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I think sex with a Cancer man is intense... he was extremely eager to please ... .which was the only issue... since I was just as eager to please him .... so we were both just wondering if the other was enjoying it. Though it was incredible. He rarely says what he feels .... but maybe cuz ive only known him for a bit.

I only have had one Cancer man in my life. This one is depressed / funny / moody / pessimistic / loving / sensitive. Wow.. but he is also uncommunicative and I don't ever want to have to drag and pull words of love, encouragement, compliments, discussions of our future out of him.

You have to be extremely patient with your Cancer man. Read between the lines. He loves you but he doesn't go around announcing it. I have a hard time with this. My Venus is in Gemini and his Sun and Venus are in Cancer so he doesn't have the sparkle and wit needed for socialization that I do. This may only work as a friendship for us. Long term it would cause me to shelve the best parts of myself.

. I l0ve my Cancer male. we've been friends f0r the l0ngest &&& just started a relati0nship. but s0 far things have been great. he tells me everything that's g0ing 0n in his life. &&& always tells me what's 0n his mind. he keeps me calm. &&& im usually a very wild &&& crazy pers0n. he l0ves t0 cuddle. &&& he's very affecti0nate. &&& I l0ve that. I l0ve t0 feel l0ved. &&& I feel it all the time because 0f him. there hasn't been a day where the w0rds "I l0ve y0u" d0nt leave his m0uth.

.the sex. 0mg. I have n0 c0mplaints ab0ut that at all. its great. he aims t0 please. &&& yes every time I have been pleased. he d0es everything. &&& he d0esnt g0 right t0 sleep like m0st men d0. he likes t0 lay there. &&& h0ld me. &&& talk ab0ut whatever.

. I think a Taurus w0man and Cancer male bel0ng t0gether. this has been 0ne 0f my best relati0nships ever. and believe me. I've had a l0t 0f them. im n0t saying everything is perfect. because we d0 have 0ur pr0blems.just like any relati0nship. but we always seem t0 w0rk them 0ut.

I was once with a Cancer about 11 years ago, he found me again after I split from my husband. He was weird and aloof and confusing and insincere. I always felt like I was getting half the story and was (he had a GF) which I found out about latter (he didn't tell me). I asked him to walk away and never contact me again (I am sure he will try) but I was tried of the games and having to PULL info out of him. Best of luck ladies you can have em'!

have known this Cancer man for over 14 yrs. he is the best thing to ever happen to me! he completes me... my adam, my clyde, my soulmate. the sex is out of this world! we are both interested in pleasing, which makes it all the more satisfying. a Cancer man will keep things bottled up. it is best not to probe, and... if they trust you with their feelings, they will share them. this is a relationship that will endure the test of time, and it will only get better

I have been with a Cancerian guy for 6 yrs now... was his gf for 4 yrs then married him... yes they do keep their emotions and innermost feelings bottled up... a little less communicative than us.. but we need to understand that even we do not like to share feelings with just every one and do it only with few very close people... they are just a little step ahead of us.. but with time they also start telling their feelings... we cannot expect everybody to be the same... it is their nature and they cannot help it... but when u get adjusted to that they are just the person u ever wanted to be with... u think similar.. similar preferences.. similar ambitions...lots more and best is u want every thing but only with this very person... my advice... just let them be the way they are and slowly but surely they will come close.. and u will get what u want...

haha now want to start a relationship with this girl I know 3 to 4 month she is a Taurus. I don't know whether she will accept me or not but after hearing so many answers make me feel there's chance

I met a Cancer while checking out online dating. We did not seem to hit it off at first but ended up on a date. It was great! We hit it off, the conversation was great, he is really intelligent and sweet. We are now on our 7th date and I know that he likes+++ me a lot... He has not said it but I can feel it in his voice, conversations, and while we are cuddling together. This is the first Cancer I have ever dated and I do not know how to approach him with my feeling for him, I don't want to move too fast. He is funny, sensitive, open, loving, and somewhat pessimistic. When he cuddles me and through his non-verbal I feel his loving and nurturing side. He is a good cook and likes for me to join him in the kitchen.

I guess my biggest fear is not coming on too strong or not strong enough... I am a Taurus female and I love the attention and the affection that he shows me.... I miss him when we are not together... I love attention and stability in a relationship.

im a Cancer man a young one at that & I met this Taurus girl that looks like a porn star she has a marliyn monroe piercing that just sets here face off. we had a thing 4 each other rite off the top really I feel the bond. ive had my share with Scorpio girls there some else, but I dint know Cancer & Taurus were supposed to hit it off to. lolollololol Cancer gets all the freaky women. Virgo your in da freaky circle to.

but me & the Taurus girl really do have a bond already. I hold her she holds me & we melt. I mean really meltttttttttt.

Is it common for a Taurus and a Cancer to break up and make up more than once?

I LOVE Cancers! no joke. just found out two of my favorite guys are Cancers. this explains it. also as to why I dislike other signs..

They captured my Cancer to the tee. (now we just have to have sex. ;)

I met a Cancerian guy 5 years back. we are very good friends, he keeps giving signals to me that he loves me and im the BEST match for him. Im currently dating a Gemini guy. the relationship is going good so far. but because of his unpredictable and flirtatious nature im thinking to put an end to this relationship.

Now I started thinking of this Cancerian guy. I don't like few thing... He is not as communicative as Gemini...but I decided one thing is that... If I want a loyal, trustworthy, good husband... I have to go with this Cancerian....(I have two sides 1. I like adventurous relations,2. I crave for long lasting relation ... Im a Taurus female. but if I enjoy roller coaster ride and want it whole my life then I have to go with Gemini

Now im on cross roads ...donno what's there in my future

But I like friendly nature and sweetness of Cancerian they are very warm and lovely

I like this Cancer guy!. been talking to him 4 about a month!. I don't know if its just that I am attracted to him! I want to know if he's attracted to me but how do I do that?

I met this Taurus girl back when we were just kids... But her father hated me. (we were only like 14) But we were CRAZY about each other. Well he found out we had a 'relationship' and he sent her to live w/ her mother. It's been years and I'm so happy because we're finally starting to connect again!

I really REALLY am in love with this girl but I'm so worried I might be coming on too strong...

IDK if she really knows this cuz I've been too afraid to tell her but I'm giving up my entire life to go be w/ her and start something new. She makes me feel like I'm living a fairy tale. I want so badly to make her mine. But like I said I don't wanna chase her away w/ how strongly and intensely I feel.

So if anyone has any advice I'll take it!!!

Met this Cancerian 3 years. He said 'Hi', I was so surprised (I thought he was god awful 'ugly') but I was polite and said 'hi', then he smiled and I looked into his eyes they just drew me in, they were deep dark, pools that just twinkled and shone. I could feel myself tumbling down into his eyes. I have been in love with him ever since.

He left the gym not long after and I never saw him again for a very long time. Not that I didn't try.

Now folks here's a typical 'taurean trait', I utterly refuse to do the chasing any more ... initially, I had sent him cards encouraging him to contact me, I had sent him emails asking him out to coffee, I prayed to my guides and angels to bring him closer to me... After an eternity, that good old saying came to mind "He's just not that into you!", so I banished the hope, stopped the dreams, and killed the spark.

