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I have started seeing a Cancer guy... It's an emotional roller coaster at times, he can be loving but at times distant. I see all the above qualities in him. He is a very simple guy, has never given me a reason to not trust him but will see. I'm a very untrusting individual.

I'm a Virgo woman I was soo crazy about this Cancer guy and he seemed to be crazy about me or so I thought he was.... he was a mystery I'm still not sure what wasup with him

My Cancer man can be very immature, up and down when things don't go his way or if he feels like I am nagging him, and very critical and judgmental.

I'm a Virgo woman and we have been together 4+ years long distance. If he isn't in love he is stupid for bringing me to a family reunion and whatever. My question is... will he ever be as happy with me as he is with his friends? I feel like I am working hard bettering myself and he still is doing what he wants not trying to sacrifice.

I am in love with him but need to know that he will one day let go of his "need" to have all the friends (male/female). Will he ever stop being a flirt for the sake of our relationship and potential family? I don't flirt and cant stand the idea of having to move on with someone else... while I want to believe he'd never cheat again. It's something about his crabbiness that makes me worry... ADVICE PLEASE!

I'm a Virgo woman. I dated a Cancer guy for almost two and a half years. Whenever we would be alone it was amazing! He brought out my passionate sides, and made me feel like there was only us on the world. I loved him with my entire body more than I ever loved anything in my life, and he was crazy into me too.

After awhile, and the years went by, things became more complicated in his life, and he wore it all over his face and all over clothes, and the more frustrated, aggravated, dirty he was, the more we pulled apart. We're still good friends now, and whenever we're together it just feels right.

We were great together. Still are. I hope somewhere somehow we'll be together.

I'm a Cancer man and every time I'm around a Virgo woman we have so much fun, it's like we're linked

I have Virgo sun, Cancer ascendant whereas he has Cancer sun and Virgo ascendant.

He is a big flirt with other women, but not with me. but I forgive him as we have a long distance relationship. He is sweet, simple, nice, kind and traditional gentleman. Very good in business and management. I have never met him outside, but over the Internet.

I had never had such a love affair in my life. Incredible experience. We would be talking minimum 2 to 6 hours and feel like he is just mine.

I knew him three years ago, but love affair started just 6 months ago. I am the one who made a move after I received a poem from him.

Cancer man is unlikely to go direct. He has many memories, many friends, a lot of ideas to help save the poor and weak. Yet, he is emotionally very weak.

I have a Cancer man, we've been seeing each other for at least a year. We have a lot in common we get a long pretty well. I feel like he's the ONE! We have our lil spats, nothing serious, I think we are soulmates.

well I just started dating a cancer guy we 1st used to be friends n all but now we are dating n like we have soo much in comment so far we have 1 month of dating n its going great..we might get marry next year I think his one I will love to spend the rest of ma life with him =]

Thanks for this forum. It's quite unique.

When me and my Virgo woman first met. It was a connection at first sight.

Meeting on a blind date, we sat across the table from each other with the guy who introduced us found we couldn't stop staring into each other's eyes.

After dinner we saw a movie together and then, "FINALLY" ditched him. AS SOON AS we stepped across the threshold of my apartment and I had her up against the closed the door in a kiss. Looking back in hindsight -- this was the instant attraction part of our relationship. I mean it could've been that we were just horny, but a moment (read years) later that girl became my wife.

No I've read that some of the people here said that their Cancer man lacked maturity. We're just kids at heart, but after a recent breakup/separation I wonder if as someone else echoed and I'd heard from my wife, she works hard to extend herself and feels I'm, you know, not trying hard enough.

well I just recently started seeing a Cancer man and oh my word wow its incredible. we have this connection that I cant explain in words... we get along so well I feel safe with him comfortable we can sit and chat for hours without realizing what the time is... and time does not matter when im with him....

I find him very intriguing, passionate, caring man I think im in love with this man!

butterflies non stop.... and thoughts about him.... epic smiles....

Maybe a Virgo lady and a Cancerian man are meant to be

My neighbors introduced me to there cousin and sure enough he is a cancer and me being a Virgo. He is everything I ever wanted in a man, he listens, he cares, the way we can just sit and talk its like the world moves around us. He brings smiles to my face just thinking of him. The only thing is that we both have been hurt in the past. And he says it takes a great deal for him to let himself fall in love, and me the same I don't have my heart dangling from my sleeve. I been reading some things about the Virgo woman and the Cancer man, maybe we are destined to be together maybe it is the new side of relationships that we both need. The way he stares into my eyes I know he has to be feeling something.

I met this Cancer man and just knew from the moment he took my hand he is the one...yet three years later we are still just friends as if a battle is before us keeping us apart. We love each other yet find it difficult to come out openly with what seems like a distant love affair. We are loyal to each other yet find ourselves with trust issues...the making up is the best... Then we have cycles of good times and silent times never bad... He is a wonderful wonderful man and I wont trade what little we have for the world.

I am a Cancer man and was engaged to a Virgo woman after dating almost 9 years. I was emotional, warm & immature at times, and she was practical, supportive and cold at times. Our dynamic was great sometimes, but completely mismatched other times. I was truer to my sign than she in terms of sexuality, as she had zero sex drive most of the time. There were factors involved with regard to that which we both contributed to (the pill, my neglect of my appearance), but all in all, we would've been better together as parents than as lovers. In the end, I left her a few months before the wedding. Tried to get her back unsuccessfully, and now am focusing on me. Don't know if she'll ever want to try again, she's a tough cookie...

I'm dating a Cancer man who was born in the Gemini/Cancer cusp. He is a wonderful mix of sweet emotionalism and mature intellect. I know he kind of sounds like a walking contradiction, but I like the variation, because I'm the same way. There is rarely a dull moment between us, and I love him!

