Cancer men trust and cheating

by Nicole
(Trinidad and Tobago)

I've been with a cancer man for 14 years. He cheated on me with 2 women and he got them pregnant also while he was still with me. I don't know whether to believe he loves me because the trust has totally gone.

Now we argue all the time because of the mistrust I have in him. He hurt me terribly and I would just like to know. Do cancer men love although they cheated on you?

Will he ever be faithful to me?

He has me scared to be with him in our 14 year relationship because I don't know what he'll do next.

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Your Cancer Man
by: Good Luck

If he has cheated on you with two other women and 'fathered' children by them, then he will continue to cheat on you. Cancer men have very strong attachments to the past, former flames, ex-wives, girlfriends, and etc. They experience difficulties letting go, {especially to the women they have children with}. There is a very strong possiblity that he might be having sexual relations with them too.

You have to ask yourself. Is loving 'myself' enough? Whether he still loved you or not, is not an option. The lines have been crossed. TWICE!

There may have been problems in your relationship that were not addressed. But Cancers are naturally introverted people, and 'horrific' communicators, that they often prefer to deal with situations in their 'own' sick twisted way. He may still love you. But do you REALLY think that's enough?

Move on..
by: Anonymous

Hey lady

You're not the only person who has been cheated on.Be strong and let go.Its all for the better.You have to go through a hundred jerks before you can find something worthwhile or maybe you found it but you were taken away from it for a while.Go use your "grey" matter and don't let go of the real deal.One year and you should let go of the past and move on.

Good luck to you and him.Not him, but him.

by: Jaydah

Reading thoses comments just scared me. Am with a cancer for a year and couple of months and he do have a kid with a trini chick, but one comment said cancers seem to be stuck in the past. Thinking reallyyy hard!!
Thanks everyone

all men
by: capricorn misses

it doesnt really matter if hes a cancer or not it just depends on the man and the relationship. ive been with my cancer man for 7-8 years and hes been totally faithful he has no past relationships that he clings to. i know many other cancer men too who never would cheat. ladies listen, men are all different no matter what astrology says...yes people do carry some of the traits that their sign says they have, but you cant say that a certian zodiac sign will cheat if this happens or wont cheat if that happens. people are people we make our own choices good or bad right or wrong.

All Men
by: Scorpio Sensation

Dear "Capricorn Misses", you are right and I love your comment, it makes a lot of sense. However, the traits of astrology attached to some individuals seem to hit dead on the nail...I know mine does.

Cancer man cheated on me and his wife
by: Anonymous

Sad but true I fell in love with a Cancer man. I do believe he loves me as well. Apparently they never slept together much and he lost interest in his marriage. We were friends before we happened to be dating. He could not let go of his wife because of his kid. Then when he felt pressure from me, he decided to give it one last try on his marriage and his wife became pregnant with his second child. So he was obviously cheating on her. And on me emotionally. There you go with the cancer men. They can not speak the truth. I think he spoke the most truth with me because he had nothing to lose. And therefore he was so close to me. But for them the show of a family and pickett fence is important. However since pluto is in their 7th house, many marriages will break. His marriage broke with me on the eclipse this year Jan 18. Then again i put a closure on Jun 26. Thats just it. His marriage will break with his wife too. Not now but eventually. I dont talk to him anymore. He said he talks to my soul. Crazy.

Once a Cheater.......
by: Florida's Finest

I'm a Gem Girl.Sweetie I was in your situation with a Cancer,not exact but similar. He kept cheating,yes he loved the hell out of me and I loved him to life,but he couldn't control his issues with needing other women for sex. Cheating has nothing to do with astrology. It has to do with the person. The way he/she handles the situation is where astrology comes in. For example,Everytime he cheated I found out,he begged to come back eachtime, I'd hold out and I would milk those apologies for everything I could imagine because hey I'm a Gemini, I like a little drama and I knew he was sensitive about home life and me. We made it 8years,but afterwhile love wasn't enough to keep us together. Once dude cheats and you let him back he'll keep cheating.Let go unless you want an dysfunctional relationship.

by: springbaby

I was in a committed relationship (engaged to be married) with an intellectual and charming cancer man for 4 years before I found out that he was married and lived an elaborate double life (he travels a lot due to his work). He showed no remorse and belittled my hurt.
Lied to my face every day. Good-riddance to a habitual cheat.

