Cancer man thinks I'm cheating. Help!

I've been seeing this cancer man for a while now and he always think im cheating on him ...what should i do?

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by: Cancer Women

Can we get more info.. do you have alot of guy friends? most of us cancers feel like we are not very attractive or great people so we doubt alot. I would say the best thing is its crazy but i would offer anything for him to look at. I hate to say it but when i date someone i will not think twice about checking up on them and if they are ok with me looking it makes me feel like they don't have anything to hide and i trust them more.

Good luck we are great people but can drive you crazy!

The jealous crab
by: Anonymous

My cancer man was born the same day as my cousin whom our mothers sister bumped bellies. A male cancer. i was just about the only one whom could calm his tempers down. And while they are exactly 10 years apart in age (which means we are 10 years in age33/43) if you weren't keeping up so I have lived with a caner all my life oh and did i forget to mention my mom is a cancer whew. But I digress it comes more from their OWN insecurities and if you show them like they show us not with words but by deeds you have a life partner.

Stop being defensive!
by: BamaGirl

I'm dating a Cancer man and have experienced the same thing. The BEST thing to do is NOT to keep trying to defend yourself. Tell him, "Im not cheating on you. You can believe it or not. I know that I'm not and that's all that matters." I haven't had any more problems since.

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