Cancer man who won't let me in


Hi! I'm a Capricorn woman currently involved with a Cancer man. He is single, a few years younger than me, but doesn't seem to care about the age difference.

However I'm still involved with my current squeeze. I told my Cancerian about him from the start, but that didn't deter him any! We have much in common and despite his mood swings, is a really lovely guy. I am in the process of breaking up with my partner,(not because of Cancer) but I cannot simply walk away from the relationship because we are involved musically. At first, my Cancerian was very affectionate and we saw each other every week. I have not seen him for the past month, and it's been 3 mths. since we've known each other. His behaviour baffles me. Recently he's been phoning up asking to see me on the same/next day and expects me to be available. He acts as though my life should revolve around him! There is a lack of communication on his part about what's going on in his life so i'm often left guessing.

I don't care if he's dating other women but am clueless as to what he really wants from me! He has said rude things like "I don't want to see you" and when I texted him, telling him i think we should forget about everything he always phones back and behaves like nothing happened. He agreed we need a discussion but we haven't been able to meet up thus far (esp. as he's started a new job). Sometimes I suspect that he wants more than a "casual friendship" (since he treats me like a girlfriend when we're together, and loves showing me off in front of his friends) but is frustrated because of my current partner - and therefore afraid to reveal how he really feels. Or maybe now he just wants to use me as a "booty call"(which i won't stand for).

Sometimes I feel like he's punishing me by pushing me away. I have enough on my plate as is, dealing with an impending break-up and I don't need the additional headache. From what I've read, nothing is casual with a Cancerian. But I really like this Cancer guy; I'm trying to understand his behaviour and he's so difficult to know since he never really opens up to me. It seems he doesn't want to let go, but at the same time he won't let me in. So anyone who's had experience with this complex sign, pleasse help!!!

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They don't let you in...
by: Anonymous

Cancers don't let you in...for a very long tome...if ever. They need to feel totally secure in your love, but not sure whether any of them are ever totally secure.

They disappear for a month and then pop up, like you said, and expect you to be avl. for them. Don't be avl. and they will pursue you more. They will try for the "booty call" but don't give in. They respect and need boundaries. That shows that you are strong and they like that.

Full Moon
by: Anonymous

It’s obvious, but perhaps you cannot see it. He is jealous of the other guy!!! Jealous in a nice way as he wants you all to himself. I guess he would feel slightly hurt as he doesn’t want that guy in your life. He will come a lot closer when he knows your other guy is out of your life and you are ready to appreciate the tons of feelings he would give you. Don’t talk to your Cancer about your other guy, but let your cancer know when the other relationship is finished, and you will see the difference.

It’s no joke that Cancers are affected by the moon lol, well at least my experience. If you really want this guy, watch for full moon and invite him for a home cooked meal. Wear smoothing elegant (very lady like) and wear something sweetish (smellies). If you both like a drink, try red wine. Be prepared for a very hot dessert!!!

He Finally let me in
by: Anonymous

Everything you've said is spot on! I wrote him a letter indicating I had reached my limit with his irrational behaviour.I told him not to bother contacting me unless he was serious...I was prepared to cut him off completely and move on.
Soon after, my Cancerian had a chat with me over tea and expressed interest in a relationship...w/o my partner in the picture.
Once I broke up with my bf, my Cancerian came closer and now we're together! Thanks so much for your advice - it was truly helpful.

Now he won't let go
by: Anonymous

You are so right! I didn't give in right away...i think he might have been testing me to see how much he could get away with. Since I broke up with my partner we've been together. It hasn't been easy getting to know him but slowly I'm beginning to understand him better.
Cancer is by far the most complicated sign I've been involved with; we argue fairly frequently, I feel like giving up - and now he won't let go! lol...But he is really a generous, caring, sensitive soul; he exposes my flaws and shows me what I need to work on. It's an intense relationship, physically and emotionally. I guess that's how it is with Cancer!

the man of my dreams
by: Anonymous

I am a young aries women and the guy is a cancer he's alot older then me I like him so much but he's so hard to understand he won't open Up to me he says he likes me alot when am around him he treats me so good but when am not. With him he really hurts my feeling and he's so good looking omg he has so much going for him self i can tell he's been hurt really bad that he dosnt even want to try its like he's lazy when it comes to women I don't no what to do anymore. I want to give up but I really think this could be the man of my dreams........