Virgogal married to cancer man
by: Gracie

I am married to a cancer man for 16 years; and I feel a lot of ladies here that CANCER MEN are habitual cheaters!!! My husband cheated on. Me 3X. Yeah they are home buddy but they also love to cheat when they are off the house!! Cancer wants the ladies to give them a lot of emotional stuff when it comes to them but crap they don't care how the ladies feel when they are cheating!! I will never ever berelationship to any cancer man ever again!!!

I can relate...
by: Anonymous

I am with a Cancer man now and he is already cheating. Only been together for 2 months, acts like everything is fine, and loves me to pieces. See me, I'm a gemini gal and I'm more of the type to get you back at the root of everything. It's just a matter of time that I finally tell him that I know what he's been doing. HA! I couldn't believe it when I saw it... SMH! Oh well... So much for HIS plans of marriage and children with me...

Funny thing is that, I asked him if he still wanted to be in our relationship, if he was happy, how does he think we're progressing, and if I smother him. He told me that he's happy & wants to stay together. He also stated that I DON'T SMOTHER HIM..

It's just doesn't add up because if you were so happy, they you wouldn't have cheated. Simple as that...

same old same old
by: miss gem

cancer men are cheaters and huge liers!! i've been with mine since i was 16 and i've known him from i was 8. so small yet so in love, he and i. we have been on and off for 4 we r on. everytime he cheats i find out but i always wait on the right moment to slam it in his face, i always do everything to make him feel my hurt i guess cause im a gemini i love treating him like shit in those time and he always comes back crawling and begging. stay away from those cancer men ladies

us cancer men
by: Anonymous

reason why we cheat is because were not getting the love and attention we need from our partners we are very passionate lovers and we want that passion from our loves or we go out n try to find it

Cancers are cheaters!!
by: Anonymous

I've been seing a cancer man for 3 yrs now. I am married and i met him while my marriage was no longer good. He's had a couple of gf since we met. So i guess he also cheated on his girfriends. He tells me he loves me while hes still dating them. And it's true he could not let go of past relationships. I tried so many times to breakup wt him but he always comes back. I also noticed that he's friends wt his ex's again on Facebook. He just cant let go. And he says he is still single no gf. Cancers are cheaters most definitely!!! And I'm not planning to take him seriously after reading all this. Beware of Cancer men cuz theyre worst than cancer desease .

I want him to be true
by: Anonymous

I been dating a Cancer man for about 3 months and I under the assumption that he is cheating when I'm not with him......I have strong feeling for him and he treats me so good. I just think he is cheating and everytime I question him......he withdraw from me. I do believe this man care for me......but I don't want a known cheater

cancers can cheat
by: Anonymous

I had an affair with one for over a yr
He cheated on his wife several times
.five I know of including me
.thing that hard is I dumped him and even now he still texts says he loves me. Really he loves what I made him feel
he wants an affair. Not happening. I want something real
They will be the best caring lovers
U will think they love u. But its just words. Actions speak louder
They love there kids and never will leave
I think he wants to get me back to say be won
I don't trust him


what to know the truth
by: Anonymous

I decided to check my cancer man phone the other ......and I seen a text of him texting his baby mother......asking her why she treat him like shit and she only do it because she knows he loves her......the previous text was him questioning her where abouts......God know I love this man.....but I just don't understand why he insist on holding on to me if he know he doesn't want me. Its obvious that his heart is someone where else. Don't get me wrong we all live in the same city and he take me everywhere with him and I'm around a lot.....But I don't want to be with him anymore knowing he can't let go of his love he has for his baby mother......Don't get me wrong I will always love my son father but he will never find me sending I love you texts.......I must walk away! I think they still have a sexual relationship going because one text was here it is another Friday night and you feelings is so hurt!

