Cancer men are draining


Let me start by saying CHILD BOOO! Cancer men are draining. I not only have one but I have a step-son who is a cancer male too born on the same day as my husband. He is a lot like a Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde. One day he is great the other he is a A$$@OLE! The sex is good but he is very exhausting in that it has taken for ever to pick a path in life, he is lazy, and sometimes he can be down right mean. Why am I still with him????? I keep praying that God will change him but I have decided that if that does not happen I will take MY CHILDREN and run as far as I can. I love him but sometimes you have to be willing to break my own heart.

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married to a cancer man
by: Anonymous

girl i know just what you mean! my husband can be the sweetest person and the the moodiest the next. he is very secretive and has a problem expressing his emotions, and pessimistic too. i love my husband very much,but i cant stand his mother,and we all know a cancer man loves his mom. and their relationship is a close one and even when his mother treats me wrong he does nothing,but states that is how his mom is. i'm a libra and i dont think were compatible

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