Cancer woman in love with an Aries man... what to do to prevent a possible break up?

by Michaelle

I have been with an Aries man for almost 4 years now. I thought things were going well, we were in the process of getting more furniture and had so many ideas of things we were going to do and he was thinking of moving in with me and I had thoughts of marriage but told him I’d be good at waiting until something happened to a friend of his and it has now made him question if he's truly in love with me or if he only loves me as a friend. He's told me he is truly confused and doesn't know what to do. On top of it he’s having family troubles back in his home country and if he goes back it would be hard for him to come back unless he decides I’m the one. He’s told me that he cares about me deeply and loves me and doesn’t regret anything about our relationship but isn’t sure if he’s completely in love with me. He’s even started telling me that I shouldn’t wait for him and I’ve told him that until he tells me that he’s with someone else I won’t be able to help but wait. These are probably pathetic things I’d never thought I’d do or say but how do I get him to stay with me, even if he has to leave for a year or two to straighten things out at home. He’s told me that he feels that he hasn’t accomplished anything and doesn’t have a place to call his own, and feels that the house I’m in right now is mine and not his at all. Since we are already on a long distance and can only see each other on the weekends he’s said he’s bored but when he’s with me he isn’t. I just want him to move in with me to give it a chance. Help me please I am completely head over heels in love with this man and the thought of loosing him is mind numbing and heart breaking. What can I do to keep him?

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