I am a Virgo woman married to a Cancer man. There was instant attraction between us when we met at a party six years ago. The only problem at that time was that he was living in a foreign country and I wasn't interested in a long term relationship. What was suppose to be just a friendship quickly escalated to a relationship because the chemistry was so strong. Everyone thought we were crazy when we married only six months after meeting. Well, like I mentioned above, that was six years ago and we are planning our beautiful daughter's first birthday next month. I have truly met my soulmate.

So interesting to read other peoples experiences :) about Cancers and the info..

I have known a Cancer for nearly 3 yrs now I was with my ex so nothing was going to happen he badly did :).. any way after splitting with my ex things have def changed..

You can def say a Cancers mood is some what extreme at times he changes so quickly and does sulk just like a kid.

And as for his family and friends they do play a big part in is life and as does is money and business.

I have to say I have fallen madly in love with him however his own feelings are getting in the way and will not let go of these. We are not dating but yet he still wants to have fun! :)

Cancers are funny creatures to say the least its like a big puzzle with them a guessing game..

As with us Virgos or (me maybe) just like things as it is black and white up front to the point lol Cancers do not like criticism.. this does concern me if any think was to happen between us however his caring nature understanding side and the sex :) is well WOW! lol what can I say lol

We have been so open and honest in the past but things have changed since the split... Just wish Cancers could let go of their feelings now and then :)..

Conclusion: Erm... I haven't got one yet lol I waiting game I guess.

I first met my Cancerian male friend 25 years ago in the 5th grade. I am a Virgo woman. We were antagonistic frenemies for the next 8 years thru elementary, middle and high school. But something happened during our senior year of high school; he began to mature and became less defensive and we grew closer. We stayed close friends thru college and then we lost touch. Fast forward 14 years later in the summer of 2009; a mutual friend of ours made contact w/my Cancer friend thru facebook and told me that he gave her his phone number to give to me to call him. I did and I'm glad I did. When I called him we were on the phone for 2 hours! It's like we picked up where we left off all those years ago. We've been friends since then. It's now March 2010 and I have to say that I realize that I'm falling in love with my friend. All the things that describe the Cancer man ring true for my friend. He's confident, attractive, sociable, loving; but he's also introverted and sometimes reclusive. I feel that we have an "understanding" and I trust him w/my secrets as I believe he does w/me. He's very emotional w/me when we're alone. And his personality allows for me to be more emotional, and giving. Being a Virgo that doesn't always come so easy. And being a Virgo, I don't usually give in to fantasies, but I feel that he is the one for me. I want him to be the father of my children. I'm just very cautious and I'm taking it slow. I'm not totally sure about his feelings for me, but he shows signs that he may also be interested in me. At least I hope so, because I'm hopelessly in love with him.

I am a Virgo Woman dating a Cancer Man and his moodiness is troubling sometimes.... I do feel like he is not as open about his feelings for me and I know he has intense feelings for me. I want to hear all about them. It would draw me nearer, however he keeps himself on his own pedestal. He is very comfortable to be around, good listener and very passionate. The sex! Well, WOW! I'm addicted!

I've been dating a Cancer man sometimes he seem like a jerk and I'm a Virgo woman I want to be with him but he seem his not wanting to be in a relationship with me which that hurts so we still remain friends but when we r alone all that go out the window and he is all over me I've told him not to go there because of my feelings for him and my need to put a label on our relationship so my gut tells me to leave him alone but my heart tell me to fight for him I can tell his been hurt before cause of his actions but I don't know if it's worth it he constantly flirts with different women sometimes he do with me but I don't know if it's genuine or just a big game please Cancer men help me understand cause I don't want to be a friend with benefits with this guy which I told him this already

I met a Cancer guy a year ago. He was really shy towards me. We didn't have a real conversation until the third or fourth time we met. We've been hanging out a lot for the past 7 months. So anyway, I've gotten to know him better. And I really am attracted to him and I know we have some kind of connection because I often catch him gazing at me. He's really caring, sweet and funny. He makes me laugh a lot! and I make him laugh a lot too. He's really a fun guy, he has loads of friends, he's handsome and he's really good academically.

It'd be perfect if we were together .. :)

I've been with a Cancer guy for four months now. Found out he was with other girls in the first two months of our meeting. I split from him without ever telling him I knew.

It's true - even if Virgo's give all we can. We do "Pull" back our emotions and (like I believe) become disconnected or cold.

For a Virgo woman. I don't believe in Monogamy, but if the right person comes along then I demand honesty if not loyalty. We met up again and the attraction was there once again. Though I said he had work to do!!! ha ha

Cancerian males: his words - are very protective, become very jealous, love to flirt, loyal to friends and family (friends + family = the same) and enjoy intimacy. Virgo's - only take a lesson once and learn from it. We both assess situations intuitively and analyze things occurring around us. I trust his instincts and we agree mutually on a lot of things. I find his mood swings easy to deal with and I like to ground (Earth thing) it and ensure he is back to normality. And he makes me laugh, feel strong and positive. We talk a lot. And yes he is open (now) but I have learned that Cancerian are very wary of new situations with people. He has a gorgeous smile and a genuine interest in me. We are both coming out of relationships - easier for me than him!! We are both quietly reserved in what we are willing to give in terms of emotional interaction. But we know there is something more....

Round two looks more promising. If you want a Cancerian male to know you exist in this world. Speak (Text, call, email) LESS. They will persist and pursue you because they need that reassurance that you care for them and it wasn't nothing. The connection is real.