capricon dating moody cancerian
by: Anonymous

Im currently involved with a cancerian and we've only been dating for 3 months, however i've know this him for the past 6 years. He was persuaing me for all this time but i was involved with someone else and i felt it wasnt fair that i date him while still hooked on the other guy. we lost contact for fours yrs and reconnected last year. my problem is he is moody whn he has problems and he feels insecure cause i loved my ex and he says he needs to be intouch with his feelings to make sure that i wont leave him for my ex once he fully committs to me. the other problem is dat he is still hung up on the fact that we would have been married by now, have i accepted his proposal. my problem is i love him and i feel like his pushing me away when he says he wants space from our relationship. i suggested we break up but he refused and says he still has the love for me. we have so much in common and i feel he is the right man for me, both of us r in de same career and both are family oriantated indiv. im capricon and i think i've got so much love to give him and i want to make up for the time we lost.he calls less now and he says he needs time to think about us that's why we wont meet each other until he's made a decision. he says i must trust him but im getting impartient because there's a chance that he might want us to break up or we can be together forever.when we started dating he was seeing someone else and he promised to leave her so that we can finally be together and he did as promised and we were both happy that God gave us another chance to be together, but now his moody.please advice on how i should handle this situation.

The Wussy
by: à

Forget about that Cancer Guy he's definitively a Wussy. I can Smell the manipulation all over your post.

Why I believe so:

1. I don't want to talk to you again...then he calls back
2. He won't let you in and he won't let you Go.

by: Anonymous

forget the cancer guy, he is missing with your emotions, later on he will dumb you and get with someone with more self-respect and wify material. You have done somthing really bad, by breaking up with you previous boy friend for HIM ( A CANCER -BAD) CHOICE. this is an emotional GAME TO HIM, you are his TOY to play with,sooner or later you will relaise this. lol abnea

Want to die
by: Anonymous

My cancer man and I were getting totally serious and so involved in each other, then he found out his mother is terminally ill. He has pushed me away and won't have anything to do with me. I miss him totally. My life is not worth living. I want to die. I love him so much. Please help me.

from a cancer male's perspective
by: Anonymous

A cancer mans personality and tendancies are confusing to most people who can't understand them, but it's completely "clear as day" and justified to cancers. Cancer's put their loved ones on a pedestal and appreciate them above all, because this will be only a select few and those who prove genuine trueness and sincerity above all other. Cancer's can be very sociable and appealing to many people because of their sincere and genuine like character. Due to those characteristics cancers are resevered and wary of people who don't assure them everyday of loyalty and appreciation because they only want people in their life who will be there for good. If you feel a cancer is still interested and reaching out but being difficult, then he wants you in his life. He is just looking for security, so he can give you the best and all of him with no regrets of doing so. We are very passionate affectionate romantic and loayl but don't show it due to fear of feeling stupid, embarrased or pathetic if we don't feel your love as strong and true. We just appreciate genuine companionship and cherish it so much we will stay in our shell until you assure him he's not making the wrong choice. He is so diffucult to get to because he knows once he's comfortable and views you as the one for him, his love is nothing like the next mans, you are in for something very fulfilling. If a cancer isn't interested then you will never hear from him. Although they hold on forever they tend to distance themselves from people who they feel aren't worthy of their friendship, loyalty, companionship and genuine kindness. At the end of the day they consider most to be simply aquaintances and only consider a very few close people to be friends. If a cancer reaches out to you, showing interest and wanting to be in your life its genuine longevity they bring to the table they aren't people who are just for the moment and therefore only a genuine response will catch them. If a cancer shows a woman deep affection out of the blue and you know your impotant to him then he really means it. They demand the same respect polite and loyal behaviour they give because they don't give it to many and the bonds they seek,they seek to last a lifetime. All together cancer men are difficult and won't chase you because they see themselves as the trophy and the "catch" because they know, when they are all in, longevity, genuince and sincere love is what they have to give. Only to the ones they trust enough to get the best of them.

cancer men
by: Anonymous

~I recently started chatting to a cancerian man online .. we hit it off from the moment we started chatting , we both agreed we should meet ,, after three weeks we arranged to meet , then the strangest thing happened .. on the day we arranged to meet we was txting each other and having a giggle and looking forward to the evening ,, then suddenly bout couple hours before hand he turn cool on me and tried to provoke a arguement , then i was almost ready for the evening and he txtd and said i dont think we should meet each other ,, i was sad and asked him please meet me as im ready now , just for a drink at least , so he agreed too but as i meet him on the car park he said i dont want to go in for a drink and said he had enough and left ,, i was gutted and then txted next day but his manner towards me totally changed ,, he did ring next day to apologise but since then hes been really cold and really dont txt anymore .. i miss him and our chats , i cannot understand why he did that how could he be on fire and then go totally freezing ??? he now said he wont message me anymore ,, i m totally deflated .. will he turn his mind or has he gone forever ??? cancer man please help me .. im so in to him ... chrissy

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