Well about 18 months later, knock me over with a feather who buys the house two doors up from me! yep you got it the Cancerian. He regularly drives up and down the road...looking, checking me out, I see him but that's it, he doesn't go any further than that.

I follow my intuition a lot but I obviously got this one wrong, that time when I looked into his eyes, I thought I saw my 'soul mate'.

Are we together? No, what am I doing...'walking away', I can't take anymore, I've finally got the hint!

I am a Taurus woman. I dated a Cancer man 4 years ago. We broke up when I moved away and had been trying to have a long distance relationship. It was too hard for him to have us be so far apart. So we broke up and he said that he couldn't be with me now, but we might be able to be together in the future. We've remained friends since then. About 6 months ago he contacted me and gave me his new phone number and said to get in touch when I got in town. We've met up twice now and I'm still crazy about him. He's very touchy and acts like he used to with me when we were together. However, we still live in two different places and I know that's a big thing for him. I need advice on what I can do to try and get this man back. Should I move near him, even though we're just friends to spend more time with him? Or would that be weird? Im in a place where im going to make a move anyway and I could make it close to him. Please help does anyone have any advise for me?

I went out with a Cancer guy, we were both young 16 years old.. He was just too immature for me. But the beginning was like a dream come true, we immediately fell in love with each other I would fall asleep with his sweater with his cologne on it everything seemed perfect. He gave me all the attention love and affection I've always wanted and I love that about Cancer men. I just hope to find another one of these beautiful creatures :)

I am interested to this Cancer guy. because I just found him so sexy. I found him very expressive, honest, practical and respectful. He doesn't talk trash his Exes which I think is a good sign that he is a good person.

I also appreciate that we both don't want to rushed into a pell-mell of chaos, so we're just taking it easy. we are just enjoying it.

I love our small talks. He's for me. :P

I've known my Cancer for 5 years or so, just as friends. It might have been more, but there was always something going on with either one of us.

We reconnected a few months back, and I fell hard! He's amazing! He wants to continue to be friends with me and take things slow, which is impossible for me. I'm sure you Taurus women know how we need more intimacy than a hug or cuddle.

He is impossible to read, always speaking in riddles and leaving me to read between the lines. I know he's been hurt before, but I have no intentions to change him or hurt him. I just want to love him. Openly.

Never have I fallen so hard for any other sign in my whole dating experiences. I doubt I've fallen ever compared to this. He knows how I feel and I'm still waiting for him. Unreal!!!

Met a Cancer guy about a year and a half ago.. I am utterly head over heels for this guy but he is very very very slow to give his heart. he is very touchy and the sex is very lustful. He is indeed moody and I tend to fuss at him and push him into his shell from time to time.. usually I just let him get over it and in time he is calling me again.. I can tell he was hurt before because he is very cautious with me.. making sure to not open up too much.. Its ok.. im patient

I have known this Cancer for 6 years; the last 3 months we became "close". he moved in - one day he borrowed my car; that was two weeks ago, I haven't seen him or my car since - YOU CAN HAVE THE CREEP - I'm not saying all Cancer men are like him but I don't want to try another one!

I met a Cancer at work and at first we didn't really even speak, I always thought he was cute but also thought he was a player. All the girls at work would throw themselves at him and jus act like groupies and that made me pay even less attention to him. As time went on I would catch him staring at me while I was working and he was always willing to help me with something. Every day he would tell me how beautiful I look ,the more I got to know him the more I started to fall for him he is smart, sweet, confident, spontaneous, and very affectionate .we haven't had sex yet but if his sex is anything like his hugs and kisses then I won't be disappointed. Every time we hug I feel this heat and comfortable feeling I love being in his arms .Another thing I love about him is that he notices the small things that I do like leave little notes for him and put smiley faces after every text that an he never forgets anything I tell him. I feel that he's the best thing to ever happen to me In other relationships I feel like I was forcing my feelings or just settling but with him I feel like were made for each other my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa. I'm looking forward to seeing where our relationship will go

Omg me and my Cancer just started going together and I love him so much he keeps me laugh I love everything about him... He is the one for me I may be young but I falling in love with my high school sweet heart... He understands me and I like that.. I can tell me anything and I listens.... I have been hurt so many times by dudes.. and the last relationship I was in he hurt me so bad and than my Cancer came into life and everyday I wake up happy and he way he holds me I we never wanna let go of each other..... He don't wanna hurts me and he already telling me that he wants to marry me....gosh god set me up.... He brought a dude that would hurt me no matter what.. and brought a dude that would kill for me... He haven't had sex yet just waiting for the rite time cuz I wanna give him my all...that night I no will be something I will never forget..

I haven't been talking 2 my Cancer guy for very long but I feel this instant connection with him I cant believe how much we have in common and how much alike we are...every time im with him I feel so good he makes me laugh an my face sometimes hurts from smiling so much.. and Omg the sex awww its amazing...we go for hours just four playing we never just rush into it...but yes he does tend to close up on me an hide in his shell and goes m.i.a on me but like every other Taurus female we are oh so patient with our Cancer and that's weird for me cus most other signs I have no patience with ... He's the best thing that's happened to me in a long long time... I feel this will progress in to a beautiful relationship one day if he just gave me a change I have no intentions of betraying or hurting him I love the fight in him .. I want nothing more but to keep a smile on his face as I hope he feels the same about me ;) my Cancers da best !!!! muahs to him....always :)

I like a Cancer guy but we chat on facebook n not so much at my college were in different groups n I don't think either of us want anyone thinking anything's going on so its hard for us to chat or hang out coz people are always there what should I do I'm a Taurus

I am amazed to hear so many successful stories with Cancer men and Taurus women. I am a Taurus woman who has a lot of Gemini in my charts. Although I have never been drawn to Gemini men, nevertheless I have always been drawn to Aqua men. My personality exists in twofold. There is a part of me that is very shy, introverted, conservative, artistic, and domesticated. The other side of me yearns for freedom and wants to taste and experience everything that life has to offer.