They are very deep, vulnerable and genuine people. They aren't that hard to get through to. Virgo's are the same. But extremely methodical. Cancerian will fall head over heal in love and leave their heads at the door!! Virgo's head first heart last!! ha ha

Has to be all or nothing right!!

I want to kill astrology sometimes XD it says Virgo's r unemotional but I cried my eyes out when I watched avatar , when the avatars homes were being destroyed wile everyone else just sat there just watching (people looked at me and I went bright red from embarrassment but I was like "what? I'm expressing myself" I admit I'm a total cry baby) anyway I find Cancers really weird people (good way) their really kind people, funny, they can get moody, the Cancer guy I know is very clingy (I'm alrite with that though). I think Cancers r very mysterious people. btw Virgo's r really shy people, it takes them awhile to reveal their inner feelings, u just need to give it awhile, if u ask them they'll retreat from u, cuz it'll make them nervous and most of the Virgo's I know including me hate being nervous. (people have been saying on other things that they don't understand y Virgo's aren't being open with them)

To the poster above. I have $100 which says you have a water moon (Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio). Get a reading sometime and tell me I'm wrong :) Meanwhile, don't worry about it, every Virgo is a little different emotionally, the common denominator is the self conscious part.

yup yup yup! Cancer men and Virgo women, they seem to do real well together! I am a Virgo woman married to a Cancer man have been for ten yrs now. Our first date sealed our fate! He is just an over grown child! But he loves me respects me and ALWAYS has something awesome to say to or about me! He is truly the love of my life! He is a great provider and works right along side me in what ever task we need to accomplish. However he is not so good with money lol! But knows his down falls and we have our own method to make the money work. As far a sex! I don't believe there has ever been a boring moment! He never lets me down!!! I have the best husband ever!

I am a Virgo woman; I dated a Cancer man years ago. I pursued him in high school b/c he was extremely shy and I was attracted to his demeanor. He didn't get it at first, but later, he realized that I like him. We lost contact during high school, then came back in contact with each other years later. We instantly hit it off; we moved in and lived together as a family. He was somewhat protective (border line possessive) and generous (except for his car). We had silly arguments but always made up very well. However, after years of being together, I pressured him for a commitment b/c I wanted to get married and have children with him. He shut down, hesitated, and moved out instead of giving me a promise bracelet at the very least. I was so hurt, disappointed, and sad due to his decision to jump ship. After our break-up, he later married and divorced a Virgo woman! After eleven years of no communication, I found him and we talked for a week before he shut down and withdrew once again. Even after apologizing for my part in the break-up, he still holds on to the past... He doesn't trust me, and that's hard to swallow. I miss and am trying to open up the lines of communication once again, but he is not budging. Cancer men are very emotional, stubborn, and irrational.

Cancer men are very selfish.......they love money and sexy women. There are some Cancer men who love to play with women's feeling. His mood changes a lot......

Just met a Cancer man today.. im a Virgo woman and let me tell you. WOW. The connection is strong, and he is very handsome. I would love to pursue and see where this goes, but he has 2 kids, from two different mothers. :/

not exactly what im looking for.

Heyyy! I'm a Virgo women dating a Cancer man and boy do I love him. Me and him have been on & off for 2 years & now we are currently working at it to get back together. Its crazy because I, Virgo, loved him, cancer, but we would break up over stupid things. After a while it took some thinking to realize that he is the one I want to be with and he feels the same way. I'm never going to leave him again, especially over silly arguments.

HEEEELLLPPP soooo I'm s Virgo woman I'm 21 juuust started dating a Cancer guy he's 27 I'm very mature for my age I'm a single mom I got my career already I haven't Bern in a long term relationship in years just dating and then I met HIM at a bar it was instant I already knew something deep and strong was behind his eyes and he's soooo sweet to me like he makes me feel as though I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen like if he's not good enough for me!!!bugni really feel that way do far we've only had two dates and I already can feel that I'm falling in love with him but I'm really unsure if the feelings are mutual like he'll make me feel all princess like and special with a shy twist to it buuut I rarely hear from him calling/text wise Its driving me crazzyyyy I font know how to ho about this my walls already down any advice ???

Im a Virgo woman with a Cancer fiance. We went through our rough times, we broke up and got back together a few times, and at the end of it we are still going strong. Cancer men from my experience) are emotional. they tend to have an extreme personality, and it can change at a drop of a hat. But I have learned to love and deal with it because I have realized that it comes from a palce of love and sometimes insecurity. They are kids at heart and to me, they take longer to mature than other signs. But when they put their minds to change they stick to it and come out victorious. For me, my fiance has changed, he is still a kid at heart but he is more mature. I truly believe that Caner and Virgo are a true match

Well I'm With A Cancer Man And He keeps Me Laughing All The Time, He's Always Putting A smile On My Face, Since The First Day We Met And Hugged I Knew He Could Be The One,, He Does Get Moody And Can Act Childish About Things, On Some Occasions When He's Really Upset Or Down You Might Not Here From Him For Days, But I Give Him His Space And Wait For Him To Come Back To Me, Its True That They're Breast Men But What Really Turns Them On Is When You Play With Theirs!! Overall I Love My Cancer Guy!!

