Cancer man stalking me, in a non creepy way

by SG

So there's this customer that comes to my job to study and always says hi or whats up and lately he's been making conversation when I'm off work that lasts for like an hour long. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile whenever we talk or when I see him, he talks about ANYTHING, and I love that! I'm trying not to take things the wrong way, but I can't help but get excited when he shows up. I really do look forward to talk to him when I'm off work knowing he'll confront me and ask me about my day, as usual. I have this feeling that he might feel the same, but I'm afriad he could just be really friendly and I'm taking things out of hand. By the way I'm a scorpio and yes, I am physically and mentally attracted to him very much so. He's made all the moves as confronting me to exchange names and he's also held the door for me when I was taking out the trash at work, which was so sweet. Is it possible that he might like me?? We even talked about relationships just the other day. Let me know so I could stop waiting for him to ask me out on a date or for my number. haha

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by: SG!

He rejected me when I asked to have lunch with him, said he's "talking to someone". Someone please explain why he asked for my number the next day after he came in my work dressed really nice?? LOL! I'm so head over hills for him and he knows I like him now. Ugh! I'm so frustrated! haha

just guessing
by: Anonymous

Based on what you say, he's probably into you, but he's seeing someone else. The good news is he's not a cheater. And when the relationship he's in doesn't work out, he knows that you're interested.

by: SG

He's been avoiding me a lot latey, was it something said or did? :/ I've must of came on too strong. He never texts me and he doesn't come aroud anymore. :(

by: Anonymous

omg ok this must be a cancer man thing. my cancer guy is doing the same thing. we've been "seeng" each other for 7months already. we're not official tho, but we might as well be. we had an amazing day together on monday and he asked me to txt him when i got to school but then he said nvm. then a few hrs later he said, "ima assume u ddnt get thr yet...smh.dont talk to me". and he hasent spoken to me since, or replies to any txts and he signed off when i IMed him on FB

by: Anonymous

Everythings been going well ever since. He has his moments when he's distant, but when we're together it's magnetic. :D I love it!

An answer to your question, SG
by: J

Hi SG, I'm a cancer man.
Sorry, we're a complicated bunch as you found out. He obviously likes you in a romantic way, he wouldn't spend that much time talking to you otherwise. I guarantee you he didn't just think of you as a "friend". Also, he didn't meet somebody else, either I dont think. Something spooked him. Your bravery in asking him to lunch might have spooked him. He would have preferred to do this. Yes, silly I know. Next time let a Cancer guy be the one to ask you out, no matter how long it takes him. Just keep showing interest, he'll take it from there. This holds true for all males of any sign. You must show genuine interest, smile, flirt, but let him be the one to ask you out.

cancer male
by: Anonymous

I think cancers want to be reasurred that the feelings are mutual between you two because he doesn't want to deal with the rejection. Me and my cancer boyfriend had a thing from august to october and FINALLY he asked me out, which he was sooo nervous about.

My Cancerian advice
by: Blue26

Step 1: Establish no less than 3 weeks of positive eye contact. perceived stolen glances work far better than straight batting of the eyes.

Step 2: Show an interest in food, that you may be able to plant the seed of the idea that he can feel safe and interested in taking you home and cooking for you.

Step 3: Be a gentle winding stream not a tsunami. too much energy will scare him into his shell, he must feel safe, comfortable and relaxed with you.

by: Anonymous

I think he's "CANCER TESTING" you! (Not by any means the only test, mind you!) Basically to see how you'll react...If you get what he considers to be "crazy", jealous, irate, obsessive, aloof, sad, disappointed, loud, happy,CRUEL, selfish..etc.,etc...whatever your reaction is-chances are, his mind is processing you(your response) to him-his actions/words; because for one really important thing, he's looking for truth (even if you don't get it from HIM(!), it's pretty innocent though)and safety(somehow these two might be synonymous in this case)~a true and REAL emotional sense about how you might react to his possibly constant mood phases(ruled by the moon phases), not too far down the road, should he feel (and I do mean FEEL!) he can trust you to not shatter/abuse/fracture/harm/hurt... his cancer sensitivity with harsh emotional outburst, NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS OR DOES(!) a blow or blows he just might NOT be able to take. Many to most (if not all), being that the majority of their being is made of sensitive water(y) emotion(s), Cancers on the inside is A LOT of PURE LOVE(like God, know), that simple and alot or most everything else about them is what they've chosen to make part of their more "protective exterior" to the world outside of their bodies. SO! If he KNOWS/FEELS, based upon this reaction alone for instance, that you are pretty level-headed when it comes to more heated emotional situations and not going to possibly scare him with an anger-fueled outburst, then most likely, this could be his start to testing whether he can trust you with his emotions, EVEN IF JUST AS A FRIEND clue(!) PURE Love, Love, and More Love is what it's essentially about, as I can see, and as well it should be!!! But, Once, you're in his graces, if he's a more balanced Cancer man, you'll know what heaven is like, and being in God's physical embrace on earth, even when you're not touching...or in the same room....

I hope this is the case, you two sound like a pretty good match I have a feeling. BUT, I would SERIOUSLY advise you to research a bit on other Cancer(male) tribes/sites to read of other's experiences, even more specically, his decan: 1st (june22-jul 2), 2nd (july 3-12), or 3rd (july 13-23); and other info sites as well, such as the ASTOLOGY SITES to see if you are up for the potential challenge. He does not take "choosing" lightly-if you're going to be with him, this means through the thickest of thick and roughest of rough...but when it's good, it's(everything) is real good...get to know the moon phases, too, this might help with some insight into his mood phases/changes{major part of him, most likely}.

That Scorpio/Cancer connection is like nothing else
by: Anonymous

So I too am a Scorpio woman who finds herself totally infatuated with a Cancer man. A client no less. This just started about 4 months ago. And I'm not even sure how it just did with his smart, funny, intuitive, witty, attentive, possesive, polite, CHARMING (esecially charming) ways about him. All this over the phone - we have never met. He always initiating and flirting. We have seen pictures of each other but there is a huge age difference (me being older of course). I recently found out according to FB he is in a *heart* relationship with another woman. Is he just a Cancer playboy? He doesn't seem the type. At first I chalked it up to him being "my favorite guilty pleasure" of the moment. But then I would find myself thinking about him outside of work...rehashing conversations we had...smiling about witty remarks he made...feeling like he already knows me so well (and how did he get through my Scorp defenses which I NEVER let down?). God he made me feel so special. We seemed to click right away and I would find my heart skip a beat whenever I heard from him. But last month he started getting a bit too close for comfort (I mean really - the age thing, him already in a relationship, not having met???)and I just got skittish and sent him an email that I now look back on with regret. And things have certainly changed. And I find myself going crazy waiting to hear from him and wondering how he is. On the few occassions that work related issues neccessitate he contact me, it's very cool, polite, businesslike. I tried to engage him in banter after the issue was resolved, but it's not like it was before. Maybe it's all for the best but *ouch* I miss him. But talk about an instanteous and powerful connection!! I have only had one other gut-busting, head over heels, "you know me so well" relationship like this in my lifetime (and yes - it was with another Cancer).

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