Cancer Chester
by: Anonymous

I've was with my cancer bf for 4.5 yrs. when I met him he told me he was divorced. 4 months later found out he was married. I tried to end it with him over the course of the next 8 months. He lied to me that he ended things w his wife but in all the cases, he lied about it. Finally his wife left him and we started dating seriously...over the course of the last 3.5 yrs of our relationship, i kept catching him in lies and his cheating ways. I kept taking him back and believing that he will change and that would have a faithful future together. It never happened. This last time, I caught him cheating with 4 other women. Enough was enough I kicked him to the curb. We have been broken up for 3 months now and his constantly pursue me and reconcile even when he has a steady gf now and who knows how many others! He's a serial cheater with no regard for the people he supposedly loves. Glad he's no longer my burden but someone else's.

End it early on
by: Anonymous

When I first found he cheated on me I should have ended it and not 4 yrs later w so much more hurt

I dont know what to think
by: Anonymous

Since I went thru his phone......he has been more open emotional and even the next time I was around him......he volunteer that I see who calls and text him.....he seem more true but I do know he still lies.....I don't know how to take it. I don't know should I just see how things go or if I should just walk away. I do believe he loves me but I also think he love have multiple women for security purpose......someone please help me because I'm more confuse now than before.

Cancer men are twisted
by: Anonymous

I met this cancer man in grad school. He befriended me and I didn't think much of it. Then he started getting weird on me always calling and texting. At first I blew him off, then I started liking the attention. He told me he was legally separated from his wife. I later found out they were living in the same house, sleeping in separate rooms (wink).The next thing I knew we were going out having a wonderful time. After about 6 months we starting getting intimate, big mistake. That's when I found out he was an omitter. Many people believe if they omitt something they aren't liars, so not true they are. We carried on for nearly a year when he decided to go back to his wife. His behavior began to change and I kept asking questions. I guess all men tell the same lie... my wife cheated on me with my bestfriend, brother, cousin, nephew, etc. Whatever lie we believe. I later found out he cheated on his wife with her bestfriend. For a while we didn't talk, now he calls all the time talking about nothing. I want so bad to never speak to him again but its so hard. I trusted him after not trusting men for so long. I hadn't dated or had sex for seven years. When I did I trusted the man from hell! Now I'm afraid I'll never trust again. Ladies be careful, far too many men are calculating scum bags. One thing I know we all want love even if we're in relationships with men that are incapable of returning love and being honest.

So Glad I Read Your Posts
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness...I am outdone with the comments...I feel like an utter fool...and I don't even know how to break this off with this man...this man is kind of like my boss in a sense...and he's been pursuing me....he says his marriage is over and they've already talked to attorneys about dividing the business and blah blah blah..thank GOD we haven't had sex yet...but I think I fell for his game....I don't know how I'm going to break this off considering that I just got started with him not long ago..and everytime I try to break it off, he says he knows his love is real for me (only after a month) and my silly behind said I love him back (which I kind of do)...but sheesh, your stories posted seem so real and so close to home...I have got to figure this to be emotionally detached and still be able to work together...