...But when I meet Cancer men, I can't help but feel a special soul mate connection. As If I was MEANT to be with them. But their moods, clinginess, and hypersensitivity turns me off. In the bedroom, OMG! Talk about walking in a trance until the next lovely sex session. However, I don't desire them long-term. I really do enjoy the great sex benefits, and great food that comes with it. My Cancer fling would cook me the best French toast I ever tasted!...but I can't help feeling guilty when he expresses himself to me. He tells me how much he wants to be with me, and is eager to introduce me to his mother and family. I tried to be subtle that I didn't want to be more than F/w/benefits. I know I am being selfish and giving in to my Taurus needs for sex and food. But I feel as if I'm blunt with what my intentions are, he may crawl into his shell, and I may lose these benefits. Please help! Any advice?

oh my gosh.. I think I am falling for a Cancer man as well , I am just getting to know him, we haven't had sex , yet, but the kissing and his touches are incredible , the only problem is that I am married to a Gemini and he is married to a Pisces ,both of us got married to our high school sweethearts , but I feel like he is truly my soulmate , I know this is so wrong , but I cant help it he has a crazy hold on me , I have never felt this way before , nor have I ever strayed outside my marriage . I believe he feels the same about me but I think he holds in his feelings , what do u think , is it possible he could leave the long time h.s sweetheart for me . I am seriously considering the possibility of a relationship with this Cancer male . I have never experienced any of these feelings before . he is so warm..... we have excellent chemistry , I just want it to last forever , I am willing to wait , I am a very patient Taurus girl. someone help

Well, I can relate to the Taurean that above who express her double nature. I do want a stable relationship, but at the same time I have this free nature feeling like a wild horse. My relationships in the pass I was more engaging than my partner. This time I have someone that adores me and he is in another state and willing to come to me for exploring what possibilities that can come about. I am the nerves because I really think I can fall for this guy and I hate feeling out of control and vulnerable. I know that life experiences help shape us, but it is those life experiences help us to grow and I am think of just taking on this experiences to learn if it may be the love in my life that I desire. A leap of fate is in my future...smiles.

Well I've been through a lot of bad relationships and I've been hurt a lot. But I always wished I'd meet that perfect guy out there. The one that can heal my broken heart and make me believe in true love again. Yeah I admit I was emo, I still suffer from those bad memories and cry every so often but my Cancer guy comforts me whenever that happens. We met on Tagged about more then 6 months ago...almost a year I can say. We were friends and then he came over to my house with his best friends and we became a little closer. Although I wasn't really interested in him at that time. I went through some crap with an ex-bf of mine online (Virgo) and I don't know why but when I introduced him to my Cancer guy he was furious with him and me for some weird reason. So my ex-bf told him off and I stood up for him (real reason idk, I didn't even know he was Cancer). Anyway I broke up with the Virgo dude and decided to just stay by myself, avoiding love and possibly another heart ach e. When one day I had an emotional breakdown and I just wanted to let it all out. I have no clue why I ran to him but he listened to me and comforted me. I started feeling loved so I hanged around him more. After a few days I noticed I was having feelings for him. I denied it at first but it didn't work. After a long time of trying not to fall in love with him he asked me what day my birthday was. He found out I'm a Taurus. So I asked him and I guessed it wrong at first (I said Leo) and he said "nooo, I'm Cancer". I tell you, my heart skipped more then 6 beats at once. Love hit me like a brick this time so I started showing I had feelings for him. Well right now we're together and yeah we had our up and downs but no matter what I just can't stay mad at him or anything. And yes Taurus and Cancer is practically the best. He satisfies my every need. Not to mention sex. It's out of this world! =3 He loves hugging me and spending alone time with me. I can't wait for us to get married! ^w^ We are 6 months right now and every 9th of every month we make one month =]

met a Cancer man recognize all of the above he was truly utterly what I thought was my soulmate, then the secretive side came to the fore and unlike a Cancer was very foolish with money this was always his downfall he was never very good with money I didn't know this was supposed to be a strength certainly not my experience!

We married and had children but from the point we got married he changed didn't feel he had to be romantic any more, was secretive and had a girl ring me out of the blue saying he had got her pregnant which according to him was a lie....... our children had a wonderful father in him he was THE best and I sat back and watched this wonderful Daddy but the strain of everyday life and working to support our family took its toll he became violent and moody as I devoted my time to our two daughters upbringing one was sick and to annoy me he obstructed my getting help for her urgently then our youngest daughter died and he withdrew into his shell, he realized what he had done, we struggled on for another ten years him being in a large debt I got him out of and took one hell of a pasting for it... then ever devoted, tenacious and steady as a taurean woman, im thinking for better for worse....... I hung in there but my Cancer man was gone, hit me numerous times I had him arrested he hated that ... in the end he got into debt again this time I threw him out...... today four years on even though we still see him he is moody withdrawn into his Cancer shell and there is no reaching him today I have to beg him to see his children he has no part in their day to day lives yet lives 20 mins away....Ive said sorry for every and any thing I got wrong but he refuses to accept so we can be friends. when I read all these lovely comments its all true Cancer men and poss women are truly wonderful to date be romantic and sexual with and to care for you but when they get secretive tread very carefully they don't talk about feelings much, and if you pull too hard can react very badly. I mourn my Cancer man every day a lot is based on character, moon placements etc.....but its a huge loss... we dated for 10 years of total bliss, married for 16 years of sulkiness moods and tantrums, the minute financial hardship came in the door he withdrew into a shell.... he would not be reached, resenting me I stayed at home while the kids were young, but even when I returned to work he didn't change! Men say we want to change them, I didn't want that I wanted him to be the guy I dated... or close.. I'd go for it again but warily with another cancer...but if my perfect match didn't match, maybe Ill take it I was loved once and stay alone not sure anything can be as good as that was once.

so much about Cancer men sounds great...(the stability and commitment)....

the only thing that's preventing me from falling for this sign is that I'm scared that I will be the man in the relationship....I don't want that....

to all the girls that dated Scorpio men.....are they men or are they weaklings?

I'm sorry if I'm sounding harsh....I just really need a strong man/ a protector, etc

I'm a Taurus women and I ran into this guy I knew from years ago we sat and talked and he told me he had been in love with me since jr high, then when we left the event he was getting into the car with a female, but yelled out to me I luv u! so I thought he would call within the week , well it took him a month to call. We had a nice conversation, and he told me his b-day is this coming Sunday which means he's a Cancer once he told me that I asked what was he going to do and he invited me to go to Atlantic City with him but I declined because he's staying over night. I would really like to give him a chance because he is a cancer, but Im hesitant, bc he has a 3 month old baby, but said he's not with the mother. plus a 5 yr old, maybe that's what took him so long to call. I don't know what to do...

I have very bad experience with Cancer man. he was very loving and caring in the beginning but after one year and this Cancer man show me his reality which he was hiding for long time. He showed me that he was very open minded and understanding but after one year and half I was shocked that he wants

I don't want any Cancer man in my life ever again

I'm a Cancer and I have a lot of feelings for a Taurus woman. I never told her how I feel about her, but I think she can tell. Don't know if she has any feelings about me at all. I'm married and never planned it at all. Its just happened, I wasn't looking for it but I really can't help it. I'm trying very hard not develop, but its not easy. Having read a lot Taurus women, I don't think she would want to fall in love with a married man. I've never cheated my wife, but I can't help it. Its annoying me that I felt something for this other woman.

I went out with a Cancer guy, we were both young 16 years old.. He was just too immature for me. But the beginning was like a dream come true, we immediately fell in love with each other I would fall asleep with his sweater with his cologne on it everything seemed perfect. He gave me all the attention love and affection I've always wanted and I love that about Cancer men. I just hope to find another one of these beautiful creatures :)

OMG I so agree with you! It was exactly the same but he was just so immature and I couldn't handle his mood swings anymore! sometimes I feel like I am his mom or smth :S but Omg I so totally agree with you!!!!!!

