Can't tear myself away from taurus man

When we first met, I can see he was immediately interested. He even wanted to cancel his other appointment to have dinner with me and he wanted to see me again asap. We didn't see each other too often.. about once a week and communication was always very brief. I understand cos he was recently divorced and he spends a lot of time with the kids.

I wasn't paying attention at the beginning but as i started falling more and more for him, he slowly pulled away and had moved the dates around a lot. On our last date, I asked how he feels about me ( i texted him earlier that i love him - that's the first and only time i revealed my emotions), and he responded that he is physically attracted but he's not so into it as i am. I kept cool and we talked a bit more. He told me he was scared to get hurt again - he fell in love with a gal which led to the divorce while the gal had gone back to her ex-bf. It all sounded very brutal.

I thought that was it but he emailed me after two months that he was considering me for a project. When i replied positively, he was pleased that 'a gifted person' is willing to come on board. So we met up again - but totally professionally - neither has shown a trace of emotion. I find myself in tears constantly since. I simply couldn't forget the wonderful time we spent together, how he smiled when we kiss, the way he looked at me, the laugh we shared and the sex was just absolutely mind-blowing.

This is the first time i truly love a man.. and I can do anything to have him back but don't know how.

Can anyone tell me if I stand a chance at all???

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What is your sign?
by: Anonymous22

What is your sign????

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