Hey there, I'm a 21 year old Virgo woman an I'm very proud of it!!!! at this time in my life, I am close friends with a 24 year old Cancer man. About two years ago, I dated a Cancer man in college he was very calm cool an collected a perfect gentleman. He was very in tuned with his feelings he was sweet kind hearted but there were times he was very sad an I didn't understand I would try to get him open up there was no use... it made it hard for me to understand him an eventually we kind of faded because I wasn't willing to be patience at the time we broke up I went to my ex who is a Pisces we broke up again an me an the Cancer man started talking again as friends we had a good friendship eventually he moved away... he didn't want to but he had to so we lost contact. Now in present time, I am once again sharing my time with a Cancer I like him very much at one time I was hopelessly in love with him because most Virgos like myself fall in love fast an what I fell I and love with was his pure honesty an his care he made heart tender but that faded into having love for him because it was just to soon. I've known him since February so I have known him around six months but I feel like I have known him forever... he has many qualities that I adore his wisdom, open mind, attentiveness, humor& a bunch of other good things yes it is true they are MOODY!, child like an STUBBORN! however being a Virgo I have grown to accept him for who he truthfully is.. I could go on an on about this Cancer man in my life but what I will say this no other man has help me grow spiritually like he has... an I hope that he stays in my life until the end of time just as a friend or my soul mate what will be will.

I am a Virgo woman who fell head over heels in love with a Cancer man. Oh MY Goodness!!! Our relationship was so passionate, so intense, so exciting. Literally, when we would kiss, we could feel shocks between our lips. We had an amazing Chemistry. Unfortunately, he moved out of state and we tried to keep our thing going for sometime until I became to insecure and ended the relationship. I would give ANYTHING to have what we had before. We're back on speaking terms now and so I'm wishing, hoping and praying that I can make him mine again. I would never let him go again. I've never loved a man the way I loved him. Cancer and Virgo are definitely a winning combination all the way around. I can't wait to get mine!!!!

Im currently liking this Cancer guy. I knew him all my life and we're both 18 now. Mane, his shyness is what really gets to me. He's a very cool down to earth person but there's something about him I just quite don't understand yet. We were in the car with our moms and we were in the back, he leaned over and kiss me, and quickly shyed away from it. He likes my attention but dnt show me any. At dinner he act like he didn't know me and the kiss never happened. But when we're alone he talks to me nonstop. I still really like him, he was my first boy crush.!!!!!

Im 19, about to turn 20 in 2 weeks, on September 9th, therefore im a Virgo, woman, I go to a community college and the first day of my English class, the teacher made each of us tell something about out selves to the class. This guy went before me and he said he was a Cancer and has 4 poodles, I was shocked because I have 6 poodles, and after class I asked him about them, and we ended up walking to our cars together while having a comfortable conversation ( which is crazy because I have anxiety and I avoid strangers, also because im a Virgo) and I told him I was going to my truck to smoke a bowl ( for my anxiety) which isn't usually something I blurt out to people that I don't know, because he could be totally against marijuana. shockingly his reply was " would you like to come smoke in my car with me?"

he ended up having a really nice jeep and some really nice purple haze, we had a wonderful time smoking and asking each other about each other. I wonder what's going to happen from here, were supposed to hangout today, but im sure it will be fun, he cute.

this is all so true....

I dated a Cancer man for 6 weeks, we had an instant connection from the start, real chemistry. I believe we got too close, too quickly...he was giving too much away too soon for his liking and he has since backed off using work as an excuse...says he just doesn't have the time to see me for now, doesn't want to let me down by arranging dates and canceling due to work, and that he'd like to start again when he does have more time...I really think his insecurities got the best of him and he got scared, withdrew back into his shell....they are so afraid of rejection! I know he still cares and has strong feelings for me and we keep in contact.

As stated several times is an amazing connection, I've never felt like this before...he is my soulmate...but, he is very much a walking contradiction, moody, insecure, hard to pin down, self absorbed...on the other hand he is witty, charming, intelligent, loving, caring, supportive and affectionate...he knows how to pick me up when I'm down and always encourages me to be the best I can...and I will strive for that to make him proud of me.

Being a typical Virgo, I'll bide my time and wait until he's'll be hard, I'm very emotional (cancer ascendant, Scorpio moon)....but, it WILL be well worth it in the end!

I've been with a Cancer man for a little over a year and a half. The connection was immediate, as others have experienced. I've heard from his friends that he never moved quickly with other women but we were living together by the 7th month. It was a practical move at a cross-roads in both of our lives. For the most part, our cohabitation has been domestic bliss. We even have an organic veggie garden together. He is moody (of course) and can be childish at times but I'm not always the easiest to deal with either so I forgive his behavior (as he does mine) pretty quickly.

We have a lot of fun together and both love being and living in the mountains, which is a major recreation for us in every season. We also enjoy traveling together and he is my favorite dance partner of all time. We have become best friends pretty quickly. We are both intrinsically jealous creatures. Many women find him incredibly sexy yet he has never given me a reason not to trust him. Yes, the sex is AMAZING!!! I've never enjoyed it with anyone more. I feel that we found each other when we were supposed to. We're both in our 30's (lower to mid) and had we met in our 20's the attraction would have certainly been there but I don't know that either of us would have been stable enough to sustain what we have now. There is no foreseeable end in sight...

I'm a Virgo woman and he is a cancer. We have been seeing each other for two months and he shows he really likes me and I really like him too there's never a dull moment, he makes me feel confident and takes my shyness and insecurity away he makes me feel protected. But!!!! He won't ask me to be his girlfriend, he wants to take things slow? Is he just keeping me around for no reason?