I am a Cancer male with a Taurus female. We hit it off immediately. She was emotional when we met a year ago (understandably), and she's still emo now. im coming off a bad marriage decision when I was 20, and a bunch of other heart breaks and disappointments. She's coming coming off a six year abusive p.o.s relationship /w many failed attempts also. We each have a child and one we've made on the way. My point is were on and off. When were up its the best when were down its like being hurt for the first time all over again. She says im secretive and sneaky cause I want privacy. I don't think its fair how much she asks of me and how little I get in return. I wanna stick this out but im at my last string with the back and for. Well see...

There's this Cancer guy in all my engineering classes, and the first time I really noticed him, I got the impression that he was a little creepy. You see, he was sitting right beside me (which he wasn't supposed to since he was supposed to sit with his group) and we were watching a movie in class. The lights were off, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see him staring straight at me. I pretended not to notice, since I was sooooo nervous. Later in the semester, there was a talent show that a friend and I had performed at, and he came with a friend of mine (so we discovered that we had mutual friends outside engineering). That whole night, he was telling all my friends that I was beautiful, etc, which I found surprising but also flattering. I think he's kinda cute :) Anyway, later, I found out that my friends had left something out - he had a gf. After that, I refused to notice his stares and I barely entertained his random messages. He's very shy (only to me) and I am also shy, so I find this quite frustrating. He's a really nice guy who obviously needs someone to love, but I don't know if I can deal with his past (I don't think he's over his gf, who is now his ex). He makes it so hard for me to read him - I just want to know if his feelings for me are genuine, or he's just trying to find someone to fill in the gap where his girlfriend used to be :( the worst part about it is that I think I'm falling for him... being a Taurus woman, I need stability... I don't want to play games.

I just want to say here... That YES! You have got to be patient with the Cancer mean. I mean extremely. I am a Taurus. 5 years ago I feel in deep love with a Cancer. I mean so in love I couldn't believe it. Everyday felt as the first. When I first saw him I just went blank... We met up and dated (talking) for a who year before we made it official. It does take some serious time. And I say serious meaning that was not all.. We were together all together for a year and a half, I found out he cheated on me. It was the most shocking thing I forgot how bad I was hurting. I loved this man. And he was very silent, but patient with things. Loves feeling secure, home, family, loves to be loved (trust me) etc. Because we spilt for 3 years. I dated someone else. We had a child and I left that man. I've been single for the longest time. My son is now 2, and the Cancer man left home when I found out he cheated with the girl he cheated with. And came back home on his own 5-6 month s ago. But we didn't speak up until almost 2 months ago (if that). Of coarse, we've argued since then. Had our differences. Anger toward him but I loved him so it was like it never happened. Like I knew it did but the pain was gone, because he was back in my life regardless. I felt completed. Once I completely blew up on him he went under this "shell" for a little bit. We'd talk, argue, talk, argue. Hell, even texted me and cussed me out for talking to another guy. Once many more guys spoke of me he shut his mouth! He knew I wasn't the same girl and started straightening up. We have been on talking terms for more than 2 weeks now since his birthday (my reason to talk to him) and we've done great. Because now it's all in the opened and if he's speaking, then hey, it's something. My point is. They are what seems "closed to the world" but you really and I mean REALLY have to pay attention to their acts, attention because if they're giving it then it really means something, way they speak. MAYBE isn't yes nor no, which is very important in this case. Trustttttt meeee!!!! Pay attention ladies! It's very complicated but worthy. He's still my world. I have no interest in any other man. The others that I "did" like after him was because I ran from his memory. Don't do this. Just be calm and listen to them, pay attention, and love them so much because in the end no matter what they will know where they belong. They'll find they're way.

I have no patience for moody, insecure grown man that constantly has to be told how much I love him. I like romance as much as the next woman but damn! Cancer men are too much of dreamers, infantile behavior, unfaithful and too jealous for my taste. For this taurean woman, the perfect match is a hard working, take charge, romantic but head on shoulder and sexually adventurous, sensual and faithful Capricorn man. I don't care what astrology has to say, Cancer men are not the perfect match for me. We may make nice friend and that's all there can be, I don't see myself spending the rest of my life with one at all. I would rather eat dirt and die.

I'm a Cancer male and truth be told, I cared very little about the compatibility of my sign and that of my long time girlfriend up until a few yrs ago (she's an Aquarius}. We have a child together but before we had baby, people envied us and our dynamics...then my girlfriend had baby and was diagnosed with a postpartum disorder. That was almost 4yrs ago and my girlfriend is find now but things just haven't been the same since. About a year ago I reconnected with this Taurus women friend that I used to date yrs ago and it was great. I felt this oneness with her that I never felt with my GF. The funny thing is she's married (to an Aquarius man) with a kid of her own but we just can't get enough of each other and we agree that we both are not satisfied at home (sexually, emotionally, even spiritually). I already asked her if she thought about us having sex and her reply was name the time and place cause she also remembered how good I was back when we used to date and this is coming from a woman that has never cheated on her husband....EVER!

I think I have noticed a pattern to help Taurus ladies out with their Cancer men! Cancer men are extremely shy if they haven't been around the block a few times! Like me with this Taurus girl...I lacked some confidence back then but once I warmed up...she couldn't stop me...LOL! Cancer men love security in their woman or potential woman...if you come to bed with the notion of you're gonna please me ladies, we will pick up the slack and once we know you're enjoying...getting us to stop pleasing you will be tricky! Oh yeah, forgot to mention one important thing...we like you ladies be a lil victorious during sex....moaning is a given, but letting us know you like the way we're doing something in bed turns us on even more. Believe it or not ladies, most Cancer men get turned on by you women being turned on by us and you let us know that.

Obviously, no 2 Cancer men are gonna be the same! As I've read, some Cancers are great at everything and some are not. I just hope you Taurus women don't put all Cancerian men under one bold-faced title! I'm the type of Cancer male that will give you the world....if you're willing to give the same in return. Whether it be great sex, passion, conversation, or even just plain ol laughter; I truly believe most Cancer males are looking to give and shelter those who are worthy. And please, that whole thing about we hide in our's more like we don't like to be taken for granted and will write you off...if we do come back to you take that as a true sign that we love u. But make no mistake, we do write people off....and usually have stalkers after that because after we're gone that's when yall remember how good you had it with us....and want it back!

Is it normal for these two signs to brake up and make up very often?...

my first love was a Cancer man. we were high school sweethearts, but it didn't work out. we were too young. he found me 8 years later after he had been married and we started a relationship. he was very secretive and moody, but had a smoldering sexuality and was very passionate. long story short it didn't last. we ended up trying 2 more times after that and it still didn't work. I think I just got a bad apple cause I have dated other Cancer men and the chemistry is just amazing. my favorite men to this very day.

