Cancer man's opinion on how to reach a Cancer man

by Carlos
(Raeford, NC)

As a Cancer man, with both my sun and moon in Cancer, I have to concur with this description. Particularly that the key to having a positive and deep connection is to make a genuine effort to understand us emotionally, but you also have to have some success in this. Trust me when I say, nobody can understand your emotions and empathize better than a moon child. It goes a VERY long way if you can understand us most of the time and probably best to leave us alone and forgive us when we are beyond understanding.

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Cancer men
by: taurus woman

I had two relationship experiences with a Cancer male.

When I was seventeen, I was involved with this Cancer male who was born 6/24/76. He was very expressive, loving, patient, compassionate, family-oriented, flirtacious, generous to a fault, emotional, but rarely had mood swings. He loved to love. Loved sex. Really loved sex! I was young. I went away to college. So the relationship ended. Sad. But nothing but pleasant and fond memories. Best relationship.

When I was 28, I dated this Cancer male. DOB 7/13/72. Very much different. He was impatient, insecure, moody, secretive, and hardly communicated. He was also manipulative, controlling, and lied for little things. Always seeking affirmation. Extremely hypersensitive. I felt like I was walking on egg shells to communicate with him. He wasn't a bad person. Just unsure of himself. He needed lots of reassurance. I didn't know that back then.

From what I gather about Cancers, you have to accept their good and bad traits. Understand them. Love them. You're their safe haven from the outside world. They require lots of sex. But it has to be offered in the form of emotional intimacy. Sex can be just as powerful as love. And their fantasies need to be played out in their heads. It has to become a reality. Lots of reassurance is required. They seek traditional relationships.

When they go into isolation. It can be due to many reasons. Let them be. When they're feeling confident. They will contact you. This sign initiates. A Cancer can be a chameleon. They absorb 'you' and reflect 'you.' Offer them love and compassion, and they will reflect it. Offer them brutal insults and they will either verbally retaliate or go into their shells. They will pick up every vibe and energy in the room. So pardon the mood swings.

by: Nabee

I dont think cancer men cheat. But their biggest problem is that they hold on to their past and ruins the present. I am dating a cancer and throughoutit has been only about His "X" who cheated on him.

My other friends' boyfriends' who have been cheated never even think of the girls who cheated on them... But my Cancer men still misses her ...what I am afraid of is all the love, fidelity and affection I give him is POINTLESS... because maybe if given a choice - He'll always choose her even though she cheated and leave me even though I gave my everything to love and secure him :(

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