Just ending a 20 year relationship with Cancer man. Was hot and great in beginning. He really lavished me with affection (which took a lot of getting used to on my part) and attention but eventually I loved it. Felt like we were meant to be together. Once I got pregnant with our first child 10yrs into the relationship and it seems he's never been happy since. His constant need to be in control, mood swings and nasty comments took a huge toll on the relationship not to mention his cheating. How did I not see that coming I thought he was more devoted than that. He is the master manipulator making me think for years I was lucky to have him, not the other way around. He never paid me nice compliments, never made me feel special in any way. Only comliments were on my cooking! Felt very much like I didn't matter to him which he proved when he walked out on me and our kids just after 15 year anniversary. He very much was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the end I never knew which of them was pulling into the driveway. He is a bitter unhappy person who can only see the pesimistic side of life and expect the worst out of everybody except his damn mother (no not a cheap shot the truth). Total hypocrite, and the irony is he says he hates hypocrites! Thinks the world of himself and the worst of everybody else. And I don't know if I ever met anyone who holds a grudge like him. In therapy he's still pissed about stuff from 19 years ago, 16 years ago, etc even though I apologized and tried to explain myself. Cancers are crabby! I feel much happier now that his negative energy moved it's stupid self out of my house! I feel now like he was holding me back from happiness. We did have active sex life which might be the only real thing I miss about his dumb ass (but not enough to stay with him I really don't want him back)

I am a Cancer man dating a Virgo woman.. it all started in 1989 we met and dated for 3 months , then the job opportunity of a lifetime came my way and I had to leave the state ,, I wrote her a very long goodbye letter expessing my feelings for her and an apology for having to leave which was accompanied by a gift of my affections ,, we lost contact .. 20 years later I returned to my home state and saw she was a friend of friend thru facebook.. I initiated contact in the summer of 09 and we have been talking and seeing each other for over a year now and we are both the same people we were when we parted ,,i am happy to say that the Cancer Virgo connection is real after 20 years we never stopped loving each other even though we both moved on with our lives.. I never realized how much I loved this woman till I saw her again and it's getting better by the day we are taking things slow and enjoying each other once again

I've been talking to this Cancer guy for about 3 years. We began going out, lost contact over the summer when he graduated; he had left to the Marines then later had came back from boot camp. We started talking again after he got my number from one of our friends. I was upset because I had began to like him before we even lost contact. When we talk time seems to fly and we enjoy each others company. At first, I have to admit we were both shy; I made the first move then from there it was like we've known each other since forever. I was never a jealous person till I met him. He flirts with other females and i'm not going to lie I flirt too but we don't cross the line. We NEVER broke up, but we claim each other. He's currently in Japan and we communicate through Facebook or text messages EVERYDAY! He calls once in a while when he's not too busy. He's HARD to read!!--- And it's VERY frustrating because he doesn't show he's feelings. He's somewhat giving in, but he does admit that he does somewhat hides what he feels. I understand him because that's how I was at first, but it was because of my shyness but now that I've known him for a while and I consider him my best-friend who I enjoy talking too; even when we have very DUMB weird conversations; he's warmth, caring, and affection is to kill for! I miss him like CRAZY! Since he's gone he doesn't want me to sit around waiting for him but I know deep down he doesn't want be to be with anyone and even though he doesn't tell me he shows it when he comes around for vacation or when we talk. I'm keeping it real with him because I don't enjoy anyones company as much as I enjoy his. He's just simply AMAZING and yes, I agree they are kids at heart. He's are very passionate which I LOVE about him. So now i'm just waiting till he gets back home to see what happens next!! & I hope that we can be much more than what we claim to be. Hopefully, the sitting around and waiting pays off in the future because I feel like I can't be with anyone who is not him or share my feelings and secrets like I do with him. He brought out the freak in me and helped me find the other half of me that I did not know about. I can truly say that i'm IN LOVE with this man! & yes, they seem to be over protective and clingy and when you don't text or call; they get upset and ask questions like: Why haven't you been calling me or why haven't you text me or just questions that'll surprise you coming from a Cancer guy who tend to keep their feelings to themselves. I love my Cancer MAN!

I am a Virgo woman and he is a Cancerian man. We have known each other since middle school, but we lost touch when he transferred schools. Now in our 30's, we have reconnected. I really like him a lot. It is hard for me because I don't like to show my emotional side, but the feelings are definitely there. I actually want to be in a relationship with him, but I don't get the vibe from him that he wants to be anything more right now. So, I will wait. We have so much fun together, talk about anything, and the sex is FANTASTIC. It is a great chemistry, and I hope it is worth it in the end.

hi im a Virgo girl and I have a crush on a Cancer gye. he's very warm hearted, sweet, mature, responsible, and independent. he's everything ive been lookng for in a gye. but were just good friends and weve been hurt in the past before at the same time.hes very understanding, everytime we tlk on the phone its nothing but laughing, laughing, and laughing!!!!! him and I have so much in common its scary and ive never had such an connection with him. I don't want to rush into anything with him but I really do want 2 tlk to him but and then maybe start a nice comfortable relationship with him.

This is all sooo true...

My Cancer man is so bloody moody it's not funny and I just stay back and try 2 keep 2 my self... lol and me being a Virgo I just don't except the whole mood swing thing! It bugs me:/

We have been dating 4 a while now and it's GREAT :) <33333

I am a Virgo woman who is friends with a Cancer man and I agree that there is an unexplainable connection and chemistry. We can talk for hours and have a great time together. He is a gentleman, intelligent, polite, down to earth, very affectionate (which I love) and he brings out the sexy part of me. We are so in tuned with each other and it seems like we're soul mates.

I have been in a committed relationship with a Cancer man for 10 months and it has been great! We are definitely a team, and being the only child with a Gemini mother I can accept his slight moodiness at times. I had to adjust to his some-what clingy routine behavior, but have found a way to balance having my independence. With admiration for each other, love, and respect, I have found my soul mate. He is wonderful, considerate, and can cook! That is priceless!