Well I am a Taurus women, I just reconected with a child hood friend on facebook who is a Cancer he is very easy on the eyes lol very cute he would drop hints that he wants to take me out when I get back in town I moved from nyc to florida so I just came out an asked him did he like me he said he always did but he was 5yrs older so he could not tell me how he felt back then with out coming across a pedifile lol but im twenty four now an he is thirty im supposed to fly up to see him in a week im nervous I hope everthing I read is true im in a relationship with a Capricorn the sex not so great an his insecurity drives me nuts I want something freash an new an kinky lol my Cancer guy seems to always call when I think about him and always shows me he cares but sometimes I text an he don't get back to me until days later I lay off cause he said his last girl was crazy an I don't want him to think im a stalker but how can I have these feelings for him an I have not seen him since I was 13 I don't know how this is gonna play out but I hope it worth my while an the start of something real an fun

Taurus female here who's never been big into astrology... but recently I have fallen for a friend, actually co-worker who's become a best friend. He identifies with his Cancer sign strongly. So much he's tattooed it on himself. Out of curiosity, affection and attraction towards him I started reading about our sign compatability. I think because it's the most intimate I can get without getting myself in trouble. Unsurprisingly, everything I read is exactly what I feel we are/would/could be. He makes me feel so balanced that I want his presence around me all the time. I keep telling myself I'm just infatuated and try with sheer determination to get him out of my mind, but I can't. I want him to be near me all the time. He makes me feel whole. We've never even touched! but I have developed such strong feelings towards him. So much that I worry about how he's feeling... or if he's even eaten for the day...or feeling good about how his day went. I can't get him out of my mind. It aches and hurts. problem is, I want to respect my professional relationship with him, so I will NOT tell him, even though it kills me. I don't even try to contemplate how he feels about me. I just want to get him out of my head... but I can't... help!

I am A Taurus Woman, 18 years old, still kind of young. I'm in a relationship with a Cancer man, but it's long distance. He used to live in New York but then he moved away to North Carolina and it wasn't until my senior year when I realized that I wanted to be with him. But we had a bad past because we dated each other's best friends. We began dating anyway, and he was a sweetheart. He's a bit hard to talk to, not exactly the communicative type, you have to get things out of him. He's also very jealous, like I can't talk to anyone while he's on the phone. He actually came up to NYC last spring break and it was amazing =] The best time I ever had with him, no arguments or anything. After he left, things just got worse. We argued more, we broke up and got together numerous times. Now we are both in college, and things seem terrible. I'm a resident, he's a commuter, still in NC. The time we have for each other, particularly what I have for him, isn't a lot anymore. I w anna be with him forever, I wanna marry him, but I can't deal with the constant fights,and I don't wanna make a choice i'll regret. Someone just help me. -College Girl

I am a Taurus woman dating a Cancer man and he is so gentle, sweet, kind and loving but the only issue about him is that he rarely says what is on his mind and that is really scary because sometimes I feel I have to force emotions or words out of his mouth and he rarely expresses his emotions...always quiet, deep and brooding but I love him so much because he would do anything to make me happy and I don't mind spending the rest of my life with him...oopss am in love ;-)

im dealing with a Taurus woman who has a reputation and is trying to change her life. I am a Cancer man and have a lot of feelings for this woman.she says she want to be with me, but sometimes goes into a shell at times. is it worth advancing this relationship?

I'm surprized how well astrology description fit our relationship and our own personalities. My husband is ultimatly one of the sweetest people in the world if not the universe. He's funny and he's a huge cuddle-bug. He does have his rare temperments but they go away fairly quickly. I'm always there for him when he just has a bad day or even if he's just uneasy emotionally or even physically. However, I tend to worry I "baby" him too much because he's always content to care to my everyday needs. The one corner of our relationship that might need a little work would be sex. We get very tired at the end of the day (more of my fault) and it's hard for me to get in the mood sometimes, (It makes me feel a little shamed because my husband can be a little perverted at times) but it is wonderful! All taurian woman are lucky to have a cancerian man as their partner! Don't you dare take him for granted or leave him, or you'll regret it!

Cancer man here. About 80% of the women I have dated are Taurus women. Married one, and divorced after 13 years. I still find myself attracted to Taurus woman.

But there is one saying, "Can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result".

Love you Taurus women, but have to do something different.

Im also a taurean woman deeply in love w/a cancerean man. he loves me in return and if Im patient I know no other man could make me equally as happy as he does. now if only our long distance relationship could turn into a lovely warm fire that guides him back into our bed for good. wish us luck! :)

Jeezus, there are so many stories about to Taurus's and Cancer's. Obviously there seems to be an undeniable attraction between these two signs. I'm not a huge believer in astrology or whatever, but it's interesting to see how this dynamc works. Cancer's are a little selective with who they talk to but they are more than sweet when they want to be. And i'm guessing me as Taurus girl is pretty direct. I'm not sure how it all works out. But two of my past boyfriends were Cancers, respectively.

To the lady with the Cancer co-worker. You have described exactly the same situation I've been going through for several months. Cancer man fallen for a Taurus co-worker. She attracts me a lot just looking at her beautiful eyes and great smile. I really try very hard not to look at her eyes as she seems to penetrate deep inside me. I try very hard to get her out of my head but it's not working. I try to avoid talking to her every day but that is difficult working together. We talk a lot about work and sometimes socially, but we are both conscious that we are at work. I love to listen to her when sometimes she talks a little about her social life, but I feel that she doesn't want to tell me a lot. I guess both of us are good to keep our feelings hidden, may be because we both respect our professional relationship too much. Yes I feel exactly the same as you do that I can't get her out of my mind. I don't know at all if she has any feelings for me, not even a clue. I wish I knew. You will NOT tell him and I know she will NOT tell me. What clue or sign could I look for, either way, whether she likes me or not. May be if I find out that she doesn't have any feelings for me, will help me to get her out of my mind. Accidentally I touched her hand and felt so good even though it was for just a few seconds. I'd love to touch her hand. I stopped myself so many times from actually touching her hand. Should I tell her how I feel about her and risk our professional relationship. That would also be hard.

I've been with a Cancer man for 5 months now and he's moody, funny, and caring. he's a complicated one since he will never speak his mind or tell me when something wrong, but the complications are well worth it since he knows how to treat a girl. he's extremely eager in bed, and knows what he's doing to. Always makes sure I finish before he does. he's wonderful in a nutshell

To the poster above, quote:

"I tried to be subtle that I didn't want to be more than F/w/benefits. I know I am being selfish and giving in to my Taurus needs for sex and food. But I feel as if I'm blunt with what my intentions are, he may crawl into his shell, and I may lose these benefits. Please help! Any advice?"

Yes, some advice from a Cancer male.

Knock it off.

I am going to speak the Taurus blunt language: You are using this man, and you will destroy him if you don't stop.

This guy is not trying to be "Friends with benefits" with you. He's a Crab. He's courting you, feeding you, introducing you to his family, and probably spending a sizable chunk of every day thinking about you. He is building emotional bridges for you. And all you want is sex and... food.

If you don't want this to explode, cut it now. This -will- come apart. Sooner or later you are going to be faced with taking steps forward, and you will not be able to take them.

You're a Taurus woman; direct, simple honesty should not be difficult for you. If you put an honest stop to the furtherance of the relationship, you bet your crab will pull into his shell for a time. But you will be saving your relationship with him. He will eventually come out, he will still be smitten with you, but he will know not to pursue further. And who knows? If you make up your mind, he'll still be there and he'll still probably want you.

We are stupid like that. Waiting for women who aren't good for us.

