Cap woman with a virgo man

by JF

I have been with my Virgo man for a year now its not been easy we have been through a load of things together in such a short time but straight away we fell for each other and the relationship moved so quickly but ever since day 1 we have argued about alot of things we are both so strong headed and stubborn there is a lot of jealousy in our relationship and I know it shows we both care but sometimes its hard work, the chemistry is amazing I've been in love a few times before but never had feelings like I have with my virgo man now, the sex is amazing every time, the best I've had, we are good together when it comes to activities outside of the bedroom also having lots of fun outdoors and agree on practical things we make a hell of a team. He makes me feel safe and I know I can always rely on him....when we don't fall out :) xxx love him loads xxx

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Hey JF
by: Anonymous

Wow. I'm confused, One minute you say it's been difficult the next you say you've never had a love like this before. So, are you in a good, healthy and compatible relationship or is it a love-hate relationship, or one based on sex?

by: John

Oh yea, it can be love hate if you cant find a way to tolerate the fact that you both have very strong personalities but trust me, they are the only ones that get it and can tolerate our temper and control issues. Allllll the others break down and then I get bored, then I want another woman and its over.

Totally in love
by: Anonymous

I am a Cap woman and MY Virgo love has to be the most gentle and kind man in the world. Very soft spoken, sweet as pie, and an intensity that can KILL. LOL-we work together and 10 /10 times we both seem to get the same rating as being innocent, sweet, kind natured, and easy hearted. For the most part this much is true, but when he and I are alone it's so intense that it's almost unbarrable. We can sit for hours just starring in to each other's eyes with out saying a word and we would know what the other is communicating. I told him it's like we're in our own little world that noone else understands, but we totally get it. The connection we have to each other was so instant, it's like a magnetic force pulls us to eachother and we couldn't be happier. I have NEVER felt as secure with anyone as I do with him. The sex is CRAZY AMAZING, now, I'm a pretty kinky girl and I love trying different things (with one person of course) but I've never truely experienced intimacy until him. The sexual attraction and the intesity of it just heightends the passions, it's just amazing. I can definitely attest to the compatibiility of a Cap woman and Virgo man.

don't know about the rest of virgo
by: Anonymous

I dont know about the rest of virgo men out there, but my last experience with a virgo (still a virgin too I bet) was something that made me turn my head away and never looked back. He is the most passive person I've ever met. In a nice way to put it, I would say he's really shy. But to be blunt, he's too chicken to express his feelings. I can never imagine myself as a true capricorn to be in a relationship with a virgo. He's just too weak of a person to be my companion.

sure we can be friends, but never will I love him. I need someone as strong as I. Someone who can truly understand and walk with me on every level.

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