I'm a Virgo woman falling for a Cancer man. We only know each other for about a month. We have not met in person yet only email, text and phone calls. We live in different states though not unreasonably far. The first 3 weeks were great. We talked every day and each day he seemed to open a little more then he started telling me how much he likes me, misses me and thinks about me all the time. Maybe it was too much for him and he got scared of his strong feelings? But he just stopped contacting me. There were a few minor text exchanges for a day or two but it's been several days since I've heard from him and I have no idea why he pulled away? We were so perfect for each other. I feel he could be the one (though I have not revealed any of these deeper feelings) and the way he spoke to me I think he was hinting that he was falling for me big time. I reciprocated that I miss him, like him but being Virgo kept it in check. I didn't want to overwhelm or push it too fast. Now he's MIA. I am totally confused? Can't make sense why he's not calling. I read a lot about Cancer men online both astrology profiles and postings, they all seem to say Cancer men are moody and sensitive and can crawl into their shell for almost no reason and stay there for days even weeks! I've given him space but it's killing me. What do I do now? Wait indefinitely? I so think he's worth it but the not knowing is what's torturing me. Any advice?

hi, I am a Virgo female and I have a crush on a Cancer man. I grew up with him. we both are in college now. I don't think he knows how much I like him and I don't think we will be together but its ok because I love him still.

I echo many of the sentiments previously expressed. I met my Cancer man in 04, when I traveled to Arizona for business, as a visitor to the family church he attends. always caught him staring, even as he stood next to a then long term girlfriend... in 2007 I moved here, and we reconnected during thanksgiving, xmas and new years day, 2010, when he 'invited' himself to family gatherings at my aunt's (his adoptive mother's) house. since then, he calls me about once a week. he has a history of beig a pretty boy womanizer...our short time together has been filled with openess, wit battling, and loads of gutterall laughter..he says he loves my energy, as I do his...everytime we speak, he says I take him to a 'zone' (still undefined). he said when he first spoke w/me, I never looked in his eyes. I told him yet I could feel his soul. and I could..such a seriousness amd sadness behind the eyes...afraid to really connect ..yet when with me, we laugh, debate and hours later , I am overwhelmed. we talk hours on end, become speechless and then...we are on again. we talk about everything under the sun...yet no claims or discussions of US... he has many issues to content with(loss of both parents, caretaker for family, spiritiual and community service goals...he says he doesn't want a relationship yet can't seem to stop thinking of or calling me. I am at once patient and anxious...i KNOW he is the one. I have prayed that God orders my steps.............i can wait. I WILL wait.......Cancer and's on. it's real and this is IT!~~~~

I'm a Virgo woman who just recently got married 09-09! During the time if my engagement, I became really good friends with a Cancer man. I even invited this guy to my wedding and he did show up. Thou I always had a very big crush on him, I never expressed this to him. About 7 seven months after my wedding he made certain comments to me that lead me to believe he felt the same. I'm not going to lie, I was really flattered. We kept in touch & agreed to hang out since we both felt we had opened up about our forbidden feelings. Now my question is, for some strange reason his personality is the total opposite now. He really confused me because it was him who expressed his thoughts and interests. Why would he express himself? I would never express myself to someone without no intentions. Specially if they were married! Why play mind games or open up a door you cant close anymore!!!!!!! Just curious??????????????

I'm a Virgo woman and my lover is a Cancer man. We met online in January of 10 and went on a few dates before we started to hook up. I was really nervous and certain that he would start to avoid me after the hook up, but just the opposite happened. He started texting and calling me a lot and we started seeing each other several times a week.

After a month, he told me that he wanted to cool it down a bit and only see each other maybe once a week. I was hurt and a little startled --- I had really begun to care for him. I almost turned myself off emotionally to him. Finally, one night after sex, I turned and looked at him and asked what I was to him; was I just a friend or something more? He told me that I was his friend, a buddy, a pal. I decided that was the end of it.

I tried to stop seeing him, but I just loved the physical closeness so much that I couldn't end it right away. Eventually he continued to ask me if I would come over and see him more and more when I finally stopped persuing him. I kept turning him down, making up really bad excuses. I felt terrible, but I just coulnd't bring myself to break down and tell him that I was hurt that he only saw me a bed buddy and not as girlfriend material. I just couldn't open myself up to more hurt than what I was feeling.

He finally told me one day that if I didn't want to have sex anymore, we didn't have to, but that he wanted to stay my friend. I said that was fine. I only went over his house once after that conversation and tried to just "be" with him, but I was unable to do it. He more or less seduced me (not that I wasn't willing) and we talked for a good 3 hours afterward. When I went home, I proceeded to ignore all his calls and texts for the next week and a half, until he finally gave up.

Shortly thereafter, around April of 10, I started dating another guy who was a complete asshole. He was chauvenistic, faux charming, and exceptionally materialistic. Naturally, I posted it to my social network wall (because everyone does) and when my Cancer man saw it, he immediately de-friended me. I was happy and sad at the same time, which was very hard for me to rationalize. 2 months after I abandoned my Cancer for the idiot, the idiot and I broke up. I cried for so many reasons that day, mostly because I was lamenting the teetering love that I had lost with my loveable and child-like Cancer.

I openly pursued dating from the end of June till the beginning of December, having a few one night stands along the way. I didn't want anything solid, I just wanted emotionless pleasure, because that was the kind of enjoyment that did not break your heart. In mid-October, I got a very random e-mail from my Cancer containing one sentence "I miss you". I started crying. I hadn't thought about him in months! (Or at least had tried not to think about him). I ignored the e-mail and tried to move on, but after a few more failed attempts at dating, I became desperate and decided to answer him.

I did it in mid-December, when I was at my lowest. I went back to him and it was as if nothing had changed at all. I started having emotionless sex with him again and it was fantastic! He started out very cold, I could tell that even though he missed me, he was still harboring some ill will toward the way I handled out previous "falling out". I've been seeing him consistently since December and now I started to have actual feelings with him again.