DON'T come clean, and he will never forget the transgression when this boils over. He will remember you as someone who used him, misled him, and spat on his emotional efforts - whether it's true or not. Is that how you want this to end up? What happens to your "benefits" then?

For God's sake, don't cause one more crab to withdraw from the world. I may have to pinch you myself if he can't bring himself to do it.

^^^To the Poster above^^^

I am the Taurus (with many Gemini in her charts) that you responded to. Thank you for that blunt, yet 'eye-opening' response. I really appreciated it. Unfortunately, it's too late. My FWB went right out the window. He sensed that I was using him. He declined my sexual invitation. I deserved to be kicked to the curb. I don't think he will ever forgive me. I tried to reach out to him several times to make amends. I don't want to ruin him for someone else. He said he was currently in a relationship (but for some reason, I don't believe him). My instinct tells me that he's still feel slighted by me. But I don't want him to carry this negative baggage in any of his relationships. I heard Cancers carry grudges and never forget a wrongdoing for a long time. How would I proceed in making amends? (Since he's not returning my phone calls and emails).

I'm a Taurus female and I've always wanted to find a Cancer since the description fits everything I want in a man but I've always ended up with Aries men or Saggitarius men. I think it's because I'm shy and those two signs draw me out, but it never works out. The worst relationship I was in was with an Aries man, he was so charming, sweet and loving in the beginning and turned into a controlling, vindictive hateful demon. That was 2 years ago and I'm still trying to recover. I feel like damaged goods now after the emotional trauma he put me through. I don't think I can ever trust a man romantically ever again. I think deep down Cancer guy is just a sweetheart but somehow I never end up attracting this kind of guy. Or if I do, I don't notice him because if he's not overtly flirting with me, I assume he's not interested. Another frustrating thing is that I'm 28 and all the good guys are taken. My last relationship was with a Sagg and I thought it was perfect but he en ded up cheating me, he was just so god-damned FAKE. Is this a Sagg male trait? Damn.

I think Cancer men are sincere, and the aloofness is worth dealing with if it comes with a genuine person. Don't take him for granted!!

(From the same Cancer guy, to the Taurus above)

"I heard Cancers carry grudges and never forget a wrongdoing for a long time." August 17th, 1998. My former friend stole exactly $57.36 from me.

October 9th, 2009. My $57.36 is returned to me after I meet him again. Specifically, after he realized I am now twice as strong as him, and had a mind to throw him across the room if he didn't comply.

No, we do not forget. Not if it betrays our deeper trust. We give that to precious few outside family, no matter how socially open or closed we turn out.

But then, forgetting isn't the same as forgiving. This is an area where circumstance reigns, and each Cancer is different. In my case, minor slights and insults are noted, but very quickly resolved/forgiven. People make mistakes, myself included.

If we're talking infidelity though... I consider that the ultimate betrayal. An UNFORGIVABLE crime. An inexcusable affront to the soul, and the end of a relationship. Forever.

... Got carried away there, didn't I? Anyway. Having said all that, we're not dealing with a case of cheating. This is just an emotional sting, the inevitable post-combustion drama.

The fact that you're thinking about his future relationships tells me a lot about you, hun. I can see why he liked you to begin with. I do apologise if I'm being accusative, especially after the previous message - sometimes a kick in the pants is just needed, y'know? ;)

I don't know either of you, I'm not part of the situation, and I have no knowledge of his history... I can't predict what he'll do. There's nothing that says he won't forgive you in full. Nothing that says he will, either. It's up to him, and time.

As for your own efforts... I'd recommend backing off. Give him space. If he's not returning your calls/mails, he won't be responding rationally anytime soon.

Thing is though... he's a Crab.

It could take days. It could take years. But eventually, I'll bet money he'll open up again. At that point, you have every opportunity to be sweet, apologetic and friendly if you so wish. There's a good chance you'll end up friends again, if nothing else, after that point.

He should be fine in the long run. I'd be more concerned about you, from what I can tell. You're not a bad egg, luv. Just...

Sort out those priorities, darlin'. "You only live once" doesn't just apply to sex, booze and abandon. ;)

I met a Cancer who I actually didn't know was Cancer for almost three months. He plays in a band and I was at his show one night at a bar (I hadn't known that band; I was there because of another band). He approached me practically right after I walked in and asked which band I was there to see, and because he wasn't from the neighborhood, he asked if I knew where to get cigarettes. After I told him where a few stores were, thanked me and walked away. His band went on first. Every time I looked at him, he was looking back at me and would smile. After they got done playing, my friend was talking to the singer and I approached. The singer asked what I thought and I told them they were awesome. He said, "So, you think my guitarist was good, huh?" Then a few minutes later, the Cancer approached me. We hit it off right away. We wound up disappearing (we went to the store) but we had been gone for like an hour. We hit it off so good. We talked about so many different thin gs, even school (we're both college students). There was a lot of chemistry. I kissed him before we went back into the bar. Not too long after, I had to get going (I had a babysitter that night) and he offered me a ride. Needless to say, one thing led to another and we had an AMAZING time. I thought that was the end of it.

The next day, I realized I left my camera in his car. I had gotten his phone number and sent him a text about it and he said he would bring it by one day that week after class. He kept forgetting. Finally, he told me that he would give it to his singer to give to me. After a week, I told him that it wasn't a big deal because I was going out the next week for my best friend's birthday and could just get it then because we were going to see another show with both bands. He then proceeded to tell me he had to talk to me. He has a girlfriend. I was like wow that sucks but I wasn't expecting anything of it anyway. We were both drunk (though I may not have hooked up with him if I knew about his significant other).

At the next show, I made a point to walk by him and not say anything. My friend and I went into the bathroom. When we came out, we walked by him again and he smiled at me and said hi. I said hi, with a smile, and kept walking. He followed me and we wound up talking the whole time until he played. His girlfriend wasn't there. After his band played, we hooked up again. I felt bad.

The next couple shows I went to, his girlfriend was there. He and I talked at every show, even when she was there. He looks at me constantly while he's performing, playing on his guitar and singing, every single show. There was definite chemistry but the fact that he has a girlfriend bothers me. One night, my friend and I were out and he sent me a text message inviting me out the next night. After going through hell to get a babysitter, I made it out. We had a pretty good conversation. But during the conversation, he told me he usually doesn't hook up with people more than twice. Again, I felt like I could talk about anything. After we left the bar, we had an amazing time.

The next week, my friend and I were going to another show. Both bands were performing. I brought a friend with me, which I had told my Cancer I may be doing. It happened to be a male friend. When he saw me sitting there, his face went to happy to mad. He didn't say hi to me for about ten minutes, whereas every other time, he would come to me as soon as he saw me to say hi. When he finally did say hi, it was very brief, accompanied with a very brief hug. Needless to say, he tried to get me jealous, and it worked. He sat with a girl literally ten feet away, and sat right where I could see. He kept looking over at me to make sure I saw. During their performance, I don't think he looked at me once. He and the girl disappeared for a while. It hurt. I sent him a text message about it (NOT a good idea, drunk texting). He told me that he was honest with me and this wasn't going anywhere and he didn't lie to me, which was true. I haven't heard from him since; the band also hasn't had any shows.