cancer men trust and cheating
by: Anonymous

My ex-boyfriend is a cancer lier and cheater. Spent 11yrs with him and numerous women in and out of our relationship. We split over a year ago and he is still cheating on the woman he is about to marry. Firstly, during our relationship the women he cheat with are always his "friends" and the lies just kept rolling in one after the other. It doesnt matter how much sex, love, attention and how well you cheat them, they still go out and cheat. The sad thing is he always made me think it is my falut. Looking back now, I should have left him after the first time he cheated. Two of the women i know he cheated on me with is still carrying on with him;one he is now engaged to and the other still very much involved with him. When is he going to stop? I am a woman and i feel for the other women even though they played a part in my hurt, but i am feeling their pain to come (especially with the wife to be) when he still carry on with his cheating ways. I am not saying it is only cancer men who cheats, but i am speaking based on my experience with a cancer man. As women we have to come to the point where we give all the love we would give men to ourselves. Letting go is the best thing i could have ever done. It was like i was going crazy and he showed no remorse. He would usually say, "i'm sorry now forget about it". Can you imagine he still wanted to bed me after we broke up? That in itself is disrespect and now i only speak to him in relation to our daughter.

All true
by: Anonymous

Just broke it off after almost 2 years. Liar, cheater,and manipulater. No remorse. I'm a Scorpio and so is the one he cheated with. She'll get hers. TI didn't even like him at first. These crabs are toxic.

Male Cancers are JERKS!
by: Never again!

Most of them are not even handsome but they think they are God's gift to women! I am a Pisces woman and their most compatiable sign...married to him for 20 years. They ALWAYS twist and turn things around so they can make themselves the victims. They never forget or forgive. They hold you hostage to your mistakes no matter how small they are. Crabs dont have backbones so there you go! Yes..Cancer men are JERKS!

They never change
by: Anonymous

Had a 2 year romance with a cancer man that stalked me at work for 6 mnths before he came up to me and persued even harder. Told the same similar story to me, wife cheated on him with best friend, seperated for 9 years yada yada. Needless to say 2 years later when our whirlwind of romance started to crumble because I stated that we needed to either settle down or break up it all came crashing down, I found his "ex-wife" number and called her to find out what the hold up of the divorce papers were since she sent them so long foolish of me that there were no divorce papers and to my astonishment I was the other woman not her. He had actually had his children lying to me and saying that he wasn't with their mother and I was the only girl. It was such an elaborate lie and who knows if there are more other women but I wouldn't put it past him, to be honest when the wife and I were comparing notes he wasn't with either one of us for the holidays so who knows. I changed my number immediately and it has only been one week since my very rapid departure but I still remember his last phrase before I hung up forever "since you ruined my family I will be sure to be apart of yours" I don't doubt that he will attempt but I am sure not to answer my door or my phone for random numbers. They will lie at all costs ladies and they will not leave a woman that has his children you may feel like a million bucks right now but you are truly only worth a penny in their minds. Let's just hope that I can come out of hiding soon so that I can find my true soulmate and not the b.s. cancer man I just wasted my time with for two years!

cheating cancers
by: femalecrab

Let me put a little spin on this, I'm a cancer female, and typically a cheater. If I could explain why to any of you, I would, but I haven't figured it out, other than maybe we are greedy and just have a need for attention and secrecy. So, in addition to personally being a cheating cancer, I'm also currently involved with two cancer men. They both know about each other. Both relationships have been long term, one is in it's 15th year, the other is going on 8 years. As long as I have known both of these guys, they have ALWAYS cheated on their primary partners, including myself when I was in that role. One of them has had 2 kids with 2 other women since I've known him, and he cheated on all of us, with the others, and more women, too. The other guy maintained several relationships behind my back, and when one was discovered, he continued to lie to my face, until I exhausted him into a confession. Perhaps I deserve what I've gotten with these two because I've done my own dirt in the past. Now, I am close friends with one, and occasional lovers with the other. I still experience painful situations with them like when I spent the night with the lover one last weekend and was stunned to see a used condom in his bathroom trash can that was obviously fresh and from another sexual encounter. It made me sick to my stomach, even though I KNOW what's up. The thing is cancers are hard to leave because they love you so good, and make you feel wonderful in so many ways, but they can also crush you with their lies, omissions, and secrets. BEWARE if you get involved with a cancer, male or female, and insist on complete transparency, otherwise, they will hide things from you. You can count on the sex being good, but in the end, is it worth putting up with everything else just for that?? I'm still over here trying to answer my own questions, and break my own dishonest cycle...