The other night, after a particularly passionate session in the bedroom, it dawned on me that for the first time in my life, I had made love. It was different from the other times before. Whereas it had been primarily physical in the past, this time I had felt something sincerely emotional for him. It reminded me of the last time. Again, we sat and talked for a good 2 hours after that session and he started to bring up his old girlfriends and how the relationships went awry.

I desperately wanted to ask him if I were different, because although we're not in any official relationship, we are developing a good friendship and that seems to be the base of any sturdy relationship. And then it occured to me that we're not in a relationship and I buckled.

We started talking about how he never saw my apartment that I live in now and how the lease is up in May. He said the reason he's never seen it is because I've never invited him. I felt terrible. He sounded so hurt when he said it. The we discussed how we weren't friends on the social network any more. We jointly admitted that it was because we thought the other one didn't want to be friends. I told him I would friend him when I got home and he started laughing and said that he would friend me, because he didn't want me to hold it against him at a later date. What does a statement like that even mean?

I'm very scared and I keep asking my friends for advice, but when it comes right down to it, I know that I have to bring this to his attention. I'm a different person now than I was a year ago. I would give anything to have delayed our first meeting until right now so that I could use my experience instead of my fight or flight instincts.

I don't think he'll be angry with me for bringing it up, but I do fear the rejection. He has an incredibly level head in otherwise bad situations, but it's my heart that I'm worried about. I suppose the initial sting of rejection is better treated like a band-aid, one quick motion so the pain goes away faster. The slower it is, the more painful it's going to be in the long run.

I just wish I could get a better read on him before I put it all out there again. We had out first "coupling" last year on Superbowl Sunday, so I invited to my new apartment to the party that my roommates and I are throwing. He said he might come. I really hope he does. Not only will we be able to relive last year, but I'll be able to finally get this stuff out in the open and see if it's going to go anywhere once and for all.

Please, dear God, say a prayer for me.

I just met a Cancer guy , two years older then me and we've just started seeing eachother. He messaged me online, and we often saw each other around school and what not-but I never actually thought anything would come of it. We eventually started texting, and planned a date and it was an intstant connection. I can't explain it, but when I look into his eyes all I see is loyalty and devotion - which I really like. He's a very charming and good looking guy, and I see a bright future between us , we're seeing each other in a few days again and I'm excited!

I think generally, virgo's and cancer's mesh well with eachother, whether it's a relationship or just a friendship!

I am a Cancer woman and I have tried to court my Virgo female friend for 5 years. We have progress but I am too shy to even try to move one step further. I have tried but at times, she may ignore my email/text. But she never stop replying my occassional text/email. We told each other that we like each other A LOT and we spent 4 hours chatting over the phone Long Distance and another time 12 hours on another LD call...nothing romantic though. All my friends asked me to give up. But I know my heart belongs to this lovely girl. One thing I am sure - though she is gorgeous and ultra feminine, I am more attracted to her unique personality and intelligence than anything else. Virgo is worth to wait....

So I'm a Virgo women. I have been friends with a cancer. Man for along time. Not to mention he was my. Brothers best friend when they were in middle school ha ha anyways. My girlfriend and I decited to go out for a drink after we found out one of are good homeboys had past away we ended up parting at a friends house were I saw HIM but never once have I ever been attracted to himand his immature attitude gets on my nerves sometimes but I guess that is the kid in him . That night we. We ended up together and I have to say it felt nice because he was very loving and I liked how he cuddle with. Me mad me feel good and safe and the sex was awesome LOL but now it sucks he ignores me when he is with his friends but will stare at me and says hi deffenitly. Not the same at all I feel like I grew some feelings for him which sucks because I don't think he feels the same. I saw him at the bar after everything happened I wasn't jealous but I felt very disrespeced that he was fli rting with another girl in front of me .also he went around telling every one wee had sex which really mad me mad because I think that should of only have been between us. Its really difficult. We hang out with the same crowd so I'm not sure what my next move should be someone please tell me

Yup at first I thought it couldnt be. I thought they were too strong. me being a Cancer man. its new and we met on a chat line. just a few chats and now shes falling for me. and i'm begginning to fall for her. so easy and quickly it feels right. its amazing how life works. I just got out of a few failed long term relationships. and I was hesitant and afraid of heartbreak. i'm not sure if shes the one yet but I have a good feeling. we do get along really well and yes there is an instant connection. the universe has a purpose and a place for everyone. and Cancer men and Virgo women belong in each other arms forever. ill post one later too let you guys know how its going. wish me luck lol

Well I am a Virgo woman and I just recently met this Cancer man. It was an instant attraction physically first then mentally. Our conversations are amazing and he is so caring. He sends me good morning texts everyday and always asks me how I am and what I am doing for the day like he is actually interested. He is also very in tune with my feeling and emotions, it's like he knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time. I really like him, but I don't want to rush, but it feels so right!!!

I just started dating a Cancer man and he treats me like a queen! I have never been with a guy who was more loving, gentle, giving, protective, cuddly, sophisticated, or romantic. He is making plans for long term-liking going out of the country with me in 7 months, wanting to go on a road trip, etc. He is very shy and quiet but he met my family this weekend and was very social and they got along EXCELLENT. He refuses to let me pay for everything, always wants to cuddle, not so much into PDA but he'll say things like "I wish it was just you and me". When his friends talk about other women he'll answer that I'm his only interest right now. Took a long time to crack that shell, but I played it cool while still showing I was interested, let him come to me, and now he's always the one contacting me first. Not once in the past month have I texted, facebook messaged, or called him first. He's always contacting me to make plans and I just mirror his communication. Take your time, let him come to you, and be patient. They are worth the wait!