Even though I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere, it still hurt. There was definite chemistry between us, and he can't deny that. I started getting feelings, and I know he did too. If he didn't have feelings, he wouldn't have gotten mad to see me with a guy friend and he wouldn't have tried to get me jealous. The other band my friend and I see just played a show last night. I couldn't make it but I know Cancer was there. I was mad when I found that out, earlier today. I wanted to go out night so bad. I know I possibly would have hooked up with him, even though I have sworn that I won't. I can't. I need to be strong the next time I see him.

So I'm a Cancer who lost his Taurus love to an Aquarius man. We were together a year but it was long distance and I dragged my feat a little about moving and she ended up dumping me for her tattoo artist who is an Aquarius. I believe we were soulmates but I did need to get some crap together, and I am, but I fear it may be too late now. She cried in my arms for like 20min the last time I saw her and she told me she wasn't going anywhere. We have been apart for almost 3 months now. I put into place the no contact rule but she still texts me occasionally with random crap, or to see how I'm doing.

Help me Taurus women!!!! Is it really over or do I have a shot? This guy is so wrong for her it is not even funny. They could not be more opposite, though they say opposites do attract. She is sweet, causious, stuck in her ways, and extremely stubborn, and he is extremely wild and extrememly liberal. She hates motorcycles, he has one. She hates trying new things, and he is all about new experiences.

Every Cancer is different.. I am a cancer/snake/scorpio moon.. 21 years old.. I've been badly hurt in the past by a saggitarrius, and a libra.. I crave for more and more love.. I don't know which girl I should pick.. I wanna taste each of them taurus, pisces, Scorpio and Virgo girls.. So I will know which one is best for me..

I'm a Taurus female. Apparently all my good guy friends are Cancer, there always seems to be something special about each one of them. Not everyone is the same, but all them had some things in common(artistic nature-very and I mean VERY caring-loyal no matter how many times you let them down, not intentionally of course)

Today, I have known this guy for almost 4 years, but we've only been good friends. I have always felt this connection between us from the very first moment we met, but I never wanted to think that I'm in love bec. I don't like to rush into a relationship and definitely don't want to lose him ever. I love him and it's been over a year that I think about him ALL the time!

I try not to be too available, cause I want him to miss me (maybe it's the ego of a Taurus woman) and I try not to make my feelings too obvious, neither he does. But somehow both of us can read between the lines :)

Part of me says he's a perfect match, but the other part wishes he could be more sociable and initiative, it would make things so much easier for me. (I like to do the plans, but don't want to feel that I'm the only one who's making an effort here)

I was dumped by a Leo about two months ago. His best friend and I were pretty close. He is a cancer. One evening this Cancer decides to IM me. He proceeds to tell me how much he likes me, and how big of a fool the Leo was for dumping me. He says I am not the kind of girl that you are supposed to get rid of, and that I am a keeper. We started hanging out just as friends, and we were both blown away by how much we have in common. We love all the same things. We both have son's that are the exact same age. Then one day we kissed, and sparks have been flying ever since. We finally had sex for the first time the other night, and it makes me shiver just thinking about it! Phenomenal! However, he is very hesitant about relationships, due to the fact that he was hurt badly in the past. He also wants to take things very slow, which I agree with due to this situation. His Leo friend still doesn't know that we have been seeing each other. Is this crazy?! Should I just walk awa y from this? Or see how it unfolds? Please help?

I'm a Taurus girl!

I just found out that astrology is right...I read all the above comments and they relate to me. There's this guy at work who is a Cancer which he is just to gorgeous and I can't help it, I'm With a Gemini which we have to kids together and so far we are always onand off. This guy is with a girl who is pregnant with he's child. A week ago he told me he liked me and he doesn't know what to do because he has very strong feelings for me and the truth is that I feel the same way for him. Since the first time I saw him I just felt this weird feeling which I can't help feeling it I just want to talk to him all the time and have him tell me the way he feels about me because we are both having the same feelings for each other. We both agreed to have a secret relationship so we can see how far this goes. I'm scared because I don't want to fall for this guy and him changing after he's kid is born...what should I do? Please help! Should I keep this secret relationship or just walk away?

I´m a Cancer guy who is hardly in love with a Taurus woman, we are from different countries and never see each other personaly. We met in a website and I invited her to be friends. She accepted my invite and we started to change messages, I was not very into her in a romantic means, I was just excited because I thought she very beautiful and interesting, she is older then me and she always makes me smile. We talk more or less ten or eleven months,and sometimes we use skype, time with her is magic and so perfect that I could pass the all time with her, seeing her fabolous face and magic smile is perfect and I feel my heart bits so fast that it almost get off my mouth *lol*. I alread tried to forget her, cause we are very different in way of thinking (she is a religious and I´m a atheist, per example, but she is like a drug to me, the more I try to forget her, the more I become in love, she is perfect and I could leave everything behind to stay with her if she wants, if she say "come to me" I go. I´m not sure about her feelings, I think she likes me but don´t know if she have the same deep feelings that I have, I never told her that I love her so strongly, probably she just thinks that I want an fast affair or anything, sometimes I just feel crazy and want to call her, telling her about my real feelings and how much I think about her, and want live with her forever, but I feel unsure about her reaction, I don´t wanna scare her and lose contact. The only thing I know is that she is the love of my life, I lost nights of sleep thinking about her and worried about our situation, I even cried strongly because I´m very afraid to lose her, just think about this idea make me so bad. I´m scared about my own feelings, because I never felt so strongly in love for someone so different from me and that I never saw personaly.

I'm still in love with a cancerian I was "seeing" last year. It seemed like it was more than just sex at the beginning, we exchanged over 200 texts each in the first 10 days! First time I met him I felt that "connection", I've never felt anything like it before. He kept pushing me away, I kept chasing and he kept coming back for more. Eventually, after completely opening up to me one night about his whole life, I stopped hearing from him, even though I still contacted him by text, then it all finally ground to a halt after about 6 months. I have never felt anything like it before and doubt I will again which is why I couldn't let go. Oh and I should point out that the reason (his reason) why it wasn't going to go anywhere between us is because I'm 13 years older than him. Hurt doesn't even come close.....

I met a Cancer man through online dating and I never had such an amazing first date connection. When I don't hear from him I don't wait for him to call, and go out on dates. Nobody seems to make me feel so comfortable to be with. I feel I can tell him anything, BUT how I feel about him. He was married for 20 years or so, I was married for 24 yrs. and we both had difficult marriages with our type "A" spouses. He deals with his ex 4x a day when she alls to give him hell about their 15 year old son. The thing I don't understand is why does he send me email jokes, etc. three times a week when he doesn't ask me out. So, Cancer men, why does he stay in touch like that? What does it mean? Recently, out of the blue he had asked me to the theater. Then, back to the email jokes. He said he isn't looking for a relationship, but if it happens it happens. when we talk about our dating experiences he says he wants to meet women who take things slow. Is he just not that into me, or, is he keeping in touch for a reason. I'm a Taurus, I can't read between the lines. Help!

