Cancer man with Cancer woman and Leo woman

by Maria

I'm a Leo girl and I was with a Cancer guy for over a year. At about 6 months in, we decided to go poly with a Cancer girl. Now it's devolved into poly-gone-wrong with her mood swings and my inability to play second fiddle. She's fragile and constantly down on herself and has very poor coping skills. He can't choose between us and I think it's just that he's really drawn to her up-and-down emotional states. It keeps him more interested. And it's really rough to handle. I love the gentleness and romance that a Cancer can bring, but are they just unable to commit?

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Not too difficult
by: LeoLass

He has made a commitment... A commitment to be polyamorous. Someone who is truly polyamorous lacks the ability to be monogamous because it is not hard-wired in them to be. Cancer or otherwise. My cancer man is very monogamous but my last lover, a taurus, was not at all. Your cancer's chart will give more insight. Such as his moon and venus placements.

Cancer man
by: Ayaz

A real cancer man will never deceive anyone for ever. because they are reliable.

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