Cancer men freak out when Virgo woman is direct. They can't handle it as they prefer to play games and get reactions from people. They will not talk which makes it hard when they retract into their shells. This Virgo woman won't tolerate the lack of communication.

Hey!!! I'm a Virgo female and I'm extremely attracted to a Cancer male from my job. Everything started when one day I came out of the elevator at my job & I didn't see him as an important person but he took my appearance as if he had seen something so beautiful. I kept walking & ignored his face reaction, as a result that, not to sound conceited but, I normally get that from guys so I don't pay any mind to it. As I kept walking all I heard was "yo she's a model!?" I smirked as a result of what he said, but truthfully fount it funny. As the days passed, every time I would see him he would stare with a face that has always told me that he found me attractive from day one, BUT he would never say something to me. As a Virgo, I thought that I should make the first move, so I decided to introduce myself. He seemed shy and/or nervous at that time so I left it at that, just an exchange of names. The next day I saw him on the elevator & said hi to him, & he seem happy that I was speaking to him so as a result of that I took the initiative to ask him to take the train with me. We took the train for two days and I strongly believed everything was going great until a few days later we exchanged numbers & I had to make the move, due to my excitement, and text him. Now ever since that first day I texted him I've been the one to text him, he has never text me first. After that text I haven't seen him at my job like that. Due to that I feel as if I'm the one chasing him & that he doesn't want nothing to do with me because at times I feel as if he ignores my texts and makes up an excuse the next time I text him. I don't know what to do because I'm really trying to get to know this guys, but I feel as if he doesn't want me in his life, what should I do to have this Cancer show me his feelings? Stop texting him? Ignore him? Keep paying him mind & attention? WHAT!!??

P.S : He's going away for college pretty soon, an hour and a half away, but he's still leaving (sigh) even more difficult now, right or wrong?

I'm a Virgo girl with a Cancer man, and I'm so happy. I really must say that this relationship feels like I've found my soulmate(which I didn't believe in before)

I used to be with an Aquarius for 7 years; mistake. He would make kind gestures, but they were too infrequent. I felt ignored, and actually thought I wasn't a sexual person because there was nothing really going on. He also cheated A LOT.

I started dating my Cancer and our physical connection was so intense it was almost overwhelming. I'd never really felt that kind of intimacy before, and as a Virgo made me uncomfortable to have such strong feelings. He could sense this, which hurt him a little. But he has taught me how to be comfortable with my feelings and comfortable with being passionate, and its a very freeing feeling.

Cancer man really decided I was his wifey quickly, which also made me uncomfortable. I wanted to think about things and make sure I could trust him after being cheated on so much. I even mistook his crazy lovey dovey Ness as insincere and fake. Nope, those guys are just like that. It's genuine. Once I realized that and took down my gaurd I was so happy. Until I was able to do that his feelings were often hurt. He throws himself heart first into things and doesn't understand why I can't do the same. He would say 'why can't you see how perfect we are for eachother????!!!!!'

Unfortunately my Cancer man, like me, was cheated on. So he is very very very jealous. Beyond a fault. This is hard to deal with. And hurts my feelings because fidelity is important to me. When he's jealous and allows it to get to him in one of his typical Cancer flash bang mood swings, I feel like its an accusation of impropriety. When he gets mad or jealous he cant see how he could be hurting me.

He is a good mate for me because he notices all the little details. I always have my hair done and my nails done and nice shoes and little touches of candles and pretty things in my home. He notices and comments and I love that. The Aquarius didn't, he just wanted dinner on the table and arm candy..

Physically he's so cuddley and affectionate. I used to be afraid of making physical gestures toward my partner for fear of rejection, but I know my Cancer man will always be appreciative of my efforts. Plus he's so so sexual that I only need to make the tiniest move and it will be noticed and get things started.

I could go on and on, but the fact is that being with a Cancer is heavenly. It has its challenges, but the positives far outweigh them. Any good Virgo girl will be thoughtful and introspective enough to consider interactions with Cancer man and avoid silly fights. Mine reciprocates this thoughtfulness.

I'm so in love and happy. I feel improved as a lover and a person. If you're thinking of being with a Cancer man and you're a sweet pretty earth-mother Virgo, DO IT!! (Just don't be bossy..)

I am a Virgo woman my Cancer dude is like Cancer and also a Crab. I wish I had never met him. Sure, I miss him. I am in love with him But as soon as I show my true feelings for him, he goes into his hard shell. He leaves me and it hurts me so bad. He knows he is killing me and he cannot do anything about it. But as soon as I'm over him, that's when he can finally show his feelings for me. I cannot wait until I am completely over him. I wish I had never met him. I cannot stand games he has apologized. He didn't appreciate me. He finally saw how true I was. But the memories of how careless he was with my feelings. He wont stop calling me but I cant stand how he infects my life. He is a good person. A people servant. Everyone loves him, but he's bad for me.

Virgo woman was dating a Cancer man for almost a year...he cheated on me with an ex and got caught ridin around wit her after he told me he was helping his grandma all hurt I got oover it and took him back. Even since then everythin has been different. Sex isn't as good we stopped hangin around and the passion I once had 4 him was over..After 2months of tryin 2 make things work and being unhappy, I told him we needed a break 4 us 2 both figure out who and what we needed in our lives...he stated once it was over that was it..I do love him and wouldve never thought he would ever hurt me as much as he has..he claims that he loves me but he didn't even fight 4 me 2 stay and hasn't contacted m yet..I guess it was my time 2 go :-(

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