To the Cancer guy(talking about the aqua guy) you gotta make her chose and stubbornly stick to it. If she choses the aqua, either verbally or through her actions, cut the cord and never let her back in your life. Yeah the aqua guy will use her up and dump her like garbage. She'll probablly run back to u, but you can't aknowlage her. She'll be hurt, but she'll learn the lesson of never leaving a good man and it should help with her liberal ways. Then when she meets the next nice guy, she'll actually appreciate him. It sucks it can't be u, but you'll be doing her the favor of a life time and giving her a lesson that will help improve her life. Find yourself another Taurus or if you're having repeated problems with this sign move on to another one. Consider this one history for both your sakes!! Good luck!!

Ok I don't kno if anyone will comment or answer my questions but lets find out..... Im a Taurus woman I met my Cancer man last spring, the day I meet this man I fell in love. I don't kno why or I just didn't then. we struggled to get on our feet but we did it toughter he was there with me for it all. he never treated me bad, he loved my son, wanted kids himself etc. when we were toughter he lost his job for talking dirty or disrespectful to another employee and got fired and left me to pay all the bills and take care of my baby. it was crazy. I left this man, I had a few reasons to but I never wanted to. I love him now and always have but I felt like if I didn't leave him he would never get off his ass and start doing something. but.... when I left I did go to another man no not because I loved him but because it was a better envierment for me and my 1 year old. heres the twist. I want my life back he hates my guts for leaveing him. but even more for getting pregnent with this other man. ive tryed to keep contact with my Cancer through this whole time ca use like I said I love him and I never wanted to leave him. I shouldnt have. now me and my baby daddy hve split up and I told my Cancer if he ever wants to come home he can. ive got my own place and my son with me. and I guess it only for god to kno if he will ever come home. do you think he will ever come home? or take me back? and I was reading the posts up there^^^^ and a Cancer had said once you leave you relize what youve lost. I knew from the begining what I was loseing but he would of never got on his feet as long as I was doing all the work for him. I need some help can I here a mans point of view on this a cancer, I want to kno what you'd do. I miss my Cancer

I am a Taurus woman and I recently reconnected with a Cancer man from high school. I am a bit of a tease because its fun to make the guy chase you. He does not like it, and he and I argued a bit because of that. He now isn't answering my messages and I realize I was a bit too pushy. For a person who is stubborn as a mule, this must be bad haha. After reading all your guys' comments I realized I have to leave him alone. How do you think he will react? -amy

Taurus women are strong minded young ladies, who require depth, and no mind games. I have known several Cancer males, and I never seem to get more than what they want to show me. Cancer one was jealous of me going to LA to work Cancer two was jealous of me getting my own flat Cancer 3 , didn't like the fact I had an opinion or independence Cancer 4 was childish and wanted to play mind, games Cancer 5 , said that "we had a connection " then filtered with every women in the room to get a reacction. I will never MARRY, BE FRIENDS, TRUST, TALK, OR CONFIDE IN A CANCER, THEY ARE ALL CRAZY, AND BELOW Taurus VALUES.

I have my own expirience with my Cancer man, the first time I talked to him I thought he was just one of those guys, but when I got to know him better he was nuthing like the others he was one of a kind , he's very caring and very affectionate. just the way he talks to me makes me fall inlove with him and he's very honest with everything that he says. I love that he's loyal and would never do anything to hurt me. we ussually don't argue but when we do its always because of his emotions and how he feels about things he can be over emotional sometimes and me a Taurus girl I am stubborn and would never back down in an arguement I hate admitting that im wrong because im so stubborn but he always finds a way to calm me down and tells me that everything will be okkay and he would always want to talk things out and understands every problems well over all he's the best thing that evverrr happened to me he's like my other half we blend together very well.when we hung out one time it was just ammmazzing let me tell youu, I felt like I was in heaven I was only suppose to hangout with him for an hour or two but it was so great and perfect that I kept extending, time went by so fast when I was with him. the word I love you was always present he sometimes apologizes to me because he says it so much and I really didn't mind because I love his attention , his physical touch was very satisfying , he's very touchy and im sensual so its perfect ! the fact that he never lets go suits our relationship because whenever im being stubborn I sometimes want to drop everything and he's the one who holds on and keep us together. he's the best thing that ever happenedd to me and I always thank god for it ... to my Cancer man .. I ove you .. huggs and kisses to you !

Have known a Cancerian male for six years now and have had a relationship with him on and off for at least five of the six. I have been there for him in so many ways as he went back to study a few years ago as a mature student (which is what I am doing now) and I was there for him. He is moody, tempermental and quite aloof at times that I have no idea what he is thinking. He and I don't live together but it doesn't matter how much love I give him, he always seems to take advantage of it. Since I have started studying, I have received very little in return and it sucks as I put a lot of my time into him and fell for him quite quickly despite him wanting a laid back relationship at the time. He now tells me he just wants to be friends which really plays havoac with me, because we are now currently living in seperate towns we will text each other at least several times a day. Last week I didn't text him for a day or two and when I went out for a meal with a friend that ni ght, I received a text saying "You are very quiet tonight, are you OK?" I really am so frustrated as I am the one that always seems to keep whatever we have going. It is not helping me in the slightest, God knows if he will ever want to commit to me in the future as I am now putting myself first after putting him first for so long so I am taking care of me for a change and he can come down my list after my health, study and job, and my family. He is not that great at being sympathetic to my needs as much as I have been towards his. So at the moment I am holding back until he 'grows up'.

I am a Taurus girl, have been married 24 years with a Leo man, I was only 19 when we married and he was 21. Its not or has ever been an easy relationship and he can be pretty nasty to me verbally and in the past hurt me in more ways than one but we have been together a long time and although we have a deep love I do not 'like' him. We have two kids 19 & 20. Only months ago I bumped into a man a slightly older than me, who I have since discovered is a Cancer. Suddenly it all makes sense as to why its so powerful. We hit it off instantly, he is caring, sensitive and when our hands touched,I swear you could see sparks! The energy around us was/is intense. We desperately tried to keep it as friends only but it became too powerful. OMG I have NEVER experienced sex like that before. I think about him constantly though lord knows I have tried not to. I can't imagine not being around him for the rest of my life, he literally completes me in ways I have never experienced bef ore. I feel a gut wrenching loss when we are not together and just being able to talk to him seems to just recharge my batteries and I his. He and I both feel guilty since I am married and we are now back to trying to keep it as 'friends only'. I don't know what to do, my relationship with my husband is OK and he tries to please me and I could carry on this way until I die, but I feel I will miss out on an amazing life with this Cancer man who totally understands me, and has the amazing ability to read my mind. I can totally relate to the earlier remark who wrote ""He makes me feel so balanced that I want his presence around me all the time. I keep telling myself I'm just infatuated and try with sheer determination to get him out of my mind, but I can't. I want him to be near me all the time. He makes me feel whole"" I totally know what she is talking about. I too feel this way and feel like I have met my soul-mate. Problem is, I am married and my kids and family may never forgive me if I leave this marriage. I just don't know what to do.

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