that feeling when someone takes your breath away ;) Well whatever happened between us is too good to just be a coincidence; the time when he touched my hand on the table while we're both trying to stop the paper from flying away, then he felt shy and I'm just like, OH COME ON. He talks to me, and tries to crack jokes and when I try to make up something not that funny (actually), he laughs hard. I have flaws when working and it surprised me when he took the blame. Even after I apologized, it seems like he tried to refrain himself from talking to me. Its not like I told him to take the blame, right? We could just keep quiet and avoid eye contact for days. And the next afternoon we're laughing like nothing happened. I don't even know how this guy managed to conquer me.

Oh by the way, I love the way he gets jealous. No, I'm completely innocent! He was near when one of his friends called out to me like : Good morning, beautiful. And I turned to look at him who's trying to hide that killer expression. Who wouldn't have noticed?

With a fair amount of experience with guys, I chose not to fall again. So what if I could line up them guys? I just want him. I've fallen, and that too for this Cancerian. He's all that- sometime just like a friendly gesture, sometime a bit of romantic, the look on his eyes, the way he managed to be patient with me while the others are screaming, the way he waves goodbye after work. People think he's one of those happy-go-lucky person, but no. He got a story to tell & I'm ready to hear it. I don't need him to buy me gifts, the way he puts up with me is enough to tell. Hopefully with time he'll open up.

I might not be able to describe Cancer guys perfectly but the one I'm into is gentle & patient. Knowing how I (Scorpio woman) would flare up at one of the stupid things, he'll say "Why are you always angry?" and thats just enough to make me think & cool down. He never blames me, or even raise his voice and by his lowering his tone, I know he's trying to control. I sincerely love him for that. It's amazing when a guy could put up with a girl's emotions.

I wouldn't wanna think he likes me because like any other insecure Scorpio woman, I don't wanna be disappointed. We get along really well and just looking at his arms is enough for me to think of what if's. You know what I mean!

Yes, most of the time I approach him first which is exactly the opposite of my past, where guys would approach me. This Cancerian guy annoys me the most at times with his mood. Its hard to make him engage in a conversation when he's pissed. He'll just keep quiet and abandon everyone. Too bad we aren't together (yet), or I'd definitely pull him in (you know :P) Well, this is my test I guess. And I'll face it because he's worth it and most of the time, I feel as if he could read my eyes which of course made me kinda scared. Its like he understands me, without a word. Have I mentioned, he got a national award for saving a life? He's a complete man, I'd say. This Cancerian guy is worth it.

Ps; He's making me wait like - Okay I sent him a friend request on facebook once, and he'd accepted it the first time. Then I deleted him away (silly much) and like a month ago I sent another request. But you know what? THIS GUY IS MAKING ME PAY FOR MY ACTION. He isn't accepting my friend request, but he did not reject either! Oh gosh.

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