Cancer relationships

Partners of different zodiac signs bring out slightly different facets of the Cancer personality. Some elements however are fairly common to all Cancer relationships.

Common features of Cancer relationships

Cancers are very sensitive and caring people. Prone to giving their all, they typically rush headlong into commitment. Less likely than other signs to bail when the going gets tough, Cancers are very loyal and determined to work things out.

Cancer relationships are built on loyalty and trust

Cancers are champions of their loved ones and will fiercely protect and defend them. Known for their sensitivity, Cancers can be very sentimental when things are going well, yet if things get difficult their feelings get very hurt quickly. They are careful with themselves and may not easily show their vulnerabilities when first beginning a relationship. Yet when handled with care and respect they blossom, giving devotion and loyalty for life.

Cancer relationships benefit from a strong foundation

Sentimental in the extreme, Cancers are likely to notice the little things and keep track of things better than other signs. Cancers are often labeled "pack rats" for the simple reason that their deep rooted memories link them to external things and they feel better when surrounded with specific things kept "just so". This can be remembered handily by their lovers, and showing respect to a Cancer's belongings will make them love you all the more.

Respect and devotion is very important to Cancers. They are typically not outlandish or crude at all. Their love style is one of steady quietness that is very appealing in the long term. They make excellent parents as well, bringing their own brand of sensitive parenting to the mix which likely enhances their partners ways.

Cancer relationships benefit from a strong home

Cancers usually enjoy nurturing their loved ones, and one way this often manifests is via homemaking and cooking. Many Cancers take pleasure in providing for and caring for each other, whether materially, financially, emotionally or via daily acts such as cooking. Be careful not to take this for granted however! An appreciated Cancer is a happy Cancer.

Easy to talk to, Cancers are very empathetic and their sensitivity makes them very alluring and easy to love. You will want to protect your Cancer from the big bad world and they will appreciate the gesture of protectiveness. Likewise they are also very protective of their loved ones and can easily be misunderstood in motive. They simply want their loved one to be okay and are willing to shift their own life around dramatically to ensure the well-being of the relationship.

Cancer relationships with each of the other signs

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Cancer men and women also tend to handle relationships differently. My Cancer man and Cancer woman have details for each.

Use astrology to explore your unique Cancer relationship

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