Cancer men and moon signs

Depends on the moon sign. Double check to make sure that your Cancer man's moon sign is not in any of the three Fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo). If it is, then too much romanticizing will send him packing. Cancers with Fire moons tend to run away from emotions, value independence and have a constant need to travel. As a cancer man with a moon in Sagittarius, I find it inexplicably uncomfortable to engage in activities like hugging, kissing or cuddling, especially when I'm just getting to know someone. It might be a bit crude, but romance to this crab is a total boner killer. You're more likely to keep us interested if you show confidence, passion, knowledge and are not shy about your opinions. This crab will appreciate a 'sexually experienced' woman, as long as you don't cheat on him! Prudes can throw in the towel right away.

Stable long-term relationships are a possibility if you can manage that delicate balance between security and freedom.

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sun cancer, moon leo
by: Anonymous

Thought provoking comment above. However, with the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo, the above doesn't apply to me at all. Moon in Leo does not take away my Cancer appreciation for romanticizing and affection. In fact, given that Moon Leo supposedly makes me love attention and appreciation, Id say just the opposite!

To push this even further: my Mars is in Sagittarius, making me an ardent and romantic lover that wants more romanticizing, not less.

Though this topic is Water-Fire sign based, I have to be fair and introduce an Air sign into the discussion, since my Venus is in Gemini, which also favors physical affection, in addition to connecting with partners through the mind.

by: Anonymous

I am a woman with sun in Cancer and moon in Sagittarius and I have to agree that too much romanticism in the early parts of a relationship turns me off. I prefer to be in the company of someone who can hold and keep a conversation and who opens my mind to new ideas as opposed to buying me flowers and telling me I'm pretty. I find that my moon sign plays a more significant aspect in my intimate relationships than my sun sign does.

my boyfriend is a cancer with sag moon
by: Anonymous

& loves to cuddle. I've got a sag sun & cancer moon, so maybe we simply 'get it' however, the need to hole up and home is much more present in him & his loathing for PDA is nothing like yours. We're both obsessed with travel of all sorts & find it tough to settle into a routine without certain allowances for folly and freedom with a bit of sense. The sense of faithfulness being tantamount to the wanderlust in both seems to soothe the Cancer neediness in both. Anyway, I was simply shocked that you don't like romanticism at all. We're pretty plain and to the point, but there is a good deal of physical affection in public and private 'twixt the two.

cancer sun sag moon
by: Blue26

I am a cancer man with a sag moon. I love hugs, cuddling, kissing and all sorts of public affection. The kicker is that my cancer side puts up a wall between my real self and the world and my sag side frequently wants to run away from anything that feels stable. it is very difficult for me to get close to anyone, though above any ambitions in my work/social lives i want to have someone i can connect to on a spiritual level... I'm 30 years old and nothing even close has come along yet.

by: Anonymous

My husband to be is Cancer with a Sagitarrian moon and I am Sagitarrius with a Cancer moon. When we met we connected on a deep level instantly. The physical attraction was cosmic, but there was also a desire to understand each other on a soul level also and thats where true love bound us together.

He is so fascinating to me. Very alpha male and tough, but with me he is loving, caring, kind, warm, nurturing and I love it. We have our friction as I am a strong minded woman and he likes to take the lead. I love this. I want my partner to be the boss, but sometimes my Sag instincts rebel against this. You would think this would cause a major problem, but he loves the fact that I am the way I am.

We realised instinctively that although we had similarities we were both different in certain ways and we understand that being different is more fun as long as we always talk about everything and resolve our problems. We both have moods now and again and I find that his change more quickly than mine, but as I have a moon in Cancer I can relate to them. He is definitely more defensive than me and will take things the wrong way sometimes. Both of us feel so strongly about each other its relaly beautiful.

We laugh about the way we can drive each other mad sometimes, but we accept this and instead of being afraid of it. As we love each other so much we want the same things 100% and are bonded now forever. We both feel that we can can overcome anything. We are starting a family now and I think I am pregnant. I have two children already from a previous relationship. I know that my Cancer husband will move into a new level of happiness when our children are born. I can feel it and see it in his face when we talk about it. In fact I feel his presence ALL OF THE TIME. Even when we aren't together and I swear there is some kind of telepathic thing going on between us because we seem to pick up on each others moods and thoughts very easily. I can feel him everywhere I go, whatever I am doing.

I will be married to him forever and family life together is going to be full of fun. There is so much to look forward to now. I had 6 years of loneliness and struggle before we met and my life has been transformed. : )

Hugs & Kisses Galore
by: Anonymous

My Cancer with Sag moon husband to be cant get enough of hugs and kisses. The first time we met we were all over each other. Im a Sag with Cancer moon and I am seriously tactile. I couldn't stop stroking his bristles (he has a shaved head) and hugging him - he loved it. We were almost both moved to tears how strongly we both felt. I am insanely passionate and I know it blows him away because he is too. I am also a creative person musically and so is he. I am also intelligent and that is a turn on for him also and I know that dumb women irritate him to the extreme. Despite the fact that I am athletic and stuff like that, my moments of clumsiness and ditziness make him laugh and he thinks its really sweet. I've been with tactile men before but they were doing it for show. They put on an act while the heart is totally detached. I know that my Cancer man is motivated by deep feelings and passions and his actions follow his heart.

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