i shouldve listen to my instinct
by: delilah

I was with a Cancer man for 4 months... He gave me his password to facebook thinking I won't read every messages that he has in the past. I went thru it all and find out while he was trying to get back to his ex girl of 2 years after breaking up( he cheated on her 2 times). He was messing with mutiple women at the same time. I confront it him but some how he always talked me out of it...its just the past...I should let it go...he's gonna love me and do anything to make things work...blah blah...I should've trust my instinct...who cheat on a girl you want to get married to? If he does it to his ex who he loves so much why wouldn't he do it to me. He would convince me to move in start a life with him...Things switch up side down after that...he stops pretending after he know im emotionally hooked on him...then he cheat on me with 2 other women while I'm so clueless trying to be who he wants me to be... Cancer can be so evil. They are heartless when they watch you cry or cheat on you. Never again. I'm done and heartbroken

Cancer man
by: Anonymous

Im a cancer man but I have never cheated... After the relationship is over I cut all ties with ex's... All the stories I've read those men had prior ties that were deep.. First you can't categorize people by a sign... My Venus is in Leo anyway which controls love.. Very devoted in faithful.. But cancers need someone who can keep it exciting and passionate and be able to tend to emotional needs.. My moon (sagg) emotional needs is taken care of by me.. You just have to figure out what that particular cancer needs from you... Communication is the key in all relationships

lyin ass cheaters
by: Anonymous

I'm with a cancer and mostly all the men I've been with ir dated were cancers and they were ALL cheaters its to the point my girlfriends keep joking with me tellin me to find another zodiac sign to be intrested in. The man I'm with now has cheated on me numerous times and I just lost our child to find out his has one on the way with another girl. The only reason I haven't left him yet is because of the love I have for him but after all this I'm questioning MYSELF but to all you ladies who are dealing with one i'd say it would be safe to watch yourselves these men are like dr jekel and mr hyde seriously

Totally Confused
by: Dvine

Well I must say I to am in a relationship with a cancer male This of course is my third cancer relatoonshop, of course I feel lile this one is different. We met about four months ago, and yes he is married. He has however moved all of his belongingsin with me and insists that it is over anf headed for a divorce. He still works with her once a week. He has all of those wondetful qualities that some cancer men have, but now that I've read yhis articlle I'm sceptical. I don't want to be made a fool of. How can I tell if he is sincere?

Cancer man
by: Trusting Pisces

Yeah, I thought my cancer man was different.I had previously read the blogs about them.And I thought no, hes not like that.Met on the internet dating site.I had never used a date site.He was my first choice.He said all the right things, so believable.I had not dated, had sex, with anyone for five years.So I believe and trust him, and give myself away.
Well yeah, he spoke of marriage, showed me the ring.It was like a fairy tale, this was the man of my dreams.
We have been dating for four months, already noticing lies,I found that hes on another dating site.It really hurts, I thought he was the one.
What gets me is that this cancer man spent so much time making me feel secure with his love.How can someone be so devious, and act like they are a christian with such morals?
This is not easy for me, I was saving myself for someone who I thought really loved me.Instead Ive been lied to and used. in

Cancer males more devious than the disease
by: Anonymous

Started having relations with a cancer I had known forever, been straight up and honest with him from the gates, come to find out he had relations with my cousin. Lied by ommitting! He said he knew the person was my cousin. Gave an insincere apology and that was that. Lol talk about no remorse. I didn't even get angry. Cancers need to FEEL so I did the opposite, I cut him off, showed no feeling no nothing. When that info was revealed to me I said OK and left it alone. The trick to this particular cancer was that his sun cancer, moon cancer, mercury cancer, venus leo and mars cancer. I played off all of his planets, dodge the venus leo (they love games of the heart) and f#ck his head up. My planets are.Pisces, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Aries. Needless to say, I left him confused and mystified!

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